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Seasonal Picks: All Things Gatsby

This summer’s larger-than-life adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic The Great Gatsby is generating lots of buzz, and has inspired a resurgence of 1920s style. From fashion to home design, touches of the roaring twenties are making comeback in a big way.

Check out our picks for bringing some of Gatsby glamor to your home this summer.

All That Glitters

Spectacular and sparkling, Baz Lurhmann’s summer 2013 film certainly is a feast for the eyes. If your home décor is hungry for some glam, metallic throw pillows, mirrored picture frames, and other blinged-out accessories are easy ways to add a touch of Gatsby glitter to your existing design.

Go Deco

Synonymous with the roaring 20s is art deco design. Angular geometric lines channel the 1920s while bringing a modern edge to your space. We especially love geometric wall mirrors: they create the illusion of larger space, and are a contemporary nod to Gatsby style without going overboard.

Black White and Bold Gold

Black and white is a classic art deco color pairing, and is still in demand with today’s designers. Playing with black and white, and adding accent colors like gold brings a bit of Gatsby drama to your space without turning your home into a movie set. Begin with your favorite sofa in black, and then add metallic touches. Tie the look together with contemporary black and white wall art for a subtle 1920s look that’s perfect for today.

17 x 17 Gold and Black Pillow – Sofa Mart
Josephine Table Lamp – Sofa Mart
Outlook Wall Mirror – Sofa Mart
Window Wall Mirror – Sofa Mart
Grant Park Wall Mirror – Sofa Mart
Man’s Best Friend – Sofa Mart
Gray West Point Rug – Sofa Mart
Matrix Vases – Sofa Mart
Surveyor’s Lamp – Sofa Mart

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