Create a Budget-Friendly Home Gym

You don’t need a lot of room to add a home gym workout space to your abode. They say half the battle to working out is actually getting to the gym. Bring the gym to you by creating a workout space personalized for your unique workouts. Many home furniture items can easily be transformed into a versatile workout tool. Your home gym could simply be using furniture and body weight, or you could add weights, tension bands, and items like yoga balls to complete your idea workout space. If you need to pick up a few versatile items, head to Furniture Row for a large selection of the latest home furnishing and styles.


We’ve gathered a list of furniture essentials for your home gym, which may already be in your home! Start with choosing the scenery for your home gym. Perhaps there’s an area near a window with a view, or an accent wall? A great way to get inspired is to add artwork like the the Atlantic Waves Framed Print and Buddha Gold Foil Lacquer Print. Next, decide on how you would like to store your equipment and gear. Smaller workout equipment can be stored in a basket like the Rattan Trim Baskets. Larger items and clothing fit perfectly in the Chantilly Wardrobe Chest. Use a bench like the Bombay for weightlifting and some body weight exercises. A high back chair like the Fabulishish Accent Chair can be used for standing stability exercises such as barre. Protect your knees and elbows with an soft, yet easy-to-clean rug like the Antiquity Grey Rug. The goal is to establish a place you feel comfortable and motivated to work out. Have fun with colors, design, and layout. As long as you utilize the space, you can’t go wrong!

Decorating with Timeless Black and White

If color is too bold, or you’re looking for something to stand the test of time, decorating with black and white is guaranteed to do the trick. Although the options for decorating with black and white are practically endless, here are a couple rooms we’ve put together to get you inspired.

Black and White Living Room

black and white living room

SHOP THE LOOK: Chandelier Sectional | Friends Framed Print | Hydrangea Framed Print | Magnolia Home Spool Leg End Table | Sutter Mercury Table LampLillian Lift-Top Coffee Table | Lachlan Accent Chair | Magnolia Home Lotus Mink Rug | Bastien Candleholder

If you’re considering this trend, don’t be afraid to play around with it. Choosing to decorate with two ends of the spectrum creates an inviting and eye-catching space that will last through the years. Balance is the key to blending black and white.

If you want a look that makes a statement, patterns pack power. Choose a patterned rug like the Magnolia Home Lotus Mink Rug and pull together accent pieces to complement it. Add furniture staples like the Lachlan Accent Chair and Magnolia Home Spool Leg End Table to enhance the timeless appeal of the black-and-white living room.

Black and White Bedroom


SHOP THE LOOK: Olathe Panel BedLillian End Table | Segovia Vase | Bryant Park Table LampAntiquity Grey Rug | Nickel Arc Floor Lamp | Cloisonne Accent Chair | Pompano Mirror | Canal Houses Print | Tibetan White Throw Pillow

Creating a tranquil retreat for your bedroom is the key to relaxation. While decorating with black and white might seem simple, this color palette allows you to play with textures and patterns to create a dramatic design while achieving an everlasting look.  The simplicity of the Olathe Panel Bed balances well with the patterns of the Cloisonne Accent Chair and Canal Houses Print allowing these pieces to pop.

Add metallic accents into the mix like the Nickel Arc Floor Lamp, or even bits of color, to create a lively look to represent your personality! Enhance your serene bedroom space with fresh flowers or eucalyptus stems in the Segovia Vase and feel refreshed and ready for the day.

These dynamic shades bolster the look you’re trying to achieve whether your space is modern, contemporary, formal, or dramatic. While pulling together a black and white palette takes thought and strategy to create a successful style, customizing your own chic space with these shades will last for many years to come.

We want to see your looks, tag us on Instagram using #FurnitureRow.

Decorating with Natural Accents

It’s no secret that bringing natural accents into your home adds a touch of freshness. If you love pops of nature as much as we do, here are some delightful ideas for decorating with natural accents.


SHOP THE LOOK: Teak Bowl | Copia Coffee Table | Driftwood Table Lamp | Succulent, Echeveria and Mini Dracaena in Wood Log | Bali Stool | Flatiron Fern | Paci Console Table | Carson Table Lamp | Shaker Long Bench | Tobian Pitcher | Magnolia Home Wooden Crate

When bringing nature in to your home, contemplate your design style and areas of the home that might be missing that special something. These are the opportune places to add natural accents. Natural accents don’t have to be kept to plants and wood; consider clay, stone work, seashells, and even produce to add pops of color.

If you’re looking to add a conversation piece look no further than the Copia Coffee Table or the Shaker Long Bench. The Shaker Long Bench’s versatility and uniqueness will never fail to capture the attention of your guests. It is composed of reclaimed timbers, and no two are alike. Bring home this noteworthy piece and place it at the edge of your bed or as entryway seating.

If your style is a bit more simplistic, try adding the smaller pieces to breathe life into a room. The Driftwood Table Lamp or Bali Stool are perfect accents that won’t take up too much space. Tuck them next to your favorite reading chair or corner nook and prepare to feel recharged with nature.

If purchasing natural accent furniture is a bit intimidating, adding plants in to the mix will certainly bring the outdoors in. Adding fresh lavender or your favorite bouquet of flowers to the Tobian Pitcher is a simple way to bring nature inside. If you lack in the green thumb department, try a faux plant such as the Flatiron Fern to amplify your space with zero maintenance.

Whichever natural accent you land on, make it yours and have fun!

Trend Alert: Sunrise Rejuvenation Decor

Spring is around the corner and it’s time to let the sunshine in! Decor featuring shades of orange such as grapefruit and peach make the room pop with new life. Tones of olive help anchor the vibrant orange decor creating balance and harmony. If you’re looking for a way to welcome spring into your home decor, the Viceroy Accent Chair is perfectly on trend.  Olive toned staples like the Feather Micro-Fiber Pillow in Green, and a stylish Fiddle Fig Tree tie the sunrise rejuvenation room together. The fiery hues of orange and earthy olive combine well with metallic accents like the Lighthouse Glass Table Lamp for a bold and luxurious ambiance.

Brighten the living room with sunrise rejuvenation tones.


Get the look: Fiddle Fig Tree, Draper Floor LampMagnolia Sofa, Copper Reflection Framed Print, Feather Micro-Fiber Pillow in Green, Newport Chests, Orange Star Fire Allium in Glass, Marbella RugGia Round Coffee Table, Pebbled Platter, Viceroy Accent Chair

Wake up revitalized with a sunrise rejuvenation themed bedroom.


Get the look: Viceroy Accent Chair, Newport ChestsAlexis Candle HoldersLighthouse Glass Table LampNantucket Panel BedPerrett Mirror, Mama Lama, Orange Star Fire Allium in Glass, Marbella Rug, Feather Micro-Fiber Pillows in Green.

Blooming Botanical Downloads For Your Home

Spring is just around the corner and we’re excited to get your home in tiptop shape for the new season. To welcome Spring, we’ve created these vintage inspired botanical downloads to add some new life into your home. If you’re looking for a quick and inexpensive way to decorate those empty wall spaces, or the shelves that might be bare, these botanical prints are a charming accent for any space. Hang all three or just hang one but we promise these fun and fresh botanical designs will enhance those bleak areas. If you’re feeling intimidated about hanging these new prints in your home, we have just the resource to build your confidence: How To Level and Hang Art. Be bold and bring in some color and light to your home with these gorgeous botanical downloads.

A Grape Hyacinth free download.

Grape Hyacinth – a Spring garden’s delight with Farmhouse appeal. Download “Muscari armeniacum.”

scientific anenome (2)

Grape Leaf Anemone – a robust bloom to boost the energy in your home. Download “Tomentosa Robustissima.”

Fernleaf yarrow free printable download.

Fernleaf Yarrow – an enchanting golden bloom to promote happiness. Download “Achillea Filipendulina.”

Modern Farmhouse Staples We Love

Love is officially in the air with Valentine’s Day right around the corner. Cupid stuck us with his arrow, and we’ve fallen head over heels for these modern farmhouse staples from Furniture Row. We’ve rounded up the essentials we’ve been swooning over since they hit the floor at Furniture Row. Modern farmhouse staples are major pieces of furniture that tie the room together. These timeless furnishings are a great place to start if you’ve been wanting to breathe fresh air into your home with the modern farmhouse look. Warm neutrals and whites like the Reverie Accent Chair come to life with pops of bold blue and brown accents like the Sussex Panel Bedroom Group. Whether you are looking to bring the modern farmhouse look into one space or all aspects of your home, these everlasting staples will set the tone for a truly lovely home.


Interlude 5 Pc. Dining Set

Imperial 3 Pc. Sectional

Taylor Accent Chair

Ventura Sofa

Sussex Panel Bedroom Set

Mystic Sofa Chaise

Lake House Parsons Side Chair

Bridgeport Dining Set

Modern Farmhouse Accent Chair

Chloe Panel Bed

Chandelier 2 Pc. Sectional

Reverie Accent Chair

Magnolia Home Swedish Oval Dining Set

La Jolla Upholstered Bed

Sedona 5 Pc. Dining Set

Nantucket Panel Bed


Candle Burning Tips: How to Burn Pillar Candles

If you love to keep a candle burning in your home, but always worry about dripping wax, burning down your candle too fast, or air pollution, you might be doing it wrong! Many people simply light candles and then let them be. Did you know there is a proper way to burn candles to ensure that your candle keeps its original form and levels out evenly as it flickers as well as maintaining a clean burn that doesn’t pollute your indoor air?

Furniture Row now sells the sweet-smelling, pillar-shaped Vela Candles in an assortment of scents and colors, so the Front Door wants to make sure that your candle burning experience is as enjoyable as possible. We consulted an innovative local candle company in Denver called Lola’s Secret Candles to share some expert tips with us on how to get the best burn out of your candle. Read these easy tips to make sure you burn your pillar candle right.


How to Properly Burn a Pillar Candle


  • Do not burn your pillar candle in any glass or container. Use a regular candleholder so that the candle can stand on its own, but still have something underneath it to catch wax drippings or support it in case it gets bumped.
  • Burn it in a level place away from fans, windows, or other drafts in order to keep it burning evenly. If it is placed in drafty conditions, it can begin to burn unevenly or even start to tunnel.
  • Trim the wick to ¼ inch before each burn. If the wick is too long, it can start to release soot into the air while it burns. Most candlewicks are originally generous in size, but a longer wick doesn’t mean the candle will burn longer.
  • The first time you burn your candle, leave it lit long enough so that a wax pool forms across the majority of the top portion of the candle. This is called a full pool. Let your candle flicker one hour for every inch in diameter, so if your pillar candle has a four-inch diameter, let it burn for four hours when you first light it. This prevents tunneling.
  • Hug in the edges of the pillar candle at the end of each burn by cupping your hands to fold the wax inwards. This will help avoid candle tunneling and allow the excess wax on the edges to be burned along with the center. Tunneling will cause your candle to not last as long.
  • Voila! Your pillar candle will flicker for as long as possible without polluting your indoor air. Enjoy!


Step Inside the 2017 St. Jude Dream Home in Colorado Springs


The 2017 Colorado Springs St. Jude Dream Home and its furnished interior design, compliments of Furniture Row and Denver Mattress, are finally complete! Located just northeast of downtown Colorado Springs in nearby Falcon, Colorado, this dream home is nestled in the Banning Lewis Ranch Homes subdivision off a road with a spectacular mountain backdrop of the Rockies including Pikes Peak. This beautiful St. Jude home built by Covington Homes is 3,500 square feet full of open-spaced bliss with four bedrooms and three baths.

With a spacious modern-inspired kitchen with a gray wash floor and tile backsplash, oversized windows, a large basement area, and an open floor plan concept that includes a large living and dining room area, this year’s St. Jude Dream Home has room for all your furniture, guests, and then some! This year marks the ten-year anniversary of Furniture Row giving back to St. Jude’s, so enter a chance to win this luxurious brand new home and support an important cause.

Barbara Chandler, a Buyer and Designer at Furniture Row, has made sure the St. Jude Dream Home reflects the most popular of design trends to get everyone excited about the opening, but she says the real joy of decorating the home is knowing she gets to help families in need.

“Furniture Row as a company has family values and does a lot of humanitarian projects, which is very near and dear to what Furniture Row is about. Our company feels like its good to give back. The cost of one home that we raffle off doesn’t even cover the cost of one day of hospital operation. The hospital is run solely on donations and homes are being built all over the country, but they still need all the support they can get,” she said.

So make sure you buy your tickets now, and have the chance to win the home or other awesome prices for the 2017 St. Jude Dream Home Giveaway. Tours of the house will run from May 6th to June 11th on Saturdays from 9 am to 5 pm, and Sundays from noon to 5 pm. The winner will be announced on June 16th, 2017.

UPDATE: The last chance to see the house, reserve your tickets, and enter to win the $10,000 Furniture Row shopping spree before the giveaway is during extended open house dates on June 13-15th from 9 am to 7 pm. 

To view the complete home with a 3D experience and interactive shopping, click here.



When you first enter the St. Jude Dream Home, the hallway opens instantly to reveal a spacious home office with an adjacent bathroom. Large oversized oval windows allow light to fill the room, while convenient storage pieces such as an oversized cabinet with shelves and sliding doors are perfect for all your books, supplies, and more. Charming Magnolia Home furniture and accessories add rustic farmhouse appeal, and the tree decals on the walls and potted plants in vases and wicker baskets provide the perfect workspace oasis so that you can bring nature indoors.

Living Room


Nothing adds cheer and light to a room like a bright pop of sunny yellow, and that’s what Chandler had in mind when designing the living room of the 2017 St. Jude Dream Home. In fact, she liked it so much she added pale yellow to almost all the rooms.

“I chose yellow because spring has sprung, and I feel like pops of yellow are coming out of winter. Yellow is fresh and fun and that’s why I chose it. I wanted to do yellows and grays and gray is such an on-trend color right now, and I could’ve done all grays but that would be a bit boring, so I felt like the yellow would pop it up a bit,” Chandler said.

To tone down the yellow in the accent pillows and ottoman, Chandler also added neutrals like black and gray that also help modernize the farmhouse look. The stylish black wingback accent chair with nailhead trim is a striking contrast to this light, airy, laidback living room setting and gives the space the dramatic, sleek touch its looking for.

Kitchen and Dining Room


The farmhouse fresh look of Joanna Gaines’ Magnolia Home collection is everywhere in the kitchen and dining room, but Chandler also says the space is also modern. A vintage metal linen cabinet holds dainty dishware and a cream farmhouse table gives the room provincial refinement, while the kitchen boasts sleek black cabinets, white marble countertops, and retro metal barstools.

Master Bedroom


The master bedroom is Chandler’s favorite room in the house, and it’s no surprise!

“I do like the master bedroom because of the window treatments and the amazing bed that’s in there. It’s just really soft and it looks like that’s where you go to relax and unwind at the end of the day. It’s so elegant,” she said.

Soft touches of sunshine yellow in the fabric help add color to the sophisticated bedroom with a cream tufted and upholstered sleigh bed, making the room feel completely elegant.

Basement Living Room


An oversized basement is always a bonus, and there’s just enough room in the St. Jude Dream Home for another living area! Complete with a rustic wooden entertainment wall and a plush brown Italian leather sofa group, the downstairs den is perfect for move nights and casually unwinding.

Basement Recreation Area


Keep your kids’ clutter at bay and give them a space to let their imaginations soar away from the dining table upstairs with their very own workspace area that’s perfect for arts, crafts, and more with a downstairs recreation area! Furniture with lots of drawers such as the Magnolia Home Bin Chest has room for everything you need to stay organized and the industrial Aldo Metal Chairs provide studious comfort you need for playtime and socializing.

Boy’s Bedroom


Two bedrooms occupy the basement, and this large room to the left is just right for a little boy. Rustic wooden bedroom furniture will gorgeously withstand the test of time as your little one grows older and he will love the storage features perfect for games and toys.

Girl’s Bedroom


Feminine and sweet, this downstairs bedroom to the right is pretty enough for a princess. A frilly white bedspread on a sweet white poster bed with a matching vanity looks charming and sophisticated and your little girl will feel like a grown-up with her very own space. Accents in light pink shades are the perfect girly touch, and even mom will want to sink her toes in the pink plush rug!

Outdoor Patio


Walk into an outdoor haven with a versatile and comfortable outdoor patio group that will allow you relax with family and friends when the weather’s nice. For an exotic touch, add Moroccan or tribal-inspired patterned pillows and a bright rug for some summer color. Colorado Springs gets a lot of sunshine, and the patio out back from the dining area is perfect for sipping cocktails, barbecuing, or just kicking up your feet.

Trend Alert: Bold Colors for Home Decor

Not for the faint of heart, decorating your home with bold colors is sure to make a fashionable statement. Vibrant shades of teal, bursting pops of yellow, and rich hints of gold give this trend its edgy appeal. Play with furniture in beautiful jewel tones mixed with metallic accents and conversation-starting accessories to create a space that inspires. As pretty as a rainbow, you’ll want to go bold and go home this season.


Start with a Neutral Base

To make bold colors really pop, make sure you start with a neutral backdrop. We started with hardwood floors and added a fairly neutral rug in shades of brown for the room’s foundation. We painted our brick wall a soft gray to emulate subway tile, letting the furniture and home accents take the spotlight.

Seating in Bold Colors

To begin furnishing this room, we brought in one of our favorite statement pieces, the Eden Settee. This classy, small scale sofa features striking teal fabric with a button-tufted seat and back. We softened the look with two Seneca Pillows in antique yellowish-gold and deep navy blue to bring some of the more muted colors up from the rug. This allows the bright color to shine through without feeling too flashy and gives the room a rich, regal vibe. The Hilton Accent Chair is the perfect complement to the settee, boasting deep leather-like turquoise. When decorating with bright colors, everything doesn’t have to perfectly match. Choose colors from the same color family, playing with texture.


Home Decor in Bold Colors

We decided to bring more bold colors into our room with the accent pieces. The Teal Woods Gold Foil Laquer Artwork is bursting with personality in teal and yellow. It really adds flavor and light to the walls. On the coffee table and console table, we brought in the Oki Candleholders and the Oki Vases in a variety of bluish-green hues to stick with our color palette. Finally, we went totally bold with the Rainbow Paper Vases on the sofa table. Vibrant colors drip down the sides of these striking pieces, giving this living room the fashionable boost of bold it needed.


Metallic Accents with Bold Colors

As much as we love the bold colors trend, not every piece in a room can be loud and bright, so we balanced the look with metallic accents. The Linden Coffee Table and Sofa Table (available at your local Furniture Row store) are super modern and offer the perfect amount of shine and contrast. Gold trinkets including a picture frame, a three-dimensional star, and glimmering hardcover books adorn the space. We also brought in the textured Adelle Table Lamp and the Faceted Ceramic Side Table for a hint of bronze dimension.


Overall, decorating your home with bold colors is quite easy and creates a fun, inviting space. Eclectic by nature, this home decor trend allows you to mix and match so many different styles together for a seamless result. Copy this tantalizing teal color scheme, or go wild and experiment with other on-trend colors. If unsure, go with a jewel tone – they tend to work best when decorating with bold colors.

New Year, New Home: 10 Furniture Trends for 2017

Happy New Year! 2017 is officially upon us, and along with your other New Year’s resolutions, this is the time to think about sprucing up your home to be its very best. By scouring the fashion forecasts for what’s to come, we’ve compiled ten of the top furniture trends for you to incorporate into your space this year. Out with the old, in with the new!


2017 Furniture Trends: Vintage Appeal

Like 2016, pieces with vintage appeal remain popular in 2017. Look for furnishings with classic charm such as turned legs, planked tabletops, and antiqued hardware. Distressed and eased finishes make this one of our favorite furniture trends of 2017. With a “rescued” look, the Lynwood Sideboard is reminiscent of a thrift store find with its weathered, white-washed finish and traditional details. The Irwin Coffee Table is made from a genuine repurposed Indian ox cart wheel and is truly a work of art. Popular in farmhouse styled homes and cottage-inspired spaces alike, vintage appeal is here to stay!


2017 Furniture Trends: Green Accents

PANTONE announced the Color of the Year 2017, Greenery. Symbolic of new beginnings, this zesty lime shade is one of the hottest hues of the moment, however, muted versions of green are also fashionable. To add a bit of this stylish new trend to your space, consider adding pops of green with home accents. The Titi Vase is made of blown glass in greenery, and the Oliver Vases sport a softer olive finish. The Holmes TV Stand stands out in burnished jade and will lend your space the perfect amount of on-trend green. Read more about how to decorate with green here.


2017 Furniture Trends: Dark Finishes

For 2017, wooden furniture with dark finishes is going to be all the rage. Dark finishes add elegance to any space and add a modern contrast to the popular distressed pieces in many contemporary homes. The Cottage Counter Height Table is one of our top picks, with a warm cherry finish and convenient pedestal storage.


2017 Furniture Trends: Floral Patterns

Add a bit of wit and whimsy with furniture and home accents that boast floral patterns. Looking to the past, granny-inspired florals bring color and drama to any living space in 2017. Whether bright and bold or soft and sweet, floral prints are on point for the New Year. Look for rugs, sofas, accent chairs, and other accessories with blooming motifs. Some of our New Year picks are the Dahlia Chair, the Segovia Vase Group, or the Callie Vases.


2017 Furniture Trends: Luxurious Organics

Furniture designers are using organic materials that have a luxurious feel for 2017. Think uneven marble tops, weaved rattan baskets, petrified wood pieces, and exposed grain furnishings and accessories. The Teak Root Bowl or the Carolina Tray can be placed on a shelf or table to create a refined and natural look. For a true heirloom original, try the Java Barrel Bench, made of reclaimed timbers and zinc barrels.


2017 Furniture Trends: Velvet Upholstery

Get luxe in 2017 with velvet upholstery and textiles. Whether you choose to add soft throw pillows, a romantic comforter set, or go totally elegant with a tufted couch, make sure to do it with velvet. The Cricket Accent Chair looks regal in avocado green velvet upholstery and will bring a refined vibe to your living space.


2017 Furniture Trends: Mixed Metals

Metallics are making their rounds this New Year, and a fun way to incorporate them into your home is by mixing up the shine! Gold accents, silver hardware, brass nailheads, and iron details can harmoniously live together in a single room and add a hint of elegance to any space. The Aurora 10 Drawer Chest features a brushed metal finish, while the Campaign Accent Table shimmers, combining a silver leaf base with an antique mirrored top. Read more about mixing metals here.


2017 Furniture Trends: Upholstered Beds

Upholstered beds are a 2017 “do.” Effortlessly elevate your bedroom’s style by getting rid of a dated wooden headboard and replacing it with a piece donning stylish fabric. Many of the most popular styles of upholstered beds for 2017 feature button tufting, nailhead details, as well as elegant silhouettes. Our top pick is the Stockholm Upholstered Bed. This piece spotlights a sleigh bed design and many on-trend style elements.


2017 Furniture Trends: Blue and White

Reporting from the top home fashion markets in the country, Furniture Row buyers tell the Front Door that we will be seeing a lot of blue and white furnishings and accessories for 2017. Indigos, navies, and sky blues seamlessly blend with ivories, creams, and bright whites to create a look that redefines sophistication. Recently partnering with Joanna Gaines, Furniture Row now sells her new line of Magnolia Home rugs. The Emmie Kay Navy and Ivory Rug is spot on the blue and white home decorating trend.


 2017 Furniture Trends: Statement Lamps

Finally, lamps aren’t just to illuminate the room in 2017! Make a statement with a lamp that thinks out of the box like the textured Finley Table Lamp. Furniture Row has a great selection of lighting this New Year. Try to pick something that speaks to your personal style. Some great ideas are glass bases, industrial style exposed Edison bulbs, or hammered metal details.


Overall, there are many furniture trends emerging for 2017. Since it’s a new year, it’s time for a new home. Take the risk and try some of these fashionable home decorating ideas to makeover your living space. Watch the video below for styling tips!

Festive Decoration Ideas for a Holiday Cocktail Party

Spread the holiday cheer getting ready for your guests with a holiday cocktail party! Furniture Row features the latest trends in design and decor with hot new products this season, so turn the merriment up a notch with some of our favorite festive picks and be inspired to create a party space that’s all your own with these festive decorations. Rustic meets a touch of seasonal sparkle with distressed wood, industrial metal, and chic gold accents.


Multiple Serving Stations

The main purpose of a holiday cocktail party is to have your guest mingle over delicious food and drinks! One way to encourage guests to chat is to have several serving stations instead of a long buffet line. If you separate food and snacks and have multiple places to enjoy their cocktails and bites, conversation will happen more naturally.

In this room, we have the main hors d’oeuvres at the large Livorno Gathering Table that features a recycled fir plank tabletop and a crossbeam metal base. We have the dishware and napkins on the Octagon Industrial Server, which offers eclectic, geometric elegance at bar height. Finally, the Apothecary Large Cabinet holds a splay of cocktails and boasts a whitewash finish for rustic charm. Retro Barstools are easy to move to accommodate guests that may want to sit at a different gathering places.

Ambient Lighting

Create a cheerful, festive mood at your holiday cocktail party with ambient lighting. Candles make the room feel warm and homey, and they often come in scents perfect for this time of year such as cinnamon, evergreen, and clove. Another way to illuminate the space is through Christmas lights. Not just for the outside anymore, drape simple strings of clear lights over branches in a vase or on your fireplace mantle.

For the perfect finishing touch, base lamps like the Facet Accent Lamp and Facet Table Lamp add festive holiday lighting and shimmer in metallic gold. We’ve placed one of the lamps up high for maximum illumination on top of the Paige Accent Table.

Easy DIY Decorations

You don’t have to go all out and buy new Christmas decorations to make the room feel festive at your holiday cocktail party. We’ve created a CHEERS banner from parchment paper and ribbon and strung it over the bar to invite our guests to enjoy a drink. Use our free download and learn how to make it here!

To make items that you currently have more holiday-esque, think outside the box and tie glittery wire ribbon around a vase or drape gold ribbon off a tabletop.

You can also take advantage of those extra ornaments and place them in a bowl as a centerpiece. This decoration can also double as a party favor holder, as you can invite guests to take an ornament from the bowl as they leave. This is a great way to spread holiday cheer without buying extra items you don’t need.

Protect Your Home From Holiday Spills and Traffic

Chances are that you are going to run into traffic and potential spills at your holiday cocktail party. Protect your floors from scuffs with an area rug such as the soft persimmon and gray colored Emmie Kay Dove Rug from Magnolia Home that is inspired by Scandinavian knit sweaters.

Keep your expensive glassware hidden away in a storage piece such as the Danvari Tall Cabinet that can store your nice china behind its paned metal doors. Use less expensive glasses for your holiday cocktail party guests, so you won’t be too heartbroken if one breaks.

Color Scheme

You don’t have to stick to the cliché, super Christmas-y red and green decor theme. In this room, we used cream and gold accents with our space’s current neutral palette for an ultra holiday feel. The best part is that you can still use these decorations after the holidays are over! The hanging Tree Illumination Canvas made of elegant brushstrokes of gray and beige fits in perfectly with the items we chose.

Feel free to play with colors that will go with your post-holiday decor. Just be sure to play with metallics and sparkle! Some of our other favorite holiday cocktail party color schemes are blue and silver, dusty pink and rose gold, and layered greens with glittery tweed and burlap accents.

Treat your guests to a festive holiday cocktail party this season in style!

How to Set the Table for the Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year again, and for many of us, that means elaborate feasts while gathering with family and friends. If you are having guests over for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Chanukah, New Year’s, or any other celebration, chances are, you are going to chow down. The beginning to any good meal is a nice table presentation. You’ll want to make sure each guest has exactly what they need to savor every last bite. If you are looking for a semi-formal setting, you will need to know how to set the table for the holidays. Below, find the best way to present dishware to your loved ones in a casual environment.


How to Set the Table for the Holidays

  • Dinner Plate: Place the dinner plate at the center of each place setting. This plate will hold the majority of the festive food, so it should be big enough to hold several servings.
  • Salad Plate: Place the salad plate on top of the dinner plate. This plate should be smaller than the dinner plate, and can be used to hold salad, bread, or other side items.
  • Napkin: Many people like to put the napkin in the center of the plate stack. This creates a uniform symmetry, and looks great for holiday place settings. If you prefer, the napkin can also go to the left under the fork.
  • Fork: Place the fork to the far left of the plate stack. If your dinner is a little bit formal, you may choose to place two forks on the left side of the plate (smaller fork towards the outside), but most informal settings can get by with just one.
  • Knife and Spoon: The knife goes directly to the right of the plate stack, with the blade facing inwards. Place the spoon directly to the right of the knife.
  • Soup Bowl/Bread Plate: The soup bowl goes in the space above the fork. If you aren’t serving soup at your holiday gathering, you can substitute a small bread plate or a small party favor (Our favorite is a decorative candle with place setting tags).
  • Water/Wine Glasses: The water glass and wine glass go in the space above the knife and spoon, with the water glass on the left and the wine glass to the right of it.


As you begin setting your table, you’ll want to ensure the place settings are evenly spaced and flatware is balanced at each setting. Be sure to place dinner plates about two inches from the table’s edge and squarely in front of each chair. Make sure they’re far enough apart to provide sufficient elbowroom — about two feet from plate center to plate center.


You’ll also want to decide if you want a tablecloth or not. A tablecloth can serve as the foundation to build your place settings, and may make your casual dining table look a little more festive and elegant. However, if you want to show off the natural grain of your table’s wood, you can substitute placemats or a runner.

Cute Place Setting Ideas

After you’ve learned how to set a table for the holiday basics, it’s time to get creative! Dress your table up with candleholders and candles, a special centerpiece, napkin rings, or place cards personalized to your guests or for the occasion or season. table-setting-1

Joyful Celebration: This table features festive green fruits, joyful flower arrangements, and metallic accents.


Fall into Autumn: Perfect for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any occasion in fall, this setting plays with pinecones, acorns, and glittery bells. Jingle all the way to learn how to set the table for the holidays!


Luck of the Feather: Colorful jewel tones create an eclectic atmosphere for a bountiful feast, such as a large family or New Year’s dinner. Some say that the peacock feather represents luck. Happy New Year!


Whimsical Elegance: Formal with a touch of romanticism, this table showcases adorable chalkboard nameplates, sweet white roses, and silver, snowflake-inspired candles.

Living Room Accessories for Fall – 3 Ways

Autumn is officially upon us, and what better way to celebrate fall than to revamp your space? The best way to give your home a new look without spending a ton of money is by accessorizing with home accents, keeping some of the furniture that you already have. Below, find the latest and greatest living room accessories for fall, styled in three ways to suit your tastes.


Brushed Blue Living Room Accessories for Fall ($1,733)

In each of the three spaces, we have kept the same Edge Sofa ($2,299). It’s versatile saddle brown leather upholstery matches a variety of design aesthetics, and works well with most living room accessories for fall. The first living room features the beautiful Brushes IV Canvas ($279), which reminds us of falling leaves, and has the touch of autumn character that makes this living room so unique. We brought in shades of blue with the Ibiza Table Lamp ($99) and the Antiquity Indigo Rug ($299), and complemented the cooler palette with gray. The Large Carolina Basket ($62) and the Carolina Tray ($22) are the perfect storage items that will keep your space organized and clutter-free. Next, give your living room a makeover with new occassional tables, including the Trends Chairside End Table ($129) and the Mendocino II Coffee Table ($349). Finally, a touch of ivory living room accessories for fall brings the space together with the Livingston Accent Chair ($349), the Ivory Urban Shag Pillow ($26), and the contemporary Pierced Ceramic Side Table ($119). This room comes in at an affordable $1733.


Neutral Palette Living Room Accessories for Fall ($1,837)

One of the biggest trends in home accessories for fall is choosing all neutral accents. Our second living room is sophisticated and stylish in black, brown, beige, gray, and taupe, with a hint of shine with metallic accents. Ground the space with the elegant Dushanbe Charcoal Rug ($249), and refine the area with the classic Briargate Accent Chair ($499) and the tufted Jenna Cocktail Ottoman ($259). The St. Louis End Table ($299), the Silver Urban Shag Pillow ($26), and the Grey Seneca Pillow ($38) are living room accessories for fall that add depth and dimension. Lastly, add a touch of glimmer with the Nickel Arc Floor Lamp ($199), the Adira Mirror ($149), and the glamorous Facet Ceramic Side Table ($119). Get this entire setup for only $1837.


Pumpkin Spice Living Room Accessories for Fall ($2,622)

Autumn wouldn’t be autumn without infamous pumpkin spice, the inspiration for our third and final space complete with living room accessories for fall. We started this living area with homey ceramic accents such as the Souk Platter ($36), the Finley Table Lamp ($59), and the Small Segovia Vase ($12). The Granada Moroccan Rug ($749) is quite versatile in shades of taupe and brown. The Authentic Coffee Table ($649) in espresso is the perfect dash of bold for our space, while the warm Turned Finial Floor Lamp ($129) brings cozy charm to any living room. Pumpkin orange comes into the mix with the Copper Seneca Pillow and the Christoper Accent Chair ($699), while the Sage Chevron Pillow ($22) and the Murray Side Table ($229) add the right amount of stand-out character. This latte-esque group of living room accessories for fall comes in right at $2,622.


It’s fun and easy to give your space a new look by simply adding living room accessories for fall into your home. Get inspired by the rooms above, or mix and match these home accents to create your own autumn look.

To order any of the items we’ve featured, please visit the Furniture Row website, or call 1-844-763-6278.

Elements of a Formal Dining Room

One of the best ways to bring family and friends together is a great meal, and there is no better way to enjoy it than in a distraction-free setting. There are several elements of a formal dining room that every elegant eating space needs, and the Front Door is here to help! We’ve compiled some of the most sophisticated furniture that your formal dining room needs to create a space that your loved ones will enjoy dinner after dinner.


Formal Dining Room Tables

The focal point of every formal dining room should be the table. When purchasing a table for your formal dining room, first consider how much space you will need. How many guests will you regularly accommodate? What sort of table will fit in your formal dining room? Would you prefer a table that has fixed surface space or one that expands?


Woodhaven Dining Table: This classic double-pedestal trestle table will look dashing in any formal dining room. Made out of environmentally-friendly rubberwood with a warm nutmeg finish, this piece has a rustic, worn-in look, perfect for the farmhouse formal dining room. This table comfortably seats six.

West End Dining Table: If you like a clean-cut and refined design, this is the table for you. Super trendy with a gray oak finish, this gorgeous furnishing has solid square block legs and is great for small and big spaces alike. With self-storing leaves, this table can seat four without the leaves or expand to seat six.

Jasmine Dining Table: If you don’t need tons of seating space to entertain, the Jasmine Dining Table is the space-saving solution. With a espresso brown sculpted pedestal base and an airy, floating glass top, this piece is ideal for your formal dining room. This designer-inspired addition seats four.

Bridgeport Dining Table: This table expands for even the largest of families. Comfortably able to seat six while dropped down and eight with the self-storing leaf, this antique-inspired piece has timeless charm. Turned legs, dentil molding, a hand-rubbed patina finish on the base, and a contrasting coffee acacia veneer top will make this classic table the star of your formal dining room.

Formal Dining Room Chairs

The dining room chairs that you choose to gather around your dining room table can really dictate whether the space reads formal or casual, so if you are trying to update your current dining room to be more elegant, chairs are the perfect, budget-friendly way to do it! Try to find comfortable, padded seats with refined details when choosing furniture for your formal dining room.


Belle Dining Room Chair: Perfectly versatile with beige woven upholstery, this streamlined yet sophisticated seat will fit in a variety of formal dining room settings. You’ll love the clean lines and the striking crisscross inset on the back of this gorgeous furnishing.

Shimmer Parsons Dining Room Chair: You can’t get more formal than velvet! This sleek armless seat boasts regal gray upholstery adorned with a stylish nail head trim and a crest-shaped top. With gently curving cabriole legs, this piece will allow you to entertain with class!

Stella Parsons Dining Room Chair: Go totally glam with this formal beauty! With romantic, button-tufted upholstery in a rich chocolate brown, this seat has a rolled sleigh top and hand-applied silver nailhead trim. This piece will dress up any dining space!

Rowland Dining Room Chair: Classic is always a great choice when trying to create a formal dining room, and the Rowland Side Chair makes no exception. With traditional turned legs, lavish upholstery, and ornate details, this piece epitomizes classy.

Formal Dining Room Storage

Another great way to make a dining room more formal is by adding a storage piece, such as a server, buffet, or china cabinet. You can proudly store and display your most prized dishware, silver, and glassware as well as have a place to set family-style platters after everyone gets their first helping.


Wakefield Dining Room Buffet with Optional Hutch: Whether you only need the convenience of a server or want the whole kit and caboodle with a formal china cabinet, this versatile furnishing offers it all. Its slatted drawer fronts, cherry finish, and simple yet sophisticated details make this the perfect place to hold all of your beloved dishware and silver.

Cabriolet Dining Room Cabinet: Made of recycled fir, the Cabriolet Cabinet is the elegant choice to store china, linens, or other home goods. Featuring large cabinet shelving, natural paneled wood, cabriole legs, antiqued brass knobs, and a sophisticated blue limestone tabletop, the Cabriolet is a designer-inspired classic. With a reclaimed, rustic, old pine finish, this storage cabinet is absolutely stunning.

Urban Loft Dining Room Server: Add high-end design to your dining room with the Urban Loft Server! Made of solid wood and rift-cut oak veneers, the clean lines, elegant chocolate finish, and sleek metal bar hardware on this piece work with both modern and traditional decor to create a look that’s truly one-of-a-kind. With two cabinets, a spacious drawer, and a wine display storage that fits twelve bottles of your favorite red or white, this piece will be the perfect addition to your formal dining room.

Formal Dining Room Rugs

A classy rug perfectly centered under your dining room table and chairs instantly dresses up a formal dining room, making it feel more elegant and sophisticated. Choose carpets with rich colors, fashionable patterns, and a ply that isn’t too plush, so spills don’t become a major disaster in your eating space. If you need more help placing or choosing a size of your formal dining room rug, please check out Area Rug Dos and Don’ts.


Marbella Citron Dining Room Rug: This deep and luxurious rug is made of 100% space-dyed polyester that is easy to clean and built to last. With a contemporary over-tufted pattern, the handmade Marbella has modern yet refined qualities that will complement any home’s decor. This beautiful rug is available in two sizes in your choice of gray with citron, paprika red, denim blue, and pewter with cream.

Genevieve Floral Dining Room Rug: The grand scale of the flowers brings this densely tufted rug to life. Entirely handmade, this carpet is given an herbal wash to enhance luster and softness in the final stage of production. Made of a New Zealand and Italian wool blend, this piece offers ultimate luxury for your formal dining room.

Delphine Coffee Dining Room Rug: A bold floral pattern combines rich hues in this sophisticated area rug. Dramatic yet understated, this rug is designed to wear beautifully, and is sure to be a timeless accent in any formal dining room.

For our Easy Guide to Setting a Table, click here, and check out these other formal dining rooms for even more inspiration!
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Trend Alert: Navy Organics

Navy blue continues to be the color that brings all cultures together, and when paired with organics, the result is even more eclectic and exotic. The navy organics trend is very popular in interior design, and with these timeless pieces, your living room can be transformed into a peaceful oasis in no time.


Navy Leather

Accent chairs are designed to make a statement in any home, and a classic navy leather seat in an indigo organics inspired space makes no exception. The Baldwin Accent Chair sports sumptuous navy faux leather and is embellished with fashionable nail head trim. The traditional wingback design complements the natural feel of the navy organics aesthetic, so you’ll never have to worry about it going out of style.

Teak Organics

By adding natural teak wood into your navy organics themed space, a living room embraces rustic charm. The Montana Coffee Table’s base is made from exposed teak roots, while a sleek glass top gives the piece a refined touch. With a forest-inspired conversation piece, you can make your space speak to the navy organics trend.

Organic Textures

A room with a navy organics motif includes a variety of natural textures. Since this design trend is very monotone, textures add much-needed depth and dimension. In the space that we created, we choose matching lamps that boast a hammered, antique nickel finish. The Bealle Table Lamp and Floor Lamp bring a sophisticated element to the navy organics living room.

We also included unique accessories with a twisted texture made from woven vines. The Creeper Vine Balls are the unique home accents that will fix it perfectly with a navy organics styled room.

Art for Navy Organics

When styling a navy organics room, be sure to add dynamic artwork to your walls. Authentic pieces in navy blue make a great statement. We’ve included the navy Aerodrome Canvas in this living room, and if you have a bigger space, the Aeroplane Canvas and matching Aerodrome Blue Print Canvas coordinate beautifully. The blue prints look raw and organic and the navy and white color scheme emphasize the rest of the room’s furnishings and accents.

Navy Fabrics

Be sure to add accent fabrics with eccentric prints to the mix in your navy organics room. Like texture, when you layer navy on navy with various fabric choices, the whole room comes to life and doesn’t feel two-dimensional. We’ve chosen various blue pillows for our space, including the Seneca in peacock, the Brinsdi in indigo, and the Burlap Trim Pillow in navy. You also could bring in throws, upholstery wall hangings, or other blue fabrics into the area. Don’t be afraid to mix several different shades of navy in your space.

Reclaimed Organics

We all love the reclaimed furniture of the moment, and navy organics embraces this trend fully. Look for furnishings that have repurposed wood with natural finishes. The Bali Four-Legged Stool is crafted from reclaimed timbers and maintains its rugged inherent charm. In the living space we’ve created, we’ve placed this work of art between two accent chairs and used it as a small end table.

Navy Wool

The last thing that a navy organics living room needs is a Torino Ombre Rug. With monochromatic gradient design in various shades of navy blue, this piece ties the entire room together and offers soft-to-the-touch navy wool. It is 100% hand-loomed to create a natural texture. Bringing in all the other navy blue shades throughout the room and grounding the organic-themed pieces throughout, this carpet embraces the navy organics home trend.

Decorating Your Home Office: What Workspace Personality Are You?

Are your considering decorating your home office? Whether you work from home or have a 9-5 job, you’ll want to make sure your workspace at home reflects your personality and the career you have. There are lots of ways to stay organized, but make sure your desk is just as exciting as your job. Check out these looks and tips from Furniture Row to get some inspiration for your home office up-do! Which home office personality are you? 


SHOP THE LOOK: Aerodrome Blue Print II Canvas, Sprockets 2 Piece Mirror Set, Edison Table Lamp, Woodlands 2 Pc. Desk Set, Woodlands Bookcase, Gavin Office Chair, Pipe Fittings Floor Lamp, Scholl Accent Chair

The Engineer

Forget the humanities! You’d rather spend your hours calculating the answer to a long math problem or taking the time to conduct an experiment. You base your projects on analytical thinking and consider yourself a problem-solver. When you put your mind to it, there’s nothing you can’t figure out! If your career is in science or math, you probably want a workspace that’s just as logical as you. Your office should be filled with research books, electronics, and other gadgets you might need to get your brain juice flowing with lots of notepads at easy reach to write down your next big idea. Use the sciences themselves for decoration! Items you might find in a lab or are reflective of famous leaps in scientific history will definitely serve as inspiration and motivation while you work from home.

Tip for the Engineer: When decorating your home office, comfy and organized is key. If you’re spending long nights poring over research notes or writing lab reports, you should have a supportive desk chair and lots of options for storage. Keep your desk drawers organized with tab file folders and use bookshelves to keep your reference collection off your desk surface until you need it.


SHOP THE LOOK: Draper Table Lamp, Brownstone Desk, Brownstone File Cabinet, Golden Swan Accent Chair, Brushes V Canvas, Brushes IV Canvas, Washer Hurricane

The Trendsetter

If there’s someone with a self-starting, can-do attitude—it’s you! Not only are you fashion-forward, you might actually be your own boss. Your friends might ask you for career advice because you’re constantly setting the stage for success. You’re totally on top of the latest trends and earth-moving ideas, and it only makes sense that you’re a bit of an entrepreneur. When decorating your home office remember that the bigger and bolder the better, so let that fierce charisma be reflected in your workspace! Find the latest trends in interior design and incorporate them into your home office. Add a desk with personality that strays away from your average wooden executive desk. An office chair in a bright color will make an eye-catching statement, so pair it with eclectic wall art to match. Even your light fixtures should be conversation starters! Let your upbeat nature shine—go big and go home!

Tip for the Trendsetter: Although you want to have the latest and greatest, make sure your workspace is still multi-functional! You never know what your next endeavor might be, so choose furniture that allows you to be ready for creative action. When decorating your home office, make the time to find a plush office chair that will have you feeling comfortable and confident, no matter what assignment you’ve got next. Be sure you’ve got all the essentials.


SHOP THE LOOK: Bryant Park Lamp, Modern Sculpture, City of New York Framed Print, Fairfax Office Chair, Urban Loft 7 Pc. Office Wall, Oracle Stratus Rug

The Businessman

You’re the polished image of professionalism. Hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and that’s why you’re the hardest worker of them all. Being a CEO or a person with major responsibility in a role involving leadership is expected to always be on top of things, but don’t worry you have 100% got it covered 24/7. Even though you’re off-hours, when duty calls, you’re definitely everyone’s go-to guy or gal. Whether it’s quickly responding to an urgent email or taking an important business phone call, your home workspace needs to be your office away from your actual office. You need to be able to count on it like people count on you! Appearance definitely matters, so when decorating your home office, make sure your home desk is as polished and professional as the one you’ve got in your high-rise office. Sleek and clean are easy solutions for high-stress assignments, so be sure to incorporate neat shelving, neutral colors, and nothing that distracts you from the job that needs to get done. Your phone and computer should be easy to reach, and make sure you always have a supply of pens at hand!

Tip for the Businessman: Although you just want your home office to be a place to get work done, you can still showcase your personality and interests since it’s your own home! Black and white are safe professional choices for decorating, but don’t be afraid to mix it up with a funky rug or an interesting lamp. Nothing too crazy, but just enough fun to make your office a bit more unique than the one you go to everyday.


SHOP THE LOOK: Facet Table Lamp, Ellie Desk, Del Norte Bookcase, Lauren D Accent Chair, Murray End Table, Hampton Candle Holder

The Fashionista

No matter what your career is, you’re definitely all about keeping up with appearances. You don’t mind a little limelight; in fact, getting others to notice your stylish appearance is what motivates you to work harder to accomplish your dreams. You might be quite the stargazer in terms of your career potential, but for good reason—all eyes are on you anyway! Your chic attitude is definitely glamorous enough for anything you put your mind to, and you don’t shy away from letting yourself feel fancy. A little frivolousness never hurt anybody! Bring your sophisticated sense of style to your home office so that you can continue to feel elegant while you work. Incorporate shiny metallic pieces for a little more sparkle, and have fun mixing patterns and textures for a cohesive look that attracts your many admirers. You can’t go wrong with crisp, classic white, or items that have a little antique glam. Make sure your workspace is neat and exquisite. It should simply shine like the star you are!

Tip for the Fashionista: It might be hard to say no to all your favorite trendy items, but you should make sure all your furniture matches! Too much glam can be gaudy, so tone down the fashionable faux-fur and gold with neutrals and pieces made of wood. When decorating your home office, you want to make sure the space is pretty but still professional.


SHOP THE LOOK: Oak Ridge 4 Pc. Desk Set, Rugby Accent Chair, Turned Finial Table Lamp, Sundance Ottoman, Dance of Light II Framed Print, Cable Knit Pillow

The Old-School Soul

Trendy and modern are great, but you prefer the classics. Your friends might think you’re a little old-fashioned, but they know they can always go to you for wisdom and guidance. As a bit of an introvert, you thrive in a quieter setting at work and at home. It’s not strange to find you holed up in your favorite chair reading a good book with a cup of coffee. Since your career probably involves a lot of thinking, a room with a cozy atmosphere is key for you to spend your days and nights getting work done in an orderly fashion. Warm hues and vintage wooden pieces are essential for someone a bit more studious. A room filled with bookshelves, reading lamps, and comfy places to sit is definitely your dream office. After all it is your home—it should feel like it!

Tip for the Old-School Soul: To create a cozier atmosphere, make sure you have lots of fabric! Whether it’s a cashmere blanket or a plush ottoman, the key to creating the ultimate reader’s nook is to keep it feeling warm. Curl up in a corner with a good book on a chair that’s so soft, you could take an afternoon nap in it.


SHOP THE LOOK: Lourdes Desk, Lourdes Bookcase, Balanced Floor Lamp, Experimental Canvas, Narrow Bottle Vase, Chevron Pillow, Aldo Metal Chair

The Artist

As a true right-brain person, it’s no wonder that you have a career in the arts. You feel like the luckiest person in the world because your job encourages you to think outside of the box. Whether it’s painting, writing, or designing, you absolutely love what you do and you’re always thinking of ways to be even more creative when it comes to your passion. It’s no surprise that your style itself is colorful and possibly a little eccentric. You love to create things, so there’s no doubt that you’ll want a workspace that helps those ideas flourish. Each item in your home office should be inspiring to you, so that you can brainstorm. Fill your drawers and shelves with art utensils and knick-knacks that make you happy. A big canvas with bright colors or a bulletin board is a great way to add some personality and help you express yourself. Your desk and office chair should be newfangled and fun. Even your lamp should be a little whimsical! For the Artist, the design ideas are truly endless—you should be proud!

Tip for the Artist: It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the next big project and forget where you put that list of things to do! The more surface and storage space, the better, so make sure your desk and your shelves contain bins and files that are neatly labeled so you can easily access anything you need last-minute. Artists tend to have a lot more mess that comes with creating, so be sure to de-clutter every now and then.

Bedroom Layout Guide

Whether you are moving into a new home or just want to give your current space a makeover, there are a lot of different options on how to arrange your bedroom furniture. With so many things to consider when deciding where to put what where, you may feel a little overwhelmed, so we’re here to help! Hopefully, this bedroom layout guide will give you plenty of ideas!


Relax and Unwind

In this bedroom layout, we put the bed in the center, acting as the focal point of the room. This layout works great for couples, as both sides of the bed are accessible, and the two nightstands frame the bed nicely. A chest or dresser offers storage in one of the room’s corners, while a small seating area is adjacent. With two chairs, a small bistro table, and a nearby end-of-the-bed bench or ottoman set, this bedroom layout offers space to do more than just sleep. If you like to relax and unwind in your bedroom before bedtime by socializing with your partner, reading, or completing other leisurely tasks, this bedroom layout could be for you.


Like the Relax and Unwind setup, the Multifunctional bedroom layout is for someone who uses their bedroom for activities other than just sleeping. With a seating area for sipping coffee or socializing, and a vanity or desk to apply makeup or use as a workspace, this bedroom layout almost functions as a studio apartment. We’ve placed the bed against the wall, a tactic which works well for bedrooms with large or misplaced windows that prevent you from putting your bed in the center of the room.

Small Spaces

This bedroom layout maximizes space without sacrificing pieces of furniture. By moving the bed and nightstands from the center of the room to one of the walls, we are able to fit a desk and an accent chair in the space beside the bed. Feel free to swap out the desk with a dresser if you need extra storage for clothes or a vanity if you like a dressing area in your bedroom. In the opposite corner we were able to fit a tall chest without making the room feel overcrowded.

Extra Storage

If you primarily use your bedroom to store clothes and sleep, this could be your new setup. This bedroom layout offers plenty of storage for those who never seem to have enough space. You don’t have to worry about picking and choosing which pieces of furniture can fit into your bedroom because a bed, dresser with mirror, chest, and two nightstands are all in this arrangement. We’ve even put a storage bench (or two storage ottomans) at the foot of the bed. With this bedroom layout, you can keep your bedroom tidy because everything is able to have a space to be put away.

With these great bedroom layout ideas you can update your sleeping oasis easily and with confidence. Although these arrangements work well in most bedrooms, each space is different, so don’t be reluctant to swap out furniture pieces or make other adjustments to customize your new bedroom layout. Happy arranging!

Download Bedroom Layouts now.

Shop bedroom furniture here.

Be sure to check out our Living Room Layout Guide as well!

Off to College Dorm Must-Haves: How to Go Back to School in Style

Dorm life might not be quite so glamorous with ramen noodles and microwavable dinners, but as your not-so-little-one heads off to start the best four years of their life, you’ll want to make sure that Room B302 looks as cozy as your home living room. Although you can’t fit much, there are a lot of dorm must-haves that every freshman needs to make their sleep and study space the most comfortable it can be! Furniture Row has the essentials and more, so use this checklist to make sure your college kid’s got everything they need and read our fun tips on how to make any dorm look cool enough for school.


You can never have too much storage.

I think when I was in college I brought my entire seashell collection—which was like thirty shells. Did I need to bring the entire east coast with me? Of course not, but when a teen is leaving home for the first time, they’ll want to make sure everything they might miss is right there with them—even if it’s the Atlantic Ocean. So if there’s nothing they want to part with, make sure there’s room for it! Whether it’s a bin, basket, container, trunk, or cabinet, your college student can never have enough storage for all of their things. When a room is small, leaving things lying around can make it get smaller real fast, so make sure everything can be put away and organized for the next time it’s needed. For a stylish way to save closet space, add Furniture Row’s Galvanized Trolley (13) or Explorer Rectangle Coffee Table (11).

Less is more.

Since there’s not a lot of space to work with, make sure everything your incoming freshman brings is trendy yet practical. Instead of a bulky bookshelf, opt for under-bed storage. Instead of a couch, opt for a lighter futon. Depending on the space, you may have the opportunity to incorporate the sizable furniture you want, but make it a rational and functional alternative. The best dorm must-haves you can bring are multi-purpose. Pieces such as Furniture Row’s Stacking Stool (10) can be used as a seat, a mini-table, or a stepping stool and the Texter Office Chair (7) is so comfy it can be used for studying, eating, or lounging around with friends. And don’t forget the everyday staple items! For a late night of studying, the Tivoli Table Lamp (9) is perfect for a college student to use to study while his or her roommate sleeps or simply to brighten up the desk.

Soft and cozy goes a long way.

After a long day in a lecture hall or pulling an all-nighter, your student’s bed will be his or her new best friend, so make sure that awful dorm mattress has some extra fluff on it. Add dorm must-haves like Furniture Row’s Essentials Mattress Pad and Denver MattressSlumber Fresh Pillow to soften up your teen’s slumber and make sure their bed is feeling fresh with a cozy comforter like the Teal Angles Comforter Set (5) that covers crisp sheets found in the Essentials Sheet Set. And while they’re lounging, make sure they have a blanket to keep them warm while they study for midterms. Add a throw blanket like the Cable Knit Throw (3) that’s great for snuggling up to watch Netflix or taking a much-needed afternoon nap.

Be prepared to have guests.

Parties are fun, but when your teen and his or her friends just want to order pizza in, make sure there’s room for them too! A light yet comfortable futon is every college student’s reliable go-to bed for visitors, so bring furniture like the Port Augusta Futon (2) that is space-saving and goes with anything! For a soft reading or lounging chair, a cute and practical accent chair is small enough to fit in tight corners and is light enough to easily maneuver around the room. Furniture Row’s Grayson Accent Chair (12) brings color and contemporary style to any dorm room so that all visitors will have somewhere to sit! 

Let personality shine.

Last but not least, make sure your student has fun decorating his or her new room! After all, it will be their home away from home so make sure it feels like somewhere they feel comfortable. Bring some of their much-loved possessions from home, but add cute and colorful accents to help showcase their personality and be conversation starters. Wall art doesn’t take up any floor space and brightens a room, so incorporate cool prints like the Let’s Run Away Framed Print (6) or add pictures of  friends and family in cool Vintage Wash Frames (4) to a desk. Bold and funky vases like the Tuka Vases (8) are also a great way to add decoration and are perfect for storing pens, pencils, and other office items that are needed. You can also take patterning fun to your furniture with accent pillows like the Honeycomb Pillow (1) that are a great way to mix and match the colors in the dorm room.

No matter what kind of dorm your new college kid has, there’s a way to make it feel like home. Their first college year is almost here, so it’s time to start packing all of their new dorm must-haves! Make sure they have everything they need, but be sure to have fun creating a brand new room. Don’t fear small spaces! Room B302 might seem drab at first, but you can still start the school year in style.

Enjoy the complete list of dorm must-haves with the following dorm room checklist:

Dorm Room Checklist

Rustic Farmhouse Living Room

You can create a rustic farmhouse living room in your home even if you don’t live in the country. We can’t get enough of this homespun decor trend and are in love with the effortless combination of reclaimed wood, distressed finishes, classic furnishings, and cozy finishing touches. Get ideas and inspiration from the rustic living room we’ve put together below and you’ll have your own country-inspired space in no time!


The Backdrop

The first step in creating a rustic farmhouse living room is the backdrop for the space. Natural wood floors, exposed beams, crown molding, and beadboard are four things that instantly make a space feel more provincial. If you live in an older home, play with the natural textures of your walls for an authentic look. Brick or wood paneled walls can be painted for an instant update. If you live in a newer home, installing wooden beams on the ceilings or trimming your space with decorative molding can be the key to country chic.

Classic Furnishings

Although the design aesthetic of a rustic farmhouse is very casual, it also has a sophisticated elegance about it, which will make your space feel contemporary without being too barnyard. Look for timeless furnishings such as a sofa with clean lines and a classic rolled arm to bring into your area. Design details such as dentil molding, turned or cabriole legs, and button-tufting will also elevate your farmhouse-inspired living room. Be sure to get the perfect blend of old and new with traditional furniture choices that let the accessories take the spotlight.

This rustic farmhouse living room brought together the simple Verela Sofa, the Broadmoor Accent Chair with cabriole legs, and the cottage-style Salerno Nesting Tables in antique white.

Reclaimed Wood

A rustic farmhouse living room usually features exposed wood, often with distressed finishes. Look for reclaimed pieces that show the natural beauty of the grain or shabby-chic furnishings that are paint-washed or have a vintage and weathered feel to them. Old window shutters, broken fences, repurposed crates, and distressed barn doors are often used in this style of living room.

In our room, the Franklin Bookcase has a sliding door that reminds us of a barn door, and the solid kiln-dried pine is the perfect amount of rustic. The Wade Coffee Table takes vintage acacia wood with a natural finish and pairs it with a base inspired by tractor chains. The Audrey Pedestal Console has a distressed country finish and brings some traditional but whimsical charm to the room.

Metal Accents

To balance out the wood and classic furnishings, edgy metal accents are often added to create a rustic farmhouse living room. Industrial lighting and accent pieces will give the space a contemporary touch and will infuse the room with a hint of country. Get inspired by items you might truly find on a farm, such as a birdcage, a metal weathervane with a rooster topper, a vintage bicycle, or chicken wire. A grand chandelier is also a way to give your living room a metal focal point.

In this rustic farmhouse living room, the Pipe Fittings Floor Lamp features exposed Edison style light bulbs. The Galvanized Plant Stand Set brings the outdoors in while its steel finish and studs remind us of country-style buckets. The Tractor Barstool is an original work of art and showcases antique ironwork and rural innovation.

Farm-Inspired Accessories

Put the final touches on your rustic farmhouse living room with farm-inspired accessories. Bring a ladder into your space and use it for shelving for super-creative storage, or use a wooden tote or a metal egg basket as a catchall tray on your coffee table. Display floral arrangements in mason jars or add some depth to your walls with a wreath or faux deer head.

In this rustic farmhouse living room, we use the Cole Basket as an interesting accent piece and decorating a wall with the Golden Grove Canvas. The Laguna Table Lamp lights up the room with a mason jar base, while the Tuscan Retreat 4 Drawer and Basket Table brings rustic wicker and country cottage charm into the mix.

Get a rustic farmhouse living room of your own by blending natural textures, classic and clean furniture, distressed wooden pieces, industrial metal accents, and interesting decorative items. Your look will be country fresh and the envy of all your home-design loving friends!

How to Create the Best Kid’s Homework Space

Back-to-school means that after three months of play and virtually no responsibilities, it’s time for your kids to get back into a routine and hit the books. These days, most students from kindergarten to college are assigned homework, and sometimes, children will drag their feet to complete their tasks. By creating a fun and friendly homework space for them to work at, your family’s afternoons and nights will be much more productive, and [insert sigh of relief] peaceful.


Appeal to Your Kid’s Specific Interests

When designing a workspace for your little one, appeal to his or her specific interests. By customizing the area to fit your child’s likes, they will take ownership of the space and are more likely to want to be in that space. For instance, if your kid takes dance lessons, consider making the space feel like a mini ballet studio by adding pink accessories, a mirror, and special “homework” slippers. If playing instruments is more up their alley, combine black and white furnishings and bring a music note motif into the scheme. Below, we’ve created the perfect homework space for the soccer star of the future, that is, if he passes all of his classes first.


SHOP THE LOOK: Graffiti Soccer Desk and Chair Combo, Urban Shag Rug, Locker Cabinet with Open Shelves, Riley Green Table Lamp

Pick the Perfect Spot

While some kids prefer to be around the rest of the family while they study, other children would rather have a private homework space. There are plenty of areas around the home to set up their perfect spot. If you already have a home office, you can create a special area for your student to work. You can make their play area dual functioning by adding a desk and supplies. Nooks and crannies around the house can also be used as a homework space. If your little one prefers to sit at the kitchen counter or table, create a portable homework station on a tray or in a basket, so they can have all of their pencils, paper, calculator, and other school-related items in one spot, creating a sense of consistency.

An additional way to incorporate a homework space into your home is by utilizing your kid’s bedroom. Many furniture companies sell matching desks with kids bedroom sets like the one below, so incorporating study space is made easy. Wherever you decide to station up your hard little worker, be sure the area is well lit. There are many lighting options and lamps to choose from.


SHOP THE LOOK: Chloe Desk and Hutch, Cecilia Table Lamp, Chloe Chair, Venice Rug in Silver, Adira Mirror

Help to Keep the Space Organized

Help your little one stay on track with their schoolwork by keeping their homework space organized. It will be much easier for them to complete their tasks if their supplies are consistently in the same spot and they have access to all of the items they need. Use canisters such as the fun owl ones below to store ample pencils, crayons, markets, or other things your kid may need. Sometimes you can even find desks with built-in pencil holders. For the homework space below we incorporated our favorite, a retro-inspired piece that comes in three fun colors.

You can also ensure that your child’s completed homework gets to school by having a designated place to store it. Whether it’s a locker in a mudroom, a drawer in a dresser, or a shelf on a bookcase, having a “home” for homework is extremely helpful.


SHOP THE LOOK: Retro School Desk, Nickel Arc Floor Lamp, Owl Canisters, Bear Chair, C is for Cat Canvas

Let your Child Have Input

Overall, when creating your kid’s homework space be sure to listen to their wants and needs. Ask your student how they learn best, and let them be part of the creative process. As years pass, the space (or spaces) will probably change as they get older and have more complicated schoolwork to bring home. We’ve put together a more mature homework space below, ideal for a preteen or teenager.


SHOP THE LOOK: Expedition Desk, Texter Office Chair, Shelley Lamp, Vintage Inspiration III Framed Print

Back to school homework doesn’t have to be difficult when you create the best homework space for your kid. By following these guidelines, you and your child will be sure to each get an A+!

Color Theory: Mint

It’s not blue, it’s not green, but it’s fresh mint, one of today’s hottest color trends in home decor. Here at the Front Door, we can’t get enough of this sweet and chic hue, and we love the new furnishings and accents that are sporting the look. Surprisingly versatile, a few mint pieces can liven up any space, giving a room a clean and cheerful vibe. Let mint be the star of the show by pairing it with crisp white, or have mint play a supporting role in your home as a muted accent. No matter what you decide, mint and its retro personality are back and here to stay.


  1. Hickory Dickory Clock Cabinet – This little accent says it all – It’s TIME to bring some mint into your life! Featuring a weathered turquoise timepiece and a natural wood finish, this treasure is the perfect amount of rustic. With unique angled legs and ample storage space within, this furnishing is a real conversation starter!
  2. Salerno Nesting Tables – Make your home feel like a quaint country cottage with nesting tables in a vintage, burnished mint. Classic and timeless, these pieces boast dentil molding, turned legs, and an elegant appeal. Seamlessly add these space-saving tables to your living space for a touch of provincial sophistication.
  3. Loopty Loo Pillow – Swirl things up with the minty fresh Loopty Loo Pillow. With a cool bluish-green hue and an embroidered loop pattern, this home accent is whimsical and fun. This plush pillow will have you getting comfortable with mint in no time!
  4. Grayson Accent Chair – Go mid-century modern with this retro mint accent chair. With a curved design, splayed legs, and multi-toned textured upholstery, this piece will freshen up any space.
  5. Aubrey Tall Chest – Shabby chic pairs antique white with well-worn mint with this unique four-drawer chest. Each drawer sports a unique carved pattern and hardware with weaved detailing, giving it the appearance of a cherished thrift store find.
  6. Harper Glass Table Lamp – It’s transparent that mint is trendy with this gorgeous glass lamp. Small bubbles in the base make this piece feel as tranquil as a tropical ocean, and the neutral woven shade complements the soft color. Light up your life with this refined home accent.

Step Inside the 2016 Denver St. Jude Home

The 2016 Denver St. Jude Dream Home and its furnished interior design, complements of Furniture Row and Denver Mattress is finally being debuted, and the Front Door has all of the photos for our viewers to preview! Nestled in the quaint Tollgate Crossing subdivision, this home is located in Aurora, named the All-American City from the National Civic League. Close to shopping, recreation, and in one of the best school districts of Colorado, this St. Jude dream house is centrally located near roads that allow residents to quickly commute to the Denver Tech Center, Downtown Denver, and Denver International Airport.

Oakwood Homes was the builder on this project (valued at $550,000), donating time and materials to help the St. Jude Charity Dream Home Giveaway. With four bedrooms, four bathrooms, and an estimated 3,400 square feet, this dream home has a garden-level basement, a three car garage, and countless other luxurious features, and with the purchase of an $100 raffle ticket, it all could be yours!


Enjoy the following photos of the St. Jude Dream Home and get furniture and home decor ideas for your own living spaces.

Entry Way


The house has great curb appeal and is in a stunning neighborhood. Right when you walk in, you notice the beautiful gray-washed wood floors that spread throughout the entire first story. With a feel of relaxed elegance, the design aesthetic starts right at the front door. “During the construction phase it was clear to me that the décor needed to be somewhat minimal with a touch of elegance,” explains Barb Chandler of Furniture Row who furnished the entire house.


Kitchen/Dining Room


The white kitchen is open and large, featuring granite countertops and an oversized island. “Oakwood is known for their fabulous kitchens,” Barb tells us. “That island can comfortably seat eight! It’s always so nice to have an kitchen where the whole family can gather while meals are being prepped.”

Since the St. Jude Dream Home has such an open layout, the dining “room” is strategically situated between the kitchen and the living room. A casual elegance exudes from this living space, and the large chalkboards are a nice touch. The mix of the reclaimed wood of the sideboard with the darker finish of the dining table gives this room a trendy vibe of relaxed sophistication.


Living Room


The gray washed floors with the Sherwin Williams Repose Gray painted walls set the tone for an ethereal, soft ambiance, and the burlap curtains ad just a touch of rustic charm. The stone and tile fireplace makes a designer statement while the large windows let in tons of light. With studded leather sofas, refined occasional tables, and fashionable home accents scatted throughout, this room is classic and timeless.

Master Bedroom


Complete with light and bright windows, a sitting area, a wet bar with a wine refrigerator, a huge walk-in shower, and an amazing closet, the master bedroom of the St. Jude Dream Home is truly its own little retreat. In fact, it’s so great that it is Barb’s favorite room in the house. “The sitting area is super cozy and the bathroom is very spacious,” she says. “However, it might be the giant closet that I’m drawn to!”

Laundry Room


Main Floor Guest Bedroom


This bedroom is very feminine and classy. With a four poster bed, a unique gilded cabinet, velvet accent chairs, and decorative lace lamps, this space reads sophisticated French country. Currently decorated as a bedroom, this room would also work well as a home office or den.



Upstairs Guest Bedroom


If shabby chic country is your favorite decor style, this room is for you. With a headboard inspired by wood shutters, multiple pattern bedding in soft neutral shades, and touches of wicker throughout, this room has its own on-suite bathroom and a large, walk-in closet.



This open living space has a very Americana homespun feel to it. With tradition furnishings, rope and wooden accents, and a neutral color scheme, this is a great little bonus room in the St. Jude Dream Home.

Basement Bedroom


Decorated as a child/teen room, this bedroom is on the garden level, bringing ample light into the space and making it feel like a main-level area. Boyish and fun accessories donne the walls and surfaces, nodding to all things boys love best: planes, cars, sports, and bicycles. A large closet walk-in closet offers plenty of storage space, and the nightstands have touch lighting, which makes it easy to see when your offspring wakes up in the middle of the night.

Basement Fun Room


This living space is kid-friendly and fun. With a large dining table to be used as a workspace, organizational craft holders on the wall, a small workout corner, and plenty of spots to sit around and play games with the family, this room is eclectic and comfortable.


For $100, you can buy a chance to win the St. Jude Dream Home, and you’ll also be entered to win a multitude of other prizes such as:

  • 2017 Lincoln MLK ($35,000 value)
  • LG Electronics front-load washer and dryer set
  • $1000 American Express Gift Card, courtesy of All My Sons Moving & Storage
  • Two-night stay in the “Mother Spring” luxury suite and a 60-minute couples massage, courtesy of the Springs Resort & Spa
  • Artesso SmartTouch Kitchen Faucet in Brilliance Stainless, courtesy of Brizo
  • $1000 Apple Gift Card, courtesy of Axium Inspections
  • Von Miller autographed football

You can also win a $10,000 shopping spree at Furniture Row when you tour the home from July 23 – August 28 on Saturdays from 9am- 5pm or Sundays from noon to 5pm.


Tollgate Crossing

4837 S. Buchanan Street

Aurora, CO 80016

The winner will be drawn on Thursday, September 1, 2016 on Fox31 Denver and Colorado’s own channel. All proceeds from the raffle/giveaway will benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Contemporary Classics

Most people want an on-trend, contemporary design for their home, but so much of the furniture and decor that is considered “contemporary” has a mid-century modern aesthetic. Although we love all the retro pieces that nod to the fifties and sixties, we also realize that the look isn’t for everyone. Enter contemporary classics.


What are contemporary classics?

Contemporary classics are emerging as one of the biggest home style trends, and we are obsessed with the timeless class that these furnishings bring. Traditional furniture is often considered dated, but these elegant pieces get a fresh new update, bringing sophistication and beauty to your home for a look that will not only be fashionable today, but for many years to come.

Carved Details

Classic furnishings tend to feature carved wooden details. With spindles, finials, twists, turning, and fluting, these pieces bring an elegant look to a contemporary classic home. Some pieces may even have carved ornaments such as acanthus leaves, fruit, or flowers for a refined touch. These carved wooden details will give your space a high-end feel.

  • Lillian End Table (8): With elegant turned legs and a sophisticated espresso finish, this end table makes traditional à la mode. This piece is part of the Lillian collection, complete with coffee tables, sofa tables, and more.
  • Del Norte Bookcase (10): Classic frette work on this piece is made modern with a reclaimed pine finish and antiqued mirrored application. Also available as a cabinet with a lavish stone top, this collection is perfect for a space following the contemporary classics design trend. 

Tufted Furniture

To get a traditional, romantic look for your home, furniture with tufting is classically refined. You can go for a formal space with pieces upholstered in leather with nail head trim, or keep it more casual with furnishings donning soft and light fabric. Whether it’s a tufted back or a piece with even more tufting like that of a chesterfield, sofas and chairs with tufted details are tailored, sophisticated, and timeless.

  • Chandelier Sectional (1): With a button tufted back, this curved two piece sectional features a classic track arm and a sophisticated design. Pictured in soft gray chenille, this sofa is fully customizable, and can be made in your choice of over fifty fabric choices by visiting a Furniture Row Design Studio.
  • Lachlan Accent Chair (3): A modified wingback design, tufted detailing, and stately neutral upholstery, this piece is one of our favorite contemporary classics.

Symmetrical with Soft Curves

Contemporary classics get their gorgeous appeal from their simple, symmetrical shapes. Gentle curves, eased edges, and architectural forms give these traditional but modern furnishings an effortless edge. Fashionable but modest, you’ll love the timeless poise that will give your home a polished savoir faire.

  • Chandelier Ottoman (6): An oversized, round cocktail ottoman can be used as a room’s centerpiece. With convenient storage, and clean, soft lines, this piece exudes a classic vibe.

Polished Accents

Keep your contemporary classic space dressy with polished accents. You can create a livable spot that still has a formal ambiance with hints of shine, adding depth and dimension to your classically modern room. Ceramic vases, reflective lighting, and metallic accents will elevate the beauty of a contemporary home.

  • Antiqued Mercury Lamp (2): Add a touch of metallic glamour with this sophisticated table lamp. You’ll love the refined feel of this gorgeous home accent.
  • Anglia Vases (9): Spotlighting a crackled, glossy finish and classic shapes, the Anglia Vases are perfectly polished for your contemporary classics living room. Available in three sizes and colors, you’ll love the way this set brings your space together.

Soft Details

A contemporary classic room should never feel stiff or uninviting. Turn down the ultra-formal traditional furniture with soft, clean accents. Play with patterns by adding several pillows with different contemporary fabrics in a similar color palette for a look that wows, or add elegant artwork with soft brush strokes to bring your design together. A plush, shag rug in a clean, neutral hue will also make you feel right at home in your contemporary space.

  • Tuning, Abstraction, and Loopty Loo Pillows (4): Mix up the patterns with pillows with geometric, abstract, and contemporary prints. With a pale blue, green, and gray motif, these accents complement each other beautifully.
  • Speculation Canvas (5): Abstract with beautiful gray and blue tones, this painting is contemporary and refined without being rigid. It adds an artistic softness to a traditional modern space.
  • Venice Shag Rug (7): Ultra plush and available in ivory, light beige, and silver-gray, this rug couldn’t be more luxurious. Its long shag is extremely soft and will ground your contemporary classics in elegance.

Overall, you don’t have to be retro to be modern, and with our tips on how to create your own stylish space with these contemporary classics, your home will be traditionally elegant in no time.

Soak Up Summer Lakeside Style

Summer is finally here, and for many of us, the warm weather brings activities near the water. Summer brings weekend trips to the beach and nice weather, but if you don’t have time for a vacation, decorating your home with furniture inspired by spending blissful days at lakeside cottages will give you the relaxing atmosphere you’ve always imagined. Being active on a boat is how you want to spend your summer, but don’t forget to take a little time inside to unwind as well. With these beachy, nautical themed picks from Furniture Row, you can learn some of the many ways to make your home look as summery as a lakeside beach house.lakeside-style


When trying to incorporate lakeside style into your home, choosing items that are simple and natural is the best way to go. Reclaimed and distressed wood look lovely paired with furniture with worn finishes as well as pieces made from natural materials such as woven wicker. Clean and effortlessly beautiful furnishings make quite the statement when mixed together to create a unique combination of rustic and relaxed. For a beautifully distressed wooden piece, check out Furniture Row’s Franklin Cabinet (3) that’s made of thick and durable solid kiln-dried pine and makes any living space feel as cozy as a lakeside cottage. The slatted base is convenient for storing items such as beach towels, and the large hanging door simply hides other loose objects. For more refurbished wooden storage, the sea blue painted Tuscan Retreat 2 Basket Stand (8) nicely mixes a light breezy hue with rustic wood and country styled wicker baskets for a weathered lakeside feel.

Although we all love reclaimed wood here and there, not all the pieces of your house have to be distressed! Warm wooden tones enhanced by a glossy finish resemble the beautifully-made structure of canoes and other wooden watercraft, making lovely centerpieces for furniture that gets a lot of use in the home. The Lake House Trestle Table (11) is a great gathering place for dining occasions with its long rectangular top, sturdy legs, and traditional design. The golden-brushed sand finish on the solid birch structure is bright and sunny in a dining room and is perfect for making memories. Your furniture could even look like a boat! The Tuscan Retreat Boat Bookcase (4) is definitely nautical in appearance since it features a one-of-a-kind silhouette of a boat.

Nautical furniture doesn’t just end inside either. Carry the theme of the sea outside with lounging chairs for your patio like Furniture Row’s Brookstone Chaise Lounge (12). Instead of wood, this sun chair uses dark woven wicker to support your body’s natural contour on its simple, plush cream cushion, making it ideal for year-round relaxation.


When you think of nautical textiles, you probably think of anchor patterns or beach cabana stripes in bold red, white, and navy blue, but you can also use other shades and fun patterns for your lakeside inspired room.

For colors, hues that might be found on a sandy shore such as warm tones of beige and even yellow look well paired with the various shades of blues you’d find in the lake ranging anywhere from pale aqua to dark indigo. Bright colors should be used throughout the room, but still sparingly so as not to offset natural shades. For a sandy beige toned piece, the Lakeside 2 Accent Chair (1) is bright but not too bright with its natural-looking plant patterned upholstery. White silhouetted patterns instead of black also look breezier, so choosing an interesting shape with a bold shade of blue will look summery on a couch, rug, or even an accent pillow such as the Chevron Pillow (7), which is iconic yet unique with its white thin chevron print on bright ocean blue fabric.

For a coastal and casual couch, the Bellamy Sofa (5) is nautical with its woven navy blue upholstery that is complemented by two cabana striped light blue and white accent pillows. For the floor, the Riviera Ogee Rug (2) mixes beige and indigo blue to create a striking ogee pattern that your guests are bound to notice and fall in love with.


The best way to make your room look a little beachier is to add items you’d find on the beach or a ship! A ship’s anchor, a telescope, a Captain’s steering wheel, and glass bottles are all great items to have on display in your living space to help give it a lakeside vibe. Objects associated with seafaring can include oars, model ships, stones, and rope that you can use to help decorate empty bookshelves, walls, mantels, or other surface tops. Furniture Row’s Rope Mirror (6) and Washed Ashore Framed Print (9) are ideal for making you feel as though you are drifting off to sea when you hang them on a wall. The Distressed Oars Table Lamp (10) is also a unique way to tie in the lakeside theme since it uses two oars instead of a regular lamp base.

There are many ways to bring lakeside style to your home, so get creative! Say ahoy on land with this fun summer trend that’s sweeping the nation from coast to coast.

How to Incorporate Accent Tables at Home

The table is probably considered the most versatile piece of furniture in the home, but have you ever thought of them as accents? A matching set of furniture can make your home look sharp and organized, but it can also look just as put-together with a table that showcases your own personal style or makes a statement. Whether it’s in a living room or a bedroom, accent tables serve different functions that provide surface space for reading materials, a lamp, or even a cup of coffee. But a variation of color, size, and even texture can drastically change the feeling of a room and give it more personality. Showcase your unique taste by implementing a table that is as stylish as it is convenient. With these hot picks from Furniture Row, the opportunities of neat decoration are endless. Learn about the various ways to incorporate accent tables into your home, so you can become a trendsetting designer!


What is the best material for an end table?

With an endless list of potential furniture materials, there are a lot of options for choosing an accent table that’s right for your home. Here are only three of the common materials used for accent tables and reasons why they might be what you’re looking for to enhance your room’s style!

Wood: If you want top-quality and long-lasting furniture, solid wood accent tables are both strong and durable to withstand years of use. Many variations of color and construction complement any style and will only get better with age. It’s easy to choose wood since there are so many kinds with different finishes, and you can be assured that you made a classic selection that will always look beautifully made. To mix up the traditional wooden end table, choose an accent piece that emphasizes on a unique structure, carved detailing, or painted finish.

  • The Jocelyn Sofa Table (5) is made of mango wood veneers with a rich, black cherry finish and features regal arched legs that support a long planked surface, making it an architectural focal point in any atmosphere.
  • The Denise End Table (4) is similar in terms of modern design and offers a chic hourglass bodice that can hold items above and below on its driftwood inspired oak tabletops.
  • For a more unique wooden table, Furniture Row’s Audrey Pedestal Console (6) is a little more weathered, which makes it perfect in a rustic inspired room. This shabby chic accent table features an intricately carved wooden base with scrolling, floral, and finial details that shape the lightly colored wood with a white and gray painted finish.

Metal: Incorporate a little industrial charm into your room by choosing a table made of metal! Don’t worry about water rings on your tabletop since this is the material that can definitely handle all the elements. Metal accent tables will add a nice touch to a contemporary or eclectic styled interior, or offer a modern feel to a room that’s feeling too traditional or rustic.

  • The Braddock Console (8) from Furniture Row combines weathered fir wood legs with a dramatic hammered white iron top accented with metal screws for a look that’s truly one-of-a-kind.
  • The Murray Coffee Table (9) is made of antique brass finished reclaimed metal that adds elegance and spunk.

Ceramic: If you thought pottery could only be used for decorative vases and mugs, think again! Ceramic accent tables are always a creative piece to utilize in any space looking for personality. With an endless amount of color options, ceramic accent tables are perfect for incorporating a work of art into your home that serves a purpose.

  • The Magnus Ceramic Side Table (1) is too big to be merely a shelf decoration with its large drum-like build. Finished with a rich cobalt blue glaze and embossed vector pattern, the Magnus is the exotic accent table that all your friends will notice.

[gmedia id=21]

How do I mix and match them?

So many options for accent tables can be intimidating, but don’t limit yourself to getting only one! Mix and match materials, shapes, and colors for a look that is just the right ounce of originality. Here are some tips for creating a combination that is right for the room in question:

  1. If you’re matching two wooden tables, make sure they match in tone. Using a blend of different woods and finishes will create a natural organic mix, but blending will work best if you mix cool colors and warm colors separately.
  1. When mixing metals, don’t be afraid to choose more than one type of metal finish! Various metals such as gold, brass, and bronze work wonderfully together for a dynamic impact, and unlike wood, warm and cool tones will have a super chic effect. For more on how to mix metals, check out our article about Precious Metals: Mix up the Shine.
  1. Don’t be afraid of mixing metal and wood, or any other type of material! The best combinations are the most unique. Try a blend of woods and metals for an industrial rustic style, or use bold colored dramatic pieces such as the Magnus Ceramic Side Table (1) with the ornate hand-carved wooden Authentic Mantel Console Table (2) for an exotic duo.
  1. A variety of shapes and sizes will provide simple variety to the aesthetic of your living space, so choose two tables that aren’t structured alike! Try pairing a round accent table with a long, rectangular coffee table to create an interesting mix and conveniently place them around open spaces in the room.

With accent tables, you will always feel like you’re adding a stylish piece with a purpose, so start redecorating your home with these little luxury items today!

Is Orange Your New Black?

Season Four of Netflix’s original series, Orange Is the New Black, debuts on June 17th, and your obsession doesn’t have to stop with the TV show. Decorating with orange furniture and accents is at hot as the drama that Piper is sure to heat up this season, and Furniture Row has everything you need to make your home Litchfield-chic. Whether you want to snuggle up on a pumpkin leather sofa to watch the story unfold, or you’d rather add pops of coral, tangerine, and salmon to your home with bright accents, we’ll have you asking, is orange your new black?

Is Orange Your New Black Post


Vero Beach Sofa Group (1): Although it’s unclear whether Stella (played by Ruby Rose) will play a role in season four, one thing we do know, is that Rose is by far the coolest actress ever to grace Litchfield’s prison walls. Get it-girl style with the modern Vero Beach Sofa Group, which features mid-century design, sleek styling, and androgynous appeal.


Juliet Ottoman (2): Caputo basically sold his soul last season, and is being used as a footrest while he’s working for the big bad corporation. Get your own orange ottoman while you see how this beleaguered leader’s career plays out in season four.


Riley Table Lamp (3): Sophia had it rough in season three, and judging by the new season four photos showing her without her signature dolled-up look, things are only going to get worse for her. Let’s all try to give one of our favorite OITNB characters some of her bright personality back by lighting up the day with the Riley Table Lamp.


Hilton Accent Chair (4): Piper has gone full gangster by the end of season three, and since her business seems to be in a bit of trouble, she is going to have to make some big girl decisions on what to do next. What chair is better for a hard-core boss than a leather seat in angry, burnt orange leather? With curving legs and edgy nailhead trim the Hilton Accent Chair will be the perfect addition to your home as you watch what tricks Piper thinks of next.


Cable Knit Pillow (5): Lorna Morello marries Vince Muccio in season three, and although she’s gets the marriage she’s been starving for the entire series, she isn’t going to get the cozy nesting phase she’s been dreaming of. We have a feeling season four is going to wreak havoc on poor Lorna’s relationship, so as you watch the train wreck happen, get a plush piece of comfort with this adorable knit pillow with buttons, because after all, it’s always heartbreaking to watch a sweet Italian girl get her heart broken!


Tweed Pillow (6): Lay back on this orange tweed pillow and rest assured that Alex survived! Although the end of season three left us on the edge of our seats with Alex being cornered in a greenhouse with a guard that appears to be a hitman her old boss hired, but photos from season four show her alive and unscathed.

Crazy Eyes

Infinity Rug (7): Although we all know anything can happen in Orange Is the New Black, one thing we can count on being in the series for an infinite amount of time, is Suzanne’s iconic, bulging eyes. Season three alludes to a relationship between Crazy Eyes and Maureen in season four, so we’re excited to find out what happens there. Get your hands on this fun, orange carpet with overlapping eye-shaped infinity symbols.


Jasmine Parson Chair (8): After pretending to be Jewish to get better food, Cindy seems to have the best seat in the house when it comes to dining. This Orange Is the New Black inspired parson chair is great for entertaining your guests around a table, trays and prison food not included (whew!).

Pennsatucky and Boo

Barcelona Outdoor Umbrella (9): Over the course of season three, Pennsatucky and Boo developed an unexpected friendship, and when Tiffany gets herself in a bad situation with a guard, the dynamic duo plot to get revenge. It will be interesting to see if their bond continues to grow in season four. Until we are able to binge watch new episodes of Orange Is the New Black, get outdoors and share secrets with your own bestie under cover with an outdoor umbrella in this season’s favorite color.

Red and Healy

Hamilton Accent Chair (10): We can’t leave out Red, the character with the hair color to match the show’s colorful title. With spice-orange upholstery and dramatic winged sides, this armchair will be the comfortable spot for you to watch as things start to heat up between Healy and the fiery head chef in season four.

Watch Orange Is the New Black season four trailer here!

Who’s your favorite character on Orange Is the New Black and what do you think is in store for season four? Comment below!

Get the Look: Industrial Chic

Drawing from function and utility, industrial style is all the rage in home furnishings and decor. You don’t have to live in a reclaimed factory space to appreciate this aesthetic either. With a nod to the proletarian past and a natural quality that fits in today’s modern world, you can create an industrial chic space of your own with a few tips.

industrial chic

SHOP THE LOOK: 1 – Inverness Crank Accent Table, 2 – Galleon Coffee Table, 3 – Tractor Barstool,
4 – Watson Round Accent Lamp, 5 – Palma Marie 5 Pc. Dining Group, 6 – Bryce Metal Cabinet
7 – Gibson Accent Chair, 8 – St. Louis TV Stand, 9 – Rowen Iron Bench

History of Industrial Chic

Although industrial chic styling is currently all the rage for home decor, it didn’t used to be a style at all, but more of a way of life. Industrial style has long roots, stemming from the first industrial buildings, which were constructed in the late 1700s. Much of early industrial architecture was influenced by insurance companies, trying to keep safety and function as the top priority. Concern about fires led factories to avoid any materials that would fuel fires, resulting in an unfinished look characterized by exposed brick, pipes, and ductwork.

In the 1900s, new ways of creating energy were introduced, which required larger, more adaptable space and new construction, primarily with concrete and steel. Since these huge warehouses needed a lot of space, factories were pushed out of the cities and the old work structures of the past were abandoned and forgotten.

It wasn’t until the late 1960s that these uninhabited spaces started to be reclaimed in places like lower Manhattan and New England. With abundant, natural light, open air lofts started to be trendy, featuring exposed details and utilitarian accents.

Unfinished Surfaces and Open Spaces

When designing your industrial chic space, take into account the character of your own home. Consider exposing a brick wall, concrete floors, ductwork, or ceiling beams. Embrace natural lighting by using minimalist window treatments, or better yet, by leaving your windows completely uncovered, soaking in the factory design. If possible, consider tearing down a wall to create an open floor plan, using double-sided bookcases and folding screens as space dividers instead of floor-to-ceiling walls.

Working Parts and Simple Machines

Since industrial chic style is inspired by factory life, much of this design aesthetic is centered on no-nonsense functionality. When infusing industrial furnishings into your own space, try to find pieces that have working parts. Details such as wheel cranks, casters, pulleys, sliding rails, or levers are often found in today’s most fashionable industrial furniture. Think like a metal worker and embrace nuts, bolts, screws, and other mechanical elements.


SHOP THE LOOK: Undaunted Spirit CanvasBealle Hammered Table Lamp, Customized Sarah Sectional, Petrified Wood V Tables (Visit/call Furniture Row to order), Bealle Floor Lamp

More Metal in Cool Tones

If there is one material that defines industrial chic, it’s metal. Iron, steel, aluminum, and tin all help create an urban factory vibe. Try to splash metal pieces around the room at different heights to keep the theme throughout. Metallic picture frames or mirrors, stools, and overhead lighting will do the trick quite well. You also should try to find pieces of furniture with metal accents such as upholstery tacks, nail head trim, or case pieces with open ironwork. One hint when choosing metals for your own industrial chic home is pick cool metals over warm ones. Try to avoid gold or brass while leaning toward items with matte, rusted, distressed, or patina finishes.

Neutral and Understated Cushioning

Not everything in your home needs to feel cold as a factory, and obviously, you’ll need padded furniture as well. Try to avoid overstuffed or tufted furniture, and seek out items that are simple, frill-free, in neutral colors, and in natural textiles. Typically, industrial chic spaces aren’t popping with bright colors, but you want to make sure your home doesn’t appear one-dimensional either, so mix in different shades of gray, tans, blacks, and whites, while adding tastes of rich jewel tones and soft pastels into the space as well.

Reclaimed Wood with Natural Finishes

With so many metals in your industrial chic space, you’ll want to break it up by utilizing natural components, such as wood or stone, creating a mixed media look. Since much of industrial style focuses on salvaging and repurposing items, choose reclaimed, rustic wooden furnishings with distressed finishes.


SHOP THE LOOK: Sprocket Mirrors, Foundry Server with Hutch, Foundry Dining Group, Foundry Backless Barstool, Foundry BenchVera Barstools

Factory Lighting Inspired by Edison

Create an industrial chic mood with lighting that looks like it came straight from the late 1800s. One of the most prominent components of industrial chic lighting is the Edison style, exposed light bulb. You can also look for caged lighting or bulbs surrounded by glass to create a fashionable urban space. Hanging lights make a big statement in a factory-inspired room, so make sure you have a good mix of fixtures throughout your home.

Salvage and Repurpose

Industrial chic style is all about taking trash to treasure, so don’t be afraid to use reclaimed materials, salvaged antiques, or repurposed items in your redesigned space. We love the idea of using a factory cart as a cocktail table or a metal tractor seat as a stool.

Customize to Suit Individual Tastes

One of the best things about contemporary industrial chic is that it blends perfectly with any style, be it traditional, eclectic, or elegant. Many times people try to create a vintage industrial chic aesthetic, choosing antiqued furnishings with heavy patina finishes. You will also find that pieces with a rustic farmhouse feel fit in with industrial chic nicely. The worn country vibe complements industrial elements well. If you prefer a sleeker ambiance, you can choose sophisticated items with clean lines and polished finishes to fit in to your urban living area. Whatever direction you decide to take your industrial chic style, make sure that you have fun, experiment, and overall, make it your own.

Be Environmentally Friendly with Mango

With all the options of wood types when choosing furniture for your home, it might seem nearly impossible to make the right selection. Color, glow, texture, and durability might play an important part in making sure your new dresser withstands the test of time, but what about when it comes to choosing furniture that you know will not only be a favorite in your family room, but also a better choice for helping the environment?

Mango trees are popular for their sweet orange fruit, but they also produce one of the best sustainable furniture materials. By implementing mango wood furniture into your home, you will feel great knowing that the furniture you love is also better for our wonderful planet Earth. Check out these creative and beautifully crafted mango wood pieces from Furniture Row for inspiration on the many uses of mango in the home and learn more about why this tropical tree is so awesome!

Where does mango wood come from?

Mango wood is derived from the mango tree belonging to the genus Mangifera. Produced mainly for its fruit, the mango tree is native to south and southeast Asia, with the highest concentration of trees grown in India. The mango tree itself can live for over 300 years if left undisturbed by nature or man, and can reach up to between 80 and 100 feet tall with a diameter of 3 to 4 feet. Once a tree is twenty years old, it can no longer produce mango fruit and is cut down and replaced with another tree. All cut-down mango trees are then sold to craftsmen who can recycle them into furniture.

Why is mango wood considered a sustainable alternative?

Due to the huge demand for the mango fruit, there has always been a large demand to grow vast amounts of mango trees, but when the trees have to be cut down after reaching maturity, they are used for fuel or are simply left to rot and emit carbon dioxide as the wood decomposes. By harvesting the mango tree to construct furniture, there is a reduced need for lumber-only tree production and eliminates the reason to cut down trees that take longer to grow such as oak, mahogany, and cedar, as well as trees that are similar but rare or endangered such as teak and monkey pod. Choosing mango wood as an alternative ensures that instead of cutting down a healthy tree that’s only used to make furniture, you are recycling an old tree that has already served its fruit-bearing purpose and needs to be used for something else. And that’s not all! In addition to helping the environment, choosing mango wood also supports the local mango farmers who often struggle financially in India and other southeastern Asian countries.

What makes mango wood attractive as a furniture material?

Like most hardwoods, mango wood is very strong, so it makes quality and long-lasting furniture. However, unlike oak and other trees that take a long time period to grow, mango trees produce wood that is durable but easier to manipulate, so it can be used for carving more creative designs. Mango wood also has a wide range of colors from blonde to dark brown, and can even show off a hint of pink. It is one of the hardiest woods in the world, and offers densely packed grains that are surprisingly excellent for staining and waxing. When finished, mango wood creates one of the smoothest and satisfying textures. It is as durable and dense as cherry or ash wood, so you will never have to worry that your bedroom or dining set won’t last! Mango wood is also highly water-resistant due to its tropical climate habitat, so it’s perfect for outdoor furniture as well. Best used with a rustic finish for craftsman designs, you will certainly fall in love with this beautiful, exotic wood that is also an affordable value.


Where is the best place to use mango wood?

In the bedroom, solid mango wood adds an exotic flair and with Furniture Row’s Cameron Storage Bed (9), you will love the beautiful dark brown wood that complements a variety of styles. In a guest or children’s room, this piece is the ideal combination of functional and ethical. Also be sure to accent with mango wood by adding the Cameron Mirror (4) to an empty wall in need of a trendy uplift, or better yet, pair it with the Cameron Dresser for a complete eco-friendly set.

Choose a light or dark finish of mango wood in a study, office, or living room with the exquisitely crafted Montego Bookcase (3). The Montego will add rustic appeal to your home and is perfect for displaying books and other beloved belongings. Add more pieces of the richly colored Montego collection with the Montego End Table (5), which creates the perfect place to store items beside your favorite couch or chair.

Mango wood can also be used for retro design! The Orbit Desk (7) is a funky novelty item that all of your friends will notice in your office, and features a hand-painted, natural, exposed finish that boasts streamlined construction against the iron-splayed legs, ensuring durability as well as contemporary fashionability.

In the dining room, add an additional beautifully crafted mango piece with the Belle Manor Server (8) that boasts a rustic country vibe with its barn doors and convenient wine racks. The same unique design can be used for a homey seat with the Belle Manor Bench (2) that features a double crisscrossed back that stylishly seats two in any gathering place.

For an exotic twist, the Batik Block Sideboard (1) shows off intricate carved designs of multicolored painted patterns on its beautiful mango wood door panels to create a look that will always look lively in the home. Or for a casual furniture set in the dining room, check out the Carmel 5 Pc. Counter Height Group (6) that’s versatile enough to accommodate a number of styles. Featuring a rich brown finish, the Carmel dining set is durably made to last throughout the years and will keep you and your dining guests happy.


Mango is an environmentally friendly choice when deciding on furniture for your home. With choices from Furniture Row, you not only will be purchasing the latest and greatest on-trend pieces of the moment, but you also will be helping to preserve our precious environment.

Wow-Factor Washes


If you want to accent with painted wood in the home but don’t want to cover up your furniture’s natural wood grain, adding a piece with a washed paint finish is the perfect way to brighten up your living space! For a muted look, color washing can be applied to any unsealed material such as wood, terra cotta, wicker, and bamboo that absorb the watered-down paint pigment. With just water added to a fresh coat of paint, your furniture can become weathered and rustic for instant natural charm. Whether it’s a coffee table, bookshelf, or even your bed, a wow-factor wash can certainly go a long way when you’re trying to create your own style. Check out these pieces from Furniture Row for some inspiration on how to bring washed wood into your home!

Perry Park Accent Chair: Paint-washes don’t have to always feel rustic, and with the Perry Park Accent Chair, you can elevate the style of your room with something a bit darker. The deep brown finish on the weathered framing of the Perry Park looks best in a transitional or contemporary styled space.

Sedona Chest: Nothing looks as beautifully weathered as the charcoal gray wash on the solid pine Sedona Chest. The distressed, worn look brings graceful elegance to your home and encompasses the craftsmanship and quality of heirloom furniture.

Sonoma Slatted Island: A gray wash on bright wood such as solid rubberwood will make any room brighter! The slatted Sonoma Island is casually designed to accommodate all your organization needs!

Glenwood Panel Bed: If you want reclaimed style in your bedroom, the dark river washed finish on the Glenwood is hand-rubbed to bring out all of the tropical sengon wood’s natural beauty. The planked panels on this masterpiece offer comfortable lavished perfection for both a rustic or urban aesthetic.

Vintage Wash Frames: Washed paint finishes aren’t just for furniture! Add a sweet, rustic accent to your wall with a whitewashed wooden frame. Hang on the wall or display on your desk; it’ll brighten up any decor.

Lisbon Buffet: The whitewashed finish on the carved detailing of the Lisbon is so lovely it looks like it’s actually stone! Crafted from mango wood, this armoire’s rich white stains make it perfect for a rustic country home

Raja Bookcase: A washed paint finish can also bring exotic style to your space. The gray-green wash of the Raja brings out the lovely scalloped detailing and elegantly sculpted frame. This one-of-a-kind wooden treasure is wonderful in a home office or living room.

Greystone Storage Bed: Washed paint doesn’t have to just look natural and distressed. The Greystone Panel Bed with Storage will make any bedroom feel sophisticated and chic with a gray-washed and burnished finish that better emphasizes the hardwood solids and okoume veneers. With sleek nickel bar accents and an upholstered headboard, the Greystone is the rustic beauty you will instantly fall in love with.

Bowry Coffee Table: Add an element of shabby chic with an eclectic coffee table! Made from recycled fir with a striking lattice base, the Bowry has a whitewashed finish with a bees wax topcoat for added depth. Perfect for a springtime cottage, the Bowry is ready to bring country timeworn charm inside your home.

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Big Ideas for Small Spaces

Small spaces are getting trendier and trendier with the push for urban apartment living and tiny houses. It’s now fashionable to create a smaller footprint, but many times, it’s difficult to coordinate how you are going to make it work with less space, while still accommodating all of your needs. The Front Door investigates how you can make the most of your square footage without sacrificing the functionalities of a larger home.

Big Ideas For Small Spaces Blog Post (1)Micro Dining

When considering a dining space for your little home, often times it’s best to choose counter height furniture groups, such as the Audrey 5 Pc. Dining Set (1). Creating horizontal planes among furniture heights helps create dimension and depth, which separates areas within a common space. Barstools replace traditional backed chairs to create an open aesthetic. Dining groups that are labeled “bistro” are also good for small spaces, and establish a quaint and cozy vibe. You also might want to consider investing in a drop-leaf table, which lays flat against the wall, offering half of a dining table for space-saving convenience.

Nesting Tables

Nesting tables are perfect for small spaces, because they are able to be stacked within each other when you need the extra room. They are traditionally smaller than coffee and end tables, giving you the surface area to set a beverage down, but without taking up too much of your living room’s real estate. The Wood Slab Nesting Tables (2) bring new life to a room, with cast metal bases designed to look like branch limbs and tabletops made of naturally felled trees.

Kitchen Stands

Usually, smaller spaces are lacking storage in the kitchen. A great way to bring in extra room for your cooking essentials is a kitchen cart. Look for one on wheels, so you can easily push it under a counter or table, and still have access to your spices, cookware, or other baking necessities. The Graham Kitchen Cart (3) is the stylish combination of functional and fashionable, complete with casters, storage drawer, and side hooks.


Try to open up your space with a statement mirror. Mirrors create a feeling of wide, open roominess. They can make your tiny home have an extra “window,” adding reflective light and airy spaciousness to your spot. We love the River Ridge Mirror (4), because the mixed woods allow you to elegantly bring together your eclectic wood toned furniture without feeling forced. Its modern appeal brings a fresh and retro aesthetic to any itty-bitty dwelling.

Storage Boxes

The key to any small space is organization and neatness. Storage boxes are a great way to keep your belongings categorized and easy-to-find. Consider adding vertical storage to your room by adding a overhead shelf to display your boxes, or stack them in a corner for easy access. The Block Cut Boxes (5) are rustic and charming. They will fashionably store your accessories out-of-sight behind earthy tiles over a resin base, designed to withstand the test of time.

Serving Trays

Give yourself extra tabletop space instantly with serving trays. They are the perfect solution for extra dinner guests, handing out drinks, or working couch side. If you’d like breakfast in bed, a picnic lunch, or a television-side dining experience, voila! The best part is that they are portable, and you can easily store them when you aren’t using them. The Profile Tray (6) is simple, yet functional. Available in your choice of a chestnut or espresso finish, they match any decor and make living small feel like you’re living large.

Downsized Desks

Don’t overwhelm your small space with a large desk. Instead, choose a furnishing that doesn’t take up a lot of room, such as the Hairpin Desk (7). With its modern metal legs, hidden curved drawer, and an open cubby for all the essentials, this piece is ideal for the lower square footage city life. Place this petite beauty beside your bed to let it function as a nightstand/workspace in one, using your mattress as a seat.

Shrink Your Sofa

Don’t try to bring large living room groups into your small space. Instead of trying to fit a couch and a loveseat into your living area, consider bringing in a loveseat and a chair. There often are smaller sofas and pieces that offer the seating area with taking up too much space. Don’t trust websites to order furniture unless they have full dimensions of the piece, and if possible, try to see the furnishing in person before bringing it into your micro-home. The Kelia Accent Chair (8) (which also has a matching small-sized settee), is perfect for small spaces that are looking to make a mid-century statement.

Storage on Wheels

The small homes that work best are the spaces where every object has a place. Stay organized with the industrial Locker Cabinet with Drawers (9). With 9 smaller drawers, you’ll find a home for all of your junk, keeping the clutter from taking over your precious space. Look for storage furniture with wheels, as mobile furniture allows you to recreate space to accommodate your needs time and again.

Open Shelving

Shelves are essential in small spaces. Many times, people don’t utilize the vertical space that a home has, and shelves allow for extra storage. The urban CoQuette Bookcase (10) is compact, and its open ladder design isn’t too heavy for tiny homes. Just because a space is small, doesn’t mean that you can’t display your decorations, photos, and objects that make home feel like home.

Multi-functional Furniture

Make living in a small space work like a well-oiled machine with furniture that serves several purposes. The Gladstone Futon (11) is a great space-saver, as it functions both as a sofa and a bed. We love that this piece doesn’t look like a traditional futon, and it even has two built-in cup holders. Hideaway under-bed storage allows you to store pillows and blankets for the extra sleep space. Other multi-functional pieces to look include a storage ottoman as a coffee table, a padded bench for dining/extra seating, and occasional chests as tables.

Floor Lamps

Small spaces feel smaller when they are dark, so make sure you don’t forget to bring the light in to let your tiny home shine! If you don’t have the surface space for a table lamp, consider a floor lamp, as they don’t take up any table space. Two of our stylish favorites are the Balanced Floor Lamp and the Draper Floor Lamp.

5 Ways to Incorporate Ottomans into Your Home

What do you do with an ottoman? This glorified version of a footrest always seems to accompany your sofa set, but unlike most furniture, this piece can easily become one of the most versatile pieces in the home! Ottomans aren’t just for living rooms. Whether it’s at the foot of a bed, in a child’s playroom, or in your dining room, the ottoman is a definite must-have item for a simple and stylish way to up-do your home. You’ll never want to keep your ottoman hidden again with these five ways to make sure any room in the house is both comfortable and a convenient hangout spot for your friends and family. The selection of ottomans from Furniture Row has everything you need. Check out these pieces and implement them into your home using the fun tips below and become the master designer everyone wants advice from.


Make a statement

You don’t always need an accent chair to bring fun colors or patterns that pop into your home. With a statement ottoman, you can get just the right amount of pizzazz for an easy way to bring your own unique style to any room. For easy color combinations, you can choose a color from your walls or any other room artifact and match the ottoman fabric to create a design that’s one-of-a-kind and truly all your own. Ottomans can stand out or look casual in any setting since they act as natural focal points. From tufted or tailored, to frilly or fluffy, there are endless amounts of options for a showstopper ottoman!

For trendy ottomans, Furniture Row’s Jenna Ottoman (4) adds round tufted charm in sweet beige for a soft and simple room addition, while the muted floral print of the Westchester Accent Ottoman (1) is great for a subtle-yet-sophisticated addition. Pair the ikat-inspired blue Haven Ottoman (3) with your sofa set for an eye-catching piece or let the Robins Nest Bench (2) offer sophisticated patterning in light palettes for a nice pinch of polished perfection.


Keep clutter at bay

Even if your home furniture is filled with drawers and cabinets, you can never have enough storage, so use an ottoman that will hide all that unwanted room clutter! Storage ottomans are best for items you want easy access to, so use them in any room as a simple solution for keeping organized and ready for all occasions. Storage ottomans are perfect for storing remote controls, game controllers, DVDs, or other living room essentials close to your television. They can store shoes in the bedroom and home entryway, keep all of your books and magazines or files out of sight in the office, or store blankets and pillows at the ready for a cozier lounging experience. Parents can also enjoy storage ottomans for simple and safe toy and game storage that kids can play on top of without using the dining table. The amount of uses for storage ottomans is endless, so get creative!

Check out Furniture Row’s Cosmopolitan Storage Ottoman (1) that features steel gray upholstery versatile enough to fit in any room or the Aspen Hills Ottoman (2) gorgeously boasts mahogany-colored leather for that extra amount of style. For more leather-like luxury, the tufted-topped Lakeshore Ottoman (3) perfect for rectangular-shaped storage, while the contemporary and chic light gray Chandelier Ottoman (4) unique round storage.


Use it as a coffee/cocktail table

If you don’t happen to have a coffee table and need a quick place to put your steaming cup of espresso as you read the morning paper, an ottoman is the perfect solution. Flat-topped ottomans are great for coffee, cocktails, or other drinks out on the patio or in the living room, and create a unique gathering spot for you and your guests as you sit and socialize. They’re also a great mini floor table for your kids as they snack during playtime and are baby-friendly since they don’t have sharp corners! Stand out from the crowd with a table that you can accessorize with to match your sofa’s upholstery, or bring a fun, new pattern to the mix.

Furniture Row’s geometric print Vestige Ottoman (1) is a long, rectangular piece perfect for enjoying cool cocktails, and the Livingston Ottoman (4) is the sunny yellow coffee table everyone needs to warm up their morning!

Get extra seating

Don’t let bulky chairs get in the way of a good time! If you have a lot of guests but only a couple couches, ottomans are great substitutions for living room seats, dining chairs, or kids chairs. For an easy bench or window seat, push two ottomans together for a delightful soft spot for two. You can also make the most out of your dressing area with a sophisticated ottoman vanity seat! Easy to move and comfortable to sit on, ottomans are meant to help you make time spent in the home cozy and casual. Check out Furniture Row’s tailored and tan Glasgow Ottoman (3) for a smooth seat you will love!

Just sit back and relax: Last but not least, use ottomans for what they were originally meant for—a place to put up your feet! Furniture Row’s gorgeous gray Siesta Ottoman (2) is plush enough to place your feet as you nap in your favorite chair or prop them up while you finish a good book. Get the relaxation experience you deserve after a long day. The ottoman is the answer for style on otto-matic.

Precious Metals: Mix up the Shine

Metals are all the rage in home décor trends. Whether you love brilliant silver, bright gold, rosy copper, or vintage brass, it’s time to make your living space shine. Metallic finishes can add a sophisticated edge to your interior’s aesthetic and it’s easy to combine these accents with your current furnishings for an elegant makeover.


Shop Metallics: Facet Accent Lamp / Angelica Mirror / Chain Link Vases / Murray Accent Tables / Kendi Accent Chair / Facet Table / Gilded 4 Door Buffet / Marlena Ottoman /Aurora 10 Drawer Chest

Decadent in Gold

As one of the brightest metallics, gold accents create a lavish sense of luxury. Gold is timeless, rich, adventurous, and priceless. It is associated with wealth and power, and naturally adds light to a space. The yellow undertones of this metal create a warm, elegant room and go well with reds, rich purples, emerald greens, rose pinks, and navy blues. If you really want your gold to shine, keep the rest of the room monochrome in black or white and let the metal take the spotlight.

Lavish in Silver

Light and bright, silver is clean and adds the perfect amount of shine to any room. Silver is simple, sophisticated, functional, and versatile. It can be used in a casual living space, as well as a more formal setting. Silver can be used as a neutral, and its white base makes it blend with most interiors effortlessly. This metal pairs well with olive green, soft blues, fun corals, bright pinks, and virtually all shades of gray. Play with shiny silver for an elegant look and give brushed nickel a try for a softer vibe.

Cheery in Copper

Copper is completely unique, and when used in decorating, this metal makes a big statement. Copper is cheerful, original, quirky, warm, and inviting. Its rosy undertones will give your home a fresh feel and a home vibe. Copper is one material that has great flexibility in how it’s finished and displayed. It can be dark or light, dull or lustrous, all depending on its finish. It can be both masculine and feminine based on what it is paired with. Copper goes best with neutrals such as browns, grays, blacks, whites, and tans, letting this metal be the pop of “color” in a room. It also looks good with light pink or turquoise.

Bold in Brass

Get a touch of vintage sophistication by bringing in some brass to your home. Brass is bold, antiquated, loud, glamorous, and magical. This metallic has a lot of personality, and can feel both clean and neat, as well as fancy and delicate. Brass can have either a polished or antiqued finish, and fits in with a variety of design aesthetics. Brass complements maroon, mustard, powder blue, light brown, and vibrant greens.

Metallic Home Accents

[gmedia id=14]

Metal Finishes

Polished: This finish is reflective and creates a mirror-like surface on home accents. It is the shiniest of metals, and appears clean and new.

Antiqued: Metals that are antiqued often feel vintage in appearance. Often antiqued metals are tarnished or have a patina to create a weathered charm.

Hammered: Small indents add texture on a hammered metal. This finish appears to be “hammered” for an industrial look.

Brushed: This finish is matte and you can often see the faint brushstrokes in the metal. Brushed metals are softer and don’t show fingerprints or smudges as much as a polished finish.

Gilded: A gilded surface is covered thinly with gold leaf or gold paint. It still has the shine of a metallic finish, but has a softer quality to it.

Mixing Metals

Remember, you don’t have to commit yourself to one single metal. It’s very fashionable to mix metals if done in the correct way. Below, find some tips on how to gracefully mix metals in a room.

  • Start with the accents. If you are afraid of purchasing big metal items like furniture, invest in metallic accents such as picture frames, candleholders, or lamps. Get a couple of each metal you want to incorporate and place them throughout the room.
  • Spread metals throughout the room instead of in one concentrated area. Separate metallic accents through height such as incorporating a wall mirror, a lamp, and metal furniture legs to effortlessly spread the shine.
  • Experiment with nailhead trim. Many furnishings already have this trendy metallic trim, but you can also DIY by purchasing nailheads from your local fabric or craft store. HGTV has a tutorial on the specifics of this technique.
  • Let mixed metals complement each other through style instead of color. If you want a vintage aesthetic, pick antiqued silver and gold pieces to combine. If you want a fancy vibe, choose metallics that are ornately designed. You can also find matching coordinates by shape.
  • Don’t use more than three metals in a space. Mixing metallic accents can add depth and texture to a room, but more than three different finishes can overwhelm an area.
  • Keep it subtle. Don’t clutter a space with too many metals and be sure to incorporate natural neutralizers such as wood, iron, texturized fabrics, and muted artwork. You don’t want your metals to be competing for attention.


Lone Tree Design Studio: Grace Schlader’s Spring Picks

*Program available in select locations only.

We know that shopping for furniture for your home can be difficult, but Furniture Row makes it easy by offering complimentary design services. The interior designers at each of the store’s locations are helping customers find exciting new ways to customize, personalize, and stylize their homes using texture, contrast, color, and pattern.

Grace Schlader, a Design Studio Designer at the Furniture Row of Lone Tree, Colorado, took time away from her busy schedule to talk to the Front Door about how she helps clients create their dream homes. She also gave us some tips on how to decorate our own spaces and threw in some of her top furniture picks for spring.

Front Door Lone Tree Design Studio Blog Preview

Front Door: How do you describe your signature design style?

Grace Schlader: I describe my design style as thoughtful eclectic – I believe that the difference between a beautiful home and a staged house in a décor magazine is all about the personal touches. I think it’s important to bring together a combination of textures and materials. Furnishings should be a combination of practical, interesting, and a personal attachment to the owner. I love mixing metals, layering patterns, using lots of different textures, and dropping in touches of different styles. Leave room for yourself to still adopt future things in to your home: art from a local exhibit, an accessory from a special trip, or a family heirloom. Going with an eclectic décor style allows you bring in just about anything you may be drawn to, instead of dismissing an amazing piece because it doesn’t meet one specific style.

FD: Where do you draw the most inspiration for spring décor?

GS: Soft, light neutrals as a base make a room airy, inviting, and bright. Pop your favorite colors in accents. Leaving a trail of color will draw ones eye around the room and out the windows to the beauty of spring.

FD: Do you have any tips for decorating/updating your home for the warmer months?

GS: Updating your accessories by adding in bright colors and reflective surfaces can breathe fresh air into a space. Buy some new throw pillows, add some bright colorful trinkets, change out your lighting, or bring in a new rug or artwork.

FD: What color, pattern, or texture do you find yourself turning to again and again? Why are you drawn to them?

GS: I keep finding myself drawn to distressed patterns and finishes. I’m loving rugs with a worn look, colors blurring together in artwork, metals with a patina, and reclaimed mixed woods with burnishing or touches of paint.

FD: What element of a room do you recommend starting with and why?

GS: I recommend starting with the furniture arrangement. Breaking down the practical needs and scale of the room first opens the door for creativity in the selection of finishes.

FD: What’s your favorite space in your own home?

GS: My house is very small, less than 700 sq. ft. Despite the small spaces, the great room (if you can call it that), still feels open. The great room includes our entry (makes up for our lack of closet storage), the dining room, the family room, and our office. I’ve decorated using a great combination of things I love, and yet the room is still incredibly functional.

FD: Do you currently have any projects to share with the Front Door?

GS: Personally, my next big project is getting outside and getting dirty. I’m looking forward to diving into gardening this spring. I’m an Iowa girl at heart.

FD: Do you see any trends forming this spring, leading into summer?

GS: I think we will see more interesting textures in textiles. Fun pillows, throws, rugs, and upholstery options including interesting patterns, weaves, course sisal, soft furs, braids, knots, and fringe.

FD: Anything else we should know about you?

GS: With every client I work with, I’m always surprised by the beautiful and personalized space we put together for them. I’m happy to continue to create individual designs for every unique person I work with.


Grace 735x830

Shop Grace’s spring picks, and learn how to style them in your own home:

  • Livingston Sectional (8): I love the clean lines and fresh accent colors that complement the trendy yet neutral gray base. I love the addition of the accent ottoman for fun and contrast. Both of these pieces are fabulously priced.
  • Paci Console Table (3): Environmentally conscious teak root meets bold sculptural! This piece brings the outside in and looks great with traditional to contemporary to rustic décor. This piece is eye-catching in an entryway or as the center of attention at the back of a sofa.
  • Raja Bookcase (5): This furnishing is light and airy, but heavy on the character. This intricately carved bookcase can bring together a quiet library space or stand boldly as a whimsical room divider.
  • Rocket Chair (10): A splash of Robin Egg blue will bring a refreshing splash of spring color indoors. With its dramatic and modern solid wood frame, the Rocket Chair is on-trend and a fresh addition this spring.
  • Facet Table Lamp (6): Facet accents and mixed metals are where it’s at this season. Mix those golds, coppers, silvers, and gunmetal grays. Tarnished or shining; a combination of metallics will create a warm and interesting space all your own.
  • Lake House Trestle Table (9): Gather around this table with friends, family, and good food. Add the Vintage Blue Side Chairs (not pictured) for a pop of color and a surprisingly comfy seat for family board game nights. Mix it up coming in to the kitchen with the Sequoia barstools for everyone to gather around the kitchen island.
  • Accessorizing Favorites: “Let’s Run Away” Framed Print, Carolina Baskets, Oki Vases (4), Speculation Canvas (7), Sprocket Mirrors (1), Owl Canisters (2)

Meet our other Design Studio Designers:

Aurora, CO: Sarah Portugal
Denver, CO: Randi Gibson
Lakewood, CO: Gina Carpenter
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Holland, OH: Taylor Haake
Davenport, IA: Barbara Langley
Fort Wayne, IN: Jamie Larkin
Charlotte NC: Patricia Weeks

Step Inside the 2016 Colorado Springs St. Jude Home

The 2016 Colorado Springs St. Jude Dream Home and its furnished interior design, complements of Furniture Row and Denver Mattress, are finally complete! Located just northeast of downtown Colorado Springs in nearby Falcon, Colorado, this dream home is nestled in the Banning Lewis Ranch Homes subdivision off a road with a spectacular mountain backdrop of the Rockies including Pikes Peak. This beautiful St. Jude’s home built for the first-time-ever by Covington Homes is 3,100 square feet full of open-spaced bliss with five bedrooms and three-and-a-half baths.

With a luxurious gourmet kitchen with stainless appliances and quartz countertops, striking vaulted ceilings, wrought iron railings, wood floors, and plush carpets, the St. Jude’s 2016 Colorado Springs Home is everything you thought it would be and then some! Luckily, we got to take a peek at the heavenly home and get the inside scoop on the selected pieces from Barbara Chandler, Buyer and Designer at Furniture Row.

But before we get started, make sure you buy your tickets now and have your chance to win the home or other awesome prizes for the St. Jude Dream Home Giveaway 2016. Tours of the house will run from April 30th to June 5th on Saturdays from 9 am – 5 pm, and Sundays from noon – 5 pm. The winner will be announced on Friday, June 10th, 2016 from 4:30 – 7 pm on KKTV 11 News.



Check out the photos below for a look at the beautifully designed 2016 Dream Home, that, *fingers crossed*, might get to be yours!

St. Jude Dream Home Exterior

Front Exterior

The exterior is very inviting with its elegant and creative decor. Featuring lanterns full of crisp, white candles, potted accents, and plush ottoman seating, the ambiance around the front door is infused with cheerful hints of spring. The architectural, craftsman-inspired design in a neutral palette makes this dream house a place that anyone can call home!

St. Jude Dream Home Office/Entry


Upon entry, the hallway is casually designed with a mixture of reclaimed and rustic furnishings to put together a balanced look of old and new. This space features many blue, mint, and gray colored tones that carry throughout the entire house, as well as eclectic metallic accent pieces and soft fabrics.

One of Barbara’s favorite pieces, the Pagoda Chest, can be found right at the entrance underneath the airy and elegant Harper Glass Table Lamp, creating an open and inviting ambiance.

“I actually have that in my house,” Barbara says admiring the classic, silhouetted chest.

Adjacent to the walkway, the Santa Cruz Console openly stores plants and also brings natural warmth to the space. The recycled fir wood of this piece adds to the reclaimed and rustic vibe of the home and is well accented by the Mercury Glass Buffet Lamp, which incorporates a shiny, contemporary twist. These pieces are complemented by the eclectic and vintage-inspired Ogee Rug.

To the left of the entrance, the office also boasts rustic styling with the Brownstone Desk and Brownstone File Cabinet, more favorites of Barbara’s. These pieces are beautifully made of reclaimed pinewood combined with a cool metal base for a one-of-a-kind, industrial-vintage feel.

Clean-cut and contemporary pieces are scattered throughout the room as well. The Rocket Accent Chair comfortably sits beside the desk, a nice addition to the rustic Marie Metal Chair. The Rochester Table Lamp brings a polished metallic accent to the mix, while the Hartford Wire Mesh Cabinet is both functional and fashionable.


Living Room

Continuing through the open floor plan, the entrance hall leads to the back of the house, where you can find the living room. In this space, there are eclectic pieces that Barbara says are really unique to the open space and the large windows that bring in a lot of natural light. Two Modena Sofas are beautifully upholstered in rich, brown leather for a rustic feel and are situated around the exotic Montana Coffee Table, which is easily the most interesting piece in the house. With a slender glass plate atop a large tree root as base, Barbara says she was inspired by the nature of Colorado when selecting this hearth of the home. Being able to choose items such as the Montana, is what Barbara believes makes the selection at Furniture Row so great and so fun to decorate with.

“Our buyers are fantastic. They’re really good at what they do. The reclaimed and one-of-a-kind pieces are great. Especially for a designer,” Barbara said.

As for how she selects which items to display, Barbara opts to focus on the products that tell the story of Furniture Row to get people excited.

“I try to do what’s relevant at the moment and what really showcases Furniture Row. Most of the time people come to our store, and might say, ‘I had no idea you had that!’”

As far as creativity goes, Barbara says the design for the 2016 St. Jude’s Home in Colorado Springs spurred from a number of things and undoubtedly resulted in a design that is completely original, a concept that can be found in many products at Furniture Row.

“I find inspiration everywhere. Everything is inspiring,” Barbara said.

In the living room, you can also find the Cornet Accent Chair, Urban Loft End Table, and the Rockport Table Lamp for a look that is original and sophisticatedly eye-catching.


Kitchen/Dining Room

Next to the living room, the kitchen is versatile with stainless appliances and quartz countertops. The gray-toned rectangular tile kitchen walls add clean, contemporary style and dark cabinets situate around a white and beige island for a spacious feeling. For more clean and trendy design, the Segovia Table Lamp adds a simple white accent in addition to three sleek white Calydon Barstools that complement the rustic Foundry End Table, a unique combination of embellished metal and wood.

In the dining room beside the kitchen, the sleek, chocolate Urban Loft Dining Table joins six Shimmer Parson Side Chairs for a romantic, velvety dining experience that is perfect for casual or elegant occasions.

The uniquely patterned Ibiza Table Lamp is a functional piece of pottery that completes the rustic and eclectic atmosphere. For sophisticated nighttime occasions, the Ridding Wine Rack is a nice touch for displaying your favorite drinks.

The dining room is Barbara’s favorite room in the house, although she said that it was really hard to decide. Her favorite artifact that adorns the walls for even more exquisite and elegant touch are the Sapa runners, made by the Hmong people of rural Vietnam, that are hand-woven from locally harvested hemp and dyed with indigo.

“I love the mix of metal and reclaimed wood with a more contemporary style dining table. I love the blue lamps, and of course the runners. Those are very special to me from just being there and meeting the women that make them and the history that goes behind them. I feel like it’s an honor to have these in Colorado!” she said.


Loft/Upstairs Laundry Room

Upstairs, the casual comfort carries to the loft, which features the Arabesque Coffee Table, the navy blue Bellamy Sofa, and the sleek Perry Park Accent Chair for a relaxed atmosphere that is soft to the touch. The Del Norte Cabinet wonderfully brings traditional beauty to the mix with antique glass mirror inserts and a stone top above a paned chest and also prominently displays the unique Buchanan Lamp and fun white and turquoise Tuka Vases. In the corner of the loft, the Branch Forest End Table also boasts whimsical and enchanted charm that you are bound to notice.

In the adjacent laundry room, the same Brownstone File Cabinet (which matches the desk from the downstairs office) provides convenience upstairs for your laundry essentials. The Segovia Table Lamp brings crisp and clean light.



Master Bedroom

No house is complete without a beautiful master bedroom! The gray Lauren King Upholstered Bed combines clean lines with lovely style for a look that is soft and elegant. This gorgeous charcoal tufted bed spotlights the many shades of blue and cream throughout the room.

Beside the bed, the Steel Frame Bubble Buffet incorporates reclaimed rustic style once again with its chic and decorative woodcarving drawers combined with metal. The luminescent Rhodes Mercury Table Lamp is a gorgeous light fixture that is an eye-catching addition for added coziness.

In a reading corner, the unique Branch Forest Nesting Tables sit next to the lovely Lim Accent Chair for a cool and collective relaxation spot.

In the closet, the Raja Bench is perfect for more storage or seating, and enhances the eclectic use of sculpted wood with its exquisite scalloped detailing.


Nursery and Girl’s Room

Furniture Row also has a unique crib collection, and the nursery in the far left corner exhibits beautifully-made items for your baby. The Jameson 3-in-1 Crib includes toddler bed rails that will grow alongside your child and also features added comfort and support with the Madison Crib Mattress.

The blue and gray palette of the nursery features a pop of bright peach with throw pillows and art that is a bright accent against the softness of the cream colored SM Comfort Accent Chair and the rustic washed Lisbon Armoire. More Branch Forest Tables make this a cozy spot similar to the reading corner of the master bedroom, and the fun yet simple designs of both the Harper Glass Table Lamp and the Riley Beige Table Lamp create added sophistication that is hard to beat.

In the girl’s room down the hall from the nursery, the white Bristol Valley bedroom set is complete with a full captain’s bed, a nightstand, a dresser, and a mirror for a polished princess look with more bold pops of peaches and pinks in addition to blues and grays. Another set of Riley Beige Table Lamps on the nightstands bring more unique style to this sophisticated kid’s room and sets a simple contrast to the bright colors and sparkly accents.


Boys’ Bedrooms

In the basement, there is plenty of childhood fun with two bedrooms for boys. In one room, a Frankfort Navy Daybed with a trundle is the perfect place for a little one to relax and is a sleek complement to the Urban Quarters Nightstand and the Urban Quarters Bench found in the hallway. Another Rochester Table Lamp and Marie Metal Chair are also great metallic accents alongside the navy blue boy’s theme.

In the second boy’s bedroom, the distressed and reclaimed Jaipur Bedroom set features a storage bed, nightstand, mirror, and media chest. The Jaipur Bedroom is right on trend-with its reoccurring use of antiqued mahogany. Both the Edison Table Lamp and the La Cantera Table Lamp add an eccentric twist that accompanies the exoticness of the Jaipur set. For a finishing touch, the bold colored patterning on the upholstery of the Prism Accent Chair creates the fun and wild style kids love.


Basement Fun Room

The last room in the house is easily the most livable room to hang out in whether you’re a kid or an adult! The wide-open space of the basement fun room is perfect for social gatherings and cool hangouts, so Barbara made sure the design was both casual and comfortable.

The giant room utilizes the space for two different purposes—to dine or to simply relax. The Foundry 2 Pc. Home Theater Wall is the primary focus of attention during movie night, and the Siesta Sectional is the perfect place to get cozy. Two large Reese Iron Round Tables atop a funky Oracle Ariel Rug are wonderfully made to hold a board game or a cup of coffee as you chat with your friends or family, and the basement fun room holds tons of surface space with the addition of the beautiful Foundry End Table that holds the Cooper Table Lamp and the Chinese Alter Table.

Bold and fun patterned, the Dot & Dash Ceramic Table and the Oxford Oceanside Chairs are the perfect places to perch, and a collection of Marie Metal Chairs are versatile enough for adults to sit in for drinking and kids to sit in for coloring.

In the dining area, the Rustamod collection features a buffet, a large and small hutch, a 54” dining table, a bench, a buffet, and an adjustable barstool, which are beautiful dark wooden pieces that accent the rustic Quarry Metal Cabinet.


Outdoor Patio

 To complete the casualness of the 2016 St. Jude’s Colorado Spring Dream Home, the Brookstone outdoor set adds a comfortable and collected air to the breezy outdoor patio. Featuring a chair, sofa, love seat, coffee table, and end table, the Brookstone creates the home of your dreams with resin woven wicker and versatile contemporary cream cushions. Relax outside in the beautiful mountain air of Colorado Springs, and enjoy the bliss of this wonderful home for a cause.

Love what you’ve seen so far? Be sure to stop by the St. Jude Dream Home during one of the open houses:


April 30 – June 5


Saturdays, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Sundays, noon – 5 p.m.


Banning Lewis Ranch
7024 Jagged Rock
Colorado Springs, CO 80927

Learn more about the St. Jude Dream Home Giveaway at

Global Pursuits: Furniture Trends


Furniture Row buyers literally travel around the world to find the latest and greatest in global furniture trends. They are constantly looking for inspiration to bring customers the most stylish pieces, and making sure that those furnishings and accessories meet the high standards of craftsmanship, quality, and ethical production that the company sets.

Last month, two of our buyers (Amy Foster and Barb Chandler) packed their suitcases, grabbed their passports, and made the 8,400 mile trip to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, where their journey began.

The Trade

“Furniture Row is often asked if we have a factory in Vietnam,” says Amy Foster, accessories and Lost & Found buyer. “Furniture Row does not have a factory in Vietnam. It’s actually much cooler than that! We have a trading company (BCFX) which allows us to source from multiple factories, consolidate, and mix this product together, and then ship it out to our stores!”

Furniture Row was actually the first company to hold a foreign trading license in Vietnam – the first! This trading company, part of Furniture Row, allows Furniture Row USA to buy smaller quantities of goods, hand picked from several factories. “This process allows us to provide our customers with the best product. For example, the Lost & Found collection consists of one-of-a-kind, handmade furnishings,” Barb says. “Since we only buy a small amount of each item, once it’s gone, it’s gone! It’s nice to know that when you go into a Furniture Row store, you can stumble upon a hidden treasure that none of your friends will have.”


Once arriving in Vietnam, our buyers were immediately surrounded by culture and inspiration. With an estimated eight million motorbikes on the road of Ho Chi Minh, often used to transport a variety of goods, the city streets reminded our team of the mixed media and industrial aviator trends that are gaining popularity in the US. “The home décor that you are going to see coming out in the next months is very much focused on curiosity design, for instance furnishings with exposed parts and a focus on how stuff works,” Amy says. “Think moving parts, mixing wood with metal, vintage Edison light bulbs, raw blueprints. It creates a home style that is very sophisticated and urban.”

In between other activities in the country (including posing with Vietnam associates for International Women’s Day), they also saw other style sparks influencing current home décor fashions. From a shop owner in Hanoi (the countryside of Vietnam) and her green produce sporting one of the biggest colors of the moment, to the pom pom accents that you’ll be seeing more of this fall, Furniture Row enjoyed getting to the source of where many of our gorgeous pieces begin.

Get Vietnam inspired style tips here China As the trip continued, the team got to see the beauty and care that’s not typically associated with China. “It’s important to Furniture Row that quality and ethical practices are ingrained in each and every furnishing we sell,” Amy tells the Front Door, “And that value doesn’t change in any country.” After making some last minute sample changes in the furniture workshop, the buyers got to see the beautiful Asian country. At a temple, magnificent tiered tower pagodas hinted at another design style that is becoming more and more in vogue. “The mid-century aesthetic is very popular right now, but there are many people that think it’s not really their style. Modern isn’t the only contemporary right now,” Barb explains. “Elegant traditional furniture is in high demand. Classic silhouettes and cultivated design is what everyone is loving. It’s so fashionable to be timeless.”

If classic nouveau is your contemporary, keep your eye out for the Pagoda Chest, coming mid-April to Furniture Row!

View more photos of the Furniture Row buyer trip on Instagram

Color Theory: Grey

As one of the biggest color trends, grey is the new neutral that’s here to stay. Versatile enough to be incorporated as an accent to existing décor, and rich enough to stand alone, grey can be a subtle backdrop, or the colorful center of attention. To showcase grey and how easily you can bring the color trend home, we’ve put together some favorite furnishings and accents featuring it.

From grey-all-over sofas to accents with inflections of silver and everything in between, grey pieces for the home add depth, and designer-inspired style that’s trendy yet timeless. 


  1. Foil Knit Grey and Silver Throw – We love the cozy, rich cable knit of this blanket. With silver tones throughout, this piece can be draped over a sofa, bench, or your lap! Add trendy style and classic comfort to any space with this go-to throw!
  2. Cosmopolitan Sofa – This great-in-grey sofa is modern, comfortable and versatile. It features overall color that can be paired with vibrant accent pillows, or with neutral shades for a more subdued look.
  3. Fedora Barstool– This barstool features sleek lines, leather-like upholstery and a cool grey color that ties the look together. Add this grey piece to a bar counter, or anywhere you need additional seating and style!
  4. Grigio Upholstered Queen Bed – This upholstered bed is a romantic, elegant take on grey. Soft, inviting and stylish, this bed has it all.
  5. Foil Knit Grey and Silver Pillow – This grey and silver throw pillow combines metallic and soft, classic knit style, and we love it. Cozy like its blanket counterpart, this pillow can be tossed anywhere at all for a instant touch of trendy grey.
  6. Essential Sheet Set – We spend much of our time sleeping, so why not do it in style? Comfortable, soft, and trendy in grey, the Essential Sheet Set in Grey is a subtle way to incorporate the it color into your home.
  7. Dark and Stormy Vase – With specs of blue, silver, black and of course grey, this mosaic accent vase is a bold addition to your grey decor. We really like the movement, texture, and variation of tones it brings!
  8. Oliver Accent Chair – This traditional wingback chair gets an update with trendy grey; neutral enough to pair with colorful accent pillows, a patterned rug, or a lively sofa, this chair is a grey must-have!

Update Your Home for the Holidays with Festive Pillows

There’s no place like home for the holidays, and if you’re looking to add some seasonal cheer to your space, accent pillows are quick and on-trend way to incorporate the winter holidays with your existing furnishings.

For a wintery twist on holiday style, we love cream accent pillows like the Bear Family Decorative Pillow, the Wreath Decorative Pillow, and the White Poinsettia Pillow paired with blues like the Foil Knit Blue and Silver Holiday Pillow. The cream and silver accents pop against blue to capture the colors of a winter wonderland. Metallics like silver are a subtle nod to Christmas ornaments, and bring that special sparkle to give your home a holiday lift.


This living room vignette features richly textured and winter-wonderful pillows that instantly transform your regular lounge style into one that is merry and bright! The Foil Knit and Cream Throw lets you cozy up, and brings another layer of warmth and depth to this space.


Whether in your living room or a bedroom, pillows like the Vertical Snowflake Pillow and the Winter Mittens Pillow make any room holiday-ready, and even cozier. A plus to accenting your rooms with blue, cream and white is that you can enjoy your throw pillows long past the Christmas holiday and into the winter months.

Now, if you’re looking to go the more traditional holiday route, nothing says holly & jolly like red ! We love red because it is bold, lively and pairs well with a variety of neutral shades. The Poinsettia Pillow and the Foil Knit Red and Gold Holiday Pillow really pops and complements the beige and cream of the Deer Silhouette Decorative Pillow and the White Poinsettia Holiday Pillow. 


In any room of your home, red accent pillows add an iconic burst of holiday color. Pair with plaid as shown, or get creative with your own eclectic combination of accent pillows.



No matter how you holiday, staple pieces like the Foil Knit Cream and Silver Pillow add a festive feel, and with some creativity can be used year-round after the holiday has ended. To shop the complete selection of holiday pillows and throws, be sure to check out this selection. Happy holidays from the Front Door!

Pantone’s Color of 2016 is a Trendsetting Duo

2016 is the first-ever year to have two hues in harmony chosen as Pantone’s Color the Year: Rose Quartz and Serenity. Rose Quartz is a delicate blush tone that’s not too pink, nor too pale; Serenity is an ethereal blue that complements the warmth of its Pantone partner.

The pair challenges the norm of one color or one feeling being the year’s trend–and provides wonderful flexibility in interpretation and application of color. “These two harmonious colors are both soft & serene & can easily be incorporated, no matter your style.”, offers Design Studio expert Sarah Portugal.  Sarah also points out the calming feeling the colors evoke, and how they may serve as reminders of harmony often lacking: “In a world where everything is right at our fingertips & fast paced, it’s time to create a sense of quiet & peace.  What better way is there than with color?”

We really love that two colors that are so often imbued with opposing significance or meaning work in harmony as Pantone’s 2016 pick. On this, designer Taylor Niese shares “It is exciting that this feels like not only a 2016 color trend but a statement of equality and peace”. No matter the application or interpretation, Rose Quartz and Serenity are sure to dominate interior design and fashion for the coming year.


Reminiscent of nature’s most beautiful moments–like sun on a mountainside –they can take on different depths to complement a variety of colors, like oranges, deep purples and rusts.


When drawing inspiration from these weightless, airy shades, you can pair them with colors that speak to you. Sea foam, sky blue, blush, or real red can really pop against Rose Quartz and Serenity.


There are no rules when incorporating these colors into your world. Add Rose Quartz and Serenity to your space, and pair them with other colors that resonate with you. 


Aurora Design Studio: Sarah Portugal’s Winter Wonderful Picks

*Program available in select locations only.

Furniture Row’s complimentary Design Studio program continues to grow by popular demand across the country, and our team of expert interior designers is happily expanding along with it! We are very excited to feature Aurora, CO design studio expert Sarah Portugal, and her holiday furniture picks!

Thank you to Sarah for taking the time to share her inspiration, design insights, and top products for the upcoming holiday season! Read on for the interview with Sarah, and links to her winter wonderful picks.


Interview with Sarah Portugal of Aurora, CO Design Studio


How do you describe your design style?
As the trends in design and fashion change, so do I!  There are so many layers to my design aesthetic, but I would classify my current style as sophisticated fun with tones of modern retro chic, layered with a classic foundation.  A mouthful I know, but I’ve always been drawn to Mid-century modern infused with industrial and vintage glam accents.  That’s why this mod rustic industrial love affair we have going on right now is right up my alley.  I love creating spaces that have ties to the past and present while telling your story.

How do you begin the process of designing and styling a space?
I always enjoy getting to know my client as much as possible beginning with what they love about their space and what they don’t.  I then move to an understanding of what they have in mind to change or update.  For example my client may have a nice great room for their family leisure activities, but is planning a holiday gathering and doesn’t know how to adapt their space for entertaining. The next step is to develop a concept.  I use that concept to guide me as I design and style the space – drawing inspiration from a color palette, a specific aesthetic feature, an accent piece, or perhaps an original item that the space already includes.  At the end of the day if I am able to capture their personality, family style and way of living using a selection of furniture, accents and accessories, then my creation is ready to be enjoyed for entertaining.

Where do you draw the most inspiration for holiday season décor?
I thoroughly enjoy the holidays, and I try to find new inspirations that I can draw from.  Right now I’m really into changing the textures and materials of accent pillows, throws and rugs.  I also like to cozy up with softer, warmer textiles when the weather turns crisp and cold.  Think of layering cable knit sweaters, leather boots & cozy cashmere scarves into your home as you would your winter wardrobe.  I also enjoy finding inspiration straight from nature by using dominant seasonal foliage such as branches, berries & pinecones.  When it comes to inspiration, your options are endless and remember to have fun with seasonal décor.

What are your design tips to make a home holiday-entertainment ready?
You should start with a theme – having a good idea of what you want your holiday atmosphere to feel like, smell like and of course look like should be the first step.  You can always save a few pennies and headaches by developing your theme based on your existing holiday décor.  You can then see what you’re missing and add in a few special pieces. Once that’s established go room by room designing little moments that reflect your theme.  You don’t have to overwhelm each space, less can be more, and you can save the grandeur vignettes for the bistro, dining, & kitchen areas of your home.  Think of where you will be entertaining the most, as well as where you want to make the biggest impact. Remember, you can easily create a cohesive design by carrying the same color palette, texture and other elements throughout your home for good holiday cheer!

What are your top 10 Furniture Row products for a creating a cozy holiday design at home?

Below are my Furniture Row favorites that you can incorporate into your home to create a cozy cohesive “Winter Chic” theme for the holidays!

  1. Riviera Sofa – The Riviera sofa has gorgeous classic lines with a modern material.  Its elegance can be paired with fun accent pillows, because although she is classy she is also super comfy!  Feel free to curl up under a yummy throw.
  2. Escape Pouf – The Escape Pouf is another fun way to bring in a punch of color & a heavier texture.  This will also be wonderful for additional seating for your holiday gathering, especially around a cozy crackling fireplace. Escape Accent Pillow is great too. Layer with the Eden teal settee, Riviera sofa & a few dining chairs for a fun accent & winter textile.
  3. Quatrefoil Gold Lamp – The Quatrefoil is a lovely lamp that can double as an accessory that you can put anywhere either illuminated or not.  Nest several together on your dining tables, server & bistro bar for that extra holiday sparkle!
  4. Antiqued Mercury Table Lamp – The Antiqued Mercury lamp is the definition of chic!  You can light up your home with this sparkly lighting element.  It reminds me of the old fashioned blown glass décor from the glam Hollywood era.  Infusing metal elements in your home also brings a nice neutral balance when using saturated color.
  5. Jocelyn Coffee Table – I love the swooping lines of the Jocelyn coffee table.  The X design looks like a pair of skis that you would find in the cute ski village in Whistler.   I also chose this table because it brings in that nice warm wood tone & is a nice complement to the Belle dining table.
  6. Haiku Mirror – The Haiku Mirror is a fabulous pop of holiday red that can be used in any room in your home.  I would create a statement wall with several of the mirrors as though they are like dangling ornaments or starbursts in a chilly winter sky.
  7. Eden Settee – The Eden Settee in teal has a striking appeal when paired with classic holiday red.  Incorporating teal into your holiday décor is a fun, fresh, modern take on cooler tones.  You can use several in your home, as a bench for your dining as well a traditional settee in your living room or even as entry seating in your foyer.
  8. Belle 5 piece Group – The Belle has sleek clean lines in a warm tone & is a good size for an abundant spread for holiday entertaining.  The chairs are pretty enough to stand on their own if extra seating is needed in your other rooms.
  9. Dash Chest – The Dash Chest brings in a nice contrast with white & silver for a little bling & is reminiscent of snow, silver bells & ice crystals.  This is a great piece for a foyer with the Haiku mirror incorporated.  The Dash is definitely a show stopper from our Lost & Found collection.
  10. Cable Knit Accent Pillow in Teal – The teal cable knit accent pillow will be cozy paired with powdery snow inspired style. Cable Knit Throw in Red let you layer up on color & texture with this warm accent paired with a good book & extra hot cup of tea.

For more from our Design Studio experts, be sure to check out Denver’s Randi Gipson, and her savvy style tips. Patricia Weeks of Charlotte also shares some great design insights, while Taylor Haake of Holland, OH shares some super fun fall picks!

November 2015 Calendar Download

November is right around the corner–and Autumn is in full swing. This month brings lots of fall festivities, the start of the holiday season–and a delicious bounty of tasty foods! Our Front Door original calendar download is inspired by the harvest season: It’s a colorful reminder of what we can be thankful for now, and year-round. Download is available in Mobile, Mac, and Desktop sizing. NOV-1920x1080

November Calendar 2015 1920×1080

November Calendar 2015 iPhone 5 

November Calendar 2015 iPhone 6 

November Calendar 2015 iPhone 6 Plus

November Calendar 2015 iPad

Lighting for Daylight Saving

This year Daylight Saving ends on Sunday, November 1. As the saying goes, we fall back one hour each Autumn, and while many relish the additional hour of sleep that follows, the extended darkness can be a downer. Before we let darker days get us down, lets plan to make our homes even brighter and cozier with a little design savvy.

Adding accent lamps throughout your house is a stylish way to combat the effects of Daylight Saving. From cheery table lamps to glamorous accent lighting, we’ve put together some fall favorites that beat back the darkness doldrums with their warm, inviting glow.


To get started, shop lamps that reflect your style, and meet your lighting needs. Lamps with 3-way switches allow you to control the lighting level, and can be adjusted for those dark fall hours. When choosing lamps, pieces that double as home accents will illuminate your space and style: Interesting base shapes, striking shades, colorful components, and one-of-a-kind designs can make all the difference during Daylight Saving, and year-round. Here are a few of our favorites:

  1. We LOVE the look of the Draper Table Lamp. Featuring mid-century style, this wrought iron lamp elegantly arcs and hangs to provide both ambient light, and the perfect amount of light for a cozy fall evening in!
  2. The Edison Table Lamp evokes the best of fall. With a warm copper accent on its base, and a natural round shade, the Edison combines organic elements with a touch of glam. Put this striking lamp on an end table next to a favorite chair, and cuddle up!
  3. Lamps come in all sizes and styles, and we love the cylindrical Quatrefoil Table Lamp. This column lamp gives off generous light, and adds visual interest to your space. Shed some light and a whole lot of style with this lamp on a hallway table, a sofa table, or anywhere you like!
  4. With a more traditional ceramic-inspired base, the Charlotte Lamp in Cream brings warm, rustic style along with ample lighting. Great on a nightstand or end table, the Charlotte is a versatile accent in any space needing some light.
  5. Wow! The Ogee Table Lamp is a light looker! The open, airy sculptural base is eye-catching and elegant. Put this lamp on your favorite table, a desk, or in a reading nook and let its light shine.
  6. The Riley Beige Table Lamp is the go-to lamp for any room or area needing some lighting. It is versatile, stylish, and brings a whole lot of style without being overpowering to your existing design.
  7. The Riley Orange Table Lamp has got to top our fall favorite list for its color! Bold orange screams the season, and the geometric shade adds a pop. Bright, lively, and fun, this chic lamp is sure to cheer any space up.
  8. Lamps are great on end and side tables, but when it comes to adding lighting to your space, it’s great to get creative! Using a piece like the Retro Barstool as a stand for a lamp is a fun, simple way to allow for more lighting in more ways.


Peek Inside the St. Jude Denver Dream Home 2015

The 2015 Denver St. Jude Dream Home and its Furniture Row interior design are ready to be revealed! The home is situated just east of Denver’s downtown in the Green Valley Ranch community, with easy access to all the city offers. The beautiful Oakwood Homes build features 3,300 square feet of luxurious living space, plus an unfinished basement. With lovely floors throughout, upgraded fixtures and appliances, it really is dream-worthy!

Before we jump into the photo tour of the home, be sure to check out how you can win this amazing house–and support the important work St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital does. Purchase your ticket to be entered to win the grand prize home, as well as items including a 2016 MKC Lincoln, a $1,000 American Express gift card, and a Frigidaire front load washer and dryer set!

If you’re the early bird type, tickets purchased before September 25 for the Early Bird Prize: a deluxe five-night getaway for two to Iberostar Cancun in Mexico courtesy of Apple Vacations!

Check out the photos below for a look at the on-trend, off white interior design of the home. Dream-Home-Exterior

The exterior is an inviting, craftsman-inspired design in a neutral palette anyone can call home!


Upon entry we step into the sumptuous yet casual front room. This space is anchored by grey tones, and features off-white and mint accents throughout.

Furnished to be both functional and stylish, the room is a welcoming seating area. The Santa Cruz Sofa and Accent Chair add a designer feel that’s still neutral; the Cameron Coffee Table gives the seating area a focal point–and adds storage! The Viera Rug brings movement, texture, and ties together the palette of the room. And, to top it off, we love the touch of glam the Marlow Table and Floor Lamp add.

A quick turnaround from the sitting area, we find a great hallway design. Featuring the Horn Accent Table, this space incorporates natural elements, trendy home accents, and the Grand Central Light in J for an eclectic look.

Get the Look: Santa Cruz Sofa and Accent Chair // Cameron Round End Table and Coffee Table // Grand Central Lights Art // Marlow Table Lamp and Floor Lamp // Viera Ash Rug // Horn Accent Table //Metropolitan Table//Dudley Cabinet 


Just down the entryway, we find the office. This functional workspace combines traditional wood office pieces like the Seattle Home Office Group and the Gavin Desk Chair with some more elegant additions. For a trendy touch of glam, the room includes the Hagan Settee, Antiqued Mercury Lamp, studded Dash Chest, the Metropolitan Arm Chair, and the unifying Tempo Circles Rug.

Get the Look: Seattle Writing Desk, Hutch, File Base, Computer Base, and Open Hutch // Gavin Desk Chair // Hagan Settee // Antiqued Mercury Lamp // Tempo Circles Rug // Metropolitan Arm Chair // Dash Chest


In the the open-concept  living space, the family room features a Mid-Century-meets-today design. With retro-inspired pieces like the Mod Sofa, the Pacific Heights Coffee Table and End Table, and vintage Route 66 Art, the space feels streamlined, but homey. The more traditional Verano Accent Chair, the Tivoli Lamp in a lovely aqua, the Natural Edge Bench, and the Two Door Console combine to soften the space, and add texture.

Get the Look: Natural Edge Bench // Mod Sofa // Two Door Console // Pacific Heights End Table and Coffee Table // Chloe Lamp // Dalyn Rug // Route 66 Art // Midwest Art // Southwest Art // Tivoli Lamp// Verano Accent Chair


Continuing through the open floor plan, the family room flows into the beautiful eat-in kitchen. Featuring sleek appliances, upgraded cabinetry, and designer appointments, the kitchen really is amazing! We love the Fedora Stools at the island counter for their casual yet chic look. Just next to the island is the casual dining area: the Jasmine Table adds fresh, versatile style, the Belle Upholstered Chairs add classic flare. The Infiniti Quatrefoil Rug adds a vibrant splash of color with an iconic print to tie the whole space together.

Get the Look: Fedora Stool // Jasmine Table // Belle Upholstered Chair // Wake Up Art // Infiniti Quatrefoil Rug


On the second floor, the luxurious and tranquil master bedroom is a stylish oasis. Anchored by rich off-white tones, earthy materials, and accents of green, this space is an inviting retreat. We love the sleek Sullivan King Bed, and the complementing nightstand, dresser and mirror. This master bedroom features wonderful home accents that really set it apart: The Belle Lamp and its stamped metal finish brings texture to the room; the Faceted Mirror Side Tables add geometric appeal and glamor to the seating area anchored by the Basia Accent Chairs. The Sense Shag Rug softens the contemporary design, and adds warmth. The room is finished off with plush, neutral linens.

Get the Look: Sullivan King Bed, Dresser, Mirror, and Nightstand // Belle Lamp // Exquise Savon Art // Sense Shag Rug // Faceted Mirror Side Table // Accordion Mirrored Side Table // Basia Wood Accent Chair //Doctor’s Choice Elite Plush King Mattress // La Parfume De Fleurs Art // Bedworks Midtown Microfiber King Duvet


Down the hall from the amazing master suite are three whimsical and stylish children’s bedrooms. The nursery is styled in rich grey with colorful accents throughout. Baby-ready and parent-friendly, this space has many looks that will grow with your child: the sleek Axis Rocker, the fresh white Skyler Crib, the sleek and transitional Park Place Group, the on-trend Bradburry Downs Chevron Rug.

The next child’s room features the fresh and fun Summertime Full Storage Bed and the oh-so-beachy Beach Princess Bedding. Storage gets stylish with the Summertime Dresser and Nighstand, while the Sofia Lamp adds light and a cute touch of floral flare. For a grown-up accent, the Baseball Stitch Mirror is a great addition.

In the third youth bedroom, the Bristol Valley Twin Bunk Bed and storage piece brings a cool edge to the traditional bunk bed style. The Granada Diamonds Rug is fun yet sophisticated for this youth room–or any space needing color! The Mansfield Accent Chair is a mod, retro-inspired piece that rocks color and style kids will love into adulthood. The Surfs Up Bed in a Bag ties all the colors of this space together in one comfy place!

Get the Look: Bristol Valley Twin Bunk, Under Storage, Dresser, Mirror, and Nightstand // Doctor’s Choice Plush Twin Mattress // Mansfield Accent Chair // Granada Diamonds Rug // Marie Steel / Wood Chair // Surfs Up Bed in a Bag // Riley Beige Lamp // Summertime Full Storage Bed, Dresser, and Nightstand // Winterpark Combo Mattress // Sofia Lamp // Baseball Stitch Mirror // Beach Princess Bedding // Skyler Crib // Park Place Dresser, Mirror, and Nightstand // Axis Rocker // Bradburry Downs Chevron Rug // Finely Lamp // Organic Crib Mattress // Terra Firma Art


Central to the second floor of the home is the game room. Multi-purpose, it’s great for gathering for a game of cards, quietly reading a book, or hanging out with friends. Central to the inviting, comfortable style of this space is the Sarah Sectional. Soft, plush, and causal, the sofa is sure to be a favorite hangout. The room is accented by fall themed aspen tree decals that play off of the Golden Grove Canvas, and features the mid-century Sundara Tables.We love the warmth and texture of this room–and, with ample storage, lots of seating, and room to play, this game room is a winner!

Get the Look: Pacific Heights 3 Pc. Home Theater Wall//Golden Grove Canvas//Elements Bookcase//Sarah Sectional//Sundara Coffee and End Tables

Love what you’ve seen so far? Be sure to stop by the Dream Home during one of the Open Houses:

Tours of the St. Jude Dream Home will be held every weekend starting October 17 – November 8.
Register for free at the house to win the Open House Prize:
a $10,000 shopping spree courtesy of Furniture Row. View directions.

Hours:      Saturdays, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Sundays, noon – 5 p.m.
Address:   4707 Truckee Street
Denver, CO 80249

Be sure to purchase your ticket for a chance to call the 2015 Denver St. Jude Dream Home your own!

Home Décor by Numbers

When it comes to home décor, it can be tricky to know what goes where and why. To give you a little inspiration, we’ve put together a guide to home décor by numbers. It’s most important to style your space your way–and there are no rules when it comes to loving your home! Instead, treat these numbers as a helpful blueprint if you’re ever in a bind when creating your dream design.


Furniture by Numbers: 

Furniture – 1 inch
Leaving some room between the back of furniture and the wall will protect fabric and prevent wall scuffs.

Sofas – 7 feet
To seat up to four people or one adult lying down, choose a sofa that is at least 7 feet in length.

Televisions – 8 feet
Placing a TV 8 feet away from the sofa provides optimal viewing.

Coffee Tables – 16 inches
Keep about 16 inches between the couch and the coffee table to leave room for legs.

Nightstands – 29 inches
A nightstand that is the height of the bed, about 29 inches, will look best and make it easier to reach for things.

Dining Chairs – 2 feet
Allow at least 2 feet between the back of dining chairs and the wall so you have enough space to pull out the chair and walk behind it.

Buffets & Servers – 18 inches
Buffets and servers that are 18 inches deep will give you enough room to fit wide plates and serving platters.

Accents by Numbers: 

Rugs – 12 inches
Leave at least 1 foot between area rugs and the walls of the room. This will make the space feel larger.

Lighting – 60 watts
For cozy lighting in the bedroom or living room, aim for 60 watt bulbs in nightstand or end table lamps.

Artwork – 62 – 66 inches
The center of wall art should be between 62″ and 66″ from the floor to be at eye level.

Throw Pillows – 5 pillows
Having more than 5 throw pillows on a standard size sofa will make it look too cluttered.

Colors – 1 + 2 accents
Focus on 1 main color and 2 accents colors per room. It’s okay to mix patterns as long as they share the same color story.

Decorating with Metallics

Metallic home accents are a major influence in home design, and no matter your style, they can be incorporated to elevate the look of any space. From rustic and glamorous, to the more traditional, rooms of all styles are screaming for metals–and we’re excited to share a little inspiration on how to go metal!


Rustic spaces can be styled using hand-stained wood elements, natural finishes and materials, and metallics. Industrial-inspired, brushed metals are a muted, quiet way to incorporate metallics into your space. Warm copper is a great complement to rustic design, as are touches like brushed nickel drawer pulls and wrought iron accents. Rustic metals add depth, and are a great way to give a rustic space a stylish edge.  We love the Studio City Sofa for its rustic, casual-chic look. Combining it with the metallic Hammered Urn Lamp, the organic, earthy Rope Mirror, the rustic Wade Coffee Table, and the Arthur Wine Cabinet creates an eclectic space with warm, subdued metal accents throughout.

Glamorous designs don’t have to be over-the-top–and neither do glam metallics. Start with a romantic piece like the Riviera Sofa. Accent the room with the polished Aladdin Lamp in silver, the stately Venetian Mirror, a carved glam piece like the Channing Coffee Table, and a metallic-accented chest like the Dash for a look that is tastefully glamorous. This way, metals add a formal feel without being too much, and really give a space character.

Traditional rooms don’t have to be stuffy. With an anchoring piece like the handsome Hampton Sofa, accent like the Classic Urn Lamp, the lovely Angelica Mirror, the romantically shaped Cyprus Isle Coffee Table, and the metal & marvelous Gilded 2 Door Cabinet give a traditional space a luxurious, inviting feel.

Mixing in gold and silver tones with rich cream add depth, warmth, and bring even the most traditional space into modern style.

No matter how you go metal, try mixing tones and finishes for a curated style that’s all yours. Seek pieces in shapes you are drawn to, and find the metal that means something to your aesthetic.

Holland Design Studio: Taylor Haake’s Fall Picks

Taylor-Haake Fall Picks

*Program available in select locations only.

As our complimentary Design Studio program rolls out across the country, our team of expert interior designers continues to grow with it! We are so excited to feature Holland, Ohio design studio expert Taylor Haake–and to share with you her favorite fall picks just in time for Autumn.

Taylor took the time to share some background on her aesthetic as a designer, a few tips on styling you space for fall and year-round, as well as her top 10 must-have products from Furniture Row. The interview follows, and is sure to spark some stylish Autumn inspiration! Thank you, Taylor.

How would you describe your style?

I love to play with many different styles, but I am really drawn into this retro trend that we have been seeing lot of right now.  I then like to mix it with some industrial pieces with it.  Together it creates a new vintage style that I love.

How do you incorporate Autumn in interior design? 

I really like incorporating some burnt orange, such as the color Brandy Wine by Sherwin-Williams.  I recently painted this color in one of my bathrooms it is a great color for autumn and it also goes great with some retro styling.  In the fall it is easy to do little splashes of this color in either a throw blanket or some pillows to give your house a more seasonal look.

What color, texture, or pattern do you find yourself turning to again and again? Why are you drawn to them? 

I have naturally always been drawn to the color green.  Just adding a green plant in a room seems to give the room life.  With that organic feel a plant gives, I am also drawn to organic textures and patterns, such a wooden bowl used for an accessory on the middle of a table or our Montana cocktail table that is part of our Lost and Found collection that is made out a real tree root.  These things seem to give a room a natural and calming outdoor feel.

Which element of a room do you recommend starting with when designing and why? 

I always tell a customer to start with something you love. Whether it is a piece of artwork, rug, or chair, it is always easier if you start with something that has a certain color, pattern, or style that you are drawn to.  Once you find that piece that speaks to you, then you can start with picking your color palette and work off of that to make the whole room work together.  In my house it was a fabric that I picked for panel curtains in my dining room that I fell in love with.  This helped me figure out what colors and style I was going to go with through most of the house.

Be sure to check out the gallery for Taylor’s Top 10–and why she loves them! Click on the product title in our gallery below to shop. 

For more on the Holland store and its design services, be sure to check out this video.

[gmedia id=10]

Shop Taylor’s Fall Picks:

Studio City Sofa: “I love the crisp, clean white color of this set and the very classic style that would work in many different homes.”

Planada Coffee Table: “I love that these are inspired by rustic barn wood.”

Lakeshore Ottoman: “This ottoman is so versatile!  It can be used for a cocktail table, an extra seat when company is over, and storage.”

Hammered Urn Table Lamp: “This is a unique lamp and I love the coppery color for fall.”

Golden Grove Canvas: “The colors in this artwork are perfect for autumn when the leaves are changing colors.”

Foundry Coffee Table: “I loved this industrial dining set so much I had to get it for my house.  It is very unique and stands out from just a traditional dining table.”

Cadence Accent Chair: “This accent chair has a beautiful leaf pattern and is finished off with nail heads and I love the rustic legs.  This chair uses the color trend ‘greige’ in a new way.”

Cable Knit Pillows: “These are great to give a “sweater weather” feel for when it starts to get cooler outside.”

Arthur Wine Cabinet: “This makes a beautiful rustic accent piece in almost any home.”

Meet our Design Studio Designers:

Charlotte Design Studio: Meet Designer Patricia Weeks
Denver Design Studio: Meet Denver Designer Randi Gipson

Easy Upgrades that Will Transform Your Patio

Summer is patio season–and with a few simple style steps, you can elevate your outdoor living space to make it the place to be. We are excited to feature patio upgrade pointers from Danielle Hegedus, courtesy of Danielle is an Atlanta-based freelance writer who fuels her love of all things design by regularly contributing content to the site. Thank you, Danielle & Modernize for these great tips!


Are you making the most of your patio? As neighborhoods (in the suburbs and the city) grow increasingly crowded, living space is at a premium. Your patio is essentially bonus living space for relaxing with a great book, cultivating a small container garden, or entertaining friends around the fire pit. At Modernize, we know that you’ll maximize your outdoor spaces only if they’re truly comfortable and reflect your personal style. Make your patio an extension of your home—a place where you can enjoy your morning coffee and newspaper, while enjoying the fresh air and the beautiful start of a new day. Read on to learn how to transform your patio into a space where your friends and family always want to hang out.

Create a Space to Linger

Comfortable furniture is a must if you want your patio to be utilized, but it also has to be durable enough to withstand the changing weather and seasons. The Santa Monica 3-Piece Patio Group is the perfect combination of comfort and durability. The aluminum frame lends strength to the summery wicker exterior, and the soft cushions create the perfect space for lounging. The sofa/chaise combo provides plenty of seating for hosting a cook-out, game night, book club, or a wine tasting. Additionally, the coffee table makes enjoying family meals or light snacks for a party convenient, while the glass table top makes for easy cleanup.

If you’re patio isn’t particularly large (or you just need more seating), consider investing in a classic Adirondack Chair. Available in a variety of colors, we dare you to sink back into one of these large chairs and just try to feel like you’re not on vacation! Impossible.


Stay Cool in the Shade

Summer temperatures can be brutal, but even as the temperatures cool off, you should still limit your sun exposure, especially during the peak intensity hours, between 10am-3pm. Sunblock can help protect you from sunburn and skin cancer, but creating a shady space is absolutely necessary to prevent illness related to high temperatures like heat stroke. Create your own shady oasis with the St. Teresa Umbrella. This umbrella is lightweight, making it easy to maneuver. Once you’ve determined where you want to place the umbrella, simply fill the base with sand or water to keep it grounded and sturdy (especially during inclement weather). With a simple one-handed crank, you can open the umbrella to cast more than eighty square feet of shade!

St. Teresa

Add Comfort and Major Style

Who says rugs are only for the indoors? Add a burst of rich color to your patio with the Montego Botanical Rug and make your patio feel like your second living room. You’ll also be saving bare feet from hot surfaces like concrete or wood! Available in round or rectangular options, this rug pairs easily with your outdoor furniture to pull the space together.


While you’re at it, break out the pillows! These pillows, designed to withstand the outdoors, have fun patterns that adds texture and visual interest to your patio. Available in multiple colors and pattern schemes (striped, tropical, or geometric), order a variety of options to accent your neutral outdoor furniture anew with every season.


Make the Most of a Starry Night

There’s nothing quite as relaxing as a fire pit. It can transform even the most mundane of events into a special occasion. Gather around the Southaven Fire Pit to roast marshmallows and tell spooky stories with your family, or grab a cocktail and some takeout for a impromptu date night that takes “candlelit dinner” to a whole new level.


Back to School for Small Spaces

Summer has flown by, which means a new season is approaching: Back to School time! Whether returning to campus and dorm life, or starting the year out in a new apartment rental, space–and lack of!–can be a challenge. But, not to worry: you can save on space, and maximize style with some design-savvy solutions! We’ve put together our picks for Back to School pieces for even the smallest spaces. From a multi-tasking loft bed to scaled-down accents that are big on style, we have what you need to be campus-ready.


We LOVE the Student Bunk Bed from Bedroom Expressions because it has everything you need in a neat, budget-friendly design that’s perfect for cramped collegiate quarters! This versatile student bunk bed includes the lofted sleeping area, a writing desk, a desk chair, and a bookshelf at unbeatable value!

The Teal Angles Comforter Set is an on-trend Twin sized bedding set that’s perfect for adding a pop of color to a small space. Fresh, colorful, and versatile, this teal comforter set is ready to go back to school!

Sure, you will need a lamp to shed light on the subject(s) during the semester. The Sofia Table Lamp will add some light to your room, and features a fun printed shade. Simple and stylish, it’s a great addition to your room.

A small space can still be big on style and personality. These Threshold™ String Lights instantly add a whimsical feel, and make a rental feel even more like home.

The Montego Indoor/Outdoor Rug is a scaled down round rug that’s great for any space. Rugs break up the overall carpet or flooring in the room, and add visual interest. Choosing colors and prints that play off the rest of your decor really gives a room a designer feel.

You’ll be juggling a lot when school starts, and the Campus Mirror is great at multi-tasking, too! This bulletin board and mirror combo is perfect for posting to-do lists, photos, and memos–and a mirror is always great to have around.

Just in time for Back to School shopping, all linens are 20% off through August 19th. We’ve put together a gallery of Twin bedding ensembles that start at $69–get big style for small spaces, at a small price! No matter your tastes, there is sure to be a bedding set you will want to take back to school with you.

[gmedia id=3]

6 Rug Styles to Love

Area rugs are a great addition to any room. They can anchor a space, help with noise, add color and texture, and make the area more inviting. Rooms come in all shapes, sizes, and styles–and so do rugs! Whether your taste is traditional, contemporary, or somewhere in between, the shape and style of your accent rug can really play up your space. We’ve put together 6 picks to show how the right rug style can enhance your living area.


1. Traditional Rug – If you’re looking  to add an area rug to a classic space, seek a rug with a timeless pattern and palette. How you position the rug is up to you, but we love the way this traditional Madeira Warm Rug breaks up the hardwood flooring, frames the dining group, and adds subtle texture and color–all with a traditional feel.



2. Contemporary – If you want to make a contemporary style statement with an area rug, select a piece with sleek lines, geometric patterning, and streamlined design elements. We LOVE the Infinity Pumpkin Rug by Sofa Mart: its lively colors, multidimensional weave, and funky-yet-fluid patterning give the space depth, texture, and a trendy feel. 



3. Transitional – If your space bridges traditional with modern, a transitional rug is a great idea. Inspired by classic rug detailing, transitional pieces like the Granada Blue Rug incorporate deconstructed-yet-traditional elements for a look that can be made more traditional, or more modern. We love the interrupted pattern, the slightly-worn look, AND the somewhat-traditional feel this rug achieves!



4. Shag – Before you dismiss shag rugs as a blast from the past, consider today’s take on shag. Luxurious and anything but a throwback, shag rugs like the Urban Shag Rug in Ivory soften a space, add texture, warmth, and a hint of glam. We really like it in this nursery, where it is both stylish and cozy.



5. Novelty – Want to make a style statement? Try adding a novelty rug. These rugs break with convention in their shape, pattern, material, and size. Novelty rugs don’t have to be loud, or out of place in your design–in fact, when used as an anchoring piece the way this Faux Cow Hide Rug is, they can add a sumptuous, rich feel.



6. Outdoor – It’s clear rooms really get a boost from area rugs–and your outdoor living space is no exception! When shopping for outdoor rugs, select products like the Montego Medallion Outdoor Rug that are made to withstand the elements. Woven for outdoor use, outdoor rugs add color, define a seating area, and make your patio feel like an extension of your indoor style.

We hope you loved these 6 rug styles as much as we do. Once you’ve found the rugs you love for your space, be sure to check out this Home Is Here guide on How to Rock an Area Rug!

6 Rug Styles to Love from The Front Door

Color Trend: Greige


Colors don’t have to be bold to make a statement. And that’s why we love greige! It’s the rich combination of grey and beige tones-and, while it’s neutral, it is far from boring. Whether paired with other subdued hues like cream and grey, or partnered to pop with corals, blues, and crisp white, greige is a great go-to for both your home style and your wardrobe.

Laid back yet luxurious, neutral and sophisticated, it takes on new life with each application. In honor of this color trend that’s here to stay, we’ve put together a roundup of our favorite greige finds to show just how stylish and versatile the color can be.

1. Asford Greige by Benjamin Moore— We absolutely LOVE this paint color. Versatile and neutral, it can be used in any space as an overall color, or an accent. Try it again white trims and moldings, or a white ceiling for contrast.

2. Tori Accent Chair by Sofa Mart – The Tori Accent Chair shows how much neutral greige can be! Coral, aqua, purple, pink, and other lively colors in the fabric pop against the subdued, sophisticated greige background.

3. Charleston Accent Chair by Sofa Mart – Another favorite is our Charleston Accent Chair. Blue adds interest to the greige print, and gives the chair depth. Not too bold and far from boring, this chair shows how to incorporate color with greige in a classic way.

4. Chinchilly Nail Polish by Essie – Love greige? Throw on this luxurious neutral shade from Essie. We like how this greige shade lets you be on-trend without too daring a look.

5. Tom’s Del Rey Sneaker – Kick it with these cool greige sneakers. Perfect for casual outings, these on-trend trainers are a greige must-have.

6. Jakarta Comforter Set at Bedroom Expressions – Add texture, depth, and movement with the Jakarta Comforter Set. Neutral yet interesting, this bedding packs a lot of style, and with a simple swap, brings greige to your bedroom.

Color Theory: Bold Indigo

We are loving the style statement bold indigo makes! The color has a rich, saturated look, and can be used in traditional designs, or as a lively accent in more contemporary spaces.

Indigo dye was originally made from natural plant materials. For interior design, the color can add earthy inspiration reminiscent of water or the sky, and can also be styled in a more tailored, traditional way. What makes indigo great is how versatile it is, while being so distinctive a hue!

There are lots of fun design ways to go with indigo. From furniture that’s blue and beautiful, to home accents that incorporate it or contrast with it, how you do blue is up to you!bold-indigo

For a statement, adding a storage piece like the Estelle Chest in navy is a striking way to incorporate indigo. We love the way this blue chest contrasts against the white, light and bright window area behind it.

Accent pieces are a simple, instantly-stylish way to incorporate colors like bold indigo. Tossing a pillow here and there, like the Chevron Pillow in navy, or adding a patterned ottoman like the Mercer gives your space dimension, and allows you to incorporate indigo without going all in!

Love linens? Well the Kensington Queen Bed Ensemble is a lovely indigo-inspired set. The piece features indigo, while also incorporating classic complementary colors like deep yellow, white, and grey.

Once you’ve gotten some indigo going, there are many colors you can incorporate to complement the blue. Other darker or lighter shades of true indigo can offset the indigo, and make it seem more neutral. For a crisper contrast, white and grey instantly freshen up dark blue hues, and make for a tailored look. Cornsilk yellow or related shades warm up the cool of indigo, and brighten it while adding an exotic feel.

There are no wrong ways to incorporate color: Make sure to choose pieces that reflect your taste, and build from there to create a space you will love!

Indigo Products Featured:

-Chevron Pillow in Navy // Sofa Mart
Estelle Chest in Navy // Sofa Mart
Mercer Ottoman Maze // Sofa Mart
Kensington Queen Bedding Ensemble // Bedroom Expressions
-Midnight Mass Framed Prints //Sofa Mart