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Off-White, On-Trend


It’s time to start fresh with a clean slate! Bring peace and tranquility to your home’s design with a shade that will never go out of style—off-white. Sound boring? Color lovers might be a little intimidated by this trend that’s taking off in 2016, but the staff at Furniture Row assures you that off-white is the easy and sophisticated solution to brightening any room in your home. If a room has interesting architectural details, you don’t want to distract your guests with furniture that’s too bold. With off-white, you get a brand new perspective on the shade that’s been inspiring designers for centuries, but you also get to implement pieces that are timeless, versatile, and neutrally chic.

White suggests a clean, open, and breezy space even when your room might not be the largest in size, but with off-white you can also enjoy a warmer version of it. Choosing various shades of white ensures that you are selecting a safe color that will not only go well with any color or pattern, but also look sleek and modern as the years go by. Whether it’s a couch, bed, or even a funky lamp, off-white is on the rise.

Check out these pieces from Furniture Row for inspiration on how to use off-white in your home!

Use it as an accent

Make off-white the center of attention in any room with a piece that will definitely stand out due to unique texture or shape. The luxurious Harbor Bench (5) is an original sophisticated piece with its romantic woven rug upholstery and fringed skirt that will definitely stand out. You can also use off-white as accent art using pieces such as the floral patterned Segovia Vase (4) for a unique artifact on a surface space in need of a spruce or the rustic and ceramic Charlotte Cream Jar Lamp (1) for an eclectic light fixture.

Pair it with color

Tone down bright colors or funky patterned fabric with a soft off-white for a neutral complement. Creamy white looks especially chic with black for a polished atmosphere or mixed with warm hues for a sunny ambiance. Using neutral off-white in a room with color will make you feel like a professional designer by muting some of those eccentric pieces that are already extremely eye-catching. Pair romantic and dark velvety fabrics with the Amsterdam Queen Upholstered Bed (9) for added sophistication in the bedroom. This sweet and tufted sleigh bed mixed with rich colors will definitely make sure you’re feeling pampered before drifting off to sleep.

Make a room more modern

Any interior designer will always recommend white for modernized style in the home! Sleek fabrics such as leather or suede in a creamy off-white will look especially trendy in spaces looking for refinement. Furniture Row’s Winwood Recliner (7) is a modern recliner upholstered in smooth white leather that makes the perfect place to relax in any style of room.

Use antique pieces

Vintage pieces in a rustic shade of white look especially sophisticated in the home, so incorporate more furniture from the past for another trendy way to use off-white. Dine with cottage class by implementing antique-inspired sets such as the Bridgeport 5 Pc. Round Dining Table (8) that features elegant turned legs and scalloped detailing or the Harper Console and Mirror (2) that boasts a classic carved structure. The beautiful country-styled crisscross glass doors on the Vintage Server (6) are emphasized by the vanilla white paint finish, which gives it even more shabby chic flair.

Keep your home feeling clean

The good thing about using white furniture is that is shows less dust than dark furniture does. Many white fabrics are also stain-resistant and washable, making it perfect for those rooms you want to easily maintain. White will never fade out either! For simple-to-maintain style, use the beige transitional styled Varela Sofa (3) for a clean uplift in your living space.

No matter how you use off-white in your home, this sleek and chic shade will always be the modern and versatile choice you need to feel like a trendsetter!

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