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Organic mattress

Organic Mattresses: The Natural Way to Sleep

When you hear the word “organic,” you probably think of healthy food as part of a green lifestyle, but did you know that you could also choose a healthier mattress?

Finding the right mattress for your body is already quite the feat, but with the selection of an organic mattress, you’re guaranteed a great quality bed that’s free of harmful chemicals, toxins, and hormones, and is more sustainable for the environment. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about organic mattresses and will explain why these products will help you find a more natural way to sleep.



Why organic?

Traditional mattresses can be treated with flame-retardant chemicals that pollute the air, and are made of synthetic materials such as polyester fabrics, nylon, and polyurethane foam. But with organic mattresses, more natural materials that are processed without harmful chemicals such as natural latex, organic cotton, and untreated wool are much safer and healthier for you.

When selecting an organic mattress, it is also important to make sure the product claims are true. Only certified organic mattresses are completely 100% organic, and only four mattress manufacturers in the U.S. are certified to produce organic products. The HeveaPUR® line at Denver Mattress is proud to be fully recognized by the Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS) and the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) for being a top-of-the-line certified organic line that ensures that you and your mattress will stay comfortable and healthy throughout years of use.

Find out more about organic rubber latex with this video:

What is an organic mattress made of?

Natural Latex: Latex, one of the primary materials used in mattress technology, is reliable mainly for its comfort, support, and durability, but with certified organic latex, you can be reassured that the rubber trees used to create latex are produced in environments that are not harmful to the manufacturers or the surrounding ecology and are processed free of harmful chemicals and toxins. Purchasing a mattress with natural latex is a better choice than petroleum-based polyurethane found in most conventional mattresses since it gives firmness and support to the mattress without the need for springs or metal. Natural latex is also mold and dust-mite resistant and is great for temperature regulation.

Organic Cotton: The cotton used to construct the soft wrapping used in organic mattresses should also be 100% organic since it’s processed from ecologically sustainable farms that ensure that their cotton fibers are never bleached or treated with harmful chemicals. Organic cotton is not fire-resistant, so in order to fit regulations with the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the cotton is usually wrapped in wool layers.

For 100% organic cotton mattresses, check out the Organic Crib Mattress and the Natural Crib Mattress from Furniture Row to ensure a safe slumber for your infant.

Organic Wool: Comfortable and durable sheep-farmed wool is processed without harmful chemicals in humane conditions to guarantee that your mattress will be protected and clean for a happy and healthy night’s sleep. All-natural and untreated wool is also naturally fire, dust-mite, mold, and bacteria resistant.

Find out more about organic wool by watching this video:

Why is organic the safer option?

Although every mattress is required to have a fire barrier, most organic mattress products feature a non-toxic wool fire barrier that meets fire safety regulations and avoids the use of harmful high-VOC chemicals that have been linked to problems like allergies, asthma, fertility problems/hormone imbalance, respiratory issues, skin irritation, kidney damage, and even autism in sensitive individuals.

Organic mattresses are also naturally antimicrobial, help regulate temperature, contain materials that are hypoallergenic, and don’t carry pesticide residues.

By choosing an organic mattress, you can count on your bed to last throughout the years and make sure both your mind and body are at ease knowing that you have selected a product that will keep you safe and healthy.

Never worry about your mattress again! For HeveaPUR® organic mattress selections, check out Denver Mattress’ HeveaPUR® 10.5″ Organic Mattress, HeveaPUR® 9″ Organic Mattress, and HeveaPUR® 8″ Organic Mattress to enjoy a natural night’s sleep.

And the organic lifestyle doesn’t just end with mattresses! Check out the BedWorks™ HeveaPUR® Organic Pillow, and the myMerino Comforter from Denver Mattress for more certified organic bed products that will keep you comfortable and healthy alongside your organic mattress.

For more information on organic mattresses from Denver Mattress and Furniture Row, click here.

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