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How to Design With Old World Style for Traditional Elegance

Bring home the cozy ambiance of a historic manor or European estate by adding Old World style to your home for winter. Relaxed and comfortable, this design trend never feels outdated even as the years pass by, and we love its welcoming, antique trademark. Perfect for homeowners searching for a timeworn design aesthetic, Old World style adds traditional elegance that will enchant your guests time and time again. Here are ways to add this graceful trend to your living space with product inspiration from Furniture Row and The Showroom @Furniture Row.

Pick hardwood furniture with rich finishes and elaborate carvings.

Your furniture should have a stately presentation in your Old World styled space, so leave lighter wood pieces at home, and opt for grandiose items instead. Rich hardwoods such as cherry, mahogany, walnut, and pecan in darker colors will set the stage for this sophisticated style. Also choose furnishings with elaborate carvings to add antiquated beauty. The Torreon Queen Storage Bed and Mahogany Cabinet definitely make an elegant statement.

Go for a deep, muted palette.

When deciding on a color scheme for your Old World-inspired space, make sure you only choose regal, muted tones. Royal colors like purple and red will look stunning when darkened to appear plum and burgundy instead. Other colors typically found in Old World style are navy blue, brown, forest green, cream, and gold, and pair nicely with rich, darker finishes such as cherry or walnut. The Estate 2 Door Chest features a deep, mahogany finish that pairs nicely with the Grayson Rug in muted earth tones.

Choose traditional fabrics with embellishment.

Elegant fabrics in damask, floral, scroll and other traditional patterns will add Old World style to your home effortlessly. Accent chairs and ottomans with fringe or beaded and tasseled pillows will also create a layered look when paired with luxurious materials like silk and velvet. The more throw pillows, the merrier. Your furniture upholstery should make a grand entrance. The Marguerite Accent Chair, Victoria Palace Cocktail Ottoman, Iris Sofa, and Colleen II Accent Chair are stunning selections that accommodate these style tips.

Add heirloom-inspired accents.

Last but not least, be sure to enhance your space with heirloom-inspired accents. Items with a global element reminiscent of history and travel reflect Old World style perfectly, as well as pieces that portray the poetic lifestyle of ages past. Old leather-bound books, globes, maps, hourglasses, vases, clocks, and other artifacts will look scholarly in your space. Choose the Caged Urn Table Lamp, World Map Print, and Makers Wood Barrel Bar Cabinet to recreate this vintage look.

Make your home feel worn-in and loved with Old World style. Stay true to historical design influences and add this worldly, elegant look to your living space. You won’t regret it.

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