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Color Blocking

Color Blocking

Another new trend in design, color blocking pairs together solid complementary or analogous colors (opposites and neighbors, respectively, on a color wheel) for a contrasting look. It?s a quick, easy, and cheap trick for an ultra-modern look. We’ve put together some examples to show you how to do it within your wardrobe or your home.

For our main piece to build around in both the fashion and interior design example, we chose a bright, lipstick red. For the accessories that means we chose colors close to red on the color wheel (pink, orange, and yellow) as well as a color opposite (light blue) to add a punch of contrast. Pick your favorite color and get blocking!

Fashion Color BlockingColora Blocking Furniture Color Blocking

one // Multi Row Bead Y Necklace Dorothy Perkins
two // Shine-Front Tank The Limited
three // RumbaTime Fresh Squeeze Perry Slap Watch ShopBop
four // CafE Capri J. Crew
five // Sam Edelman ‘Gigi’ Sandal Nordstrom
six // Red Lyndhurst Futon Sofa Mart
seven // Profile Vase Small Sofa Mart
eight // Ombre Aqua Vase In Store at Sofa Mart
nine // Orange Connected Pillow Sofa Mart
ten // Poly Shag Rug in Pink Bedroom Expressions

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