Style File: From the Fall Runway to Home

Autumn is a nostalgic season. We want tradition and habit; to carve pumpkins the same way our fathers taught us, to teach our children the same pumpkin pie recipe our mothers have made all our lives. Fashion itself has been incredibly sentimental the last ten years, recycling and reinventing past decades for today, never is that more clear than on the Fall runways. Classic colors and patterns are remade, refitted, and rearranged to express a modern idea of vintage wears. Lace is emboldened from accenting trims to entire blouses, polka dots revved in bright colors, plaid retailored to fitted coats and delicate scarves. To help keep you in the know of this year’s re-imagining, we’ve put together a list of the top 5 trends from the fashion runway for fall that are having a direct effect on interior design.

Faux Fur

Regardless of whether real fur or faux, and we’d like to heavily stress the importance of the latter, fur was in almost every designer’s fall collection. It works best in natural colors and as small bursts of texture; faux-fur pillows, throws, or rugs.


Golds and silvers were embellished across shoes, hemlines and shoulders for a little glitter to catch the eye. Use them similarly in your home as accent pieces or, if you’re daring, on trim and molding.



Deep yellows have been a fall staple for a couple years now, and 2011 is holding onto it as tight as ever. These marigold and mustard hues are incredibly versatile, and can function both as a dominating color in a room or pipe up as accenting pieces. Pair with similar rich, jewel toned colors for a warm look that will keep you cozy until spring.




The lace obsession of summer is transitioning into fall by adding dramatic colors like red and black. Polka dot lace was especially hot on the runways and can make for a very chic look in your décor. Use sparingly, but don’t be afraid to contrast its nostalgia and delicateness with sharply modern styles.


Dots and Lace



Plaid is another fall favorite, and one we’re happy to see embraced in haute couture. What could be more comfortable and flexible than plaid? Everyone looks good in it, and depending on how you style it, it can stretch across traditional, chic, modern, vintage, or even punk styling. Try using it in unexpected ways, past the plaid couch covers, pillows, and throws, as a vase or frame instead to add a bit of unpredictability and quirkiness to a room.





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