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Sleep Better by Selecting the Right Mattress

Time for a new mattress? No need to let the (somewhat-daunting) selection process keep you up at night. With the right information, and the help of an in-store expert, you can choose the right one for you–and be on your way to better sleep in no time!

From foam to springs, and innovations in between, there are many options at many price points, so we’ve put together some basics to guide your buying process. Be sure to check out the facts below, and to swing by a Denver Mattress store in your area to chat with the experts and try out mattresses before you buy.


Don’t choose between support or comfort! Get both with naturally-derived latex. Made from the sap of the Hevea Brasiliensis or Rubber Tree, this natural material has revolutionized mattresses with its unique comfort, and extreme durability.

Memory Foam

Let’s not forget memory foam. This manufactured polyurethane foam hugs your body for true-to-you support, and makes mattress magic happen!


There are a variety of gel technologies, but each results in a comfortable bed specially designed to dissipate nighttime heat, and relieve pressure on your body as you sleep.


The innerspring mattress brings value and durability. Tempered steel coils lock in the shape and support of this mattress, and provide long-lasting inline support.

Individually Wrapped Coils 

Also known as pocketed coils, these coils are individually held together in a pocketed sleeve, and conform to your body very well. Also, these individually wrapped coils provide superior motion separation between partners.

Air Beds 

Deluxe air beds allow you to control your comfort with a touch of a button, and offer the customization other mattresses do not.

Bed in a Box

These mattresses are what they sound like, a bed rolled to fit in a box. These bed in a box mattresses come in a variety of comfort levels with different combinations of memory foam, air foam, and fabric covers to fit different people’s needs with the added flexibility of being able to ship direct to you versus traditional mattress delivery.

Looking to upgrade or downsize your mattress? Check out our original Ultimate Mattress Sizing Guide for standard measurements, and general guidelines to help you find your fit. For more information on mattress selection, and availability, visit Denver Mattress.


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