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Furniture Row is pleased to offer the For The Trade™ program for design professionals seeking resources and savings for their growing business. Our large network of vendors and inventory in various fabrics, patterns, and materials make Furniture Row a convenient one stop shop for designers. Members of the program receive a 15% discount on non-sale items throughout all of our Furniture Row locations. In addition to furniture and decor savings, For The Trade™ members receive new product previews, access to exclusive events, and access to the latest styles and trends both inside and outside of the home or office.

For the Trade™ benefits include :

  • Up to 40% off MSRP on Gallery brands

  • greater discount on non-sale items throughout all of our Furniture Row locations

  • Exclusive product previews

  • Access to exclusive events

  • Access to the latest styles and trends

  • Stocked Product Options

  • No freight charge or stocking fees*
  • Dedicated staff

  • Complimentary shipping to any Furniture Row location

  • Huge selection from over 30 galleries in 170,000 square ft. of furniture and décor


Designer Perspective: Meet Grace Schlader, Trade Account Director, and For The Trade™ guru. We caught up with Grace to discuss the unique aspects of the program and why Furniture Row’s interior design resource should be in every local designer’s pocket.


Q: Can you introduce yourself and describe your role with Furniture Row?

A: I’m Grace Schlader, Trade Account Director of Furniture Row For The Trade™ partners program at The Showroom in Denver, CO. I am an interior designer myself and have worked with Furniture Row family of stores for the last eight years.

Q: What makes Furniture Row’s For the Trade™ Program unique?

A: Dedicated staff on hand to help designers. Stocked product options. We don’t charge freight or docking fees. We have a huge selection of products for an amazing value, and family friendly quality.

At The Showroom in Denver, we have over 30 galleries under one roof showcasing 170,000 square ft. of furniture and décor. We have work spaces for designers and their clients in our Design Studio.

Q: What kind of exclusive savings do designers get with the program?

A: All For The Trade™ Designers have access to our Gallery vendors in addition to our Furniture Row selection of products. Complimentary shipping to any Furniture Row location.

40% off MSRP on Artistica, Bernhardt, Century, Hancock & Moore, Henredon, Huntington House, Jessica Charles, Lexington, Maitland-Smith, Taylor King and Theodore Alexander.

35% off MSRP on  A.R.T., Charleston Forge, Chateau D’ax, Christopher Guy, Dovetail, Eleanor Rigby, Kincaid, Marge Carson and Carson, Massoud, Michael Amini, Milling Road by Baker, Moes Homes Collection, Natuzzi, Pacific Green, Paladin and Whittemore Sherrill.

Greater discount off Furniture Row regular priced products. We buy beautiful, quality products in bulk for great savings and give For The Trade Designers an even great discount.

Q: What kind of selection can designers expect to find at Furniture Row for their projects and clients?

A: Between our huge selection of stocked home furnishings, special order options and gallery vendors collections, we can make your vision become a reality and your clients dreams come true.

Q: How do designers apply?

Email and visit this link:

Q: Is there anything else designers should know?

A: I am passionate about creating beautiful spaces, helping others and being a part of the team here at Furniture Row. I would love to create a partnership with you and your business.

Sign up and save, apply for your free For The Trade membership today. 

*Standard delivery and installation fees apply.


Interview with Adele Arakawa, The Showroom @Furniture Row’s Brand Ambassador

The Showroom @Furniture Row is gaining momentum in Denver, Colorado, and the store is already recognized as the largest location for designer home goods in the area. The entire team is extremely excited as the concept continues to grow. Courtni Vecchiarelli, the editor of the Front Door, decided to sit down with Adele Arakawa, the Showroom @Furniture Row’s brand ambassador, and pick her brain about why she decided to pursue the position, her own inspirations, and what she sees for the company in the future. Check out the video below to see the exclusive interview with Adele Arakawa.

“I have to be brutally honest in talking about the relationship with Furniture Row, period. Furniture Row, to me, started out as the race team, and that is what introduced me to Furniture Row itself, to the Visser family, and to the values they represent. It was so much fun covering the race team from a new standpoint, from a sports standpoint, from a television standpoint, so I got to know a lot about the company itself, and the kind of standards they set, and the kind of employees that they have, and I was very impressed. It seemed like there was a genuine feeling of wanting to work for this company, of feeling good about this company, and it showed. People like working for Furniture Row. And the race team set a standard of don’t take no for an answer. Being the only major race team west of the Mississippi, was a challenge. But the team didn’t look at it that way; They looked at it as an opportunity, and they turned something that could have been potentially detrimental into an asset. And I think the same thing can be said about The Showroom. There’s a standard that it’s setting for quality, and in this case, for sophistication, and for bringing something to this area that’s never been seen before. I am very excited about being the brand ambassador for The Showroom, and for everything that it represents and entails, I’m looking forward to it.”

Interior Designer Michael Amini and Actress Jane Seymour Visit The Showroom @Furniture Row

On November 30, 2017, world-renowned, high-end interior designer, Michael Amini made a guest appearance at The Showroom @Furniture Row to talk about his furniture collaboration with design partner and actress Jane Seymour. This public event was a night of beauty and luxury; the evening began with the opportunity to mingle with Amini and Seymour while guests enjoyed live music by In Tandem accompanied with refreshments and light appetizers followed by an exclusive book signing.

Amini and Seymour graciously signed their books, Michael Amini Grand Tour: A Journey in Furniture Fashions and Seymour’s The Road Ahead, after sharing their stories about entering the interior design world.

Jane Seymour Signs Book


For Amini, the fashion world was introduced early on when he modeled as a child for the fashion industry. As he completed his high school education, Amini traveled many different countries that provided him encouragement and inspiration to change his career path and start his own company.

“I started my education in something totally different. Can anybody here tell me what I might have studied in college?” Amini asked the audience.

He quickly shared that he began his studies in electrical engineering—which was surprising to the audience. Amini joked that it didn’t take very long to realize that working at a desk wasn’t for him.

His business humbly began with $7,000. He bought a truck and damaged furniture to fix and resell and many years later it has grown into a one-of-a-kind inspiration within the design community.

Michael Amini + Jane Seymour

Amini and Seymour’s collaborative collection was designed to “sell a lifestyle and bring happiness to [the] home,” which entails very hard work. Amini himself sometimes works 20 hours a day. But both Amini and Seymour emphasized that their passion and willingness to create derives from seeing others’ sharing their own happiness with his designs in their homes.

We are incredibly grateful for the passion and the exquisite style that Amini and Seymour brought to The Showroom @Furniture Row. It was a night filled with glitz and glamour and memories for years to come.

Interior Designer Christopher Guy Visits The Showroom @Furniture Row

On October 10, 2017, high-end interior designer Christopher Guy made a guest appearance to talk about his inspiration for his new gallery installation at the brand new Showroom @Furniture Row in Denver, Colorado. Guy, who was on his way to High Point Market in High Point, North Carolina for an event on October 14-16, decided to make a special stop in the Mile High City, his newest gallery location after Las Vegas, New York, High Point, and Hollywood.

Only a select number of lucky guests were allowed to attend the exclusive event, where Guy himself talked about his “Mademoiselle” collection, a stunning line of luxurious products inspired by Coco Chanel.

“If she were here today, what would Coco Chanel’s home look like?” he asked the audience Tuesday evening.

Guy said that the “Mademoiselle” line is definitely inspired by the iconic, feminine French fashion designer, but that he also tries to incorporate some masculinity into his collection. According to his own definition of his work, Guy works to assert a clear objective across his products—“to make uniquely beautiful decorative furnishings that appeal to an international audience.

furniture row christopher guy speech


And that’s not hard for Guy, world-traveler that he is.

Living between London, Singapore, New York, and Los Angeles has clearly become inspiring in many ways and has taught Guy to translate his cultural experiences to represent the latest trends from around the globe. Elegance—in Guy’s words—is “an effortless form that is beyond beauty,” and Guy believes that people and places are at the core of his work.

With a large influence from French modernist designers of the 1930s, Guy’s designs are inspired by history. Using his Ovale Dining Chair as an example, Guy emphasized his work by naming the corseted waistlines from Gone with the Wind as the vision for the crisscrossed legs.

“With a dining chair, you tend to look at it from behind, not from the front. So I thought well, ‘Let me design it from the front. And I wanted the tight waistline,” Guy said.

Guy’s work also features up-to-date styles. During the event, Amy Foster, the lead buyer and official spokesperson for The Showroom, asked him where design was going next.

“I think the whole world is moving towards contemporary,” Christopher Guy said.


At his talk, Christopher Guy also signed his “Mademoiselle” catalogue for guests and personally autographed Le Bouquet Mosaic, a piece of art crafted using 17,000 pieces of glass for a customer. The local band Tin Brothers also performed a tasteful music selection while Three Tomatoes catered the event.

Overall, shoppers at The Showroom and fans got to witness a wonderful talk by one of the most renowned interior designers. You don’t get to see that every day!

Furniture Row Opens The Showroom with Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony and Celebration

On August 10, The Showroom @Furniture Row officially opened its doors to the general public, and excited attendees came to see the final project finished after years of construction. Festivities kicked off with a 10 a.m. ribbon-cutting ceremony, a welcoming speech by The Showroom’s new brand ambassador, Adele Arakawa, and other planned grand opening presentations. Both devoted Furniture Row shoppers and interested locals alike came to the momentous occasion and got to view the impressive space first hand.

Carbon Valley VFW Post 9741 and Auxiliary Honor Guard opens the ceremony with a salute.
The Carbon Valley VFW Post 9741 and Auxiliary Honor Guard opens the ceremony with a salute.
Adele Arakawa, The Showroom @Furniture Row's new brand ambassador, personally welcomes attendees.
Adele Arakawa, The Showroom @Furniture Row’s new brand ambassador, personally welcomes attendees.

Adele Arakawa, the new brand ambassador for The Showroom @Furniture Row, greeted guests at the ribbon-cutting ceremony and announced her excitement for the grand opening—an amazing feat that required the cooperation of the entire staff at Furniture Row with many other helping hands. In addition to Arakawa’s speech, guests also got to hear from design and trend specialist, Connie Post, as well as lead gallery buyer, Amy Foster.

The Colorado Children's Chorale sings the national anthem.
The Colorado Children’s Chorale sings the national anthem.

Other special guests included the Colorado Children’s Chorale, Carbon Valley VFW Post 9741 and Auxiliary Honor Guard, Stampede Drumline, Furniture Row Racing driver Erik Jones, and the Visser family. It was a momentous occasion to celebrate the opening of Denver’s newest designer furniture store, and the entire team was proud to introduce The Showroom @Furniture Row to the public.

The Showroom @Furniture Row is officially open.
The Showroom @Furniture Row is officially open.

The Showroom @Furniture Row is now open to the public. Check it out for yourself online, or visit in person at:

The Showroom @Furniture Row
5445 N. Bannock St.
Denver, CO 80216
(303) 296-9514

The Showroom Gala Event: Recap, Photos, and More

On August 9th, 2017, The Showroom @Furniture Row, Denver’s newest luxury home goods store, held an invitation-only Gala to celebrate the debut of the impressive space. Furniture-lovers from all over Colorado came dressed to impress as they viewed The Showroom’s designer galleries, enjoyed champagne as well as delicious food, listened to live music, and socialized with other design enthusiasts.

The Showroom Red Carpet
Guests were greeted with a red carpet experience as their photos were snapped to commemorate The Showroom @Furniture Row’s grand opening.
Guests gathered at The Showroom’s Gala event and enjoyed refreshments in the heart of the store, affectionately nicknamed the “Pink Palace.”
The Showroom @Furniture Row gave each guest a gift bag to thank them for celebrating the grand opening of the new luxury store.

One of the highlights of the evening was getting to spend time with Martin Truex Jr. and Erik Jones, the NASCAR drivers of cars #78 and #77 for Furniture Row Racing. Gathering in The Showroom’s man cave inspired gallery called “The Retreat,” guests got to see actual race cars and chat with the stars of the racing team.

The Retreat at The Showroom showcases NASCAR vehicles as well as man cave inspired furnishings.
Martin Truex Jr., driver of car #78 for Furniture Row Racing, stands with some of his trophies.
Erik Jones, driver of car #77 for NASCAR poses for a photo with Barney Visser, the owner of The Showroom, Furniture Row, and Denver Mattress.
Barney Visser stands with brand ambassador Adele Arakawa, Martin Truex Jr., and Barry Tiller at the celebration.
Guest enjoy foosball and other fun games in “The Retreat” at The Showroom @Furniture Row.

The Showroom Gala’s main purpose was to wow the guests with the incredible galleries in the retail space. People got to view gorgeous furnishings and decor from designers such as Christopher Guy, Baker, Bernhardt, Lexington, Michael Amini, and many more. Patrons were also surprised by the unique boutique spaces such as a jewelry shop and a section for pet accessories.

Patrons catch a first glimpse at the Christopher Guy gallery in The Showroom @Furniture Row.
Guests peruse the jewelry boutique at The Showroom @Furniture Row.
A few The Showroom Gala guests head to check out the Denver Mattress gallery which showcases various lines of luxury mattresses including Vispring, OMI, and more.
The Showroom Gala had a live band, The Beaus, play at the event. Everyone enjoyed the rock string act that incorporates the class and elegance of a string trio with a classic rock twist.

There were several speeches about the long path that Furniture Row team members took to open The Showroom @Furniture Row. “So much work, heart, and love went into this project,” says Amy Foster, lead gallery buyer. “As we were creating The Showroom, there were various obstacles we encountered, including times when we were told that a designer store of this size and complexity would be impossible. But everyone in the company believed in the dream and kept persevering. The result was well worth all of the hardships along the way.”



Overall The Showroom Gala was a huge success, and there are so many great things in store for the luxury furniture store. If you are looking for more photos from the event, visit The Showroom’s Facebook page here.


The Showroom @Furniture Row is now open to the public. Check it out for yourself online, or visit in person at:

The Showroom @Furniture Row
5445 N. Bannock St.
Denver, CO 80216
(303) 296-9514

Interior Designers Attend Exclusive Event at The Showroom @Furniture Row

On August 3, 2017, interior designers from all over Colorado attended an exclusive event at The Showroom @Furniture Row to preview the brand new fine furniture retail space. Since The Showroom aims to work closely with the leaders in the design community to utilize the numerous fashion-forward brands that showcase their collections in individual galleries, it was important to give these creative individuals a sneak peek of their new one-of-a-kind concept.

Interior Designers at The Showroom

As part of the event, there was live music played by Tin Brother, delectable treats such as appetizers and desserts, gift bags, as well as a drawing to give lucky interior designers gift cards to get a head start on their creativity.



The Front Door got a chance to talk to the experts from each brand and posted some of their replies on The Showroom’s Facebook Page. In the photo below, Ashraf Hassan talks with us about Christopher Guy, one of the most exciting vendors in the new store, as The Showroom is the only place in Colorado to purchase his designs.



To end the evening, The Showroom announced its Industry Partners Program, which offers all design professionals an exclusive discount at The Showroom @Furniture Row as well as the rest of their Furniture Row and Denver Mattress locations. With the program, interior designers receive new product previews, access to private events, and more. Amy Foster, lead gallery buyer for The Showroom, told the Front Door, “We want to show interior designers how much their business means to us. We are all so passionate about decor, and that is the whole concept behind our store – a one-stop shop for all furnishing and accessory needs. The Industry Partners Program is a thank you to all professionals that choose The Showroom when making design decisions with their clients.”

Design professionals can get more information on the program here. They can apply by visiting The Showroom @Furniture Row or by emailing

ASID Welcomes The Showroom at Colorado 2017 Crystal Awards

On Thursday, July 20th, 2017, the top interior designers in the industry were honored at the 19th Annual Crystal Awards. Held at the Seawell Grand Ballroom in Denver, Colorado, ASID (American Society of Interior Designers) honored the top industry professionals for expressing exceptional innovation, creativity, and functionality in their work.

As a sponsor of this event, Colorado’s newest and largest designer furniture store, The Showroom @Furniture Row, sent lead gallery buyer, Amy Foster, to the ceremony. “Colorado is bursting with talent! The Showroom values the art of interior design immensely, and it’s an honor to support an organization with a mission aligned with our own, an organization that wants to recognize those with a passion for design,” Foster tells the Front Door.

ASID Crystal Awards 2017
ABOVE: Amy Foster (center), Lead Gallery Buyer for The Showroom @ Furniture Row attends the 2017 ASID Crystal Awards.

The 2017 Crystal Awards Ceremony thanked The Showroom @Furniture Row for being a sponsor by showing a video of the new 170,000 square feet of retail space which spotlights a multitude of home furnishing and decor brands including Christopher Guy, Baker, Bernhardt, Marge Carson, and more.

“We love having such a strong relationship with the design community,” Foster says. “With The Showroom being the largest designer furniture gallery in the area, we are excited to offer professionals a one-stop shop to be creative and do what they love to do. We even offer an Industry Partners Program to support interior designers, giving them exclusive discounts, product previews, and access to private events. That’s why we are so thankful for being part of events like the Crystal Awards. It’s just great to see these talented individuals get recognized for their work.”

The Showroom @Furniture Row will have their Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, which is open to the public, on Thursday, August 10, 2017 at 10 a.m.

The Showroom is located at:

The Showroom @Furniture Row
5445 N. Bannock St.
Denver, CO 80216
(303) 296-9514

Modern Luxe Dining Room by Bernhardt

Furniture Row is opening up their new store, The Showroom @Furniture Row in Denver, Colorado in early August 2017, and one of our favorite designers in the store is Bernhardt. They have a variety of beautiful collections, including the Jet Set, which is the focus of the modern luxe dining room showcased below.  Jetset1

Modern Luxe Dining Room Aesthetic

To create a modern luxe dining room, try to combine classic elegance with glamour. The Jet Set Dining Group is perfect for this style with a 1940s contemporary French influence. This room looks dramatic yet refined with an abundance of striking details, such as the solid brass ornamental ring pulls on the back of the chairs, the double pedestal table with a fancy face top with a caviar-brown finish, and the gorgeous crystal chandelier. We love the clean color palette which showcases black, white, and pops of metallic gold.


Modern Luxe Finishes

This dining room features a multitude of luxurious finishes, giving it a rich feel. It features ribbon-striped sapele veneers with a vibrant, penetrating finish that is achieved through sixteen different steps designed to enhance the natural linear pattern as well as bring out the clarity and depth in the wood. All of the sleigh-back chairs are fully upholstered with soft, neutral upholstery, and the handsome buffet is wrapped in a quilted, ivory leather.


Modern Luxe Storage and Home Accents

What makes the modern luxe dining room feel so pretty is the clean design and accents on display. To let the Jet Set Collection by Bernhardt take center stage, make sure that you have plenty of storage to keep dishware tucked away with the white and maple door cabinet with chain-link pulls reminiscent of fine jewelry and the leather-wrapped buffet. Showcase accents on the entertainment console framed in brass-plated steel with glass shelves. Fresh flowers give the room a romantic edge, while the four symmetrically arranged golden mirrors make the space contemporary and sophisticated.

The modern luxe dining room will make your space feel opulent yet refined. Bernhardt is known for creating the most luxurious furniture in the industry, and the Jet Set Dining Group is no exception. To purchase the Jet Set Collection or other pieces by Bernhardt, please visit or call The Showroom at:

The Showroom @Furniture Row
5445 N. Bannock St.
Denver, CO 80216
(303) 296-9514

The Showroom @Furniture Row Welcomes Adele Arakawa!

Furniture Row and the Front Door blog would like to proudly welcome Adele Arakawa, former lead anchor for NBC affiliate (KUSA-TV, 9 News) to the team! As The Showroom @Furniture Row’s grand opening quickly approaches, the seven-time Emmy Award winner joins The Showroom as its brand ambassador, sharing with Denver and the surrounding areas the designer brands and services available at one of the biggest furniture and design centers in the country.

Adele Arakawa, Brand Ambassador (PRNewsfoto/The Showroom @ Furniture Row)
Adele Arakawa, Brand Ambassador (PRNewsfoto/The Showroom @ Furniture Row)

The Showroom’s lead gallery buyer and spokesperson Amy Foster agrees, “We are thrilled to have Adele as part of our team. Her signature style, approachability, and commitment to excellence are perfectly aligned with our brand values and promise. It’s hard to imagine anyone better suited to generate interest in and excitement for Denver’s ultimate luxury home furniture shopping and design experience.”

The Showroom @Furniture Row will open in August of 2017, and it will feature industry-leading brands such as Hancock & Moore, Marge Carson, and Bernhardt, just to name just a few. In addition, The Showroom @Furniture Row will be the only venue to offer Christopher Guy in Denver, as well as the only Baker Gallery in Colorado. These exquisite collections will be complemented by an extensive design library, workplace, and coffee bar for area designers in combination with a one-of-a-kind shopping, dining, and entertainment experience for patrons. Throughout the year, various charities will be featured along with periodic learning experiences sure to add to the vast storehouse of design knowledge already present in and around Denver.

Furniture Row is so happy to have one of Denver’s favorite anchors and style gurus working with them as they open the city’s (and region’s) biggest designer gallery, The Showroom @Furniture Row. “With Denver growing so fast, people want the leading brands as they design their homes,” Foster says. “People are going to come from far and wide to seek out the best of the best, and Adele is able to get the word out about what we represent – designer furniture, all in one place.”

The Showroom @Furniture Row offers easy access to distant customers from Denver International Airport and area private airports, as well as easy on/off interstate access to the residents of Denver and surrounding resort areas. Regular updates to the highly anticipated grand opening along with news and information concerning celebrity events, contests, and much more can be found by visiting Facebook, TwitterInstagram, Snapchat, and YouTube – handle @theshowroomfr.

The Showroom @Furniture Row Set to Be Most Luxurious Shopping Experience in Denver

The Showroom @Furniture Row will be opening soon, and the design community in Denver and surrounding cities alike can’t wait to get their hands on some of the pieces from the most high-end home fashion brands out there. With an expansive 170,000 square feet of retail space, this shopping complex will showcase thirty individual galleries with curated collections from Christopher Guy, Bernhardt, Hancock and MooreBakerMarge Carson, and more. Featuring the largest selection of distinguished home furnishings in the entire Mountain West, The Showroom @Furniture Row will provide a pampering experience for shoppers by offering unparalleled personalized service.

The Showroom @Furniture Row will provide a pampering experience for shoppers by offering unparalleled personalized service. Style-conscious homeowners, designers, builders, and architects alike will enjoy an extensive designer library, work center, and coffee bar in the one-of-a-kind space. Internationally acclaimed designer Christopher Guy comments, “Both myself and everyone at Christopher Guy are absolutely delighted to hear about our opening in Denver, America’s fastest growing city. The venue is simply outstanding!”


(PRNewsfoto/The Showroom @ Furniture Row)
(PRNewsfoto/The Showroom @ Furniture Row)

Amy Foster, the lead buyer and official spokesperson for The Showroom @Furniture Row, recently attended two major design shows in Paris and Cologne. “There are very few design shows in the world that celebrate creativity and push the design community to new understanding like the Maison & Objet and the International Interiors Show,” she says.

Staying current with all high fashion home shows, Foster also traveled to New York for the 2017 Architectural Digest Show in mid-March. “The information and inspiration we take away from these shows can have a direct impact on our plans for The Showroom @Furniture Row,” she says. “The New York show created many opportunities to share our vision with industry peers and interior design leaders. Of the many unique features inside The Showroom, the dedicated, individualized galleries for each furniture brand generated the most excitement.”

“The information and inspiration we take away from these shows can have a direct impact on our plans for The Showroom @Furniture Row,” she says. “The New York show created many opportunities to share our vision with industry peers and interior design leaders. Of the many unique features inside The Showroom, the dedicated, individualized galleries for each furniture brand generated the most excitement.”

This month (April 2017), Amy Foster will be attending High Point Market in North Carolina. This is the world’s largest furnishings industry trade show, and will be an excellent venue to introduce the interior design community to The Showroom @Furniture Row. This will give the company an additional opportunity to introduce the home design community to the new concept. “This year will be especially exciting for Christoper Guy as he unveils a new showroom in downtown High Point,” says Foster. “It’s a privilege to attend the grand opening of such an important partner of The Showroom @Furniture Row.”

The Showroom @Furniture Row has also extended its reach with an all-out push in social media. Regular updates leading up the grand opening can be found by visiting Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Snapchat, using the handle @theshowroomfr.

All we know is that we are so excited to finally have a market for designer furniture that is accessible to Denver and the surrounding states. “Before The Showroom @Furniture Row, customers in the market for high-end furnishings would have to travel far and wide to preview and purchase the trendiest pieces that they have seen in the biggest home fashion magazines. Now, there is a one-stop-shop a little closer to home. It’s going to be spectacular!” Foster says.

About Furniture Row Companies

The specialty stores of Furniture Row include Denver Mattress, Sofa Mart, Oak Express, and Bedroom Expressions. Family-owned and operated with more than 330 stores in thirty states, Denver-based Furniture Row is one of America’s largest furniture and bedding retailers. Visit