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Be Environmentally Friendly with Mango

With all the options of wood types when choosing furniture for your home, it might seem nearly impossible to make the right selection. Color, glow, texture, and durability might play an important part in making sure your new dresser withstands the test of time, but what about when it comes to choosing furniture that you know will not only be a favorite in your family room, but also a better choice for helping the environment?

Mango trees are popular for their sweet orange fruit, but they also produce one of the best sustainable furniture materials. By implementing mango wood furniture into your home, you will feel great knowing that the furniture you love is also better for our wonderful planet Earth. Check out these creative and beautifully crafted mango wood pieces from Furniture Row for inspiration on the many uses of mango in the home and learn more about why this tropical tree is so awesome!

Where does mango wood come from?

Mango wood is derived from the mango tree belonging to the genus Mangifera. Produced mainly for its fruit, the mango tree is native to south and southeast Asia, with the highest concentration of trees grown in India. The mango tree itself can live for over 300 years if left undisturbed by nature or man, and can reach up to between 80 and 100 feet tall with a diameter of 3 to 4 feet. Once a tree is twenty years old, it can no longer produce mango fruit and is cut down and replaced with another tree. All cut-down mango trees are then sold to craftsmen who can recycle them into furniture.

Why is mango wood considered a sustainable alternative?

Due to the huge demand for the mango fruit, there has always been a large demand to grow vast amounts of mango trees, but when the trees have to be cut down after reaching maturity, they are used for fuel or are simply left to rot and emit carbon dioxide as the wood decomposes. By harvesting the mango tree to construct furniture, there is a reduced need for lumber-only tree production and eliminates the reason to cut down trees that take longer to grow such as oak, mahogany, and cedar, as well as trees that are similar but rare or endangered such as teak and monkey pod. Choosing mango wood as an alternative ensures that instead of cutting down a healthy tree that’s only used to make furniture, you are recycling an old tree that has already served its fruit-bearing purpose and needs to be used for something else. And that’s not all! In addition to helping the environment, choosing mango wood also supports the local mango farmers who often struggle financially in India and other southeastern Asian countries.

What makes mango wood attractive as a furniture material?

Like most hardwoods, mango wood is very strong, so it makes quality and long-lasting furniture. However, unlike oak and other trees that take a long time period to grow, mango trees produce wood that is durable but easier to manipulate, so it can be used for carving more creative designs. Mango wood also has a wide range of colors from blonde to dark brown, and can even show off a hint of pink. It is one of the hardiest woods in the world, and offers densely packed grains that are surprisingly excellent for staining and waxing. When finished, mango wood creates one of the smoothest and satisfying textures. It is as durable and dense as cherry or ash wood, so you will never have to worry that your bedroom or dining set won’t last! Mango wood is also highly water-resistant due to its tropical climate habitat, so it’s perfect for outdoor furniture as well. Best used with a rustic finish for craftsman designs, you will certainly fall in love with this beautiful, exotic wood that is also an affordable value.


Where is the best place to use mango wood?

In the bedroom, solid mango wood adds an exotic flair and with Furniture Row’s Cameron Storage Bed (9), you will love the beautiful dark brown wood that complements a variety of styles. In a guest or children’s room, this piece is the ideal combination of functional and ethical. Also be sure to accent with mango wood by adding the Cameron Mirror (4) to an empty wall in need of a trendy uplift, or better yet, pair it with the Cameron Dresser for a complete eco-friendly set.

Choose a light or dark finish of mango wood in a study, office, or living room with the exquisitely crafted Montego Bookcase (3). The Montego will add rustic appeal to your home and is perfect for displaying books and other beloved belongings. Add more pieces of the richly colored Montego collection with the Montego End Table (5), which creates the perfect place to store items beside your favorite couch or chair.

Mango wood can also be used for retro design! The Orbit Desk (7) is a funky novelty item that all of your friends will notice in your office, and features a hand-painted, natural, exposed finish that boasts streamlined construction against the iron-splayed legs, ensuring durability as well as contemporary fashionability.

In the dining room, add an additional beautifully crafted mango piece with the Belle Manor Server (8) that boasts a rustic country vibe with its barn doors and convenient wine racks. The same unique design can be used for a homey seat with the Belle Manor Bench (2) that features a double crisscrossed back that stylishly seats two in any gathering place.

For an exotic twist, the Batik Block Sideboard (1) shows off intricate carved designs of multicolored painted patterns on its beautiful mango wood door panels to create a look that will always look lively in the home. Or for a casual furniture set in the dining room, check out the Carmel 5 Pc. Counter Height Group (6) that’s versatile enough to accommodate a number of styles. Featuring a rich brown finish, the Carmel dining set is durably made to last throughout the years and will keep you and your dining guests happy.


Mango is an environmentally friendly choice when deciding on furniture for your home. With choices from Furniture Row, you not only will be purchasing the latest and greatest on-trend pieces of the moment, but you also will be helping to preserve our precious environment.

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