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Meet Ultra Violet: Pantone’s 2018 Color of the Year


The forecast for 2018 is Ultra Violet. Pantone released its color of the year, “a dramatically provocative and thoughtful purple shade.” The purple color can be connected to the cosmos, spirituality, and creative inspiration. Along with its mystical qualities, Ultra Violet has been embraced by pop culture over the years with icons like Prince and David Bowie. Purple is also the color of royalty and regality. The color seems to embrace the deep purple qualities of mysticism as well as the lighter shades of inspiration.

While you may not want Ultra Violet in your entire home, there is a ton of home decor inspiration that comes with such a radiant shade of purple. Think pops of creative purple in your home, mixed with complementary pinks and oranges. Another great way to draw inspiration is to follow the curated palettes below.


Cotton candy sunsets embrace the Ultra Violet color at twilight. Create a harmonic Ultra Violet palette with frosted almond, canyon rose, ruby wine, and peach beige. A sense of peace can be achieved when you mix the airy purple with softer rose tones.


A buzzing metropolis brings out the dramatic shades of Ultra Violet. Match the bold purple with bougainvillea, hot pink, poinciana, emberglow, and muskmelon for an electric feel.


Color saturation plays an important role with color theory. Deep earth tones like bronze mist and dried moss, are complemented by exciting Ultra Violet, chili pepper, fuschia pink, and peacock pink.


Gorgeous bouquets do it best when it comes to soft pastels and romantic purples. Ultra Violet turns dreamy with dark astral aura and soft gardenia. Pops of cherry blossom, orchid hush, and yellow iris complement this dreamy floral palette.


Nature has a way of showcasing dynamic duos like earthy olive tones and hazy purples. This misty palette features ether, weeping willow, trade winds, misty lilac, dusty lavender, and Ultra Violet.


When it comes to Pantone’s Ultra Violet, the milky way offers seemingly endless possibilities. Mysterious Ultra Violet brings out bodacious, bamboo, citrus, and oriole in this popping palette.


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