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SRT Test: Sleep Better with Denver Mattress

Choosing a mattress can be daunting, but with some expert guidance during the shopping process, you can be well on your way to your best sleep. Available only at Denver Mattress, the Strength Resistance Test (SRT) is a simple test performed by trained associates that goes above and beyond the normal mattress testing experience. While it sounds technical, the SRT is a straightforward way our mattress experts can guarantee your purchase is the best for your needs. 

For the SRT, the associate applies slight pressure to your arm while you are in your preferred sleep position; by analyzing the resistance you provide against the pressure, they can check and optimize your alignment. The test is performed across various types of mattresses and pillow thicknesses until the ideal, aligning combination is found.

Be sure to check out this handy infographic that illustrates the SRT principles, and how it helps you get your best sleep!


See the SRT in action below.

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