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Trend Alert: Glam Mash-up

Here at the Front Door, we keep watch for the biggest furniture and home decor trends of the moment, and one show-stopping statement of the moment is decorating with glamorous home accessories and eclectic accents. Imagine vibrant colors combined with wild patterns, or metallic punctuated with chic gold. Coupled with a bold solid to ground the mix, you can have all of your favorite things styled for a unique look. We have only one warning – The Glam mash-up trend is not for the faint of heart.



To create your own eclectic-glam space, be sure to add wild elements. Choose pieces with an exotic taste, a bold animal print, and contrasting bright colors. Glam mash-up is all about making a statement, so don’t be afraid to display furnishing and accents that pop!

  1. Mimi Table Lamp: This lamp features a simple globe shaped base with gold accents. A chic Dalmatian print shade with a bright floral pattern allows this home accent to be a fierce contender.
  2. Elephant Ceramic Side Table: Go exotic with a stately Asian-inspired end table that trumpets with glamour!
  3. Wind Song & Element Dance Canvases: This artwork is all about the stand-out color. Boasting a feather motif in rich pink, orange, and blue hues, this set of canvases are the perfect dose of wild.


A glamorous room has an enchanting appeal when you add a girlie touch. Your room will be shouting come-hither with hints of pink, floral motifs, and bedazzling bling. Choose pieces that you absolutely love and that bring out your inner girly-girl.

  1. Sparkles Chest in Pink: You can’t have girlie without pink, and this chest is sweet in bold rose. Adorned with a polka-dot crystal pattern and chrome pendant pulls, this glitzy accent piece would bat its eyelashes at you if it had them.


Glam mash-up elevates eclectic style with an elegant metallic factor. Gorgeous gold accents make your room shine, bringing reflective light and a bold brightness to your living space.

  1. Facet Accent & Table Lamps: As pretty as your favorite piece of statement jewelry, these lamps shine in a glamorous eclectic space.
  2. Campaign Chest: Bright cobalt blue gets elegant with shining gold embellishments. With a classic shape and a bold color makeover, this piece shouts glam mash-up.


With all of the other daring one-of-a-kind pieces that are already in your trendy glam mash-up room, you’ll need refined, sophisticated decor to make your space feel rich and glamorous. Choose sleek vases, lush rugs, and furnishings with a classic, contemporary shape to make your home feel fit for a queen.

  1. Oki Vases: These vases are all grown-up with an artistic design and a glazed finish.
  2. Impressionist Accent Chair: Architectural and upholstered in a rich fabric that contrasts the other vibrant accents in your glam mash up space, this chair adds a sophisticated element to any room.
  3. Venice Shag Rug: Ultra soft and super plush, this shag rug gives your toes a rest after a long day. Designer-inspired and elegant, this carpeting grounds your space in sophistication.

Follow these simple guidelines, and you’ll have your own fashionable glam mash-up room in no time. Since this trend is so eclectic, you can mix and match so many different types of accents, colors, and styles of furnishings seamlessly. The glamorous elements allows ornate elements to complement more casual pieces for a space that combines all of your favorite things in one space. Go glam!

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