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3 Ways to Support World Water Day

For over 20 years, World Water Day has been observed on March 22. Mounting concerns over access to clean water worldwide, and sustainability in global development led to its creation by the United Nations, and it has been an important awareness day since. 

There is a major need for better access to clean drinking water across the world, especially in developing nations. Water is crucial to health, and when communities in need are given access to safe water, life gets better–and people can thrive!

In the spirit of World Water Day, and in solidarity with efforts to make safe water a standard, Denver Mattress Company is proud to partner with World Vision this March 22, and year round. With each mattress purchased from Denver Mattress in 2015, World Visions will be able to provide one person with clean water for an entire year. 

world_water_dayChildren and their families can walk for miles to source water, and even then, are at risk of disease. Through donations and the partnership with Denver Mattress, bore holes, wells and other sources of clean water can make safe water accessible. With clean water, a child’s life can be forever changed. Without water-born illness, a child can survive childhood, learn, grow, and thrive in their community.clean_water_effect

How you can help

1. Shop Denver Mattress & make a difference – If you are looking to purchase a mattress, consider the Denver Mattress partnership this World Water Day and make a difference in a person’s life when you get a great night’s rest.

2. Donate to support World Vision – Want to be a part of the Clean Water Effect this March 22 and the year round? Join World Vision by pledging just $17 a month, and change the lives of communities in need.

This World Water Day, we can raise awareness about the global struggle to access safe drinking water–and of the wonderful work World Vision does. Access and sustainability are key to making the world a healthier place and planet.

3. Become water-conscious  – Taking small steps in our everyday lives to conserve water and decrease the demand can make a big difference. Whether it be turning off the faucet when brushing our teeth, waiting to run the dishwasher until it is full, or taking shorter showers, small steps toward sustainability matter. Water is something we all need to live, and using only what we need is a great, easy way to act sustainably.


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