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Coffee Tables to Fit Your Coffee Order


Coffee tables come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes, so how do you know which one is right for your living space? Many scientists believe that the beverages we crave have a lot to do with various traits of our personality, and coffee is no exception. Furniture Row has a wide number of coffee tables to accompany your own personal style, but if it’s hard to choose, let your taste buds do the talking! Figure out which coffee table matches the taste that’s all your own by picking out your favorite drink below.



Personality Traits: Just like this warm milky drink, you like to indulge in what’s comfortable. Laid-back and sweet, you are appreciated by close friends and family who value your loyalty and easy-going nature. You are a people-pleaser and spend most of your time helping others or reflecting. As a homebody in spirit, you don’t need very much to make you happy. After all, the best things in life are free aren’t they?

Your Coffee Table: The Lauren

Just like you, this coffee table is simple yet sweet! Beautifully crafted of select softwood solids and softwood veneers with a weathered oak finish, the elegant Lauren features flattering carved design details you will love in any style of room.


Personality Traits: If there’s a natural-born leader of the group, it’s you! Forget sugar and spice, you prefer straightforwardness. Although people might find you a little intimidating at first, they secretly admire your can-do attitude and think you’re actually quite cool. Edgy and headstrong, you don’t wait around to get things done and are good at multi-tasking. Everyone ought to follow your lead.

Your Coffee Table: The Lillian Lift Top

Your polished and poised personality matches this coffee table that’s sleek and stylish. Crafted of birch veneers in a black ink finish, the Lillian is designed to have years of lasting beauty, and is even more complete with hidden additional storage beneath its easily moveable lift top.


Personality Traits: You’re a rarity! Nobody is quite like you and you take pride in that. As a true hipster, you prefer to do things your own way even though it’s not the norm. Most consider you are true artist who marches to their own drum. You are truly one-of-a-kind.

Your Coffee Table: The Authentic

This coffee table is as authentic as you are! Made from rustic, reclaimed elm collected from rural villages, the Authentic is perfect for casual gatherings with friends and family. With three working drawers with vintage pull rings and an elegant distressed finish, this piece will bring unique charm to your home.



Personality Traits: You’re the social butterfly of the bunch! Bubbly and outgoing, you should win an award for your optimism. Your personal taste is totally refined and glamorous. You also know the importance of making an impression and will go a long way to attract admirers. As the true star of the show, you are noticed by everyone and wouldn’t want it any other way.

Your Coffee Table: The Rosemont

A regular wooden coffee table just wouldn’t fit your dramatic personality, so opt for something with more flair with the Rosemont. The rich dark cherry finish is a perfect complement to the stamped metal design in the middle of the table that gives this piece its unique look. Finished with scrolled iron legs not only adds detail but makes the Rosemont durable for a lasting look.


Personality Traits: If there’s anyone who likes to aim high, it’s you! Outgoing and hardworking, you are both innovative and adventurous. Out with the old and in with the new—you know that change is for the best! You have an interesting perspective on most things and have high aspirations for life. You’re a true opportunist and know that with a little sweat, anything’s possible.

Your Coffee Table: The St. Louis

Just like your innovative personality, this coffee table mixes old and new styles for an outcome that’s brilliant and beautiful. The perfect combination of rustic and industrial, the St. Louis is crafted out of raw knotty alder wood and garnished with unique mechanical metal details. With functioning, lockable wheels, and bolted steel accents at each of the corners, this table will add high-end urban style to your living space.

Cold Brew

Personality Traits: Similar to this icy cool cup of caffeine, you’re a trendsetter! You tend to know what’s stylish and people are always waiting to see what you’ll do next. You’re chic, on-trend, and sometimes a bit dangerous. Being rebellious is totally cool and it’s no wonder you’re so popular.

Your Coffee Table: The Studio Metal

Forget your average coffee table, the Studio Metal is as eclectic and bold as your personality! This unique coffee table brings sleek industrial styling to your space. With open shelving for storage, a retro metal finish, and ample surface space, this table is great for entertaining guests.



Personality Traits: Hands down—you’re the most fun in the group! Free-spirited and imaginative in nature, you are definitely the one people call when they’re looking to liven up the party. As a bit of a daydreamer, you have a creative mind and colorful personality. People love that you’re 100% unique and are down for anything. Your spontaneity will definitely take you far—don’t change!

Your Coffee Table: The Reese Iron Round

Get a coffee table that will encourage you to think outside of the box with a piece that looks more like a work of art. Colorful like your personality, the Reese Iron Round is made from recycled wood with barely-there paint details, hinting at reclaimed virtue of the timber. It’s truly one-of-a-kind!

Black Coffee

Personality Traits: Nobody likes a mess, and why should you? Some might say you’re an average Joe, but there’s nothing wrong with consistency. You love clean and simple and would rather stay grounded in all of your endeavors. You know what you like and are not afraid of repetition. Why change something when it’s already good?

Your Coffee Table: The Malibu

Enhance your living space with minimalism in mind with the Malibu! Sharp and handsome, this coffee table is ideal for entertaining. Crafted of dark hardwoods and birch veneers with a generously sized open shelf, and additional drawer space, this piece has you covered. The Malibu is clean-lined and casual and does the trick!


Personality Traits: You like to add warm chocolaty goodness to your coffee, so it’s no wonder you’re a softie! Your friends and family know that you’re a little bit sensitive, but we all know it’s because you’re a real romantic. Compassionate, caring, and insightful, you are truly lovable and people know you will always be there for them no matter what. Anyone who has you in his or her life is lucky!

Your Coffee Table: The Trends

Dress up your coffee table just like chocolate in your mocha with the Trends Coffee Table! Exceptionally styled, the Trends is made of ash solids and oak veneers in a cherry-espresso finish. With an upholstered, button tufted black cushion-top, this cocktail table offers a surface to put your feet up and relax, as well as pullout serving trays for additional surface area.

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