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7 Mattress Myths Busted

Mattress shopping comes with a lot of pressure to select the perfect mattress. In order to take some of the stress away, we’re going to bust the 7 popular mattress myths that can get in between  you and your best night’s sleep.

7 Myths

Myth #1: “The firmer the mattress, the better it is for your back.” There’s long been a belief that firmer mattresses are more supportive, and are thus better for those suffering back problems. While this may be the case for some, no two people are alike, and each body requires different levels of firmness for comfort. What is supportive to one person could be too firm and cause discomfort to another. Rather than zeroing in on the firmest mattress on the showroom floor, explore a variety of support levels–and, the variety of mattress types–before making a choice. A great place to start shopping with back support in mind is the Doctor’s Choice by The Denver Mattress Company.

Myth #2: “The most expensive mattress is the best you can get.” While there is a correlation between price and quality, a hefty price tag does not guarantee a mattress will be the one for you. There are a variety of mattress technologies available, across all price points. When shopping, keep your budget in mind, and explore your options to find the bed that best meets your needs.

Myth #3: “Buy a new mattress every 8-10 years.” This rule of thumb is helpful to keep in mind, but does not hold true for all mattress materials, and styles. For example, an innerspring mattress and a memory foam mattress will age differently, and will require replacement at different rates. It’s best to consult a Denver Mattress expert regarding your mattress’ lifetime, and when will be the right to replace it.

Myth #4: “It’s impossible to find the right mattress, so just pick one that will do the job.” Many shoppers aim to find the right size mattress in their price point. While size and pricing are important factors to guide the buying process, you will be surprised how a little information and guidance from an associate can lead you to the mattress that is right for your comfort & needs. You can get more from your mattress with a little help when buying, and can be even closer to better sleep.

Myth #5: “You can’t buy a locally-made mattress.” While many quality mattresses are manufactured across the country–and globe!–we at Denver Mattress are proud to debunk this myth. All Denver Mattress labeled mattresses are manufactured in beautiful Denver, Colorado, and are distributed from our state-of-the-art factory to bring the best quality product to our Colorado & national locations . Be sure to check out blogger Sweet C’s experience with Denver Mattress, and more mattress tips here

Myth #6: “Mattresses are pretty much the same as they’ve always been.” We are happy to debunk this myth! There have been many exciting innovations in the world of mattresses. Even traditional coil mattresses have been reworked and improved to bring you the best night’s sleep. In addition to improvements on traditional style mattresses, there are now a wide variety of materials and styles to choose–from innerspring to latex. Check out our post on the selecting the right type of mattress.

Myth #7: “You and your sleep partner will have to compromise on what you need & want.” This may have been true in the old days of creaky coil mattress and limited selections, but now it really is possible to find one mattress you both can comfortably enjoy. Whether you need a bed that won’t wake you when you partner moves, or a bed that will conform to each of your bodies as you rest, an in-store expert can help find the bed that’s right, without compromise.

For more myth-busting, and some tips from a real mattress buying experience, check out this post by Sweet C’s Designs.

We hope that debunking these common misconceptions is helpful as you begin your mattress shopping experience. It is always a great idea to consult an in-store expert as you buy; knowledgeable staff really can work with you to find the best mattress for you, no matter you needs & budget.

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