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Is Orange Your New Black?

Season Four of Netflix’s original series, Orange Is the New Black, debuts on June 17th, and your obsession doesn’t have to stop with the TV show. Decorating with orange furniture and accents is at hot as the drama that Piper is sure to heat up this season, and Furniture Row has everything you need to make your home Litchfield-chic. Whether you want to snuggle up on a pumpkin leather sofa to watch the story unfold, or you’d rather add pops of coral, tangerine, and salmon to your home with bright accents, we’ll have you asking, is orange your new black?

Is Orange Your New Black Post


Vero Beach Sofa Group (1): Although it’s unclear whether Stella (played by Ruby Rose) will play a role in season four, one thing we do know, is that Rose is by far the coolest actress ever to grace Litchfield’s prison walls. Get it-girl style with the modern Vero Beach Sofa Group, which features mid-century design, sleek styling, and androgynous appeal.


Juliet Ottoman (2): Caputo basically sold his soul last season, and is being used as a footrest while he’s working for the big bad corporation. Get your own orange ottoman while you see how this beleaguered leader’s career plays out in season four.


Riley Table Lamp (3): Sophia had it rough in season three, and judging by the new season four photos showing her without her signature dolled-up look, things are only going to get worse for her. Let’s all try to give one of our favorite OITNB characters some of her bright personality back by lighting up the day with the Riley Table Lamp.


Hilton Accent Chair (4): Piper has gone full gangster by the end of season three, and since her business seems to be in a bit of trouble, she is going to have to make some big girl decisions on what to do next. What chair is better for a hard-core boss than a leather seat in angry, burnt orange leather? With curving legs and edgy nailhead trim the Hilton Accent Chair will be the perfect addition to your home as you watch what tricks Piper thinks of next.


Cable Knit Pillow (5): Lorna Morello marries Vince Muccio in season three, and although she’s gets the marriage she’s been starving for the entire series, she isn’t going to get the cozy nesting phase she’s been dreaming of. We have a feeling season four is going to wreak havoc on poor Lorna’s relationship, so as you watch the train wreck happen, get a plush piece of comfort with this adorable knit pillow with buttons, because after all, it’s always heartbreaking to watch a sweet Italian girl get her heart broken!


Tweed Pillow (6): Lay back on this orange tweed pillow and rest assured that Alex survived! Although the end of season three left us on the edge of our seats with Alex being cornered in a greenhouse with a guard that appears to be a hitman her old boss hired, but photos from season four show her alive and unscathed.

Crazy Eyes

Infinity Rug (7): Although we all know anything can happen in Orange Is the New Black, one thing we can count on being in the series for an infinite amount of time, is Suzanne’s iconic, bulging eyes. Season three alludes to a relationship between Crazy Eyes and Maureen in season four, so we’re excited to find out what happens there. Get your hands on this fun, orange carpet with overlapping eye-shaped infinity symbols.


Jasmine Parson Chair (8): After pretending to be Jewish to get better food, Cindy seems to have the best seat in the house when it comes to dining. This Orange Is the New Black inspired parson chair is great for entertaining your guests around a table, trays and prison food not included (whew!).

Pennsatucky and Boo

Barcelona Outdoor Umbrella (9): Over the course of season three, Pennsatucky and Boo developed an unexpected friendship, and when Tiffany gets herself in a bad situation with a guard, the dynamic duo plot to get revenge. It will be interesting to see if their bond continues to grow in season four. Until we are able to binge watch new episodes of Orange Is the New Black, get outdoors and share secrets with your own bestie under cover with an outdoor umbrella in this season’s favorite color.

Red and Healy

Hamilton Accent Chair (10): We can’t leave out Red, the character with the hair color to match the show’s colorful title. With spice-orange upholstery and dramatic winged sides, this armchair will be the comfortable spot for you to watch as things start to heat up between Healy and the fiery head chef in season four.

Watch Orange Is the New Black season four trailer here!

Who’s your favorite character on Orange Is the New Black and what do you think is in store for season four? Comment below!

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