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Precious Metals: Mix up the Shine

Metals are all the rage in home décor trends. Whether you love brilliant silver, bright gold, rosy copper, or vintage brass, it’s time to make your living space shine. Metallic finishes can add a sophisticated edge to your interior’s aesthetic and it’s easy to combine these accents with your current furnishings for an elegant makeover.


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Decadent in Gold

As one of the brightest metallics, gold accents create a lavish sense of luxury. Gold is timeless, rich, adventurous, and priceless. It is associated with wealth and power, and naturally adds light to a space. The yellow undertones of this metal create a warm, elegant room and go well with reds, rich purples, emerald greens, rose pinks, and navy blues. If you really want your gold to shine, keep the rest of the room monochrome in black or white and let the metal take the spotlight.

Lavish in Silver

Light and bright, silver is clean and adds the perfect amount of shine to any room. Silver is simple, sophisticated, functional, and versatile. It can be used in a casual living space, as well as a more formal setting. Silver can be used as a neutral, and its white base makes it blend with most interiors effortlessly. This metal pairs well with olive green, soft blues, fun corals, bright pinks, and virtually all shades of gray. Play with shiny silver for an elegant look and give brushed nickel a try for a softer vibe.

Cheery in Copper

Copper is completely unique, and when used in decorating, this metal makes a big statement. Copper is cheerful, original, quirky, warm, and inviting. Its rosy undertones will give your home a fresh feel and a home vibe. Copper is one material that has great flexibility in how it’s finished and displayed. It can be dark or light, dull or lustrous, all depending on its finish. It can be both masculine and feminine based on what it is paired with. Copper goes best with neutrals such as browns, grays, blacks, whites, and tans, letting this metal be the pop of “color” in a room. It also looks good with light pink or turquoise.

Bold in Brass

Get a touch of vintage sophistication by bringing in some brass to your home. Brass is bold, antiquated, loud, glamorous, and magical. This metallic has a lot of personality, and can feel both clean and neat, as well as fancy and delicate. Brass can have either a polished or antiqued finish, and fits in with a variety of design aesthetics. Brass complements maroon, mustard, powder blue, light brown, and vibrant greens.

Metallic Home Accents

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Metal Finishes

Polished: This finish is reflective and creates a mirror-like surface on home accents. It is the shiniest of metals, and appears clean and new.

Antiqued: Metals that are antiqued often feel vintage in appearance. Often antiqued metals are tarnished or have a patina to create a weathered charm.

Hammered: Small indents add texture on a hammered metal. This finish appears to be “hammered” for an industrial look.

Brushed: This finish is matte and you can often see the faint brushstrokes in the metal. Brushed metals are softer and don’t show fingerprints or smudges as much as a polished finish.

Gilded: A gilded surface is covered thinly with gold leaf or gold paint. It still has the shine of a metallic finish, but has a softer quality to it.

Mixing Metals

Remember, you don’t have to commit yourself to one single metal. It’s very fashionable to mix metals if done in the correct way. Below, find some tips on how to gracefully mix metals in a room.

  • Start with the accents. If you are afraid of purchasing big metal items like furniture, invest in metallic accents such as picture frames, candleholders, or lamps. Get a couple of each metal you want to incorporate and place them throughout the room.
  • Spread metals throughout the room instead of in one concentrated area. Separate metallic accents through height such as incorporating a wall mirror, a lamp, and metal furniture legs to effortlessly spread the shine.
  • Experiment with nailhead trim. Many furnishings already have this trendy metallic trim, but you can also DIY by purchasing nailheads from your local fabric or craft store. HGTV has a tutorial on the specifics of this technique.
  • Let mixed metals complement each other through style instead of color. If you want a vintage aesthetic, pick antiqued silver and gold pieces to combine. If you want a fancy vibe, choose metallics that are ornately designed. You can also find matching coordinates by shape.
  • Don’t use more than three metals in a space. Mixing metallic accents can add depth and texture to a room, but more than three different finishes can overwhelm an area.
  • Keep it subtle. Don’t clutter a space with too many metals and be sure to incorporate natural neutralizers such as wood, iron, texturized fabrics, and muted artwork. You don’t want your metals to be competing for attention.


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