How to Pumpkin Spice Up Your Space

If you love Halloween, changing leaves, and sipping pumpkin spice lattes, fall is probably your favorite time of year, so make sure you put away those bright pops of summer color and get ready to decorate with crisp, autumnal tones to celebrate the turn of the season. Sweet cinnamon and nutmeg notes in warm, flavorful coffee is our inspiration for designing the perfect pumpkin spice-inspired space, so follow these tips and tricks to make sure your room is ready for the autumn chill. Sip your pumpkin spice latte and feel at peace.

Incorporate industrial and rustic furniture.

In your pumpkin spice space, weathered or reclaimed furniture is the perfect start when decorating for fall. Leave modern furniture behind, and opt for antique-inspired rustic wood and galvanized metal pieces with natural or distressed finishes to convey salvaged sophistication. There’s something comforting about furniture with a past, and the Front Door loves this look for fall since its reminiscent of the homey, simple life in the country and good times with family and friends. Add the Julie Floor Lamp from Furniture Row for rustic lighting in your space.

Add autumnal shades of orange and neutrals.

Nothing reminds us of fall quite like orange does, so don’t forget to use this festive hue in your home. Just like the changing leaves, shades of autumnal oranges will look cozy in your home, and add warmth when paired with sophisticated neutrals like gray, beige, cream, or navy blue. The pinstriped Ascot Accent Chair from Furniture Row pairs beautifully with the Seneca Pillow in copper orange in our pumpkin spice space.

Coziness is key.

The weather gets chillier in the fall, so by adding various textures and layers to your space, you’ll create extra warmth. Cable-knit throw blankets, rugs, faux fur pillows, and curtains are an inviting contrast to the rustic wood and metal furniture and add softness you need to snuggle up and enjoy your pumpkin spice latte. Candles and lanterns for cozy lighting are also important for setting the ambiance.

Harbor the harvest.

Lastly, make sure you make your fall-inspired space festive by adding accents! Nothing says fall like pumpkins, squash, and haystacks. Get creative with a cornucopia of accessories like wicker or rattan baskets, painted pumpkins, plants, flowers, fruit baskets, and foliage prints and pottery to remind your guests of the changing seasons.

Voila! Your pumpkin spice-inspired space is finished. We know you’ll fall in love with this unique style.

Add a Touch of Country Charm to Your Home

Not ready to convert your entire home to the farmhouse trend? If you love that look but are intimidated by complete change, try bringing in just a touch of country to your home. Not sure exactly how to achieve this look? Consider our tips below to elevate that country chic look without going overboard!

SHOP THE LOOK: Stratus SofaCopia Coffee Table | Perry Park Accent Chair | Kalona Rug | Catalina Sofa Table | Magnolia Home Round Metal Tray

One of the most important elements to tastefully accomplish this design style is to start with soft, muted colors. Choose muted neutrals and earthy tones as opposed to bright hues to create a subdued yet cozy country atmosphere. Often times these elements will show wear of time to promote a rustic feel. With furniture in mind, look for pieces with straight lines and painted finishes.

Looking to put together a country-inspired room a little quicker? Accessories and smaller pieces are a great way to update the character of a room without breaking the bank. Hand-forged metal accents, cozy knits, and wood pieces will take center stage in any space.  Quintessentially incorporate accent pieces with pastoral motif—like wheat in a vase, flowers in watering cans, and wooden serving trays. Let your accessories do the heavy lifting.

Behind every country style, simplicity is at heart. Furniture Row has all your country-inspired pieces. Find a store near you!

Style Focus: Earthy Ambiance Dining Room

Do you have a down-to-earth soul and a love for the outdoors? If so, you might want a room that’s as natural as the forest itself, so decorate your space to represent you! Create your own earthy ambiance dining room with rustic and reclaimed decor. Furniture Row has just the pieces to master the look and reflect your own unique personality, so explore the decor and furnishings below to see if this style focus will work in your space!

Earthy Ambiance

SHOP THE LOOK: Bear Creek 5 Pc. Dining Group $1,115, Foraging Baskets $22-$32, Bellevue Strata Rug $199-$399, Hina Vase $18-$22, Slices Ball $8, Rainforest Tall Wine Cabinet $999, Flight of Color Canvas $248, Olive Verbena Vela Candle $7-$12, Oliver Vase $32-$44, Bear Creek Server $799, Anne Pitcher $22-$28, Paci Console Table $1,499, Leaf Bowl $18-$22

Color Palette: Olive Green, Dark Brown, Sand, Umber, Burnt Sienna
Decor Themes: Rustic and Reclaimed Style, Natural Wooden Accents, Earth Tones, Items Inspired by Nature, Distressed Finishes, Organic Appearance

Earth Tones and Distressed Finishes

Nothing says nature like the same colors and textures found in the great outdoors, so easily add an organic aesthetic to your dining room by choosing accents such as a rug or home accents in greens, browns, and other natural hues for earthy ambiance. Furniture with distressed finishes that emphasize or mimic the beauty of wood will also remind you of the forest and naturally complement accents in earth tones beautifully.

Reclaimed and Organic Wood

If you’re an outdoorsy spirit, then allow your furniture to reflect that by choosing reclaimed and organic wooden pieces that are not only better for the environment, but also are also elegantly symbolic of the natural world. Unique rustic pieces that showcase not only the wood grain, but also the rough texture of the bark or the natural shape of the tree roots or rings will give your dining room beauty straight from the forest itself.

Items Inspired by Nature

Make sure your accessories also reflect the outdoors by choosing accents you might find outside. Pinecones, tree branches, wicker baskets, and other objects that remind you of plants and animals will add earthy ambiance and make your space one of a kind.

Rustic Appearance

Lastly, be sure that your dining room features on-trend rustic style for a look that everyone loves. Decor and furniture that is not-so-stressful on the eyes will bring peace and balance to your room, and give you and your guests the same relaxation you might experience from being outside—perfect for a dining room. Pieces that reflect rugged, natural beauty and embrace the organic warmth of the outdoors easily match and look quite at home most anywhere. You will love earthy ambiance in your dining room, so make sure your unique down-to-earth personality has a space that reflects you!

Trend Alert: Rustic Lodge Living Room

You don’t have to be a ski bum to get the warm, cozy style of a cabin! Long winter months might have you nestled by the fireside reading a good book or watching a movie, so make sure your living room is extra snuggly with one of the Front Door’s favorite new trends—a rustic lodge living room! Whether your home is isolated deep in the woods or in a high-rise apartment, these fun design tips will keep you feeling toasty as the temperature drops.

frontdoor-rustic-lodge-livingBring in the wilderness.

Originating in the mountain cabins of Old World Europe, rustic lodge decorating began in remote areas with the use of native materials from the region. Unfinished branches, logs, animal skins, and unpolished stones became natural building supplies since other materials could not be easily transported, so people began to improvise with what they had.

A rustic lodge interior uses what is natural, so choose pieces with unrefined textures like stone. For the Front Door’s rustic lodge living room, both the New Aspen End Table and the New Aspen 4 Pc. Home Theater Wall feature beautiful stone slate inlay for an organic appearance.

For other ways to bring in the wilderness, accessorize a mantel or empty shelf with objects from outside like pinecones, branches, or fresh evergreen branches, or if you don’t live close to the forest, add a beautiful woven basket or tray like the Rattan Tray that instantly adds natural texture and is perfect for easy storage.

Celebrate the beauty of wood.

The best way to add rustic charm to your living room is by getting woodsy! Since rustic furniture is extremely textural, choosing pieces that show the natural shape and grain of the wood are perfect for lodge-inspired decor. Buying furniture made of wood that is local to your area is also a unique way to bring in an element of the outdoors. In our rustic lodge living room, the Montana Coffee Table features a unique teak tree root base below a simple floating glass tabletop for a look that is raw, earthy, and naturally beautiful.

Accent with animal motifs.

Another fun way to decorate your rustic lodge living room is by incorporating animal motifs. Wild animals such as bears, elk, birds, moose, and deer are common creatures found throughout a rustic room, so be sure to decorate with animal skins, antlers, furs, or other accessories that remind you of these forest friends. To keep our rustic lodge living room animal-friendly, our Faux Fur Throw is a cuddly and soft addition while our Woven Moose is made out of rattan. The Sculpted Horn Table Lamp is also a unique way to incorporate antlers easily while providing cozy lighting.

Add cozy lighting.

Nothing says cabin cozy like some toasty lighting! While fireplaces are a common way to get your desired rustic lodge glow, providing lots of floor and table lamps as well as candles are a simple, fast way to add warm ambiance. Our Hammered Urn Floor Lamp features a textured bronze metal base with a cream lampshade for a homey aesthetic, while the ceramic natural-toned Hina Candleholders will light up a cold night with a cozy flickering glow.

Use textures in a warm palette.

Last but not least, and most importantly, make sure you keep your rustic lodge living room warm! Upholstered furniture can be covered in natural fabrics like cotton, linen, hemp, and wool for an organic aesthetic or materials such as suede and leather in warm tones of brown, burgundy, red, or tan. More traditional furniture is also welcomed with embellishments like fringe and nailhead trim. Furniture Row’s Heirloom III Sofa and Loveseat have luxurious lodge-inspired charm with burgundy top-grain leather upholstery and thick nailhead trim adorning their classic curvy shape as well as four fluffy accent pillows. The Colleen II Accent Chair also fits well with our color scheme with its rustic paisley print and traditional wingback silhouette.

Finally, make sure you keep your toes warm! A thick rug in the same warm tones is the perfect finishing touch. The Mohave Path Rug boasts a unique Nomadic pattern in brick red and brown for some cozy, cultural Native American influence.

Wherever you live, stay cozy this winter with rustic lodge style! It’s the trend that will always offer unbridled beauty.

Trend Alert: Navy Organics

Navy blue continues to be the color that brings all cultures together, and when paired with organics, the result is even more eclectic and exotic. The navy organics trend is very popular in interior design, and with these timeless pieces, your living room can be transformed into a peaceful oasis in no time.


Navy Leather

Accent chairs are designed to make a statement in any home, and a classic navy leather seat in an indigo organics inspired space makes no exception. The Baldwin Accent Chair sports sumptuous navy faux leather and is embellished with fashionable nail head trim. The traditional wingback design complements the natural feel of the navy organics aesthetic, so you’ll never have to worry about it going out of style.

Teak Organics

By adding natural teak wood into your navy organics themed space, a living room embraces rustic charm. The Montana Coffee Table’s base is made from exposed teak roots, while a sleek glass top gives the piece a refined touch. With a forest-inspired conversation piece, you can make your space speak to the navy organics trend.

Organic Textures

A room with a navy organics motif includes a variety of natural textures. Since this design trend is very monotone, textures add much-needed depth and dimension. In the space that we created, we choose matching lamps that boast a hammered, antique nickel finish. The Bealle Table Lamp and Floor Lamp bring a sophisticated element to the navy organics living room.

We also included unique accessories with a twisted texture made from woven vines. The Creeper Vine Balls are the unique home accents that will fix it perfectly with a navy organics styled room.

Art for Navy Organics

When styling a navy organics room, be sure to add dynamic artwork to your walls. Authentic pieces in navy blue make a great statement. We’ve included the navy Aerodrome Canvas in this living room, and if you have a bigger space, the Aeroplane Canvas and matching Aerodrome Blue Print Canvas coordinate beautifully. The blue prints look raw and organic and the navy and white color scheme emphasize the rest of the room’s furnishings and accents.

Navy Fabrics

Be sure to add accent fabrics with eccentric prints to the mix in your navy organics room. Like texture, when you layer navy on navy with various fabric choices, the whole room comes to life and doesn’t feel two-dimensional. We’ve chosen various blue pillows for our space, including the Seneca in peacock, the Brinsdi in indigo, and the Burlap Trim Pillow in navy. You also could bring in throws, upholstery wall hangings, or other blue fabrics into the area. Don’t be afraid to mix several different shades of navy in your space.

Reclaimed Organics

We all love the reclaimed furniture of the moment, and navy organics embraces this trend fully. Look for furnishings that have repurposed wood with natural finishes. The Bali Four-Legged Stool is crafted from reclaimed timbers and maintains its rugged inherent charm. In the living space we’ve created, we’ve placed this work of art between two accent chairs and used it as a small end table.

Navy Wool

The last thing that a navy organics living room needs is a Torino Ombre Rug. With monochromatic gradient design in various shades of navy blue, this piece ties the entire room together and offers soft-to-the-touch navy wool. It is 100% hand-loomed to create a natural texture. Bringing in all the other navy blue shades throughout the room and grounding the organic-themed pieces throughout, this carpet embraces the navy organics home trend.

Rustic Farmhouse Living Room

You can create a rustic farmhouse living room in your home even if you don’t live in the country. We can’t get enough of this homespun decor trend and are in love with the effortless combination of reclaimed wood, distressed finishes, classic furnishings, and cozy finishing touches. Get ideas and inspiration from the rustic living room we’ve put together below and you’ll have your own country-inspired space in no time!


The Backdrop

The first step in creating a rustic farmhouse living room is the backdrop for the space. Natural wood floors, exposed beams, crown molding, and beadboard are four things that instantly make a space feel more provincial. If you live in an older home, play with the natural textures of your walls for an authentic look. Brick or wood paneled walls can be painted for an instant update. If you live in a newer home, installing wooden beams on the ceilings or trimming your space with decorative molding can be the key to country chic.

Classic Furnishings

Although the design aesthetic of a rustic farmhouse is very casual, it also has a sophisticated elegance about it, which will make your space feel contemporary without being too barnyard. Look for timeless furnishings such as a sofa with clean lines and a classic rolled arm to bring into your area. Design details such as dentil molding, turned or cabriole legs, and button-tufting will also elevate your farmhouse-inspired living room. Be sure to get the perfect blend of old and new with traditional furniture choices that let the accessories take the spotlight.

This rustic farmhouse living room brought together the simple Verela Sofa, the Broadmoor Accent Chair with cabriole legs, and the cottage-style Salerno Nesting Tables in antique white.

Reclaimed Wood

A rustic farmhouse living room usually features exposed wood, often with distressed finishes. Look for reclaimed pieces that show the natural beauty of the grain or shabby-chic furnishings that are paint-washed or have a vintage and weathered feel to them. Old window shutters, broken fences, repurposed crates, and distressed barn doors are often used in this style of living room.

In our room, the Franklin Bookcase has a sliding door that reminds us of a barn door, and the solid kiln-dried pine is the perfect amount of rustic. The Wade Coffee Table takes vintage acacia wood with a natural finish and pairs it with a base inspired by tractor chains. The Audrey Pedestal Console has a distressed country finish and brings some traditional but whimsical charm to the room.

Metal Accents

To balance out the wood and classic furnishings, edgy metal accents are often added to create a rustic farmhouse living room. Industrial lighting and accent pieces will give the space a contemporary touch and will infuse the room with a hint of country. Get inspired by items you might truly find on a farm, such as a birdcage, a metal weathervane with a rooster topper, a vintage bicycle, or chicken wire. A grand chandelier is also a way to give your living room a metal focal point.

In this rustic farmhouse living room, the Pipe Fittings Floor Lamp features exposed Edison style light bulbs. The Galvanized Plant Stand Set brings the outdoors in while its steel finish and studs remind us of country-style buckets. The Tractor Barstool is an original work of art and showcases antique ironwork and rural innovation.

Farm-Inspired Accessories

Put the final touches on your rustic farmhouse living room with farm-inspired accessories. Bring a ladder into your space and use it for shelving for super-creative storage, or use a wooden tote or a metal egg basket as a catchall tray on your coffee table. Display floral arrangements in mason jars or add some depth to your walls with a wreath or faux deer head.

In this rustic farmhouse living room, we use the Cole Basket as an interesting accent piece and decorating a wall with the Golden Grove Canvas. The Laguna Table Lamp lights up the room with a mason jar base, while the Tuscan Retreat 4 Drawer and Basket Table brings rustic wicker and country cottage charm into the mix.

Get a rustic farmhouse living room of your own by blending natural textures, classic and clean furniture, distressed wooden pieces, industrial metal accents, and interesting decorative items. Your look will be country fresh and the envy of all your home-design loving friends!

Color Theory: Mint

It’s not blue, it’s not green, but it’s fresh mint, one of today’s hottest color trends in home decor. Here at the Front Door, we can’t get enough of this sweet and chic hue, and we love the new furnishings and accents that are sporting the look. Surprisingly versatile, a few mint pieces can liven up any space, giving a room a clean and cheerful vibe. Let mint be the star of the show by pairing it with crisp white, or have mint play a supporting role in your home as a muted accent. No matter what you decide, mint and its retro personality are back and here to stay.


  1. Hickory Dickory Clock Cabinet – This little accent says it all – It’s TIME to bring some mint into your life! Featuring a weathered turquoise timepiece and a natural wood finish, this treasure is the perfect amount of rustic. With unique angled legs and ample storage space within, this furnishing is a real conversation starter!
  2. Salerno Nesting Tables – Make your home feel like a quaint country cottage with nesting tables in a vintage, burnished mint. Classic and timeless, these pieces boast dentil molding, turned legs, and an elegant appeal. Seamlessly add these space-saving tables to your living space for a touch of provincial sophistication.
  3. Loopty Loo Pillow – Swirl things up with the minty fresh Loopty Loo Pillow. With a cool bluish-green hue and an embroidered loop pattern, this home accent is whimsical and fun. This plush pillow will have you getting comfortable with mint in no time!
  4. Grayson Accent Chair – Go mid-century modern with this retro mint accent chair. With a curved design, splayed legs, and multi-toned textured upholstery, this piece will freshen up any space.
  5. Aubrey Tall Chest – Shabby chic pairs antique white with well-worn mint with this unique four-drawer chest. Each drawer sports a unique carved pattern and hardware with weaved detailing, giving it the appearance of a cherished thrift store find.
  6. Harper Glass Table Lamp – It’s transparent that mint is trendy with this gorgeous glass lamp. Small bubbles in the base make this piece feel as tranquil as a tropical ocean, and the neutral woven shade complements the soft color. Light up your life with this refined home accent.

Wow-Factor Washes


If you want to accent with painted wood in the home but don’t want to cover up your furniture’s natural wood grain, adding a piece with a washed paint finish is the perfect way to brighten up your living space! For a muted look, color washing can be applied to any unsealed material such as wood, terra cotta, wicker, and bamboo that absorb the watered-down paint pigment. With just water added to a fresh coat of paint, your furniture can become weathered and rustic for instant natural charm. Whether it’s a coffee table, bookshelf, or even your bed, a wow-factor wash can certainly go a long way when you’re trying to create your own style. Check out these pieces from Furniture Row for some inspiration on how to bring washed wood into your home!

Perry Park Accent Chair: Paint-washes don’t have to always feel rustic, and with the Perry Park Accent Chair, you can elevate the style of your room with something a bit darker. The deep brown finish on the weathered framing of the Perry Park looks best in a transitional or contemporary styled space.

Sedona Chest: Nothing looks as beautifully weathered as the charcoal gray wash on the solid pine Sedona Chest. The distressed, worn look brings graceful elegance to your home and encompasses the craftsmanship and quality of heirloom furniture.

Sonoma Slatted Island: A gray wash on bright wood such as solid rubberwood will make any room brighter! The slatted Sonoma Island is casually designed to accommodate all your organization needs!

Glenwood Panel Bed: If you want reclaimed style in your bedroom, the dark river washed finish on the Glenwood is hand-rubbed to bring out all of the tropical sengon wood’s natural beauty. The planked panels on this masterpiece offer comfortable lavished perfection for both a rustic or urban aesthetic.

Vintage Wash Frames: Washed paint finishes aren’t just for furniture! Add a sweet, rustic accent to your wall with a whitewashed wooden frame. Hang on the wall or display on your desk; it’ll brighten up any decor.

Lisbon Buffet: The whitewashed finish on the carved detailing of the Lisbon is so lovely it looks like it’s actually stone! Crafted from mango wood, this armoire’s rich white stains make it perfect for a rustic country home

Raja Bookcase: A washed paint finish can also bring exotic style to your space. The gray-green wash of the Raja brings out the lovely scalloped detailing and elegantly sculpted frame. This one-of-a-kind wooden treasure is wonderful in a home office or living room.

Greystone Storage Bed: Washed paint doesn’t have to just look natural and distressed. The Greystone Panel Bed with Storage will make any bedroom feel sophisticated and chic with a gray-washed and burnished finish that better emphasizes the hardwood solids and okoume veneers. With sleek nickel bar accents and an upholstered headboard, the Greystone is the rustic beauty you will instantly fall in love with.

Bowry Coffee Table: Add an element of shabby chic with an eclectic coffee table! Made from recycled fir with a striking lattice base, the Bowry has a whitewashed finish with a bees wax topcoat for added depth. Perfect for a springtime cottage, the Bowry is ready to bring country timeworn charm inside your home.

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Passport Around the Globe: Vietnam Inspired Style


Many different cultures inspire home fashions, and the lifestyle of Vietnam makes no exception. As one of the world’s largest furniture exporters and a major tourist destination, the economy of this Southeast Asian nation’s economy is booming, but it took a long and difficult journey to get there. With French influenced furnishings, nautical accents, and an affection for mixing the old with the new, Vietnam inspired decor reflects the history of a country’s dynamic past.

Infuse French Influence

In the late 19th century, Vietnam became a French Colony, and the European country’s rule lasted for almost 100 years. Architecture, art, and of course, interior design, were changed by this colonization. To make your space feel more Saigon chic, be sure to infuse elements of French décor into your styling.

Look for furnishings that fit into French provincial categories, which is the more relaxed and rustic interpretation of more formal French style. Think cabriole legs, ornate hand carving, caned or rushed seating, and aged patina finishes.

  • Traditions Coffee Table (3) This intricately carved wood furnishing is neoclassical and rustic.
  • Restoration Accent Chair (9) Blending a classic Empire shape with French cottage styling, this seat has a Ho Chi Minh swank.
  • Ariel Chest (6) A Napoleon chest in a vibrant weathered teal is the perfect way to bring Vietnam home.

Nautical and Native Element Accents

To get an authentic Vietnam inspired home, you’ll need to get down to the country’s roots. Located on the South China Sea, Vietnam is known for their beaches, rivers, and hence, time-honored fishing industry. Get Indochina fashion with coastal accents that pay homage to maritime culture, such as boat-themed artwork, aquatic influenced décor, and baskets weaved to look like the iconic conical hat.

Archaeological evidence suggests that Bronze Age Vietnamese people were among the first to practice agriculture. To this day, a strong rural culture exists, and components of farm life are reflected in interior design. Look for pieces that use organic materials that are native to the country, such as hand-dyed fabrics, rattan wicker furnishings, and geode, crystal, or stone decorations.

  • Sapa Runner (1) Hand woven of locally harvested hemp and dyed with Indigo by the Hmong women of Sapa, this accent speaks of North Vietnam’s history.
  • Boat Bookcase (2) Anchored in nautical heritage, this unique furnishing nods to the beautiful waters of the South China Sea.
  • Fish in Hand Accent (4) An aquaculture accent adds texture, depth, and seaboard charm to any room with Vietnam inspired style.
  • Rattan Braided Trim Trunk (8) Long standing in Vietnam, but made popular in the US during the early 20th century, the tropical rattan plant makes authentic décor.

Mix the Old with the New

From neoclassical Ho Chi Minh City to the agricultural mountains of Sapa, Vietnam’s civilization is diverse and multi-faceted. To recreate the progressive vibe in your own home, combine modernized items with antiques. Don’t be afraid to embrace polished finishes with distressed ones alike.

Mixed media pieces fit in perfectly with this style, creating a rustic industrial design aesthetic. Get creative by incorporating varied wood tones and assorted metal finishes. Remember, variety is the spice of life, and there’s no place better to get spicy than in a room inspired by Vietnam!

  • Sand and Surf Vase (5) Hand blown glass adds a refined, contemporary touch to your Southeast Asian influenced space.
  • Charlotte Jar Lamp (7) Classic ceramic goes rustic with a lightly distressed jar base and an elegant shade. This piece is also available in cream.
  • Rowen Iron Console (10) Rugged wood and industrial iron unite to create a Vietnamesque countryside feel.
  • Sapa Rug (11) Inspired by traditions of Vietnam, this rug brings an elegant touch to the provincial elements of this design style.


Rustic Inspired

Rustic inspired style brings natural, raw pieces together with polished, refined design elements for a look that is inviting and warm. Key to creating a rustic feel in your home is selecting rich textures, wood finishes with exposed hardware, and earthy hues. We’ve collected our favorite finds that bring rustic home.

From bedding and rugs, to dining sets and lighting, rustic pieces bring homey depth to your design. When shopping for your rustic inspiration, keep an eye out for pieces that feature animal prints, unfinished wood, and layers of warm colors to create your one-of-a-kind rustic space.


The Front Door Rusic Inspiration

BED// Mendocino Bed
LAMP// Sculpted Horn Lamp
CHAIR// Carson Chair
END TABLE// Phoenix End Table
WINE RACK// Magellan Wine Cabinet
COFFEE TABLE// Palermo Coffee Table
DINING TABLE// Foundry Dining Group
VASE// Cottage Urn
OBLONG PILLOW// Navajo Pillow
RUG//Montauk Rug
PILLOW// Birds Nest Pillow
LAMP// Turned Finial Lamp
MIRROR// Wilmington Wall Mirror

Decorating With Winter Textures

Whether it’s how we dress ourselves or how we dress up our homes, winter is the season for layering. Combining rich textures is a winter-wonderful way to add depth to your style. From the fabric selections to the finishes of wood furnishings, each surface in your home is a design opportunity to add layers of texture.

When combining winter textures, consider your color palette and find complementary, but not identical pieces that work together. Don’t be afraid to mix things up. Try using seasonally weighted fabrics–like snuggly wool–and mixing in different metals, fabrics, and prints to tie the look together. From wall art to lamps and cozy throw blankets, texture is a sure way to add warmth, and an elevated flare to your space this winter, and year round. The Front Door Winter Textures

1 Park Place Canvas – Sofa Mart
2 Wavelength Comforter Set – Bedroom Expressions
3 Column Table Lamp – Sofa Mart
4 Hudson Side Chair – Oak Express
5 Ivory Urban Shag Rug – Sofa Mart
6 Park Avenue Silver Floor Mirror – Sofa Mart
7 Times Roman Vase – Sofa Mart
8 Jackie Chair – Sofa Mart
9 Vintage Wash Frame – Sofa Mart
10 Gray Copper Sky Canvas – Sofa Mart
11 Covington Gold Tiled Rug – Sofa Mart
12 Dushanbe Pearl Rug – Sofa Mart
13 Wilmington Wall Mirror – Sofa Mart

Inside the 2013 St. Jude Dream Home Furnished by Furniture Row

We are excited to share this gallery of the completed interior design of the 2013 St. Jude Dream Home.  Situated in beautiful Castle Rock Colorado, the home is furnished in Furniture Row products hand selected by a team of expert interior designers. Be sure to check out our gallery of photos, a virtual tour–and to see the home in-person, stop by for an OPEN HOUSE, weekends from October 5 – November 10.

The theme of the design is described as “reclaimed American”: Distressed furnishings that stylishly show wear, vintage-inspired pieces that add warmth, and metallic accents & a rich color palette that combine to create a home that is rustic yet polished.

St Jude Dream House Dining Room Living Room

The color scheme of the home is neutral, and elegant. Black, cream and grey are accented by bursts of rich blues and golds. From the tiling to the area rugs, the color palette is cohesive, and layered. Rich textures and the recurrent color scheme give the design a mixed media feel, and add depth.

St Jude Dream House Kitchen Family Room

The central living space of this open-concept home features dark hardwoods that flow throughout. To give the rooms definition, the designers used area rugs and furniture from Sofa Mart and Oak Express to create a visual partition between the kitchen and the living room. Without taking away from the fluidity of the design, the living room is defined by a plush neutral sofa, a padded coffee table, and a sharp black & cream rug.

The fresh white kitchen, complete with barstools from Oak Express and an island, is punctuated by stainless steel appliances, neutral granite, and a tiled backsplash that ties all the colors of the home together.

On the second floor of the home, in addition to the bedrooms, is a rec room complete with a wet bar. The multipurpose room is furnished to maximize the function & style. A leather sectional from Sofa Mart is perfect for movie nights; the Oak Express dining set is a casual addition to the space and is ideal for snacks or gaming.

St Jude Dream House Upstairs Loft

Just across the hall from the rec room is the master suite–and we love the way it came together! Deep blue and crisp white from The Linen Shoppe linens give the room a classic look. And, check out that bathroom. A walk-in shower for two, and dual vanities give it a spa-like feel.

St Jude Dream House Master Bedroom

The children’s playroom, and bedrooms furnished by Bedroom Expressions are playful takes on the colors and design on the rest of the home. Distressed woods, and textures layer to bring the reclaimed American feel throughout.

St Jude Dream House Childrens Bedrooms

It can be daunting to face furnishing your home. But, you don’t need to be afraid of blank walls and empty rooms. Our expert designers recommend starting your design with a basic piece: an area rug. Find a rug with the texture, colors, and prints you love–and then, build around it. Using the rug as a guide, you can draw inspiration for the rest of your design to create your very own dream home design!

Love the home as much as we do? It’s not too late to purchase a ticket…only one can win, but it could be you!  In addition, you could win a $10,000 shopping spree courtesy of Furniture Row! Winner will be announced on November 14.