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Menswear Inspiration

MenswearSliderMenswear has a classic, timeless feel that can be easily updated with a simple changing of ties. It can be the perfect starting place for home design when using real-world budgets that can’t always afford all new furniture or to rip up the carpet every two years (read: those of us who are not Martha Stewart). A few, quality key pieces in neutral colors like black and brown can be built on over and over again with well-chosen accessories.

Luckily, our in-house interior designer Greg had been just as inspired by menswear recently as we had and put together a room with a masculine feel that doesn’t overpower.

Menswear Inspired

“I wanted the base design to be masculine without being overpowering – this room isn’t made for bachelor pads alone but where women could find it attractive as well. Black leather and rich woods are things I’ve found both sexes could always agree on. Taking patterns often found in menswear, like houndstooth, and using it in modern colors like yellow also strike a nice balance,” explained Greg.

“The room largely focuses on finding modern sophistication. Yellow and gray are trendy colors to pair together in 2012, and by adding menswear classical patterns like plaid or argyle in small doses it adds a further reflection of masculinity without overpowering the modernity.”

Final Menswear Room
Final Menswear Room


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