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Color Theory: Bold Indigo

We are loving the style statement bold indigo makes! The color has a rich, saturated look, and can be used in traditional designs, or as a lively accent in more contemporary spaces.

Indigo dye was originally made from natural plant materials. For interior design, the color can add earthy inspiration reminiscent of water or the sky, and can also be styled in a more tailored, traditional way. What makes indigo great is how versatile it is, while being so distinctive a hue!

There are lots of fun design ways to go with indigo. From furniture that’s blue and beautiful, to home accents that incorporate it or contrast with it, how you do blue is up to you!bold-indigo

For a statement, adding a storage piece like the Estelle Chest in navy is a striking way to incorporate indigo. We love the way this blue chest contrasts against the white, light and bright window area behind it.

Accent pieces are a simple, instantly-stylish way to incorporate colors like bold indigo. Tossing a pillow here and there, like the Chevron Pillow in navy, or adding a patterned ottoman like the Mercer gives your space dimension, and allows you to incorporate indigo without going all in!

Love linens? Well the Kensington Queen Bed Ensemble is a lovely indigo-inspired set. The piece features indigo, while also incorporating classic complementary colors like deep yellow, white, and grey.

Once you’ve gotten some indigo going, there are many colors you can incorporate to complement the blue. Other darker or lighter shades of true indigo can offset the indigo, and make it seem more neutral. For a crisper contrast, white and grey instantly freshen up dark blue hues, and make for a tailored look. Cornsilk yellow or related shades warm up the cool of indigo, and brighten it while adding an exotic feel.

There are no wrong ways to incorporate color: Make sure to choose pieces that reflect your taste, and build from there to create a space you will love!

Indigo Products Featured:

-Chevron Pillow in Navy // Sofa Mart
Estelle Chest in Navy // Sofa Mart
Mercer Ottoman Maze // Sofa Mart
Kensington Queen Bedding Ensemble // Bedroom Expressions
-Midnight Mass Framed Prints //Sofa Mart

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