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How to Use Unusual Form Furniture in Your Home

If you like modern interior design, you’re a big fan of bold edges, sharp corners, and streamlined silhouettes. The more urban, the better and you’re not afraid to take things to the next level. Forget traditional turned legs and elaborately carved wood trim—you’re all about simplicity. Modern furniture will always look trendy and fresh in your living space, but what about those uncommon accent pieces that look a little—well, odd?

You can use them too. Here’s how to use unusual form furniture in your home and give your room that eccentric up-do it needs.

Add stepped shelving.

Everyone loves showing off his or her collectibles and knick-knacks. These items showcase your personality, so make sure you present them in a unique way. Stepped bookshelves, multi-level end tables, funky display cases called étagères and other ladder-like shelving is the perfect way to bring in unique shapes that attract your guests’ eyes and decorate blank walls. Items like the Multiple Shelf End Table and Pyramid Elm Display Shelf from Furniture Row are great finds for presenting your prized possessions, picture frames, books, and more.

Use geometric shapes.

Nothing says fun like geometrics, so make sure you don’t shy away from shapes. Drum end tables, hexagonal tabletops, circle motif mirrors, trellis doors, and other creative patterning or forms on your furniture is spunky, modern, and makes a statement. At Furniture Row, we love the Helix Coffee Table with its twisted metal pedestal base, the Modern Circles Accent Mirror, and Pentagon Wood Table Lamp.

Bring in beatnik vibes.

Beatnik style originated during the 1950s and lasted through the mid-1960s, and was a trend in fashion, literature, interior design, and other artistic pursuits that rebelled against proper society and sophistication. Instead of pieces with fresh paint finishes and elegant molding, choose furniture with rustic distressing and heavy metal accents. Strange shaped furnishings with a retro influence will captivate your design imagination like the Logan Elm Console.

Find items with quirky character.

Last but not least, make sure you choose those edgy pieces that cause you to take a second look at them. Furniture with a unique pattern or retro features such as splayed or metal hairpin legs like the Stanley Sideboard will look truly original in your space, and spark conversation with friends and family.

Decorating your home is a lot of fun, but don’t be afraid to get creative! Unusual form furniture is all about letting go of tradition and experimenting.

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