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Global Pursuits: Furniture Trends


Furniture Row buyers literally travel around the world to find the latest and greatest in global furniture trends. They are constantly looking for inspiration to bring customers the most stylish pieces, and making sure that those furnishings and accessories meet the high standards of craftsmanship, quality, and ethical production that the company sets.

Last month, two of our buyers (Amy Foster and Barb Chandler) packed their suitcases, grabbed their passports, and made the 8,400 mile trip to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, where their journey began.

The Trade

“Furniture Row is often asked if we have a factory in Vietnam,” says Amy Foster, accessories and Lost & Found buyer. “Furniture Row does not have a factory in Vietnam. It’s actually much cooler than that! We have a trading company (BCFX) which allows us to source from multiple factories, consolidate, and mix this product together, and then ship it out to our stores!”

Furniture Row was actually the first company to hold a foreign trading license in Vietnam – the first! This trading company, part of Furniture Row, allows Furniture Row USA to buy smaller quantities of goods, hand picked from several factories. “This process allows us to provide our customers with the best product. For example, the Lost & Found collection consists of one-of-a-kind, handmade furnishings,” Barb says. “Since we only buy a small amount of each item, once it’s gone, it’s gone! It’s nice to know that when you go into a Furniture Row store, you can stumble upon a hidden treasure that none of your friends will have.”


Once arriving in Vietnam, our buyers were immediately surrounded by culture and inspiration. With an estimated eight million motorbikes on the road of Ho Chi Minh, often used to transport a variety of goods, the city streets reminded our team of the mixed media and industrial aviator trends that are gaining popularity in the US. “The home décor that you are going to see coming out in the next months is very much focused on curiosity design, for instance furnishings with exposed parts and a focus on how stuff works,” Amy says. “Think moving parts, mixing wood with metal, vintage Edison light bulbs, raw blueprints. It creates a home style that is very sophisticated and urban.”

In between other activities in the country (including posing with Vietnam associates for International Women’s Day), they also saw other style sparks influencing current home décor fashions. From a shop owner in Hanoi (the countryside of Vietnam) and her green produce sporting one of the biggest colors of the moment, to the pom pom accents that you’ll be seeing more of this fall, Furniture Row enjoyed getting to the source of where many of our gorgeous pieces begin.

Get Vietnam inspired style tips here China As the trip continued, the team got to see the beauty and care that’s not typically associated with China. “It’s important to Furniture Row that quality and ethical practices are ingrained in each and every furnishing we sell,” Amy tells the Front Door, “And that value doesn’t change in any country.” After making some last minute sample changes in the furniture workshop, the buyers got to see the beautiful Asian country. At a temple, magnificent tiered tower pagodas hinted at another design style that is becoming more and more in vogue. “The mid-century aesthetic is very popular right now, but there are many people that think it’s not really their style. Modern isn’t the only contemporary right now,” Barb explains. “Elegant traditional furniture is in high demand. Classic silhouettes and cultivated design is what everyone is loving. It’s so fashionable to be timeless.”

If classic nouveau is your contemporary, keep your eye out for the Pagoda Chest, coming mid-April to Furniture Row!

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