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Decorating Your Home Office: What Workspace Personality Are You?

Are your considering decorating your home office? Whether you work from home or have a 9-5 job, you’ll want to make sure your workspace at home reflects your personality and the career you have. There are lots of ways to stay organized, but make sure your desk is just as exciting as your job. Check out these looks and tips from Furniture Row to get some inspiration for your home office up-do! Which home office personality are you? 


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The Engineer

Forget the humanities! You’d rather spend your hours calculating the answer to a long math problem or taking the time to conduct an experiment. You base your projects on analytical thinking and consider yourself a problem-solver. When you put your mind to it, there’s nothing you can’t figure out! If your career is in science or math, you probably want a workspace that’s just as logical as you. Your office should be filled with research books, electronics, and other gadgets you might need to get your brain juice flowing with lots of notepads at easy reach to write down your next big idea. Use the sciences themselves for decoration! Items you might find in a lab or are reflective of famous leaps in scientific history will definitely serve as inspiration and motivation while you work from home.

Tip for the Engineer: When decorating your home office, comfy and organized is key. If you’re spending long nights poring over research notes or writing lab reports, you should have a supportive desk chair and lots of options for storage. Keep your desk drawers organized with tab file folders and use bookshelves to keep your reference collection off your desk surface until you need it.


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The Trendsetter

If there’s someone with a self-starting, can-do attitude—it’s you! Not only are you fashion-forward, you might actually be your own boss. Your friends might ask you for career advice because you’re constantly setting the stage for success. You’re totally on top of the latest trends and earth-moving ideas, and it only makes sense that you’re a bit of an entrepreneur. When decorating your home office remember that the bigger and bolder the better, so let that fierce charisma be reflected in your workspace! Find the latest trends in interior design and incorporate them into your home office. Add a desk with personality that strays away from your average wooden executive desk. An office chair in a bright color will make an eye-catching statement, so pair it with eclectic wall art to match. Even your light fixtures should be conversation starters! Let your upbeat nature shine—go big and go home!

Tip for the Trendsetter: Although you want to have the latest and greatest, make sure your workspace is still multi-functional! You never know what your next endeavor might be, so choose furniture that allows you to be ready for creative action. When decorating your home office, make the time to find a plush office chair that will have you feeling comfortable and confident, no matter what assignment you’ve got next. Be sure you’ve got all the essentials.


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The Businessman

You’re the polished image of professionalism. Hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and that’s why you’re the hardest worker of them all. Being a CEO or a person with major responsibility in a role involving leadership is expected to always be on top of things, but don’t worry you have 100% got it covered 24/7. Even though you’re off-hours, when duty calls, you’re definitely everyone’s go-to guy or gal. Whether it’s quickly responding to an urgent email or taking an important business phone call, your home workspace needs to be your office away from your actual office. You need to be able to count on it like people count on you! Appearance definitely matters, so when decorating your home office, make sure your home desk is as polished and professional as the one you’ve got in your high-rise office. Sleek and clean are easy solutions for high-stress assignments, so be sure to incorporate neat shelving, neutral colors, and nothing that distracts you from the job that needs to get done. Your phone and computer should be easy to reach, and make sure you always have a supply of pens at hand!

Tip for the Businessman: Although you just want your home office to be a place to get work done, you can still showcase your personality and interests since it’s your own home! Black and white are safe professional choices for decorating, but don’t be afraid to mix it up with a funky rug or an interesting lamp. Nothing too crazy, but just enough fun to make your office a bit more unique than the one you go to everyday.


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The Fashionista

No matter what your career is, you’re definitely all about keeping up with appearances. You don’t mind a little limelight; in fact, getting others to notice your stylish appearance is what motivates you to work harder to accomplish your dreams. You might be quite the stargazer in terms of your career potential, but for good reason—all eyes are on you anyway! Your chic attitude is definitely glamorous enough for anything you put your mind to, and you don’t shy away from letting yourself feel fancy. A little frivolousness never hurt anybody! Bring your sophisticated sense of style to your home office so that you can continue to feel elegant while you work. Incorporate shiny metallic pieces for a little more sparkle, and have fun mixing patterns and textures for a cohesive look that attracts your many admirers. You can’t go wrong with crisp, classic white, or items that have a little antique glam. Make sure your workspace is neat and exquisite. It should simply shine like the star you are!

Tip for the Fashionista: It might be hard to say no to all your favorite trendy items, but you should make sure all your furniture matches! Too much glam can be gaudy, so tone down the fashionable faux-fur and gold with neutrals and pieces made of wood. When decorating your home office, you want to make sure the space is pretty but still professional.


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The Old-School Soul

Trendy and modern are great, but you prefer the classics. Your friends might think you’re a little old-fashioned, but they know they can always go to you for wisdom and guidance. As a bit of an introvert, you thrive in a quieter setting at work and at home. It’s not strange to find you holed up in your favorite chair reading a good book with a cup of coffee. Since your career probably involves a lot of thinking, a room with a cozy atmosphere is key for you to spend your days and nights getting work done in an orderly fashion. Warm hues and vintage wooden pieces are essential for someone a bit more studious. A room filled with bookshelves, reading lamps, and comfy places to sit is definitely your dream office. After all it is your home—it should feel like it!

Tip for the Old-School Soul: To create a cozier atmosphere, make sure you have lots of fabric! Whether it’s a cashmere blanket or a plush ottoman, the key to creating the ultimate reader’s nook is to keep it feeling warm. Curl up in a corner with a good book on a chair that’s so soft, you could take an afternoon nap in it.


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The Artist

As a true right-brain person, it’s no wonder that you have a career in the arts. You feel like the luckiest person in the world because your job encourages you to think outside of the box. Whether it’s painting, writing, or designing, you absolutely love what you do and you’re always thinking of ways to be even more creative when it comes to your passion. It’s no surprise that your style itself is colorful and possibly a little eccentric. You love to create things, so there’s no doubt that you’ll want a workspace that helps those ideas flourish. Each item in your home office should be inspiring to you, so that you can brainstorm. Fill your drawers and shelves with art utensils and knick-knacks that make you happy. A big canvas with bright colors or a bulletin board is a great way to add some personality and help you express yourself. Your desk and office chair should be newfangled and fun. Even your lamp should be a little whimsical! For the Artist, the design ideas are truly endless—you should be proud!

Tip for the Artist: It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the next big project and forget where you put that list of things to do! The more surface and storage space, the better, so make sure your desk and your shelves contain bins and files that are neatly labeled so you can easily access anything you need last-minute. Artists tend to have a lot more mess that comes with creating, so be sure to de-clutter every now and then.

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