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A-Tisket, A-Tasket, Enjoy a Springtime Basket

Spring is here and soon flowers will be in full bloom, so what better way to accessorize your home than with a bright and sunny springtime basket? Baskets are the perfect storage solution if you don’t have a lot of shelf or drawer space. They are even beautiful as simple decoration on a dining table or bookshelf. At Furniture Row, we have a variety of baskets in all shapes, colors, and sizes, so take a look at our favorites for the warmer months and learn about the ways you can use baskets to make your home not only clutter-free but also lovely to look at.

Springtime Basket

SHOP SPRINGTIME BASKETS: Washed White Tote $10-$18, Malibu Lidded Basket $58-$78, Foraging Basket $22-$32, Graphic Storage Basket $89, Open Chevron Basket $22-$34, Coil Weave Basket $34-$64, Hatteras Lidded Basket $45-$79, Maradi Bowl $42, Merida Bowl $14-$24, Rattan Trim Basket $32-$38,  Newsie Bin $18-$28, Tread Basket $26-$36, Nomad Lidded Storage Basket $49-$69

In the Entryway

ShoesWhen guests arrive, make sure you have a large storage basket for shoes, so nobody ends up tripping over them near the front door.

Flowers and Indoor Plants: Fresh-cut flowers or a nice indoor plant will help bring greenery into your home and is a beautiful decoration as the temperature gets warmer. A storage-sized basket is just the right size for a large plant and conveniently has two handles that make it easier to move than a pot. A basket vase filled with your favorite blossoms is also a great way to freshen up a dining or living room.


Springtime Basket in the Kitchen

Fruit and Vegetables: If your produce doesn’t have to be refrigerated, keep it available for hungry guests in a tray basket on the table or kitchen counter, or if your server or kitchen island has room, store a bin-shaped basket below and keep produce in large quantities like potatoes nearby while you’re cooking.

Kitchen Utensils: If your kitchen drawer used for spatulas, stirring spoons, and other cooking utensils is becoming a bit too cluttered, store them in a springtime basket for nearby convenience!

Pantry Items: Label baskets for cans, packaged food, and spices, and you’ll never spend time searching your pantry again.


Springtime Basket in the Living Room

Decoration: Baskets don’t always have to be used for storage. If your mantel or shelves on your home theater wall look a bit bare, a gorgeous basket will look homey and welcoming.

Reading Material: Don’t clutter your coffee table with books and magazines, and instead use a large storage basket to keep beside your favorite reading chair.

Electronics: Remotes and controllers are always finding their way between your couch cushions or underneath your sofa, so designate a springtime basket for them to make sure they never get lost.

Toys: Teach the kids a thing or two about staying clean and clutter-free by labeling baskets for dolls, toys, and other things you might find lying around the house.

Springtime Basket in the Bedroom

Pillows and Blankets: If you have overnight guests or want to take a quick snooze without getting underneath the covers, a storage springtime basket with extra pillows and blankets will keep your room feeling extra snuggly.

Desk Supplies: You’re always running out of desk drawer space, so instead add an overhead shelf with bin-shaped baskets labeled for arts and crafts, important papers and files, or other things you need easy access to while you work.

Springtime Basket in the Bathroom

Toiletries: Keep makeup, cotton balls, Q-tips, and more organized with baskets! Rolls of toilet paper or towels stored inside a large storage basket will ensure your guests know where to find what they need without asking you.

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