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Gift Guide: Father’s Day Finds for Dads of Any Style

Father’s Day is here this weekend, so don’t forget to get a gift for good ol’ dad! Not sure what to buy? Furniture Row has a great selection of home accents to help make his office, bedroom, or any other space reflect his unique interests and personality. Dads like to decorate too! Which dad do you have? Get the gift that matches his style and hobbies. These Father’s Day finds will make your life easier.

Outdoorsy Dad

Does your dad love fishing, camping, hiking, or all of the above? Unwinding in the great outdoors is a favorite pastime, so give him something that reminds him of all his time exploring the wilderness. A beautiful framed print of a scenic lake or other lakeside-inspired accents will make your outdoorsy dad very happy and showcase his laid-back personality.outdoorsy-dad

SHOP THE LOOK: Panoramic View of Pioneer Mountains Framed Print $429, Mahogany Canoe Bookcases Set of 3 $379, A Fish in Hand $6, Distressed Oars Table Lamp $88

Sophisticated Dad

Is your dad a trendsetter? The well-dressed businessman knows a good impression goes a long way, so accentuate his impeccable taste with sophisticated home accents. Visually interesting sculptures, a framed print of a city skyline, or other high-end accessories will look at home on the sophisticated dad’s shelf or desk.


SHOP THE LOOK: Modern Sculptures $28-$36, Tread Baskets $26-$36, Gramercy Table Lamp $58, Bridge at Night Lacquer Print $39

 Techy Dad

If your dad is all about the latest iPhone or is interested in cars and gadgets, he’s definitely techy. Figuring out how things work is his favorite pastime, so make sure you help display his curious personality with scientific-inspired home accents that excite the engineer’s mind in him. Techy dad will love an Edison bulb lamp, organizational bins, or blueprint wall art of inventions that changed America.


SHOP THE LOOK: Watson Round Accent Lamp $49, Sprockets 2 Pc. Mirror Set $199, Aerodrome Blue Print II Canvas $69, Newsie Bins $18-$28

Whichever dad you have, there’s something for him! Give your dad the Father’s Day gift that will make him excited to decorate his space.

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