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The Denver Mattress Guide to TEMPUR-Pedic Mattresses

Here at Denver Mattress, we value sleep that helps you to wake up with energy and be at your best every day. TEMPUR-Pedic’s Sleep is Power™ Campaign makes it clear that they have similar ideas. This is why we are so excited to be a TEMPUR-Pedic Elite Retailer. Many people are interested in trying out this revitalizing sleep experience but need some guidance on which TEMPUR-Pedic Mattress is right for them.

If you fit in this category of snooze seekers, here is a chart to help you navigate through their large selection of mattresses targeted to a variety of sleeper needs. You can also download a printable version of the mattress guide. Then, come into Denver Mattress, and get a custom mattress fitting to find the perfect TEMPUR-Pedic that is right for your body and sleep habits.

Denver Mattress TEMPUR-Pedic Guide

TEMPUR-Pedic’s collections range from a soft to firm feel starting with TEMPUR-Cloud® and ending at TEMPUR-Contour®. Within each of these collections, mattress models differ in the amount that they adapt to an individual sleeper’s body. There is also a TEMPUR-Breeze® mattress within each collection that is designed to provide a cooler sleep environment. Let’s take a further look at each one of the mattress collections and get an in-depth analysis of their benefits.

TEMPUR- Cloud®

This collection is designed for the sleeper who is looking for an especially soft yet supportive sleep. It is ideal for side sleepers who are looking for the mattress to avoid hitting pressure points and causing a disruptive sleep, yet needs their body to be supported in a way that keeps their spine aligned.

The TEMPUR-Cloud® Collection offers Prima, Supreme, Elite, and Luxe models that increase in softness levels starting at Prima. This Collection offers the TEMPUR-Breeze® model for Supreme and Luxe Mattresses.


Thicker base and comfort layers contribute to the softness of this line. As these layers increase in thickness, the softness level of the mattress increases. The mattress also benefits from increased adaptiveness as the layer thickness increases. This means that the highest level model, the Luxe for this collection, will provide the softest most adaptive experience possible.

The EasyRefresh™ Top Cover is another benefit for all Supreme, Elite, and Luxe models of this mattress collection. The top cover is simple to remove, wash, and replace so that you can get the most refreshing sleep possible.



This collection is a wonderful choice for the person who enjoys the traditional mattress feel but is still looking for the benefits that TEMPUR material offers. This line ranges from medium-soft to a medium-firm feeling. It is perfect for people that sleep on their side as well as their stomach because it delivers the increased support that stomach sleepers need without compromising the softness that helps side sleepers stay asleep.


The TEMPUR-Flex® collection offers Prima, Supreme, and Elite models that increase in softness levels starting at Prima. This Collection offers the TEMPUR-Breeze® model for Supreme Mattress.

Tightly packed precision coils and a layer made of TEMPUR-Response™ Material are unique to the Tempur-Flex®. They work together to provide support that is unique to each user.  The comfort layer increases in thickness in the upper-level models. The thicker the comfort layer, the softer and more adaptive the mattress becomes.


The EasyRefresh™ Top Cover is another benefit of the Supreme and Elite models for this mattress collection. The top cover is simple to remove, wash, and replace so that you can get the most refreshing sleep possible.


The Contour collection is best for people who enjoy a firmer feeling mattress. Its firmness level is an ideal choice for back sleepers because it will deliver the extra support that they need to maintain back health.

The TEMPUR-Contour® Collection’s base model is the Supreme. This is the firmest mattress in this collection. The firmness levels continually decrease from the Elite to the Rhapsody Luxe. This Collection offers the TEMPUR-Breeze® model for Elite Mattresses.

For the TEMPUR-Contour® collection, thinner comfort, support, and base layers contribute to a firmer feeling.


The EasyRefresh™ Top Cover is another benefit of the Supreme, Elite, Elite Breeze, and Rhapsody Luxe models for each mattress in this collection. The top cover is simple to remove, wash, and replace so that you can get the most refreshing sleep possible.

Whether you have never owned a TEMPUR-Pedic Mattress or you are brand loyal, we hope that you are now more equipped to pick out the TEMPUR-Pedic Mattress of your dreams. Print out this Tempur Pedic® Guide and come down to Denver Mattress to find the mattress that matches you best.

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  1. I had back surgery I have degenerative disc diese. I noticed our king size mattress has a broken piece of metal. Will my Social Security Disability and Medicare pay for me a new mattress. I spend most of my time in bed and can’t afford a new mattress.

    1. Hello Caryn,
      I’m sorry to hear about your condition. I actually don’t know if Medicare or Social Security will pay for a new mattress. I would suggest contacting them, but I am not an expert in the matter. If you decide to get a new mattress, the staff at Denver Mattress will be happy to assist you in finding the perfect bed.
      Front Door Team

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