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Color Theory: Mushroom for the Home

It’s not cool enough to be gray, but it isn’t quite taupe either. Mushroom, 2017’s hottest new color trend, has been showing its neutral yet distinctive face all over the fashion world from runway shows to home fashion markets. Not only does it fit perfectly with the other earth tones that have been popular this year, but it is also so versatile that it fits in with a variety of other color palettes that you may want to incorporate into your home. Are you wild about mushroom? Check out the looks we’ve put together below to get inspired and learn how to create your own grayish-taupe laden space.

Cool and Elegant Mushroom Bedroom

Your bedroom should be the place where you feel the most relaxed. By mixing mushroom furnishings with cool purples, light blues, as well as other variations of 2017’s favorite hue such as charcoal gray and medium taupe, you can create an aesthetic that actualizes a magical mushroom dreamland.

Mushroom Bedroom

MUSHROOM FOR THE BEDROOM: Ashdale Poster Bedroom Group, Antiquity Rug, Carved Stone Beauty Canvas, Evanesce Comforter Set, Hudson Accent Chair

Country Chic Mushroom Dining Room

If you want to make a bold mushroom statement by choosing your main furnishings to be on-trend taupe-gray, then add a few pops of color for contrast. This farmhouse-inspired dining set serves as the perfect neutral backdrop for splashes of red, yellow, and green. We put a soft cream on the wall to allow the furniture and decor to take the spotlight in this comfortably casual yet stylish and spunky dining space.

Mushroom Dining Room

MUSHROOM FOR THE DINING ROOM: Shaker Dining Set, Shaker Server, Magnolia Home Lotus Link Rug, Berkshire Rooster Print

Warm and Neutral Mushroom Sitting Room or Entryway

Sometimes too much of a good thing can be, well, too much. If you would like to incorporate mushroom into your home without going overboard, try adding just a few true “sharkey gray” pieces to your current decor. Mushroom accents look great when paired with blues, browns, taupes, and grays.


MUSHROOM FOR ANYWHERE: Salmela Accent Chair, Apothecary Small Cabinet, Adelle Table Lamp, Antiquity Indigo Rug

Rustic Industrial Mushroom Living Room

Mushroom complements most earth tones, which in turn, works well with the colors found in most woods and metals. We added a vibrant copper-colored accent pillow to play off the exposed brick and pull in the rust colors on the canvas.

Mushroom Living Room

MUSHROOM FOR THE LIVING ROOM:  Fremont Sofa, Seneca Pillow in Copper, Aidan Accent Chair, Casa Viejo Drum Coffee Table, Roma CandleholdersRockport Table Lamp, Torino Ombre Rug

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