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Meet Greenery: Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year


It’s time to spring into 2017! Green is symbolic of new beginnings, and that’s why this bright, refreshing shade is the Pantone pick for the 2017 Color of the Year! Titled Greenery, this revitalizing hue of green is all about a zest for life and a love for the great outdoors. Greenery invites people to relax and breathe in the natural world, and when indoors, immerse themselves in creative goals motivated by personal passions. Take in this lush color and incorporate a splash of Greenery into your home! Furniture Row loves this bright hue, so celebrate the start of the New Year with some tips on how best to use it your home!

Brighten Up Your Kitchen

Add some zest to your kitchen or dining space with Greenery and other refreshing shades from nature like sunshine yellow to liven up mealtime. If your kitchen walls and cabinets are white or another neutral tone, accent decor like candles, vases, or flower pots in bright pops of green and yellow on the dining table or kitchen counter will add a splash of color to anything needing a punch of personality. Even your dining chairs can be upholstered with a fun green print to utilize this bright shade. A little Greenery in the home can go a long way!


a. Narrow Bottle Vase
b. Jasmine Parsons Chair
c. Nature’s Fan Lady Canvas

Go Casual With Cool Tones

Even though Greenery is on the sunnier side of the green spectrum, this bright color still works great with other cool tones. Various shades of blue and teal will look casual and trendy when paired with accent pieces that feature a dash of Greenery that’s not too stressful on the eyes. A unique abstract canvas, an accent pillow, and some baskets at your sofa side are great examples of accessories that work this zesty hue into the color scheme without overtaking the room.


a. Honeycomb Pillow
b. Dawn Discovery I Canvas
c. Maradi Basket and Maradi Bowl

Let the Outside In

Another way to implement Greenery into your living space without painting your walls is by choosing springtime accents that remind you of the outdoors. Spring is the season of rebirth and renewal, so freshen up your space with a floral print rug, woven tray, or a bright colored table lamp with a fun patterned shade. Greenery and light blue reflect the grass and the sky, so by incorporating these two colors, you can give any room the light, airy aesthetic of springtime breeze.


Patchwork Rug
Riley Green Lamp
Catalina Flat Basket
Ombre Vase

Be Bold

Last but not least, make sure you add statement pieces in this lively lime hue! Furniture with a Greenery finish like a barstool or a green exotic print area rug are one-of-a-kind and will accentuate your living space to accommodate your own personal design tastes. Whether it’s one piece or several, this springtime color will look beautifully bold in your home.


a. Mario Barstool
b. Got Wheels Canvas
c. Brushstrokes Emerald Rug

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