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Winter Decor: Before and After Holiday Bedroom

Many people adorn their homes with holiday decor during the winter months, but there is one room of the house that often gets forgotten – the bedroom! Give your resting space a festive makeover this season with inspiration from the pictures of this before and after holiday bedroom and our tips to create the look!

Before Holiday Bedroom Makeover


After Holiday Bedroom Makeover


How to Create the Holiday Bedroom Look

It doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive to make your holiday bedroom feel a lot like Christmas. By adding a few decorative accents, you can make your slumber space into a winter wonderland of your own!

Dressed-Up Dresser

On the Chatham Dresser with Mirror, we removed the vases, greenery, and framed photos and replaced them with decorative winter-inspired accessories.

  1. A fluffy faux-fur runner gives the surface of the dresser a cozy touch and matches the lushness of the Faux Fur Throw on the bed.
  2. Fill up a glass vase or bowl with Christmas ornaments to get an easy DIY accent.
  3. Stand up the hand-painted Millie Tray on the corner of the dresser to serve as a backdrop for the ornament decoration as well as an easy-to-reach surface for breakfast in bed.
  4. Metallic deer grace the right side of the dresser, reminding everyone to be good if they want on the nice list this year!

Sparkle-Inspired Chest

On the Chatham Chest, we removed the Segovia Vases boasting white flowers and the small plant, and made the corner of the holiday bedroom shine with a little sparkle.

  1. Wreaths all remind us what really matters this season – gathering around with cherished friends and family. Get an accessory that shines by hanging up a metallic wreath like the gold one pictured here. You can also spray paint a wreath you currently have to make it shine.
  2. The Millie Vases feature a clean snow white bright finish and hand-painted silver accents. A holiday bedroom isn’t complete without metallic accents.
  3. Candles always add a bit of joy to a holiday bedroom, so we simply rearranged the candleholders to create a warm arrangement.

Festive Wall Art

We took down the nature-inspired artwork hanging over the nightstand and gave the wall a festive makeover.

  1. The top print reads, ‘Tis the Season. With gold cursive writing and a simple gray-washed frame, this piece is perfect for the holiday bedroom.
  2. Place the matching wall art below or beside the other print. The phrase “Joy to the World” reminds us of the wonderful winter season.

Elegant Nightstand

The sparkly Mercury Glass Buffet Lamp and other shiny accessories on the table already fit into our holiday bedroom theme, so instead of removing anything, we just added a touch of season’s greetings clad decor to the Chatham Nightstand.

  1. Place a stately golden reindeer bookend atop your bedside furnishing for a dashing hint of the holidays.
  2. Replace the barren branch filler in the vase to the right of the nightstand with decor boasting vibrant gold leaves. This sparkly accessory brings some of the metallic appeal towards the floor and complements the rest of the shiny accessories found in this holiday bedroom.

Overall, there are many directions you can take when decorating your holiday bedroom during the winter. But remember, if you incorporate accessories that sparkle, seasonal accents, and hints of metallic, you can’t go wrong!

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