The Ultimate Bedtime Routine For Sleeping Healthier

If you’ve been craving better sleep, this blog post on setting up a lasting bedtime routine is for you. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) about 35% of US adults experience “short sleep duration.” Whether it’s full-blown insomnia, or just trouble falling asleep— it’s no secret adults have a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep. Luckily, there are some very simple and enjoyable things you can do to make a drastic change in your sleep health. Sleeping on a mattress that fits your sleep position can make a huge difference in both sleep quality and duration. Take the short but effective sleep test at your local Denver Mattress to find the right mattress for your sleep style. Along with the right mattress, setting up a bedtime routine to prepare the mind and body for sleep can be both enjoyable and effective. We’ve created a simple but powerful sleep guide to help establish a healthy and long-lasting sleep routine.

Ultimate Bedroom Routine

2 hours before bed: Unplug from work and cool down house between 65°-68°

It’s impossible to relax while you still have work and projects on the brain. Unplug from work around 2 hours before bed and begin settling in for the night. Lower the temperature to somewhere between 65° and 68° to bring your core temperature down to the ideal sleeping environment.

1.5 hours before bed: Start powering down electronics (TV, phone, tablets, etc.)

Our everyday life is filled with screens emitting blue light. Blue light may not sound like such a bad thing, but this type of light actually has its own frequency and wavelength. Blue light wavelength is energizing and boosts attention because it is similar to early morning light. If you’re scrolling through your phone before bed, you’re sending your brain signals to stay up and pay attention. The same goes for TV screens and other devices. Combine those energizing wavelengths with sound and images, and you’re setting yourself up to stay up much longer than when you finally put the phone down. This may be the hardest habit to break when creating your new bedtime routine, but it’s well worth the investment.

1 hour before bed: Take a bath or shower (light some candles for ambiance to create a relaxing mood)

After you’ve powered down the screens, go somewhere where it’s impossible to take electronic devices— the shower or tub. Dim the lights or light some candles to create a relaxing ambiance for bedtime. Bathing is a great way to wash the stress of the day away, as well as saving some time for yourself in the morning.

45 minutes before bed: Put on some comfortable pajamas and socks

Comfortable pajamas might be underestimated but very important detail for healthy sleep is comfortable pajamas. A lot of people tend to wear workout clothes to bed because they are breathable and stretchy. This actually isn’t ideal as they can be too tight and subconsciously remind you of an energizing workout. Opt for the loose-fitting and soft fabrics. Try to keep your workout clothes and pajamas completely separate. It’s an odd trick, but many sleep influencers like Ariana Huffington swear by it.

40 minutes before bed: Make some tea or a warm drink like golden turmeric milk

Relax with a cup of chamomile tea to continue the evening wind-down. This recipe for turmeric milk has anti-inflammatory properties as well as sleep-inducing properties. It’s also commonly known as “golden milk,” and has gained tons of popularity over the past few years for its healing and relaxing properties.

We didn’t include brushing teeth as part of the bedtime routine, but it’s very important! A good time to fit dental hygiene into your bedtime routine is right after bedtime tea.

30 minutes before bed: Settle into bed with a book and place your cell phone out of arm’s reach

The time has arrived for actual bed in your bedtime routine. Grab a book and place your cell phone out of arm’s reach. This will eliminate the impulse to grab your phone when you get bored. If your bed is more than 8 years old, it’s probably time for an upgrade. The amount of dead skin cells and body oils adds up over the years. If that’s not enough to bug you, consider the quality of sleep you could be getting by sleeping on a bed that is fit for your unique sleep style. Stomach sleepers or side sleepers need a different level of support than back sleepers. The experts at Denver Mattress can identify the right mattress with their in-store sleep test. Find a Denver Mattress location nearest to you.

10 minutes before bed: Journal, do bedtime yoga, or meditate to clear your mind for peaceful sleep

The final piece in your bedtime routine is completely unwinding your mind for sleep. Journaling, doing bedtime yoga, or meditating can be extremely helpful in relaxing the mind. Try our bedtime yoga routine tonight.

Sponsors and Volunteers Sign the Fall 2018 St. Jude Dream Home in Denver

On Wednesday, August 22, 2018, sponsors and volunteers finally got to enter the Fall 2018 St. Jude Dream Home in Denver to sign the garage wall in preparation for the giveaway.

The Dream Home, built by Oakwood Homes and sponsored by Shaw Floors, Trane, Brizo, Bosch, and other building crews and organizations, is still in the last phases of construction, but will soon be fully furnished by Furniture Row and Denver Mattress before the open house tours begin on September 15.

The house, located in the Green Valley Ranch neighborhood of the Mile High City, is estimated to be 5,900 square feet and valued at $775,000. It has five spacious bedrooms, three bathrooms, a gorgeous back patio, and so much more.

All the money raised by the home giveaway will benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital dedicated to fighting childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases. Those who purchase tickets or attend the open house are eligible to win the home as well as a $10,000 furniture shopping spree at Furniture Row, $2,500 VISA gift card, 2019 Lincoln MKC, and other amazing prizes.

Julie Hess, the Development Specialist for St. Jude, spoke to the team of volunteers and sponsors at the event alongside other guest speakers who helped make the project a reality.

“I just wanted to thank you guys for all the hard work you put into this beautiful home and into St. Jude. Because of you guys, no family or child will ever receive a bill for treatment, housing, travel, or food. Because of you guys, we have raised the overall childhood cancer survival rate from 20% to 80% since the doors opened. And then because of you guys, the Denver Dream Home Giveaway has raised 8.6 million dollars. We are very, very lucky to have you,” Hess said.

After the speeches, invitees at the event got a chance to leave their permanent mark on the home they built by signing a wall in the garage with a message to the winner(s) of the house in Green Valley Ranch.

Although the construction team is almost done, the St. Jude Dream Home still has a lot of work left until open house tours start. Barb Chandler, one of the signees and Interior Designer for Furniture Row, will be designing the Fall 2018 St. Jude Dream Home using products from Furniture Row and Denver Mattress. She said she has a lot of ideas in store, but you’ll have to visit the dream home to see how it turns out.

“It’s going to be a bit modern with a touch of glam. The house will feature whites and blues—some grays. More metals. Think Hollywood.”

The project is entering its final design stages, but Chandler emphasizes they still need a lot of helping hands to move furniture, decorate, etc.

“Whenever we do a home like this, it’s not just us [Furniture Row employees] who help. It’s everyone—the neighbors, volunteers in our community, the builder, their suppliers, and so many others who donate their time. It takes a lot of people to make this happen,” Chandler said.

“It’s so heartwarming to be a part of St. Jude because of what they do. We get to change lives. It’s definitely near and dear to all of us.”

Click here to purchase tickets to enter the St. Jude Dream Home Giveaway. Each ticket is $100. The open house tours will be from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday – Friday, and from noon to 5 p.m. on Sunday from September 15 – October 21, 2018. Tickets must be purchased by October 19 to be eligible to win. The drawing will be on October 25 to announce the winner.

The Fall 2018 St. Jude Dream Home is located in The Enclave at Green Valley Ranch neighborhood at 4950 Liverpool St., Denver, CO 80249.

Plant it Forward: Denver Mattress Plants a Tree for Each Aspen Mattress Sold


The Arbor Day Foundation announced an expanded partnership with Denver Mattress to plant at least 10,000 trees in the Mississippi River Valley. Through the partnership, the Arbor Day Foundation will plant one tree per Aspen Collection Mattress sold. Aspen, by Denver Mattress, is thoughtfully designed in Colorado and committed to sustainability.

The Mississippi River Valley bottomland hardwood ecosystem is one of the most important critical wetland resources on the North American continent. Originally covered with 25 million acres of forestland, less than 5 million acres of this precious resource remain forested. This has resulted in a decline in wildlife, a loss of natural flood control, a decrease in water quality, and an increasing dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico. Reforestation projects with public and private partners will directly improve water quality by filtering out pollutants in the Mississippi River and the Gulf of Mexico bringing sustainable and flourishing life back to these lands.

“We are thrilled to continue our partnership with Denver Mattress and congratulate them on their new sustainable Aspen Collection,”said Dan Lambe, president, Arbor Day Foundation. “Because of their commitment to tree stewardship the trees planted will restore natural habitat and increase water quality in the Mississippi River Valley.”

Denver Mattress first partnered with the Arbor Day Foundation in 2000. During the course of the last 18 years, the partnership has resulted in more than 300,000 trees being planted in Idaho, Wyoming and Mississippi. Denver Mattress and its parent company, Furniture Row, have also supported the Arbor Day Foundation’s Lied Lodge and Conference Center.

“Sustainability and environmental stewardship is part of our brand’s DNA, “said Dan Visser, President Denver Mattress Company. “We look forward to planting many more trees with the Arbor Day Foundation in the upcoming years.”

Learn more about the Aspen Mattress that’s right for you in our recent blog: Aspen Mattress: Denver Mattress’ Bed in Box.

Founded in 1972, the Arbor Day Foundation has grown to become the largest nonprofit membership organization dedicated to planting trees, with more than one million members, supporters and valued partners. Since 1972, more than 300 million Arbor Day Foundation trees have been planted in neighborhoods, communities, cities and forests throughout the world. Our vision is to help others understand and use trees as a solution to many of the global issues we face today, including air quality, water quality, climate change, deforestation, poverty and hunger.

As one of the world’s largest operating conservation foundations, the Arbor Day Foundation, through its members, partners and programs, educates and engages stakeholders and communities across the globe to involve themselves in its mission of planting, nurturing and celebrating trees.

Denver Mattress manufactures its mattresses in its Denver-based factory and distributes them to its own retail stores. By having a single factory, Denver Mattress is able to maintain high quality control standards and deliver a more consistent product at a lower cost than multiple factory producers. Denver Mattress, the easiest way to get the right mattress. ™

Aspen® Mattress: Denver Mattress’ Bed in a Box

We all know that choosing the right mattress can be a daunting task. We don’t want it to be, so we’ve created the Aspen® Mattress to make things easy on you. This luxurious bed in a box is easy to order, easy to unpack and easy to love, what more could you ask for?

Denver Mattress crafted this new bed in a box with two things in mind: convenience and quality. Enjoy the hassle free setup of the Aspen® Mattress with the quality you expect from a Denver Mattress. While others offer one simple solution for a bed in a box, we offer three different choices because we don’t all simply sleep the same. Decide between the Aspen® 1.0, 2.0, or 3.0 and start getting a better night’s sleep.

aspen models

If you’re a person who likes the traditional support feel, the Aspen® 1.0 is the bed in a box for you. Wake up feeling rejuvenated thanks to the copper-gel infused, open cell memory foam. This comfort layer is specially designed to sleep cool by dissipating heat while you sleep. While this is the only Aspen® bed in a box option with coils, the individually wrapped coils offer the support you need while alleviating pressure points and delivering motion separation for a great night’s sleep.

The Aspen® 2.0 is designed for the sleeper who desires the softness of a memory foam and the support necessary for healthy sleep. This bed in a box is built with a single layer of innovative air foam to create breathable yet supportive pressure relief while cooling technology helps you fall asleep faster.

If you’re the person who gets the best rest on a plush mattress, look no further than the Aspen® 3.0. The Aspen® 3.0 is our softest bed in a box option with two layers of breathable memory foam to create luxurious pressure relief. Similar to the other two options, this mattress also features cooling technology to help you fall asleep faster.

The core of each Aspen® bed in a box is built to provide years of support and durability, made from all new upcycled foams and committed to zero-waste. All materials that go into Aspen® mattresses are eco-friendly and designed with your comfort in mind. Still not convinced? For the eco-conscious, every Aspen® mattress sold, Denver Mattress plants a tree. Now do we have you hooked? It’s easy to fall in love with the convenience of a bed in a box and sleep at night with the confidence knowing you’re helping us create a brighter tomorrow.


If you’re still unsure about which mattress is best for you, consider visiting your local Denver Mattress store for a custom fitting.


Official Rules: Denver Mattress Company Sleep Healthier Tag to Win Gift Certificate Giveaway

No purchase or payment of any kind is necessary to enter or win this giveaway. A purchase does not improve the chances of winning.


ENTRY: Follow @DenverMattress on Instagram and tag a friend using #SleepHealthierLiveHealthier. Entrant’s Instagram account must be public. The Denver Mattress Company Sleep Healthy Tag To Win Gift Certificate Giveaway (“Giveaway”) will run from August 28, 2017 through September 1, 2017. Persons may enter the Giveaway as many times as they desire. All entries become the property of Denver Mattress CO, LLC (“Sponsor”) and none will be returned. Sponsor is not responsible for lost, late, illegible, incomplete, damaged or misdirected tags, hardware, software, telephone, electronic, network or computer malfunctions, failures, errors or data inaccuracies.


ELIGIBILITY: The Giveaway is open to persons who are 18 years old or older at the time of entry with a U.S. mailing address. Void where prohibited. Sponsor’s employees, its agencies, affiliates, subsidiaries, and members of Sponsor’s families and households are not eligible.


DRAWING: The winner will be selected in a random drawing to be conducted on or about September 2, 2017 by Sponsor. Sponsor’s decisions are final on all matters relating to the Giveaway.


PRIZE: There will be one winner: The winner will receive a $200.00 gift certificate to a Denver Mattress Company store. The gift certificate may be applied to merchandise, delivery and product protection offers. The gift certificate may not be applied to sales taxes. The winner will be responsible for separately paying all applicable sales taxes. In the event that the winner does not spend the full amount of the gift certificate at the time of redemption, the winner will receive a store credit for the remaining amount.


GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Sponsor will announce the name of the winner on Sponsor’s Instagram feed on or about September 2, 2017. By entering the Giveaway, all entrants agree to abide by and be bound by these rules and Sponsor’s decisions. The prize is non-transferable. No cash redemptions or substitutions permitted, except by Sponsor, who may substitute a prize of equal or greater value if the featured prize become unavailable. By accepting the prize, the winner agrees that neither Sponsor, its affiliates, agents, employees, officers, directors, legal representatives and attorneys will have any liability whatsoever for any injuries, losses, harm, damage, cost, or expense including, without limitations, all reasonable attorneys’ fees and court costs, arising from or in connection with the acceptance, possession, use or enjoyment of the prize including, without limitation, any personal injury or property damage. Using the hashtag #SleepHealthierLiveHealthier and tagging a person shall constitute and signify the entrants’ agreement and consent that Sponsor may use the entrants’ photographs, names, likenesses and biographical information worldwide without limitation, including Sponsor’s social media platforms, for any advertising or promotional purposes without further compensation, except where prohibited.

The Denver Mattress Guide to TEMPUR-Pedic Mattresses

Here at Denver Mattress, we value sleep that helps you to wake up with energy and be at your best every day. TEMPUR-Pedic’s Sleep is Power™ Campaign makes it clear that they have similar ideas. This is why we are so excited to be a TEMPUR-Pedic Elite Retailer. Many people are interested in trying out this revitalizing sleep experience but need some guidance on which TEMPUR-Pedic Mattress is right for them.

If you fit in this category of snooze seekers, here is a chart to help you navigate through their large selection of mattresses targeted to a variety of sleeper needs. You can also download a printable version of the mattress guide. Then, come into Denver Mattress, and get a custom mattress fitting to find the perfect TEMPUR-Pedic that is right for your body and sleep habits.

Denver Mattress TEMPUR-Pedic Guide

TEMPUR-Pedic’s collections range from a soft to firm feel starting with TEMPUR-Cloud® and ending at TEMPUR-Contour®. Within each of these collections, mattress models differ in the amount that they adapt to an individual sleeper’s body. There is also a TEMPUR-Breeze® mattress within each collection that is designed to provide a cooler sleep environment. Let’s take a further look at each one of the mattress collections and get an in-depth analysis of their benefits.

TEMPUR- Cloud®

This collection is designed for the sleeper who is looking for an especially soft yet supportive sleep. It is ideal for side sleepers who are looking for the mattress to avoid hitting pressure points and causing a disruptive sleep, yet needs their body to be supported in a way that keeps their spine aligned.

The TEMPUR-Cloud® Collection offers Prima, Supreme, Elite, and Luxe models that increase in softness levels starting at Prima. This Collection offers the TEMPUR-Breeze® model for Supreme and Luxe Mattresses.


Thicker base and comfort layers contribute to the softness of this line. As these layers increase in thickness, the softness level of the mattress increases. The mattress also benefits from increased adaptiveness as the layer thickness increases. This means that the highest level model, the Luxe for this collection, will provide the softest most adaptive experience possible.

The EasyRefresh™ Top Cover is another benefit for all Supreme, Elite, and Luxe models of this mattress collection. The top cover is simple to remove, wash, and replace so that you can get the most refreshing sleep possible.



This collection is a wonderful choice for the person who enjoys the traditional mattress feel but is still looking for the benefits that TEMPUR material offers. This line ranges from medium-soft to a medium-firm feeling. It is perfect for people that sleep on their side as well as their stomach because it delivers the increased support that stomach sleepers need without compromising the softness that helps side sleepers stay asleep.


The TEMPUR-Flex® collection offers Prima, Supreme, and Elite models that increase in softness levels starting at Prima. This Collection offers the TEMPUR-Breeze® model for Supreme Mattress.

Tightly packed precision coils and a layer made of TEMPUR-Response™ Material are unique to the Tempur-Flex®. They work together to provide support that is unique to each user.  The comfort layer increases in thickness in the upper-level models. The thicker the comfort layer, the softer and more adaptive the mattress becomes.


The EasyRefresh™ Top Cover is another benefit of the Supreme and Elite models for this mattress collection. The top cover is simple to remove, wash, and replace so that you can get the most refreshing sleep possible.


The Contour collection is best for people who enjoy a firmer feeling mattress. Its firmness level is an ideal choice for back sleepers because it will deliver the extra support that they need to maintain back health.

The TEMPUR-Contour® Collection’s base model is the Supreme. This is the firmest mattress in this collection. The firmness levels continually decrease from the Elite to the Rhapsody Luxe. This Collection offers the TEMPUR-Breeze® model for Elite Mattresses.

For the TEMPUR-Contour® collection, thinner comfort, support, and base layers contribute to a firmer feeling.


The EasyRefresh™ Top Cover is another benefit of the Supreme, Elite, Elite Breeze, and Rhapsody Luxe models for each mattress in this collection. The top cover is simple to remove, wash, and replace so that you can get the most refreshing sleep possible.

Whether you have never owned a TEMPUR-Pedic Mattress or you are brand loyal, we hope that you are now more equipped to pick out the TEMPUR-Pedic Mattress of your dreams. Print out this Tempur Pedic® Guide and come down to Denver Mattress to find the mattress that matches you best.

How to Clean Your Mattress for Better Sleep

Spring is here, and although it’s easy to de-clutter your home and start eliminating that winter dust, cleaning for the warmer months isn’t always simple. Some regular use items we never think about cleaning shouldn’t be forgotten! One-third of the average human life is spent sleeping—and that’s a lot of time spent on your mattress! Sweat, dead skin cells, stains, and dust mites accumulate over time in your bed, so make sure that you clean your mattress! Don’t know how? Don’t worry! The Front Door is here to help with these simple solutions to getting your mattress back to feeling fresh and new.

how to clean your mattress

1. Vacuum.

It might seem like common knowledge, but after removing your mattress cover, you’d be surprised at how much pet hair, dust, and sometimes dirt gets caught on the surface over time. Take the vacuum cleaner and just suck all that garbage up to keep the top of your mattress looking clean.

2. Spot clean.

Depending on the type of stain you’re dealing with, the cleaning product you use to spot clean your mattress will differ. Bodily fluid stains such as sweat, blood, and urine are most common mattress stains and can be removed with a combination of water and detergent applied with a spray bottle and rag or a mixture of 1/4 cup lemon juice and 2 tsp. salt that sits for up to an hour.

3. Deodorize.

Get rid of nasty odors with baking soda! Sprinkle a light layer on the surface of your mattress and let it sit for a couple hours. It will absorb sweat smells and leave your mattress smelling clean. When you’re done deodorizing, vacuum the baking soda in order to remove the powder, and voila!

4. Air it out.

Last but not least, clean your mattress by letting it get a little fresh air and sunlight by letting it sit outside! By letting your mattress breathe out, you can eliminate bacteria and give it that new air circulation it needs.

5. Protect your mattress with a cover.

Also be sure to protect your mattress with a mattress cover to ensure that future dirt and stains don’t make their way to your bed. Mattress covers can also easily be put in the washing machine on a regular basis to stay clean and fresh!

6.0 VER-TEX® Temperature Regulating Performance Mattress Protector
ABOVE: 6.0 VER-TEX® Temperature Regulating Performance Mattress Protector

For some soft and durable mattress covers, check out these products from Denver Mattress:

  • 6.0 VER-TEX® Temperature Regulating Performance Mattress Protector: This cover features revolutionary fiber that is cool to the touch and provides unparalleled climate control, ensuring a dry and comfortable sleeping environment. The flexible cushioning layer dynamically responds to your motion and boosts air circulation to keep you cool while the waterproof invisible barrier repels liquids.
  • myProtector: This unique 2-in-1 waterproof protector adds a nourishing protective layer to the mattress, protecting it from stains, spills, and bacteria.
  • Perfect Harmony™ IsoCool® Mattress Pad: The IsoCool® mattress pad features Outlast® Adaptive Comfort® materials that help to balance your changing body temperature, so you can sleep more comfortably throughout the night.
  • Perfect Harmony™ Deluxe Mattress Pad: This protector is hypoallergenic and ready for simple machine wash. An easy clean every now and then will keep your bed fresh!
  • BedWorks™ 14 Mattress Encasement: This six-sided total encasement protects your mattress from bed bugs, dust mites, allergens, and mold. It is also waterproof!
  • BedWorks™ 14″ Mattress Protector: This cover protects all mattress types including foam and pillow top. It is waterproof, yet features breathable polyurethane backing for ultimate comfort.

6. Consider replacing your mattress.

If all else fails, don’t forget that you should replace your mattress every seven years so that you can sleep clean and comfortably. Every two years, your mattress collects one million dust mites, 53 gallons of sweat, and seven pounds of dead skin, so if your mattress is starting to sag and feel uncomfortable, it might be time for a new one! Find the complete guide to mattress replacement here.

10 Foods to Avoid Before Bed and Healthy Alternatives

It’s late at night and you’re about to go to sleep, but a snack before bed just sounds so good. Studies have proven that munching before bed can cause weight gain and restlessness, but don’t lose hope! Don’t go to bed hungry anymore. The Front Door has compiled a list of the delicious foods to avoid before bed as well as a healthier alternative. Happy snacking!


1. Wine and Alcohol


A glass of red wine before bed might seem like it can help you relax and fall asleep faster, but it actually will prevent your body from experiencing REM. Alcohol can cause you to wake up multiple times throughout the night, so skip the drinking!

Instead: Drink skim milk. Milk contains an amino acid called tryptophan and the hormone melatonin that induce sleep.

2. Coffee and Soda


It’s no surprise that caffeinated drinks are bad before bedtime, and for good reason. Caffeine can stimulate the central nervous system for hours after consumption and leave you wide awake and restless.

Instead: Drink tea. Teas like valerian tea, hop tea, and lemon balm tea act as sedatives that will make you drowsy and calm before drifting off. Tea also helps combat anxiety and reduces levels of sleeping disorders. But stay away from green tea! Green tea can give you an energy boost and make it difficult to lower your heart rate before resting.

3. Ice Cream


Late-night ice cream in bed is always a favorite, but ice cream is loaded with fat, making it one of the top foods to avoid before bed. You’re not going to burn any of it off before you fall asleep and all the excess sugar is going to give you energy.

Instead: Eat cottage cheese or low-fat Greek yogurt for your dairy fix. Cottage cheese is rich in protein that will keep hunger from striking throughout the night while low-fat Greek yogurt is great for settling your stomach and isn’t high in calories.

4. High-Sugar Cereals


A bowl of cereal is an easy meal, but your favorite brands will make your blood sugar spike and crash—making it hard to sleep.

Instead: Don’t skip out on cereal; just choose something healthier. Fortified cereal like granola and brands with whole-grain along with skim milk will satisfy your hunger without being unhealthy.

5. Spicy Foods and Hot Peppers


Spicy food and hot peppers are good for getting your metabolism pumping, but they won’t do much good for helping you fall asleep. Spicy foods can also trigger heartburn and increase body temperature, making it hard to stay asleep.

Instead: Enjoy a bowl of vegetable soup. Vegetables like carrots and cauliflower are full of healthy plant chemicals and low in carbohydrates, making soup a great alternative.

6. Cheeseburger or Steak


You might think a high-protein dinner will keep you full at night, but it can actually lead to sleep disturbances. Heavy meats are one of the main foods to avoid before bed because they can cause you indigestion and acid reflux since you’ll be lying down with a full stomach.

Instead: Eat turkey. Turkey meat is a good source of tryptophan, which makes you sleepy and is a much leaner meat that will be a healthier source of protein before bed.

7. Pretzels and Chips


Skip the salty snacks! Pretzels and chips are full of salt and carbohydrates and the calories won’t be burned off right before bed.

Instead: Snack on sweet potato fries or lightly salted popcorn. These low-calorie snacks will give you your salt fix and fill up your stomach without providing excess carbohydrates.

8. Chocolate


Just like coffee, chocolate contains caffeine that will keep you up at night. Chocolate can increase arousal and decrease your ability to develop and sustain stages of sleep.

Instead: Eat an apple with peanut butter. This delicious snack is nutritious and full of protein that will fill you up before bed and satisfy that sweet tooth craving you have.

9. Fruit Juice


It doesn’t matter what flavor, fruit juice contains a lot of sugars with no fiber to allow for an insulin release. By drinking juice, you might cause your blood sugar to spike during the night or give yourself heartburn due to the acidity.

Instead: Munch on cherries, bananas, or apricots. Natural fruits such as these are full of melatonin that will put you to sleep and contain natural sugars that will digest better in your body.

10. Pasta or Pizza


Pasta and pizza might be one of the most craved nighttime foods, but don’t indulge on Italian, as these are foods to avoid before bed. If you are going to enjoy pasta or pizza, make sure you eat them earlier in the day since they are full of calories, carbohydrates, and saturated fats that your body won’t be able to digest before bed.

Instead: Have a couple of hard-boiled eggs. These are full of protein that will fill you up without a ton of excess calories.

How to Choose the Perfect Pillow to Sleep Better

Better sleep equals better health, and finding the perfect pillow can help you get your much-needed zzzs. The wrong pillow can cause and worsen many ailments including neck and shoulder pain, headaches, and overall mental disorientation. Overall, there are several main things to consider when choosing the perfect pillow. We’ve outlined the main options to get maximum rest and offer some of our favorite pillows for each sleeper type.pillow-sleep-position

What Perfect Pillow Does Your Sleeping Position Need?

Consider what sleeping position you tend to prefer. Do you like to sleep on your stomach, side, or back? Take a few nights to figure out which sleeping position fits you best. This step is important because it determines which perfect pillow is right for you.

You want to make sure that you have a straight line from neck to spine when laying down in your preferred sleep position on the pillow. You may want to think about your body frame during this process. Having a bigger frame could bump you up to a thicker pillow, while being more petite could require a thinner pillow. Denver Mattress offers free fittings for both mattress and pillows. Their experts can help you find the perfect pillow so your spine is in alignment while sleeping. Schedule a fitting at your location here.

Side Sleeper

If you are a side sleeper, your perfect pillow will be thicker. It will offer support for the area between your neck and shoulder.

Back Sleeper

If you are a back sleeper, your perfect pillow will have medium plumpness. It will be able to support the area under your neck so your head isn’t propped too far forward or too far backward.

Stomach Sleeper

If you are a stomach sleeper, your perfect pillow will be thin and soft. It will cushion the head and neck at a comfortable angle.

What Are You Looking for in Perfect Pillow?

Now that you have you sleep position figured out, there are many options for the perfect pillow. What specific sleep problems do you encounter? Maybe you suffer from asthma or allergies and want a hypoallergenic pillow. Or perhaps you get hot at night and want a plump head cushion that will moderate your temperature.


Many sleep experts recommend replacing your pillow every twelve to eighteen months. With this schedule, value is often an important consideration to avoid breaking the bank. BedWorks Grand Vitae is a great line of pillows offered at an affordable price, ranging from $40-$50 depending on the size. All of these pillows are stuffed with a hypoallergenic microfiber down alternative. Also, they are washable and fluffy, extending the life of your perfect pillow.

  • Bedworks Grand Vitae Ultimate: Great for side sleepers and/or larger body frames, this pillow has a 2″ gusset for maximum support and increased surface area.
  • Bedworks Grand Vitae Luxury: Perfect for back sleepers, combo sleepers, and/or medium body frames, this pillow has a 1″ gusset to keep your spine in perfect alignment.
  • Bedworks Grand Vitae Select: This pillow is the thinnest pillow in the line. It is great for stomach sleepers, small body frames, and/or children.

Temperature Control

If you aren’t sleeping well due to feeling hot at night, your perfect pillow should be able to regulate your temperature. Bedgear’s Balance Self-Leveling Pillow features Dri-Tec® Performance Fabric. This fabric wicks away heat and moisture to help you sleep cool and dry. Reducing heat trapped next to your body helps you sleep more restfully and achieve recovery. Moreover, they have Air-X® Technology Ventilated Panels to keep air flowing, moving heat away from your head, neck, and shoulders. This maintains ambient temperatures in the pillow core. Boost Foam™ is made from the milk sap of rubber trees, nature’s most durable support material. Blended with silk-feel microfibers, this product has a hypoallergenic, breathable, and soft foam fill with exceptional conforming traits.

  • Balance 3.0 Self Leveling Pillow: Sleep tested for side sleepers and broad body types, this pillow uses shock absorbing technology to alleviate pressure points.
  • Balance 2.0 Self Leveling Pillow: Sleep tested for back sleepers and medium body types, this pillow uses shock absorbing technology to alleviate pressure points.
  • Balance 1.0 Self Leveling Pillow: Sleep tested for stomach sleepers and small body types, this pillow uses shock absorbing technology to alleviate pressure points.


Although all the pillows we have mentioned today are hypoallergenic, if you suffer from asthma or allergies, you may want your perfect pillow to have extra protection.

  • Bedworks HeveaPUR Organic Pillow: Natural and certified organic, this is the perfect pillow for side sleepers. Allergen-free and dust mite resistant, this latex pillow has a washable, 100% organic cotton cover.
  • SleepAngel Anti-Allergy Filter Pillow: This pillow is clinically proven to block germs, allergens, dustmites, and dander. It is made of MicroFibre to provide a down-like, soft, medium support for back sleepers. If you like the idea of this pillow but prefer a foam pillow, try the Sleep Angel HeaveaPUR Foam Pillow.
  • Mist 0.0 Performance Pillow: This pillow fits people who often sleep without a pillow, love a cuddle pillow, or want a down-like feel of soft cushioning. This hypoallergenic pillow will keep you sleeping healthy if you are a stomach sleeper or have a small body frame.

Overall, it’s important to find the perfect pillow that’s right for you. After figuring out your preferred sleep position and the qualities you are seeking, we’ve got you covered to help find the perfect pillow.

Still confused? Schedule a pillow fitting at your local Denver Mattress Store.

Need the perfect mattress? Read about how to choose a mattress here.

Save at the Furniture Row Great Year End Sell Off Sale 2016

As this year comes to an end, you may be thinking about all the ways you want to improve in 2017. If you are looking to give your home a fresh, new look, Furniture Row is currently offering huge savings on furnishings with the Great Year End Sell Off Sale.

Whether you want to update your living room with a different sofa, spruce up your bedroom with a  spick-and-span mattress, or rejuvenate any space with the latest accent pieces, the Furniture Row Great Year End Sell Off Sale has it all! Shop the deals below, or head into your local Furniture Row to check out all of the amazing savings in person! But don’t wait! This huge event ends December 29th, 2017, and the pricing will only be valid while supplies last!


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Storewide Savings at the Great Year End Sell Off Sale

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Furniture Row Racing Surprises Martin Truex Jr. Fans with a Furniture Row Home Makeover

Two Martin Truex Jr. fans were in for a surprise of their life when Furniture Row Racing decided to give them a Furniture Row home makeover. Eric and Nantena have been rooting for Nascar ‘s #78 driver since he joined the Denver based team in 2015, but they haven’t missed a race in years and years.


To show them both how much they appreciate their fan’s unfaltering support, Furniture Row Racing decided to spruce up their one bedroom apartment with a complete stylish updo. Check out the video below, and shop the look to recreate the peaceful oasis in your own space!

Living Room for Furniture Row Home Makeover


Barb Chandler, interior designer and accent chair buyer for Furniture Row, worked closely with Eric and Nantena to make sure she incorporated all of their wants and needs out of a dream home. “They really liked the idea of a sectional, but with some layouts, this can close off the space. Instead, I brought a large ottoman into the room that can be pushed against the couch to create an instant chaise. Then, when they want a more open living room, the ottoman can easily be pulled away. Never underestimate the versatility of an ottoman!”


Barb used soft neutrals and calming blues to create a stylish and inviting living room. The semi-sheer curtains allow the couple to have the option of more privacy while still letting light in from outside.

STYLE TIP: “When choosing curtains for a small space, pick a length that can be hung higher than the actual window. This draws the eye up and makes the room feel larger. If possible, let the curtains drape all the way to the floor. This lengthens the appearance of the windows, or in this case, sliding glass doors,” explains the room’s designer.


“I always like to play with texture in rooms that I’m designing,” Barb says. “The plush, soft faux fur throw blanket and pillows that I incorporated into the room give the space a warm coziness, while the sleek sheen of the ceramic accessories make the room feel sophisticated and refined. The distressed wood and rivet-edged metal accents on the occasional tables pull the whole thing together, creating a contemporary and cohesive look.”

Shop the Look:


Bedroom for Furniture Row Home Makeover


Shop the Look:

Patio for Furniture Row Home Makeover

Shop the Look:


Martin Truex Jr. also decided to deliver a special message to two of his most loyal fans, congratulating them on their new space and thanking them for their support. “We will remember this for the rest of our lives,” Eric said of the entire experience.

As delighted as they were during the reveal, they have been enjoying the Furniture Row Home Makeover in the weeks since just as much. “It’s heavenly,” Nantena says. “It feels more like a home than it ever has.”

For other videos, be sure to subscribe to Furniture Row Racing on Youtube!


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To see the complete savings for 2016 Black Friday furniture deals at Furniture Row (November 25th, 2016 – November 28, 2016, check out this article.

Black Friday 2016 Furniture Deals and Coupons for Furniture Row’s Black Fourday Sale

Other than chowing down on turkey and watching football with friends and family, the most exciting part of this time of year is taking advantage of the incredible savings for Black Friday. From November 25th to November 28th, 2016, Furniture Row is offering incredible deals during their Black Fourday Sale including unbelievable markdowns on some of the best-selling bedroom furniture, living room furniture, dining furniture, and mattresses. Don’t miss out on the free doorbuster gift with your purchase, and be sure to check out all of Furniture Row’s Black Friday coupons that are good from November 25th to 28th. Whatever your budget, Furniture Row has the best Black Friday 2016 furniture deals that you won’t want to miss out on during this year’s Black Fourday Sale!


Get your holiday wish list ready by exploring the official deals for Black Friday 2016 furniture at Furniture Row! The actual prices will be released Thanksgiving Day before the Black Fourday Sale, so be sure to check back!

Black Friday 2016 Furniture Under $800

We all know finding quality furniture for less than a grand is tough, but with Furniture Row’s Black Fourday Sale’s savings, you can get your home ready for the holidays and not break the bank. Whether you want to indulge in a new dining set, replace your worn couch with a new sofa, or give your home office the makeover it’s been needing, there are many items to choose from under $800.


ABOVE: Casa Viejo 5 Pc. Dining Group, Cordillera Executive Desk, Triple Play Reclining Sofa, Pocono Reclining Sofa, Avery Reclining Sofa

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If you want to snag a great Black Friday deal for under $500, the Black Fourday Sale at Furniture Row has a lot of options for you to choose from! These steals are only available through the weekend, so if you are looking to get a new furnishing at the lowest price of the year, don’t wait long!


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Black Friday 2016 Furniture Under $300

Among other amazing Black Friday 2016 furniture deals, Furniture Row is offering a wide selection of beds for under $300! You can sleep rest-assured you are getting the best deal as you give yourself the gift of stylish sleep or as you revamp your guest bedroom for holiday company.


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Black Friday 2016 Furniture Under $100

In the Black Fourday Sale’s under $100 category, prices don’t get lower than this! Great for gift-giving, these deals can’t be beat! From small-sized furniture for the little ones, to a complete three-piece dining set, the possibilities are endless!


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Other Amazing Black Friday Furniture Deals

Bedroom Furniture Black Friday Deals


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Denver Mattress Black Friday Deals


Black Friday Coupons for Furniture Row’s Black Fourday Sale

Download and print the 2016 Cyber Monday coupons here.


*Please note that the prices listed in this article are only redeemable from November 25, 2016 (Black Friday) through November 28th, 2016 (Cyber Monday). 

To see the complete savings for 2016 Cyber Monday furniture deals at Furniture Row, check out this article.

Behind the Scenes at Denver Mattress


Denver Mattress is considered unique among its competitors in the bedding industry, but how does it earn its success? From its factories, managers, and workers, Denver Mattress has been titled with having one of the most efficient mattress assembly lines in the world, but there’s a lot of work that goes into making sure they’re consistent in terms of quality. Karen Goossens, the National E-Commerce Manager from Furniture Row, sat down with the Front Door to answer questions about what goes on behind the scenes at this unique company.

Front Door: How does Denver Mattress produce consistent body support and enable a restful night’s sleep with minimal interruptions?

Karen Goossens: Everybody has different comfort and support needs in a mattress. What sets Denver Mattress apart is that we truly care about helping you find the mattress that fits you best. We offer a variety of different support systems, from zoned support, which offers extra support where you need it most, to individually wrapped coil and foam support systems, which provide excellent motion separation for couples. We even carry adjustable air chamber systems for truly customizable support.

FD: What does Denver Mattress do to ensure quality over time? 

KG: Being a factory direct company, Denver Mattress takes a lot of pride in the quality of the mattresses we produce. The fact that we make the mattresses ourselves gives us control of the components that go into them and we use the highest quality materials we can for every price point; for example, all of the foams that we use are CertiPUR-US® certified to ensure quality.

Also, during design and development, Denver Mattress uses tests that simulate how the mattresses will perform through time with actual use. They are then measured and inspected for wear to ensure quality. The mattresses must perform well in testing before they will ever make it to a showroom for a customer to purchase.


FD: How does Denver Mattress minimize waste while producing mattresses?

KG: We like to use the term up-cycle instead of recycle because we are repurposing all virgin materials. Our M.A.R.S (Materials Automated Recapture System) takes all of the excess fabric trimmings and creates a new fiber that can be used to make pillows, mattress pads, etc. We also recycle all plastics and cardboard which makes the factory a zero waste facility.

FD: Where does Denver Mattress find inspiration for new mattress technology? 

KG: I think the biggest source of inspiration is listening to our customers. We are able to see what types of mattresses they are looking for and also look for gaps in products that are available. In addition to that, Bob Rensink, who runs our factory, stays on top of all of the latest mattress technologies that are available, so he is constantly coming up with new ideas to try. 

FD: Take us behind the scenes in the factory. What kinds of manufacturing procedures do the products experience before they hit stores? 

KG: Denver Mattress utilizes J.I.T. (Just In Time) manufacturing. Because mattresses are produced on demand, little to no inventory is stored in the factory. The raw materials are assembled together into a mattress and then immediately sealed in plastic and loaded for distribution to our stores. The entire process ensures consistent quality and very efficient production.

FD: What’s one fun fact about mattresses you think people should know before making a purchase?

KG: You always hear about the fact that you spend 1/3 of your life in bed. However, think about the impact your sleep has on the other 2/3 of your life. Sleep has such a dramatic impact on your health; it ranks right up there in importance with diet and exercise.


FD: Do you have any additional thoughts or comments?

KG: The main thought I would like for people to know is that there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to a mattress. You need to find the support that fits your body and lifestyle the best. Our complimentary custom mattress fittings will help you find the mattress and pillow combination that your body needs to put you in neutral spinal alignment. This helps your muscles relax and minimizes pressure points on your body, so you can get a better night’s rest.

Best Mattress for Each Sleeper Position


We all have those mornings. We wake up, roll out of bed, and think, Wow—why am I in so much pain? As we grab coffee and head out the door to work, we shrug it off. I must just be tired. Probably didn’t get enough sleep. This is the norm, so we have another cup of coffee or even pop a few painkillers hoping that by the time lunchtime comes, the back or neck pain will be gone.

Sure, there are those restless nights when you stayed up too late or simply had too much on your mind, but if you’re going to bed at a decent hour, you probably shouldn’t be experiencing soreness or pain. It’s not the norm.

According to the American Psychological Association, a study conducted in 2013 said that 43% of American adults said that they would feel better with more sleep—a number that is higher than the 32% who felt that way back in 1993. Many scientists associate this increase with stress—people work later hours than they did two decades ago—but 92% of Americans in 2011 believe that this is not the underlying problem—it’s their mattress.

Obviously a mattress that’s too old should be replaced, but what about one you just bought? You wouldn’t go mountain climbing without the right equipment, so who’s to say sleeping is any different? Sleeping comfortably at least seven hours a night is vital to improving memory and concentration, losing weight, living longer, and being happier and healthier. In fact, sleep is the best way to heal any problem you might have.

Your body is 100% unique and so are your sleeping habits. Finding the right mattress for you can sometimes feel like looking for a needle in a haystack, but it doesn’t have to be difficult! Starting with identifying your sleep position can help you narrow down the best options for a new mattress. With this guide and these products from Denver Mattress, you can definitely find your new dream bed so you’ll never wake up sore again!


Back Sleepers

If you’re someone who doesn’t like to get fancy with your sleep position, you keep it simple by sleeping on your back. After all, shouldn’t that be the best? You keep your spine straight that way. While sleeping on your back does have its benefits, the guidelines for selecting a mattress that’s perfect for this position are broad. Back sleepers don’t have a set comfort range, so for you, the opportunities are endless—within reason! Whether you prefer a firm or a soft mattress, your mattress needs to provide excellent lower back support since the lack of an arch can lead to soreness. Mattresses with memory foam, latex, and pillow tops are ideal for molding to your back, so that you don’t get misaligned. However, having a mattress that’s too padded won’t keep your back from sinking, so you want to choose something that also has a healthy amount of support. The coil or other core support system in your mattress should keep your back somewhat flat so that you don’t overdo it with cushions! Check out the Aspen® Plush and the Doctor’s Choice® Firm from Denver Mattress for a mattress with great coil support.


Stomach Sleepers

Although this is the least common of the three basic sleep positions, some people prefer to sleep on their stomach. Many sleep problems can arise from this position in particular, so it is really important to make sure you choose the right mattress so you don’t cause your body any serious injury. Proper support for your back although you’re sleeping on your belly is extremely important, so you want to select a bed that’s not too soft and does not allow your pelvis to sink down and result in the misalignment of your spine. At the same time, choosing a mattress that’s too firm will keep your body too flat and not allow it to shape into its natural curve. Stomach sleepers can experience a nagging and reoccurring pain if their mattress does not feature at least medium firmness. Mattresses with tops that feature pressure-relieving memory foam or innersprings are ideal for stomach sleepers so that they don’t bend all out of shape. Check out the TEMPUR-Contour™ Elite Mattress and the Doctor’s Choice® Elite Firm from Denver Mattress for a mattress with medium firmness.


Side Sleepers

If you sleep on your side, you’re not alone! As the most common of the sleep position types, side sleepers would rather stray away from sleeping too rigidly on their stomach or back, so they curl up into a fetal position or hug their pillow tight. While side sleepers are less likely to suffer from snoring or airflow issues, they can still experience hip, back, or neck pain if their mattress is too firm. If you sleep on your side, you should opt for a softer bed—one that will definitely contour to the curves of your body. A mattress with softer support will relieve pressure points and keep your neck, spine, and back in alignment. Plusher mattresses with features such as memory foam, pillow tops, and Euro-Tops with innersprings offer many advantages to side sleepers. If you sleep on your side, you get to make your bed super soft! Check out the Doctor’s Choice® Euro Top and the TEMPUR-Cloud® Elite for a mattress that relieves pressure points.

Whatever position you sleep in, there’s a mattress for you! Invest in a bed that won’t leave you sore in the morning! It’s time snooze peacefully again.

Dorm Room Checklist

It’s time to send your not-so-little-one off to college, and you want to make sure that they have all the essentials. Shopping for back-to-school can be difficult, so we’ve created a Dorm Room Checklist to make it a little bit easier. Items to study, sleep, plug in, store and organize, clean and wash, decorate, and eat are included in this essentials list, so you can rest assured that your college student will have all the things they need to succeed.

Simply download and print this Dorm Room Checklist to make shopping for college easy as 1, 2, 3!


Sleep Guidelines and Best Mattresses for Kids by Age

Have you ever wondered if your children are getting enough sleep? With the hustle and bustle of life, it’s difficult for parents to make sure that their kids are catching enough ZZZs. Although it may be hard, ensuring that your little ones have a decent amount of shut-eye time is very important. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, adequate sleep is linked with improved attention, behavior, learning, mental well-being, and physical health. Insufficient sleep increases risks for obesity, diabetes, accidents, depression, and in teens, self-harm including suicide attempts.

Sleep Guidelines for Kids by Age

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine has released a recommendation of sleep guidelines for kids by age, based on a review of scientific evidence on sleep duration and health. For infants aged 4-12 months (younger babies aren’t included because they have a wide range of normal sleep patterns), doctors suggest that they should be sleeping 12-16 hours including naps. Children between one and two should be sleeping 11-14 hours, and kids that are three to five should be sleeping 10-13 hours nightly. Little ones between the ages of six to twelve should be getting 9-12 hours of sleep, while teens aged thirteen to eighteen should be in bed for a minimum of 8-10 hours.

This chart outlines the new sleep guidelines for kids by age simply:




How to Choose the Best Kids Mattress

When you first had your baby, choosing a crib mattress was probably fairly easy, as most of them have a standard size and firmness level. However, by the age of two to three, most children should be moving from their crib to a standard bed. Most parents stick to one of three sizes of mattresses: twin, twin XL, full, and full XL but deciding on what type of mattress can be a different story.

Firm or Plush?

When you first feel a mattress, it usually feels firm or plush. If the top-cushioning layer is thicker, a mattress is usually considered plusher. This has no bearing on support, and most times, a mattress’ firmness is a personal preference. Go to the mattress store and try several mattresses out. A mattress that feels comfortable for you will most likely suit your child.

Firm: Firm mattresses offer a stable, floating feeling. Younger kids transitioning from a crib mattress often enjoy a firmer mattress. Also, kids that sleep on their stomach usually prefer a firm sleeping surface so that they can keep their spine in proper alignment and prevent their back from bowing in too much.

Plush: Plush mattresses offer a pillow-top feel that kids can sink into. Older kids typically like the thick cushioning of this comfort level. If your little one is a side-sleeper or likes to sleep on their back, a plush mattress could be for them.

What type of support?

There are several different types of mattresses and they all use different technologies to support your kid while they sleep. Depending on your child’s needs, a certain mattress type can help them get adequate snooze time. Denver Mattress offers custom fittings, where an experienced professional will figure out which type of mattress will put your kid in neutral spine alignment, relaxing the muscles, and allowing a better night’s rest. Schedule an appointment at your local store to find the best mattress for your little one.

Innerspring: This type of long-lasting support is the best value. Using tempered steel that locks in the shape of the coil to increase longevity and comfort, traditional interlaced innersprings are the most widely used and trusted support units in mattresses. Offering in-line body support, these mattresses offer years of durability at an affordable price. Our favorites for kids are the Doctor’s Choice® Firm and the Doctor’s Choice® Plush.

Shop innerspring mattresses here.

Individual Coil: Sometimes referred to as marshal or pocketed coils, individually wrapped coils are just that – coils that are wrapped inside their own individual pockets. Offering true body conforming comfort and unprecedented motion separation, this support type is one step up from an innerspring mattress. Our top pick for children is the Buena Vista Plush Mattress.

Shop individual coil mattresses here.

Memory Foam: Known by many brand names, Viscoelastic memory foam is a unique formulation of polyurethane foam that offers amazing body conforming properties. Usually used in the comfort layers of a mattress, memory foam can conform to every curve of the body to give your child a supportive yet comfortable night’s sleep. This type of mattress is also hypoallergenic, resistant to dust mites, fungus, and bacteria, so if your kid struggles with allergies, memory foam is a good option. A best seller for kids is the Green Choice® Bliss.

Shop memory foam mattresses here.

Latex: Direct from the Hevea Brasiliensis, or rubber tree, latex is one of the most amazing components used in mattresses today. After being formed into a comfort layer using either the Talalay or Dunlop process, latex produces a weightless feel and is one of the most durable comfort layers used in bedding. Our choice for kids is the Breckenridge® HeveaPUR® Euro Top.

Shop latex mattresses here.

Crib Mattress: These mattresses are pretty standard, and are usually pretty firm. Crib mattresses are typically used for kids under the age of three. Our go-to for crib mattresses is the Madison Crib Mattress.

Shop crib mattresses here.

How to Choose the Best Kids Bed

Besides the type of mattress, the right bed can also help your child want to hit the hay. There are so many adorable beds out there, and it can be fun to shop with your little one for something that catches their fancy.

Transitional Beds

Transitional beds help parents get the most bang for their buck. Transitioning from a crib, to a toddler bed with rails, and eventually a full bed, transitional beds will grow with your child, avoiding drastic changes that induce stress. One of our favorites is the Jameson 3-in-1 Crib, with matching furniture available.

Playful Structures

Getting your child to go to bed can be rough, so getting them a bed that they feel safe and comfortable in is important. Many kids beds come as playhouses, serving a dual purpose for sleep and fun. The Gigi Fort Bed is the perfect place to let your little one rest, and as a bonus, the retreat’s walls act as guardrails, ensuring your kid won’t fall out of bed.


A great space saver, a daybed is ideal for your kid to get the recommended sleep. If your child likes to have sleepovers, a pullout trundle is the best way to get extra hideaway sleep space. The Loft Daybed is one of our top picks and will accommodate your toddler as well as your teen.

Storage Beds

A smart combination of comfort and utility, a storage bed allows for compact organization of books, trophies, and the like. If your little one is having trouble sleeping, store a flashlight, monster spray (water in a spray bottle), or a comforting item on the bookcase near their head. The Bristol Valley Captain’s Bed is charming, rustic, and functional.



Helpful Bedtime Hints

Finding the best mattress and bed combo is a great start, but for anyone who has kids, it can still be hard to get them to go to sleep. Try some of these helpful hints to get your child to rest, ensuring that they get the recommended sleep for their age group.

  • Establish a routine: A bedtime routine can be one of the easiest ways to make sure your kid is getting enough sleep each night. Establish a time when your child will start getting ready for bed, and remind them at intervals before this time arrives (10 minutes, 5 more minutes, etc.). Do tasks in the same order each night, so your kid knows what is in store (ex: brush teeth, change into pajamas, read book, lay down).
  • Bedtime stories: Not only does reading encourage mental development, but it also is a leisurely activity that will calm them before going to sleep. Try investing in a fun, plush chair such as the Bear Chair or the Owl Chair, and encourage your little one to spend some time reading (or being read to) in it before bedtime.
  • Lighting: Don’t use lights that are too harsh or bright in your child’s bedroom. Choose softer, warmer bulbs that encourage sleep. Is your little one afraid of the dark? Consider getting them a night-light or bedside flashlight so they feel safe through the night. You can learn more about lighting for the bedroom (as well as other rooms of the house) here.
  • Bedding: Many kids are particular about their bedding, so finding fun, soft sheets and comforters is important. Ask your child what type of bedding feels the softest to them, and experiment with different fabrics, colors, and patterns. If you have a little one with a bed-wetting problem, invest in a mattress protector, which will reduce the clean up time in the middle of the night, allowing more sleep for your child, as well as yourself!
  • Comfort items: Many kids do not like sleeping alone, so make sure that they have an item that provides them comfort throughout the night. Whether it’s a well-loved blanky, stuffed animal, or doll, keep the item safely in their bed and let you child know that this item is reserved for nighttime.


How to Stay Cool at Night

If you’re a light sleeper and don’t want a fan on your face through all hours of the night, or if have an AC that’s having a hard time keeping up with the summer highs, there is another way to stay cool at night. And no, it doesn’t involve taking a cold shower!

The latest and greatest mattress and bedding technology has come a long way, and cooling features on your pillow, sheets, and even your mattress can all be equipped to lower your body temperature so that you get the restful night’s sleep you deserve and wake up feeling fresh and invigorated. Nobody deserves to sweat through the night, so check out some of these innovative cooling products from Denver Mattress for some inspiration on keeping your bed refreshingly chilled, or follow these other fun tips to beat the heat. Staying cool while you sleep has never been easier, so chill out!


Use a pillow that doesn’t trap body heat

Did you know that the warmest parts of the human body are the head, chest, and armpits? Most of the hot carbon dioxide you breathe out while you sleep easily causes overheating and naturally warms up your pillow without your knowledge. If your head and neck are feeling toasty, the rest of your body will soon begin to sweat, so an easy solution is to counteract this process. By using a pillow that has cooling features and lighter fabric, you will ensure that your head and neck stay refreshed which will help you sleep and breathe easier.

Denver Mattress’ myMerino Pillow is made of 100% organic wool that is naturally more breathable than other synthetic fabrics and has temperature-regulating properties similar to the IsoCool ThermaZone Contour Pillow that features a 100% cotton cover and a contoured design that leads warm air away from the neck. Pillows can also include liquid gel and active air ventilated panels that wick away heat and moisture to help you sleep cool and dry. For pillows with cooling gel and air technology, check out Denver Mattress’ Balance 1.0 Self-Leveling Pillow and Therapure Side Sleeper for an optimal night’s sleep.

Choose breathable fabrics 

For your body, the easiest way to keep cool while you rest is to not cover yourself with a thick blanket! Lightweight fiber sheets are a simple solution to stay refreshed due to their no-cling stretch that will feel weightless. Materials that are naturally lighter such as linen and cotton are great for sheets, especially if they feature loose weaves and fine threads since they do not retain moisture and air. For cool bedtime sheets, Dri-Tec Performance Sheets from Denver Mattress have a featherweight feel to them and provide maximum airflow to keep you cool.

Get a mattress or a mattress protector with cooling features

If you want to get deeper into the root of the problem, don’t stop at sheets and pillows! The mattress is the most important part of your bed, so make sure that even that has cooling properties that will regulate your body temperature. Just like memory foam pillows, many mattresses and protectors today also feature gel liquid that naturally cools down the lightweight fibers that you lay on and makes sure body heat doesn’t get trapped inside.

For a cooling gel spring mattress, check out the Doctor’s Choice Elite Firm Mattress, or for a memory foam mattress infused with innovative cooling technology, check out the TEMPUR-Cloud Supreme Breeze Mattress. If you like your old mattress, you can also add a cover with cooling technology and ultra-breathable fabric. The Perfect Harmony IsoCool Mattress Pad and the 6.0 VER-TEX Temperature Regulating Performance Mattress Protector will add a flexible, lightweight cushioning layer with climate control fabric to help protect your body from the summer heat.

Other fun tips for staying cool while you sleep

  1. Adjust your fans! Make sure that your ceiling fan is running counter-clockwise and is pulling hot air up instead of circulating it around the room. Also, point box fans outwards towards the windows so they push hot air outside, instead of in. You can even use more than one fan and face them towards each other, so that you create a cross-breeze.
  1. Get creative with your sheets. Hang a wet sheet in front of an open window for an icy breeze or place your sheets in the freezer before you crawl into bed.
  1. Unplug your electronics. You might not realize it, but your phone charger and other small appliances like lamps use energy to give off heat, even when they’re turned off. Unplug and unwind!
  1. Get low. If you have an adjustable bed, set it up so that it’s as close to ground as possible. Since hot air rises, sleeping lower to the floor is an easy way to make sure that the coolest air in the room surrounds you. If it’s an option, you can also sleep downstairs instead of upstairs!
  1. Use ice. Ice packs might be obvious, but they do work! Place them under your covers or on your wrists, neck, elbows, ankles, or behind your knees for the fastest way to cool up your entire body.

Summer is here, but don’t sweat it! There are lots of ways you can cool down as you sleep through the night.

Organic Mattresses: The Natural Way to Sleep

When you hear the word “organic,” you probably think of healthy food as part of a green lifestyle, but did you know that you could also choose a healthier mattress?

Finding the right mattress for your body is already quite the feat, but with the selection of an organic mattress, you’re guaranteed a great quality bed that’s free of harmful chemicals, toxins, and hormones, and is more sustainable for the environment. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about organic mattresses and will explain why these products will help you find a more natural way to sleep.



Why organic?

Traditional mattresses can be treated with flame-retardant chemicals that pollute the air, and are made of synthetic materials such as polyester fabrics, nylon, and polyurethane foam. But with organic mattresses, more natural materials that are processed without harmful chemicals such as natural latex, organic cotton, and untreated wool are much safer and healthier for you.

When selecting an organic mattress, it is also important to make sure the product claims are true. Only certified organic mattresses are completely 100% organic, and only four mattress manufacturers in the U.S. are certified to produce organic products. The HeveaPUR® line at Denver Mattress is proud to be fully recognized by the Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS) and the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) for being a top-of-the-line certified organic line that ensures that you and your mattress will stay comfortable and healthy throughout years of use.

Find out more about organic rubber latex with this video:

What is an organic mattress made of?

Natural Latex: Latex, one of the primary materials used in mattress technology, is reliable mainly for its comfort, support, and durability, but with certified organic latex, you can be reassured that the rubber trees used to create latex are produced in environments that are not harmful to the manufacturers or the surrounding ecology and are processed free of harmful chemicals and toxins. Purchasing a mattress with natural latex is a better choice than petroleum-based polyurethane found in most conventional mattresses since it gives firmness and support to the mattress without the need for springs or metal. Natural latex is also mold and dust-mite resistant and is great for temperature regulation.

Organic Cotton: The cotton used to construct the soft wrapping used in organic mattresses should also be 100% organic since it’s processed from ecologically sustainable farms that ensure that their cotton fibers are never bleached or treated with harmful chemicals. Organic cotton is not fire-resistant, so in order to fit regulations with the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the cotton is usually wrapped in wool layers.

For 100% organic cotton mattresses, check out the Organic Crib Mattress and the Natural Crib Mattress from Furniture Row to ensure a safe slumber for your infant.

Organic Wool: Comfortable and durable sheep-farmed wool is processed without harmful chemicals in humane conditions to guarantee that your mattress will be protected and clean for a happy and healthy night’s sleep. All-natural and untreated wool is also naturally fire, dust-mite, mold, and bacteria resistant.

Find out more about organic wool by watching this video:

Why is organic the safer option?

Although every mattress is required to have a fire barrier, most organic mattress products feature a non-toxic wool fire barrier that meets fire safety regulations and avoids the use of harmful high-VOC chemicals that have been linked to problems like allergies, asthma, fertility problems/hormone imbalance, respiratory issues, skin irritation, kidney damage, and even autism in sensitive individuals.

Organic mattresses are also naturally antimicrobial, help regulate temperature, contain materials that are hypoallergenic, and don’t carry pesticide residues.

By choosing an organic mattress, you can count on your bed to last throughout the years and make sure both your mind and body are at ease knowing that you have selected a product that will keep you safe and healthy.

Never worry about your mattress again! For HeveaPUR® organic mattress selections, check out Denver Mattress’ HeveaPUR® 10.5″ Organic Mattress, HeveaPUR® 9″ Organic Mattress, and HeveaPUR® 8″ Organic Mattress to enjoy a natural night’s sleep.

And the organic lifestyle doesn’t just end with mattresses! Check out the BedWorks™ HeveaPUR® Organic Pillow, and the myMerino Comforter from Denver Mattress for more certified organic bed products that will keep you comfortable and healthy alongside your organic mattress.

For more information on organic mattresses from Denver Mattress and Furniture Row, click here.

Starting Fresh with Spring Bedding


Winter is all about warmth, but spring is here, so don’t let heavy comforters bog you down! Wool and flannel are fine by the fireplace, but there’s no way you’d want to nestle in those fabrics come April. Something lighter is definitely the perfect fix for your blooming bedroom, but where do you begin? There’s cotton, Egyptian cotton, sateen—oh my! And if you don’t know what any of that means, shopping for new spring bedding can be intimidating.

With Furniture Row’s wonderful selection of luxurious state-of-the-line sheets and comforters, you can’t go wrong with any of our products, but in order to insure you have the right set for you, we’ve broken it down to answer some of the questions you might have. After all, everyone deserves a comfortable bed!

What is thread count?

Thread count is the amount of thread used vertically and horizontally within one square inch of fabric. The lower the thread count, the more likely a set of sheets is to be softer and airy. Typically, bed sheets with a 200 to 400 thread counts are lighter than sheets with a 500 to 1,000 thread counts, which are heavier due to the extra thread.

Comforters also operate on a thread count system. Like bed sheets, a comforter’s thread count says a lot about its quality and texture. Some comforters have high thread counts so their weaves are tighter, making them stronger but also heavier. Look for lower thread counts for your spring bedding.

What are luxury bed sheets? 

One common myth about bed sheets is that the word “luxury” means better. This is not the case! Luxury bed sheets normally have 500 to 1,000 thread counts, meaning that they are denser and heavier. Luxury bed sheets have a higher thread count, but depending on the material, yarn size, and weaving technique, they tend to be silkier than regular bed sheets.

Which material is right for me?

Don’t just look at thread count! The material and weave of your bedding also says a lot about its softness and quality, and certain types of fiber or fiber blends woven in a variety of ways can act differently than others. Make sure you never pick out bed sheets based on appearance alone. Color and pattern are important factors, but taking the thread count, weave, and fiber type into consideration is far more important if you are looking for the perfect set for spring.

Some common fibers and weave patterns used in bedding are:

Bamboo: If you’re allergic or sensitive to most types of fabric, bamboo is your best bet. Although bamboo is one of the strongest materials in construction, it is also used to make one of the softest fabrics in the world, and is noticeably softer than cotton. The pulp of bamboo grass is resistant to bacteria, making sheets hypoallergenic and unyielding to dust mites. Bamboo is also a more sustainable, eco-friendly option since the tree grows back very quickly.

For high-quality bamboo sheets, check out the DreamFit Premium Comfort Rich Performance Bamboo Sheets.

Cotton: Probably the most popular material in textiles, cotton has been commonly found in bedding for decades, and for good reason! Due to its breathability and moisture-resistant properties, cotton is an excellent material for keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summertime. It is smooth and soft due to shorter fibers, so you are sure to always have crisp and clean sheets.

Get the feel of crisp 100% cotton with the Choice Sheet Set and the Trellis Comforter Set or Modern Chevron Comforter Set.

Cotton Blend: Cotton mixed with polyester, another popular fabric, is a great way to insure that your sheets are as durable as they are comfortable. A cotton blend is very easy to care for, but is a little denser than pure cotton—making your sheets feel warmer.

Experience the sensation of cotton mixed with a lovely linen with the Linen Chic Comforter Set. Linen fibers woven with 100% cotton create a truly unique texture that is soft, supple, and lasting.

Egyptian Cotton: Considered the most luxurious sheet fabric, Egyptian cotton is the best in terms of quality! This type of cotton only grows along the Nile River and takes a long season to produce, so the material is made of long fibers and stronger cotton. Egyptian cotton is also supple and silky, and softens with every wash.

For silky Egyptian cotton, check out the DreamFit Preferred Egyptian Cotton 400 TC Sheets for an optimal sleeping experience.

Microfiber: Composed of very finely woven fibers, microfiber is the scientific result of weaving wood pulp, polyester, or nylon polymers. These sheets are very thin, but are strong and exceptionally smooth for a comfortable experience. Microfiber is also popular due its durability and easy cleanup. Microfiber is breathable and is a popular spring bedding choice.

For high-quality and long-lasting microfiber sheets, check out the BedWorks Midtown Microfiber Sheets and the Essentials Sheet Set. 

Percale: Although it’s not a material, the word percale on your bedding is still important to note. It is a type of close weave fabric, meaning that the threads are tightly woven individually for a medium weight and firm texture. It is typically found in 200 thread count sheets made of 100% cotton or a cotton blend and washes well.

Pima Cotton: Also known as Supima cotton, this type of cotton originating from Pima, Arizona is an all-American material. You can do anything to pima cotton that you could do to regular cotton, except Supima is much sturdier so it can handle more wear and tear. Some argue that the material is even finer than Egyptian cotton!

Sateen: Sateen sheets are high-quality sheets woven in the same way as traditional satin, but unlike satin, sateen contains more common fibers found in fabrics, such as cotton. Sateen has a silky quality with a four stitches over, one stitch under pattern that makes it extremely soft to the touch.

Get sateen smooth American pima cotton with the Signature Sheet Set or the Bedworks Uptown Sateen Duvet Cover.

Satin: One common misconception about satin is that it is a fiber, but this is not the case! Satin can be woven from wool, cotton, polyester, silk and other materials. Due to a weave pattern in which the threads are caught and looped, satin is a smooth and glossy result that is bound to make you feel like royalty.

Silk: This luxurious fiber traces back more than 3,000 years and the desire for it is still stronger than ever. Silk threads are longer than any other fiber threads due to the unwound silkworm cocoon that can reach an amazing 1,600 feet! This makes silk very delicate, but surprisingly extremely strong in order to produce a light, versatile, and elegant fabric that will give you a soft and sumptuous feel.

Twill: Instead of a basic stitch, twill is a pattern of diagonal patterns in a weave and produces fabric that is more wrinkle-resistant than others. This weaving technique can also produce softer and airy sheets.

No matter what look you’re going for, there is a type of bedding that fits you! Celebrate spring by finding the right sheets and comforter to keep you feeling clean and comfortable right in time for the sunshine.

Sneak Peek: 2016 St. Jude Dream Home Giveaway in Colorado Springs

The semi-annual St. Jude Dream Home Giveaway offers people a chance to win a beautiful house while saving kids’ lives, and the 2016 Colorado Springs Event is almost upon us! For just $100, you can buy a raffle ticket to win the home, valued at $350,000, as well as many other prizes such as a vacation to Mexico, a couples getaway complete with spa services, a hot tub, gift certificates, and more, all while helping St. Jude to end childhood cancer.

Furniture Row and Denver Mattress are helping the cancer treatment and research fundraiser by fully furnishing the home, as well as donating the Open House Prize, a $10,000 shopping spree. The home is almost complete, and on Friday, St. Jude held a floor signing event, giving the opportunity for all of the giveaway’s trade partners and sponsors a chance to write their best wishes on the concrete before flooring is installed.

Kaylee, a Colorado Springs local, who fought cancer and won also attended the event. As a St. Jude patient for over a year, she bravely fought the disease and is looking forward to her long and beautiful life. As many of the hospital’s patients’ stories are, Kaylee’s journey is touching and inspirational.


You can find out more and buy your tickets now and have your chance to win the home or other prizes for the St. Jude Dream Home Giveaway 2016. Tours of the house will run from April 30th to June 5th on Saturdays from 9 am – 5 pm, and Sundays from noon – 5 pm. The winner will be announced on Friday, June 10th, 2016 from 4:30 – 7 pm on KKTV 11 News.

Check back at the Front Door for more about the home. We can’t wait to see (and show our readers) how it turned out!

Take a look at last years’ dream homes decorated by Furniture Row in Colorado Springs and Denver, or find a St. Jude Dream Home Giveaway in your city.


Photos courtesy of Covington Homes. View more photos from the floor signing on Facebook

Best Rested States Across the Country

The CDC recently released that more than a third of Americans aren’t getting enough sleep, and for many of us that wear the bags under our eyes on a regular basis, we know that we don’t need a government study to tell us we could use some extra rest. The interesting part of the study comes from the geographical emphasis on who’s catching the most zzzs. So which states get the most shut eye, and where do our nation’s sleep deprived live?

The Best Rested

  1. South Dakota – 72%
  2. Colorado – 72%
  3. Minnesota – 71%
  4. Nebraska – 70%
  5. Idaho – 69%

The Least Rested

  1. Michigan – 61%
  2. Alabama – 61%
  3. Maryland – 61%
  4. Kentucky – 60%
  5. Hawaii – 56%

A Well Rested State

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention based the press release on a 2014 study where random Americans were asked, “On average, how many hours of sleep do you get in a 24-hour period?” The American Academy of Sleep Medicine and the Sleep Research Society recommend that adults over the age of 18 need at least seven hours per night to promote optimal health and well being, so the CDC used this figure as their magic number.

“As a nation, we aren’t getting enough sleep,” Wayne Giles MD, director of CDC’s Division of Population Health. Getting enough sleep isn’t just about the extra yawns either. Insufficient sleep is associated with many chronic diseases and conditions, which threatens our nation’s health.

Health problems associated with poor sleep:

  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Depression and other mental health issues
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Accident related injury/death

How to improve your sleep habits:

Routine: Better sleepers tend to go to bed and get up at the same time each morning. The more that your sleep becomes a habit, the more rest you’ll get.

Remove Distractions: Turn off or remove television, computers, or mobile devices from the bedroom. Electronic stimulation usually only adds to unhealthy sleep habits.

Refrain from substance: Skip the caffeine or nicotine before bed. Studies have shown that these stimulants frequently cause restlessness and/or insomnia.

Make sleep comfy: A good mattress can alleviate aches and pains and make it easier to get the recommended seven hours. Furniture Row’s Denver Mattress Company, one of the nation’s largest mattress retailers, coincidentally has stores in four out of the five most rested states (South Dakota, Colorado, Nebraska, and Idaho). Check to see if there is a location near you.

Check with a physician: You may have an underlying sleep-related problem such as snoring, sleep apnea, or a mental health disorder. Stress only adds to sleep problems, so be sure to seek the help you may need.

Time For a New Mattress

Sleep is key to wellbeing, and part of maintaing healthy sleep is taking care of your mattress. Believe it or not, mattresses age with us, and as time goes by  they can actually make getting a good night’s sleep more difficult.

To fend off any mattress nightmares, we’ve put together a handy guide for identifying the signs of an aging mattress, and tips how to care for yours to get back on track for great, healthy sleep! 

For more tips, check out our post on selecting the mattress that’s right for you!

January 2016 Calendar Download

Ring in the new year with this January 2016 calendar download. As 2015 comes to close, we celebrate the year behind us, and look forward to the wonderful things the year ahead may bring. No matter how you celebrate this New Year’s Eve, this Front Door calendar is celebrates the new beginnings of this new year, 2016! Download available in Desktop, Mac, and Mobile sizes.


January Calendar 2016 1920×1080

January Calendar 2016 iPhone 5

January Calendar 2016 iPhone 6 

January Calendar 2016 iPhone 6 Plus

January Calendar 2016 iPad

Microwave Peppermint Bark

The holiday season is here, and so are the tasty treats it brings. A classic Christmas flavor combo, chocolate peppermint bark is an easy, no-bake sweet treat that’s great for gifting–and even better for snacking!  With a simple ingredient list, a little prep, and a microwave, you can transform basic chocolate and peppermint into a quintessentially Christmassy peppermint bark everyone will love! 

12 ounces of white chocolate
16 ounces of semisweet chocolate
1/2 teaspoon of peppermint extract
Topping: 1/4 cup of chopped peppermint candy or candy canes


Measuring spoons and cups
Parchment paper
Baking sheet
2Microwave-friendly sized glass bowl for each flavor of chocolate

How to make your own bark:

  1. Line your baking sheet with parchment
  2. Add white chocolate to a bowl and semisweet chocolate to the other
  3. Add a teaspoon of peppermint extract to each chocolate. for less peppermint, add to only one type of chocolate..
  4. Microwave the semisweet chocolate at 50% power for 90 seconds.
  5. Stir, and heat for another 30 seconds at 50%, stir until smooth. Repeat on 50% power as needed. DO NOT HEAT AT FULL POWER
  6. Pour melted semisweet chocolate onto baking sheet, smooth out.
  7. Repeat steps 2-5 with the white chocolate
  8. With a fork or a toothpick, swirl the two layers. Swirling allows the layers to combine, and makes the bark easier to cut later.
  9. Sprinkle with crushed peppermint topping
  10. Cool or chill for 30 minutes to one hour
  11. Cut, serve and enjoy!

Holiday Printables

The winter holiday season is in full swing! Twinkle lights, cozy fires, and all things merry and bright can be found around every corner, and in honor of the season, we’re excited to share these holiday printables. Featuring warm winter sayings, and a wish for peace, our three original designs are sure to spread the holiday spirit well. Simply select your download, and print to enjoy.



Baby It’s Cold Outside


Merry And Bright


Peace On Earth

4 Days of Black Friday Savings at Furniture Row

Get the most out of seasonal savings with Furniture Row’s Black FOURDay Sale! From Black Friday, November 27 through Cyber Monday, November 30, you can take advantage of exciting doorbusters, storewide markdowns and more, for 4 days. We’re super excited to give you a sneak peek at the savings–and want to help your wish list along before the sale kicks off.

In anticipation of the 4-day long sale event, we couldn’t wait to share with you some of our favorite designs that will be on sale. Read through for our Style Picks, Doorbuster Deals, and Staff Picks to get some pre-shopping inspiration. As a bonus, we have included a complete list of sale items so you can start to plan your shopping list!

Read on for complete list of sale items WITH BlackFOURDAY pricing–and scroll to the end for exciting coupon discount reveal!

sofa mart black friday

SofaMart will have lots of fabulous finds on sale storewide during Black FOURDay, but we wanted to share a few of our favorites to get a head start!

Style Pick: We love the Williamsburg Sofa for its casual, versatile style, and the luxurious feel of its 100% top grain American leather upholstery. This style pick adds everyday elegance to any room, and is sure to be a favorite.

Doorbuster: Talk about a comfortable deal! We love the Griffin Reclining Sofa for its casual look, soft upholstery, and top comfort. Be sure to take advantage of this doorbuster in-store while supplies last.

Staff Pick: It is hard to choose just one Black FOURDay deal, but we LOVE the Sundara Occasional Tables. Sleek, contemporary and ideal for entertaining, these tables pack a lot of style at great value.


oak express black friday

Oak Express will be your go-to for Black Friday savings on dining, entertainment and more. To help you prep for our 4-day sale, here are our picks we couldn’t pass up.

Style Pick: The Wakefield Table combines clean lines with elegant detailing. This party-ready dining table seats all of your guests in style, and is sure to make a statement during the holiday season.

Doorbuster: Who doesn’t love stylish storage? The Parkview Sliding Cabinet is a don’t-miss doorbuster perfect for any home. Get yours in-store during the Black FOURDay sale while supplies last.

Staff Pick: The Woodland Executive Desk makes everyone feel like the boss with its sturdy, timeless design, and ample storage. Perfect for computer work, file storage, and more, this piece has it all!


bedroom black friday


Bedroom Expressions will have lots of dream-worthy designs on sale storewide on November 27 – Cyber Monday. Here are some of our favorites to get you pumped up for savings!

Style Pick: The Amsterdam Queen Sleigh Bed adds romantic elegance to any bedroom. Upholstered and timeless, this sleigh bed is a designer-inspired style we love!

Doorbuster: Sleep surrounded in sleek style with the Urban Pacific Queen Storage Bed is big on beauty and style. Get your contemporary-meets-rustic bed while supplies last in-store.

Staff Pick: We love the rustic, cozy, and inviting look of the Glenwood Queen Panel Bed. Charming, durably designed, and crafted to last, this casual yet chic bed is our staff pick.


mattress black friday


DENVER MATTRESS is excited to offer you Black FOURDay savings. To get your wheels turning, here are our sale picks.

Dream Pick: The Doctor’s Choice Elite Plush Mattress is a sleep-ready bed you will love. Supportive, plush, and top quality, this mattress really is something to dream about–and, it can be yours during our Black FOURDay sale!

Doorbuster: Get the supportive, natural Green Choice Memory Foam Pillows in-store while supplies last!

Staff Pick: The Breckenridge Queen Mattress is a supportive, comfortable sleep at great value.

To take advantage of Black Friday savings during our Black FOURDay Sale Event, please note our extended holiday store hours:

Black Friday 8 a.m. – 8 p.m.  Saturday 9 a.m. – 9 p.m.

Sunday 11 a.m – 6 p.m.   Cyber Monday 9 a.m. – 9 p.m.

Pin your Black Friday picks from our BLACK FRIDAY board on Pinterest:

Follow Furniture Row’s board BLACK FRIDAY on Pinterest.

Complete Sale List by Brand


DOOR BUSTERS (While supplies last)

Griffin reclining sofa is $299. Save 50%

Griffin recliner is $229. Save 50%


All home décor is 20% off!

Barracuda 3 piece room group is $888 – includes 2 piece sectional and cocktail ottoman

-Orlando 6 piece room group is $1,499 — includes reclining sofa, reclining loveseat, 3-pack tables and rug

Mod 8 piece room group is $1,499– includes sofa, loveseat, 3-pack tables, 2 lamps, and rug

Dream 6 piece room group is $1,499  – includes 5 piece reclining sectional and rug

Cortina 8 piece room group is $1,499 – includes sofa, loveseat, 3-pack tables, 2 lamps, and rug

Starship 6 piece room group is $3,999 – includes reclining sofa, loveseat console, Malibu 54” media console, Malibu coffee table, and 2 end tables

Cloud II 14 piece room group is $3,999 – includes 7 piece reclining sectional, matching recliner, 3-pack tables, 2 lamps, and rug

Max sofa is $399

Mod sofa is $449

Solano sofa  is $579

Joshua sofa is $579

Marin sofa is $649

Flight Deck sofa  is $749

Nimbus sofa is $749

Winfield sofa  is $749

-Lexicon sofa is $799

Eldorado sofa is $799

Destry sofa is $849

Dana sofa is $849

Piero sofa is $849

Hampton sofa $849

Grand Prix sofa is $899

-Coco sofa is $999

San Mateo sofa is $999

Santa Cruz sofa is $1,099

Walden sofa is $1,099

Carson sofa is $1,699

Sedona sofa is $1,799

Williamsburg sofa  is $1,799

Asheville sofa is $1,799

Richmond sofa is $1,799

Crescent power sofa is $1,899

Park Ave 4 piece sectional is $1,699

Jupiter 2 piece sectional is $999, Ottoman is $299

San Tropez 2 piece sectional is $799

Dream 5 piece reclining sectiona is $1,295 Plus, an additional 35% discount on all other Dream pieces

Cloud II 5 piece sectional is $1,799

Sarah 3 piece sectional is $1,999

Cosmo 6 piece sectional is $2,199. Save $500! 

Cloud leather 6 piece sectional is $2,499. Save $300!

Lyndhurst futon  is $169

Soda futon  is $269

Gladstone futon  is $369

Hagen bench is $449

Lachlan accent chair is $349

Victoria accent chair  is $379

Wearstler accent chair  is $379

Crate accent chair  is $399

-Lakehouse accent chair is $429

Basia accent chair is $429

Perry Park accent chair  is $429

Bloom accent chair is $499

Santa Cruz accent chair  is $499

SM Premium swivel accent chair is $499 

Amelia swivel rocker is $549

Garret lift chair  is $579

Frosty Fridge recliner is $449

Elias leather recliner  is $679

Decker recliner  is $379

Aspen coffee table is $179, sofa table is $179, end table is $99, chairside table is $89, 50”console is $449

Montego coffee table is $199, sofa table is $199, end table is $119 , chairside table is $99, 50” TV, pier, 4 piece wall for $999

-Murray side table is $229

Foundry coffee table is $249,  sofa table is $249, end table is $149, 60” media is $549, 2 piece theater wall is $899

Malibu coffee table is $299, sofa table is $199, end table is $199, chairside table is $149m 54” media is $449, 4 piece theater wall is $99

Oslo coffee table is $299, sofa table $299, end table  $229, 60” TV $449, pair of piers $885, bridge $215, 4 piece theater wall $1,549

Sundara coffee table is $349, end table $249, sofa table $349

Pinebrook coffee table is $349, sofa table $299, end table $249, 60” media $349, 3 piece theater wall $849  

Greenwich coffee table is $399, sofa table $399, end table $199

Isabella  coffee table is $399, sofa table $349, end table  $249, chairside table is $199

-Bombay Cabinet in red is $399


DOOR BUSTERS (While supplies last)

Chocolate 5 piece dining set  is $199. Save $200  

Studio 24” parson barstool  is $39. Save $40

Parkview sliding cabinets is $199

Mario Stamped 18” chair stool (Lime, Steel, and White) is $15

Espresso Tilt Mirror is $49

Oak Ridge 5 piece Drop Leaf Counter Height dining set  $799

Athena 5 piece Counter Height dining set  is $399 (special purchase)

Carson 5 piece square dining set is $299

-High Rise 3 piece dining set is $88


All Home Décor  is 20% off

Wakefield  Trestle table is $699, side chair $99, caster arm chair, 199, china cabinet $999

Montego table is $449, side chair $99, server $599, bench $119

Mendocino  table is $899, side chair $149, parson chair $169, server $799, bench $299, china cabinet $2,199

Belle Modern  table is $599, side chair $99, arm chair $125, server $599

-Mission Table is $999, side chair $199, arm chair $299, china cabinet is $2,199

Metropolitan  table is $599, $179, arm chair $199, server $999, wine bar $1,199

Foundry counter height table is $499, stool $149, backless chair $99, bench $229, server $599, hutch $179

Bellaire table is $1,399, side chair $189, arm chair $219, parsons chair $199, buffet $899, hutch $949

Salento counter height table is $549, stool $89, server $599

Arcadia  counter height table is $349, stool $99, server $599

Urban Loft counter height table is $349, stool $129, server $449

Hartland counter height 5 piece dining set is $499

Southport 5 piece dining set  is $499

Jasmine table parson chair  is $99

Shelby dining table is $499

-New Yorker side chair is $99

Bellaire side chair $189

Luigi side chair is $49

-Vintage chair is $75

Marie metal chair  is $59

Wakefield caster arm chair is $199

Cordillera Executive desk $849, open bookcase $499, door bookcase $549, file cabinet $399

Woodland Executive desk is $899, hutch $689, credenza $899, 76” bookcase $449, file cabinet $479

Rockridge desk chair is $349

Concord desk chair $159

Cordillera desk chair $279

Gavin desk chair is $249

Alameda desk chair is $139

Hercules desk chair  is $349

Madagascar desk chair is $269

Melany jewelry mirror is $199

-Celeste jewelry armoire is $349


DOOR BUSTERS (While supplies last)

Monroe queen upholstered bed is $99. Save $200

Rawleigh 4 piece queen bed group is $699. Save $497 (Special purchase)

Urban Pacific 3 piece group including queen bed, chest and nightstand is $598

Urban Pacific queen storage bed is $299

Mendoza queen bed is $299

Ribbon queen bed is $299


All Home Décor and Linens are 20% off

Malibu 3 piece queen bedroom  is$1,397

Costello 4 piece queen bedroom  is $1,696

Torino 4 piece queen bedroom is $1,799

Wynham 4 piece queen bedroom is $1,396

Glenwood 4 piece queen bedroom is $1,596

Waverly 4 piece queen bedroom is $2,396

Cristo 3 piece queen bedroom is $997

Chatham 3 piece queen bedroom  is $1,385

Torreon 3 piece queen storage bedroom  is $3,296

Sullivan 3 piece queen bedroom is $1,499

River Ridge 3 piece panel queen bedroom is $1,697

Wright 3 piece queen bedroom $2,996

Grant Park 3 piece queen bedroom is $1,197

Mendoza queen bed is $499

Bryant Park queen bed $349

Amsterdam queen bed is $699

Aspen queen bookcase bed is $1,499

Durango twin bunk is $489

Expedition twin bunk bed is $799

-Cooperstown twin storage bed is $449, panel $349

Camp bunk bed  is $239

Summertime twin bunk bed is $799

Bristol Valley twin captains bed is $649

Chloe twin panel bed is $349

Loft twin daybed is $199

Olivia Dollhouse bed is $999

Jameson Crib is $499

Blossom Flower chair is $79

Star ottoman is $59

-Sundara 9 piece queen bedding ensemble is $279

-Pampalore 6 piece queen bedding ensemble is $179

Lattice 3 piece queen bedding ensemble is $99


DOOR BUSTERS( While supplies last)

-2 free Green Choice Memory Foam pillows  for $9.99 (per family, while supplies last)


Doctor’s Choice plush or firm full set is $549, queen set $599, king set $749

Nuts & Bolts queen mattress is is $199, mattress set is $299

Arapahoe Euro-Top queen set is $449, twin set $329, full set is $399, king set $649

Breckenridge latex or visco queen set is $499

Green Choice Carefree memory foam queen set is $449, twin set $289, twin XL set $329, full set $399, king set $639

Green Choice Bliss queen set is $489, twin set $339, twin XL set $359, full set $459, king set $689 

Aspen Luxury Plush queen set is $32 per month for 60 months

Aspen Luxury Plush king set is $37 per month for 60 months

Durango Firm queen mattress set is $599

Madison Plush or Euro Top queen mattress set is $599

-Save up to $300 on TEMPUR-Breeze mattresses plus receive up to $300 Tempur-Pedic Visa prepaid card TEMPUR-Breeze mattresse

TEMPUR-Pedic TEMPUR-Breeze queen mattress sets  queen mattress sets from $46 a month

-Save up to $200 on select Sealy Posturepedic Premier Hybrid mattress sets  – queen sets from $25 a month-Sealy Posturepedic Premier Hybrid mattress sets 

-Purchase select king size Beautyrest mattress sets for the same price as a queen set

-Purchase select queen size Beautyrest mattress sets for the same price as a full set

-Save up to $500 on select Stearns & Foster flat or adjustable mattress sets  queen sets from $28 a month 

-Save up to $300 on iSeries Mattresses by Serta plus save up to $1,000 on select Serta adjustable foundations 

-Save up to $1,300 instantly with purchase of an iSeries mattress and a select Serta adjustable foundation.

Black Friday Coupons:

sm-coupon-image oe-coupon-image dm-coupon-image be-coupon-image


Songs to Build a Fire Playlist

Fall is here, and the nights are getting cooler. To help cozy up the colder temps, we’ve put together an acoustic playlist of songs to enjoy by the fire. From new folky tunes to familiar favorites, this playlist is the perfect backdrop to the crackling of a glowing fireplace.

Songs to build a fire (1)

  1. Big Coat – Wiretree
  2. Big Jet Plane – Angus Stone, Julia Stone
  3. Remember the Mountain Bed – Billy Bragg, Wilco
  4. Chicago (acoustic) – Sufjan Stevens
  5. Big Sur – Jay Farrar, Benjamin Gibbard
  6. Tee Shirt – Birdy
  7. Down in the Valley – The Head and the Heart
  8. Sea of Love – Cat Power
  9. Baby Blue – Dave Matthews Band
  10. Hear the Noise that Moves So Soft and Low – James Vincent McMorrow

November 2015 Calendar Download

November is right around the corner–and Autumn is in full swing. This month brings lots of fall festivities, the start of the holiday season–and a delicious bounty of tasty foods! Our Front Door original calendar download is inspired by the harvest season: It’s a colorful reminder of what we can be thankful for now, and year-round. Download is available in Mobile, Mac, and Desktop sizing. NOV-1920x1080

November Calendar 2015 1920×1080

November Calendar 2015 iPhone 5 

November Calendar 2015 iPhone 6 

November Calendar 2015 iPhone 6 Plus

November Calendar 2015 iPad

Peek Inside the St. Jude Denver Dream Home 2015

The 2015 Denver St. Jude Dream Home and its Furniture Row interior design are ready to be revealed! The home is situated just east of Denver’s downtown in the Green Valley Ranch community, with easy access to all the city offers. The beautiful Oakwood Homes build features 3,300 square feet of luxurious living space, plus an unfinished basement. With lovely floors throughout, upgraded fixtures and appliances, it really is dream-worthy!

Before we jump into the photo tour of the home, be sure to check out how you can win this amazing house–and support the important work St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital does. Purchase your ticket to be entered to win the grand prize home, as well as items including a 2016 MKC Lincoln, a $1,000 American Express gift card, and a Frigidaire front load washer and dryer set!

If you’re the early bird type, tickets purchased before September 25 for the Early Bird Prize: a deluxe five-night getaway for two to Iberostar Cancun in Mexico courtesy of Apple Vacations!

Check out the photos below for a look at the on-trend, off white interior design of the home. Dream-Home-Exterior

The exterior is an inviting, craftsman-inspired design in a neutral palette anyone can call home!


Upon entry we step into the sumptuous yet casual front room. This space is anchored by grey tones, and features off-white and mint accents throughout.

Furnished to be both functional and stylish, the room is a welcoming seating area. The Santa Cruz Sofa and Accent Chair add a designer feel that’s still neutral; the Cameron Coffee Table gives the seating area a focal point–and adds storage! The Viera Rug brings movement, texture, and ties together the palette of the room. And, to top it off, we love the touch of glam the Marlow Table and Floor Lamp add.

A quick turnaround from the sitting area, we find a great hallway design. Featuring the Horn Accent Table, this space incorporates natural elements, trendy home accents, and the Grand Central Light in J for an eclectic look.

Get the Look: Santa Cruz Sofa and Accent Chair // Cameron Round End Table and Coffee Table // Grand Central Lights Art // Marlow Table Lamp and Floor Lamp // Viera Ash Rug // Horn Accent Table //Metropolitan Table//Dudley Cabinet 


Just down the entryway, we find the office. This functional workspace combines traditional wood office pieces like the Seattle Home Office Group and the Gavin Desk Chair with some more elegant additions. For a trendy touch of glam, the room includes the Hagan Settee, Antiqued Mercury Lamp, studded Dash Chest, the Metropolitan Arm Chair, and the unifying Tempo Circles Rug.

Get the Look: Seattle Writing Desk, Hutch, File Base, Computer Base, and Open Hutch // Gavin Desk Chair // Hagan Settee // Antiqued Mercury Lamp // Tempo Circles Rug // Metropolitan Arm Chair // Dash Chest


In the the open-concept  living space, the family room features a Mid-Century-meets-today design. With retro-inspired pieces like the Mod Sofa, the Pacific Heights Coffee Table and End Table, and vintage Route 66 Art, the space feels streamlined, but homey. The more traditional Verano Accent Chair, the Tivoli Lamp in a lovely aqua, the Natural Edge Bench, and the Two Door Console combine to soften the space, and add texture.

Get the Look: Natural Edge Bench // Mod Sofa // Two Door Console // Pacific Heights End Table and Coffee Table // Chloe Lamp // Dalyn Rug // Route 66 Art // Midwest Art // Southwest Art // Tivoli Lamp// Verano Accent Chair


Continuing through the open floor plan, the family room flows into the beautiful eat-in kitchen. Featuring sleek appliances, upgraded cabinetry, and designer appointments, the kitchen really is amazing! We love the Fedora Stools at the island counter for their casual yet chic look. Just next to the island is the casual dining area: the Jasmine Table adds fresh, versatile style, the Belle Upholstered Chairs add classic flare. The Infiniti Quatrefoil Rug adds a vibrant splash of color with an iconic print to tie the whole space together.

Get the Look: Fedora Stool // Jasmine Table // Belle Upholstered Chair // Wake Up Art // Infiniti Quatrefoil Rug


On the second floor, the luxurious and tranquil master bedroom is a stylish oasis. Anchored by rich off-white tones, earthy materials, and accents of green, this space is an inviting retreat. We love the sleek Sullivan King Bed, and the complementing nightstand, dresser and mirror. This master bedroom features wonderful home accents that really set it apart: The Belle Lamp and its stamped metal finish brings texture to the room; the Faceted Mirror Side Tables add geometric appeal and glamor to the seating area anchored by the Basia Accent Chairs. The Sense Shag Rug softens the contemporary design, and adds warmth. The room is finished off with plush, neutral linens.

Get the Look: Sullivan King Bed, Dresser, Mirror, and Nightstand // Belle Lamp // Exquise Savon Art // Sense Shag Rug // Faceted Mirror Side Table // Accordion Mirrored Side Table // Basia Wood Accent Chair //Doctor’s Choice Elite Plush King Mattress // La Parfume De Fleurs Art // Bedworks Midtown Microfiber King Duvet


Down the hall from the amazing master suite are three whimsical and stylish children’s bedrooms. The nursery is styled in rich grey with colorful accents throughout. Baby-ready and parent-friendly, this space has many looks that will grow with your child: the sleek Axis Rocker, the fresh white Skyler Crib, the sleek and transitional Park Place Group, the on-trend Bradburry Downs Chevron Rug.

The next child’s room features the fresh and fun Summertime Full Storage Bed and the oh-so-beachy Beach Princess Bedding. Storage gets stylish with the Summertime Dresser and Nighstand, while the Sofia Lamp adds light and a cute touch of floral flare. For a grown-up accent, the Baseball Stitch Mirror is a great addition.

In the third youth bedroom, the Bristol Valley Twin Bunk Bed and storage piece brings a cool edge to the traditional bunk bed style. The Granada Diamonds Rug is fun yet sophisticated for this youth room–or any space needing color! The Mansfield Accent Chair is a mod, retro-inspired piece that rocks color and style kids will love into adulthood. The Surfs Up Bed in a Bag ties all the colors of this space together in one comfy place!

Get the Look: Bristol Valley Twin Bunk, Under Storage, Dresser, Mirror, and Nightstand // Doctor’s Choice Plush Twin Mattress // Mansfield Accent Chair // Granada Diamonds Rug // Marie Steel / Wood Chair // Surfs Up Bed in a Bag // Riley Beige Lamp // Summertime Full Storage Bed, Dresser, and Nightstand // Winterpark Combo Mattress // Sofia Lamp // Baseball Stitch Mirror // Beach Princess Bedding // Skyler Crib // Park Place Dresser, Mirror, and Nightstand // Axis Rocker // Bradburry Downs Chevron Rug // Finely Lamp // Organic Crib Mattress // Terra Firma Art


Central to the second floor of the home is the game room. Multi-purpose, it’s great for gathering for a game of cards, quietly reading a book, or hanging out with friends. Central to the inviting, comfortable style of this space is the Sarah Sectional. Soft, plush, and causal, the sofa is sure to be a favorite hangout. The room is accented by fall themed aspen tree decals that play off of the Golden Grove Canvas, and features the mid-century Sundara Tables.We love the warmth and texture of this room–and, with ample storage, lots of seating, and room to play, this game room is a winner!

Get the Look: Pacific Heights 3 Pc. Home Theater Wall//Golden Grove Canvas//Elements Bookcase//Sarah Sectional//Sundara Coffee and End Tables

Love what you’ve seen so far? Be sure to stop by the Dream Home during one of the Open Houses:

Tours of the St. Jude Dream Home will be held every weekend starting October 17 – November 8.
Register for free at the house to win the Open House Prize:
a $10,000 shopping spree courtesy of Furniture Row. View directions.

Hours:      Saturdays, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Sundays, noon – 5 p.m.
Address:   4707 Truckee Street
Denver, CO 80249

Be sure to purchase your ticket for a chance to call the 2015 Denver St. Jude Dream Home your own!

Home Décor by Numbers

When it comes to home décor, it can be tricky to know what goes where and why. To give you a little inspiration, we’ve put together a guide to home décor by numbers. It’s most important to style your space your way–and there are no rules when it comes to loving your home! Instead, treat these numbers as a helpful blueprint if you’re ever in a bind when creating your dream design.


Furniture by Numbers: 

Furniture – 1 inch
Leaving some room between the back of furniture and the wall will protect fabric and prevent wall scuffs.

Sofas – 7 feet
To seat up to four people or one adult lying down, choose a sofa that is at least 7 feet in length.

Televisions – 8 feet
Placing a TV 8 feet away from the sofa provides optimal viewing.

Coffee Tables – 16 inches
Keep about 16 inches between the couch and the coffee table to leave room for legs.

Nightstands – 29 inches
A nightstand that is the height of the bed, about 29 inches, will look best and make it easier to reach for things.

Dining Chairs – 2 feet
Allow at least 2 feet between the back of dining chairs and the wall so you have enough space to pull out the chair and walk behind it.

Buffets & Servers – 18 inches
Buffets and servers that are 18 inches deep will give you enough room to fit wide plates and serving platters.

Accents by Numbers: 

Rugs – 12 inches
Leave at least 1 foot between area rugs and the walls of the room. This will make the space feel larger.

Lighting – 60 watts
For cozy lighting in the bedroom or living room, aim for 60 watt bulbs in nightstand or end table lamps.

Artwork – 62 – 66 inches
The center of wall art should be between 62″ and 66″ from the floor to be at eye level.

Throw Pillows – 5 pillows
Having more than 5 throw pillows on a standard size sofa will make it look too cluttered.

Colors – 1 + 2 accents
Focus on 1 main color and 2 accents colors per room. It’s okay to mix patterns as long as they share the same color story.

October 2015 Calendar Download

Autumn is here, and October is the month that brings us the best of the season! From falling crisp leaves, to cheery carving pumpkins, October is all about color. This FrontDoor original calendar download captures all about Fall: Vibrant leaves drift down onto perfectly poised pumpkins to create an idyllic fall scene–and we hope you love it as much as we do! Download is available in Desktop, Mac, and Mobile sizes.

OCT-1920x1080October Calendar 2015 1920×1080

October Calendar 2015 iPhone 5 

October Calendar 2015 iPhone 6 

October Calendar 2015 iPhone 6 Plus

October Calendar 2015 iPad

Roasted Rainbow Carrots

Fall is a colorful season, and to kick it off, we are excited to share this recipe for roasted rainbow carrots. Front Door tested–and tastebud approved!–these savory, earthy, and elegant roasted carrots will be a crowd pleaser at your next dinner party, or a casual night in.



  • 5 tbs of olive oil
  • 5 tbs of balsamic vinegar
  • Coarse salt to taste
  • Cracked pepper to taste
  • 1-2 pressed garlic clove
  • Spices to taste (dill, cumin, onion, cayenne, thyme, etc.)

Directions: *preheat oven to 400 before beginning below steps 

1. Wash and clean the carrots. We did not peel the carrots; be sure to thoroughly clean the skins well before roasting.


2. Cut the carrot tops. Trim greens to shorten for an elegant, clean look. You can cut the tops off completely if you prefer.


3. Combine the ingredients in baking pan. Mix the wet ingredients and seasoning in the pan; add the carrots, and use a fork to toss them together. Evenly coat the carrots.


4. Place in 400°F oven. Fire the oven up and roast the carrots for 30-40 minutes, until tender.


The result is delicious glazed carrots! Roasted, tasty and colorful, these are sure to be a hit! For more fall food favorites, be sure to check out our Fully Fall Menu!



SRT Test: Sleep Better with Denver Mattress

Choosing a mattress can be daunting, but with some expert guidance during the shopping process, you can be well on your way to your best sleep. Available only at Denver Mattress, the Strength Resistance Test (SRT) is a simple test performed by trained associates that goes above and beyond the normal mattress testing experience. While it sounds technical, the SRT is a straightforward way our mattress experts can guarantee your purchase is the best for your needs. 

For the SRT, the associate applies slight pressure to your arm while you are in your preferred sleep position; by analyzing the resistance you provide against the pressure, they can check and optimize your alignment. The test is performed across various types of mattresses and pillow thicknesses until the ideal, aligning combination is found.

Be sure to check out this handy infographic that illustrates the SRT principles, and how it helps you get your best sleep!


See the SRT in action below.

Easy Upgrades that Will Transform Your Patio

Summer is patio season–and with a few simple style steps, you can elevate your outdoor living space to make it the place to be. We are excited to feature patio upgrade pointers from Danielle Hegedus, courtesy of Danielle is an Atlanta-based freelance writer who fuels her love of all things design by regularly contributing content to the site. Thank you, Danielle & Modernize for these great tips!


Are you making the most of your patio? As neighborhoods (in the suburbs and the city) grow increasingly crowded, living space is at a premium. Your patio is essentially bonus living space for relaxing with a great book, cultivating a small container garden, or entertaining friends around the fire pit. At Modernize, we know that you’ll maximize your outdoor spaces only if they’re truly comfortable and reflect your personal style. Make your patio an extension of your home—a place where you can enjoy your morning coffee and newspaper, while enjoying the fresh air and the beautiful start of a new day. Read on to learn how to transform your patio into a space where your friends and family always want to hang out.

Create a Space to Linger

Comfortable furniture is a must if you want your patio to be utilized, but it also has to be durable enough to withstand the changing weather and seasons. The Santa Monica 3-Piece Patio Group is the perfect combination of comfort and durability. The aluminum frame lends strength to the summery wicker exterior, and the soft cushions create the perfect space for lounging. The sofa/chaise combo provides plenty of seating for hosting a cook-out, game night, book club, or a wine tasting. Additionally, the coffee table makes enjoying family meals or light snacks for a party convenient, while the glass table top makes for easy cleanup.

If you’re patio isn’t particularly large (or you just need more seating), consider investing in a classic Adirondack Chair. Available in a variety of colors, we dare you to sink back into one of these large chairs and just try to feel like you’re not on vacation! Impossible.


Stay Cool in the Shade

Summer temperatures can be brutal, but even as the temperatures cool off, you should still limit your sun exposure, especially during the peak intensity hours, between 10am-3pm. Sunblock can help protect you from sunburn and skin cancer, but creating a shady space is absolutely necessary to prevent illness related to high temperatures like heat stroke. Create your own shady oasis with the St. Teresa Umbrella. This umbrella is lightweight, making it easy to maneuver. Once you’ve determined where you want to place the umbrella, simply fill the base with sand or water to keep it grounded and sturdy (especially during inclement weather). With a simple one-handed crank, you can open the umbrella to cast more than eighty square feet of shade!

St. Teresa

Add Comfort and Major Style

Who says rugs are only for the indoors? Add a burst of rich color to your patio with the Montego Botanical Rug and make your patio feel like your second living room. You’ll also be saving bare feet from hot surfaces like concrete or wood! Available in round or rectangular options, this rug pairs easily with your outdoor furniture to pull the space together.


While you’re at it, break out the pillows! These pillows, designed to withstand the outdoors, have fun patterns that adds texture and visual interest to your patio. Available in multiple colors and pattern schemes (striped, tropical, or geometric), order a variety of options to accent your neutral outdoor furniture anew with every season.


Make the Most of a Starry Night

There’s nothing quite as relaxing as a fire pit. It can transform even the most mundane of events into a special occasion. Gather around the Southaven Fire Pit to roast marshmallows and tell spooky stories with your family, or grab a cocktail and some takeout for a impromptu date night that takes “candlelit dinner” to a whole new level.


Coastal Summer Meal

Summer certainly is delicious. And if you’re planning a get together and need a seasonally-sensational menu look no further than this tasty summer meal courtesy of Furniture Row visual merchandiser Greg Utsinger. Greg has contributed style-savvy content to the Front Door, and we are so excited to share these tasty recipes & photography from his personal lifestyle blog,

Greg has great taste all around–in furniture, decor, AND food! We love the recipes on his blog, and selected these three in the spirit of summer. We are delighted to pass along this coastal-inspired summer pairing. Opening with a fresh and colorful potato salad, following with a shrimp roll (summer day at the beach, anyone?), and finishing with a refreshing lemon Atlantic Beach Pie, this party of three is sure to get any summer celebration going! Thanks, Greg.

Coastal Summer Meal

Grilled Potato Salad
Ingredients needed:

2 pounds Yukon Gold Potatoes
3 cups arugula
2 cups each, green and yellow beans, blanched
3 strips bacon, cooked crisp and crumbled
1/2 cup crumbled bleu cheese
1/4 cup apple cider vinegar
1/4 cup olive oil + more for drizzling
1 teaspoon oregano
1/8 teaspoon garlic powder
salt and pepper to taste
Get prep & cooking instructions from Greg!

Shrimp Roll
Ingredients needed:

4 hot dog rolls
1 pound cooked shrimp, peeled, deveined and chilled
2 celery ribs
1/4 cup red onion, diced
1/4 cup italian parsley, diced
1/4 cup mayo
zest from 1 lemon
1/2 teaspoon Old Bay Seasoning
couple dashes of hot sauce
salt and pepper to taste
Get prep & cooking instructions from Greg!

Atlantic Beach Pie
Ingredients needed:

1 1/2 sleeves of saltine crackers
1/2 cup unsalted butter, softened
3 tablespoons sugar

1- 14ounce can sweetened condensed milk
4 egg yolks
1/2 cup lemon or lime juice (or a mix of the two)
Fresh whipped cream
Coarse sea salt, for garnish
Get prep & cooking instructions from Greg!

August 2015 Calendar Download

This August calendar download proves that summer really is sweet! Featuring fruity fun, and vibrant colors, this Front Door original is sure to brighten up any background all month long. This download is available for desktop, Mac, and mobile devices.


August Calendar 2015 1920×1080

August Calendar 2015 iPhone 5 

August Calendar 2015 iPhone 6 

August Calendar 2015 iPhone 6 Plus

August Calendar 2015 iPad

6 Rug Styles to Love

Area rugs are a great addition to any room. They can anchor a space, help with noise, add color and texture, and make the area more inviting. Rooms come in all shapes, sizes, and styles–and so do rugs! Whether your taste is traditional, contemporary, or somewhere in between, the shape and style of your accent rug can really play up your space. We’ve put together 6 picks to show how the right rug style can enhance your living area.


1. Traditional Rug – If you’re looking  to add an area rug to a classic space, seek a rug with a timeless pattern and palette. How you position the rug is up to you, but we love the way this traditional Madeira Warm Rug breaks up the hardwood flooring, frames the dining group, and adds subtle texture and color–all with a traditional feel.



2. Contemporary – If you want to make a contemporary style statement with an area rug, select a piece with sleek lines, geometric patterning, and streamlined design elements. We LOVE the Infinity Pumpkin Rug by Sofa Mart: its lively colors, multidimensional weave, and funky-yet-fluid patterning give the space depth, texture, and a trendy feel. 



3. Transitional – If your space bridges traditional with modern, a transitional rug is a great idea. Inspired by classic rug detailing, transitional pieces like the Granada Blue Rug incorporate deconstructed-yet-traditional elements for a look that can be made more traditional, or more modern. We love the interrupted pattern, the slightly-worn look, AND the somewhat-traditional feel this rug achieves!



4. Shag – Before you dismiss shag rugs as a blast from the past, consider today’s take on shag. Luxurious and anything but a throwback, shag rugs like the Urban Shag Rug in Ivory soften a space, add texture, warmth, and a hint of glam. We really like it in this nursery, where it is both stylish and cozy.



5. Novelty – Want to make a style statement? Try adding a novelty rug. These rugs break with convention in their shape, pattern, material, and size. Novelty rugs don’t have to be loud, or out of place in your design–in fact, when used as an anchoring piece the way this Faux Cow Hide Rug is, they can add a sumptuous, rich feel.



6. Outdoor – It’s clear rooms really get a boost from area rugs–and your outdoor living space is no exception! When shopping for outdoor rugs, select products like the Montego Medallion Outdoor Rug that are made to withstand the elements. Woven for outdoor use, outdoor rugs add color, define a seating area, and make your patio feel like an extension of your indoor style.

We hope you loved these 6 rug styles as much as we do. Once you’ve found the rugs you love for your space, be sure to check out this Home Is Here guide on How to Rock an Area Rug!

6 Rug Styles to Love from The Front Door

July 2015 Calendar Download

July is here & it means summer is in full swing! Independence Day on the 4th kicks the month off with star spangled fun–and so does this Front Door original calendar download! Featuring starry banners against a true blue backdrop, this patriotic-yet-playful design is sure to get everyone in the July spirit. Download is available in Mac, Desktop, and Mobile sizes. Happy July!



July Calendar 2015 1920×1080

July Calendar 2015 iPhone 5 

July Calendar 2015 iPhone 6 

July Calendar 2015 iPhone 6 Plus

July Calendar 2015 iPad

Father’s Day Printable Downloads

To celebrate fathers and the special men in our lives who have loved, supported and cared for us, we’re excited to share these Father’s Day printable downloads. This year, Dad’s official day is June 21, and these cards are sure to remind him how special he is all year round!

Each of these three original designs features a message just for Dad–from funny to heartfelt–and will show Pops how special he is. Simply download these colorful cards, follow the easy folding instructions, and add a personalized note to the inside & you’ll have a one-of-a-kind card for the one-in-a-million man in your life!


To assemble the cards, print & prep to fold.

1. Position the paper so the frontside greeting is at the bottom right corner.
2. Next, fold the top section down away from you so it is on the back. This gives you a half.
3. Now, fold that half into 1/4 by folding the blank side away from you so it is on the back.
4. When folded, the card is 1/4 the size of the printout, and the greeting should be inside.


Printable Card 1


Printable Card 2


Printable Card 3

Outdoor Living Style: Classic and Casual

Summer is almost here, and it’s a great time to get our patios party-ready. Whether your summer will be jam packed with casual BBQs, al fresco dinner parties, or anything in between, outdoor furniture is a great, stylish way to transform a backyard into an outdoor living space everyone will enjoy all season. We’ve put together some of our favorite picks for styling an outdoor living space. If you’re into classic colors, textures, and prints, we’ve got looks you’ll love! If you’re all about casual styles, and laid-back designs, we’ve got something for you, too!

Stay classic:

What makes our classic picks “classic?” Traditionally-inspired lines, rich textures, and subdued hues combine to give timeless style to these outdoor pieces.

1. St. Teresa Sofa – The rich rusty color of the sofa is neutral, elegant, and perfect for any outdoor living area. Soft, supportive, and made for outdoor use, this piece is a great addition to your space!

2. St. Teresa Fire Pit – This fire pit brings Old World-inspired craftsmanship to your patio with its metalwork. This classic piece is one everybody will love to gather around!

3. Haven Umbrella – We LOVE the classic canvas color of this nifty umbrella that can be moved and positioned wherever shade is needed!

4. Montego Medallion Rug – Medallions that mirror the circular details of the fire pit bring a colorful yet classic touch to the space. Rugs are a great way to add a room-like feel to your outdoor space!

Keep it casual: 

How can you style a more casual outdoor living space? Choose pieces with relaxed lines, choose colors you love, and design a space that has comfort in mind!

1. New Haven Sofa– Sleek, laid-back style and bold red make this outdoor sofa a colorful, casual must-have for any outdoor living space.

2. New Haven Coffee Table – Streamlined and simple, this coffee table is multi-purpose, and is sure to suit any chill patio setting.

3. New Haven Umbrella– Matching the red of the sofa, this casual umbrella provides shade with a no-fuss, fun-in-the-sun design.

4. Montego Striped Rug – Colorful stripes are a great way to accent a relaxed patio. We LOVE this colorful, casual area rug that’s made for outside.

Things to keep in mind about patio furniture:

When shopping to furnish your outdoor living space it’s important to know what makes certain pieces patio party-ready. As is the case with all Furniture Row outdoor designs, products should be specifically intended for outdoor use, and to withstand the elements.

  • Our metal pieces feature either tubular or hand-cast aluminum to bring you durability and weather resistance without unnecessary weight. With proper care, pieces should not rust, and should wear well. All wood and woven pieces are durably made and finished to be protected, too.
  • From sofa cushions to rugs and pillows, outdoor fabrics are made of high quality, durable yet soft materials. They’re designed to dry quickly, and to hold up better to weather and sunlight then indoor furniture. Proper care varies for each piece, but it’s good idea to move upholstery to covered storage during extreme temps, rainstorms, or extended periods of time.
  • While made to be outside, patio furnishings are not designed to be left outside year-round. Seasonal use, gentle cleaning and maintenance ensure your favorite outdoor living pieces will be ready to rock each year.

Step Inside The 2015 Colorado Springs St. Jude Dream Home


We are excited to reveal the interior design of the 2015 St. Jude Dream Home, Colorado Springs. The home itself is situated against the beautiful mountain backdrop, and is just as lovely to look at!  The Classic Homes design is a 3,900 square ft. family home, with lots of wonderful open-concept communal space, 5 bedrooms, and luxurious appointments throughout. Rich hardwood flooring, sophisticated neutral wall coloring, and quality finishes provided a great starting point for the furnishing and design of the space.

From entertaining guests to enjoying family time, the home layout has something for everyone–and we love the way interior designer Barb Chandler played this up by staging cohesive yet distinctive spaces throughout the house. Featuring rich cream and beige, striking coral and pink with bursts of yellow, the home’s inspiration is warm, inviting, and colorful. Custom fabrics add texture, interest, and give designer appeal. Natural elements like wood and stone combine with luxuriously woven rugs, window treatments, and furnishings for a design that has depth.

Let’s take a peek how this motif carries throughout the home!


The home design really is an entertainer’s dream! Upon entry, we are welcome into a living room. Tranquil, intimate and comfortable, this space features neutral tones offset by a custom fabric available through Sofa Mart’s Special Orders program. This living room is a sweet space for enjoying a cup of tea, for cocktail hour, or any time at all.

From the living room, the floor plan flows into the formal dining room. With the striking dining table, rustic woven dining chairs, and cabinet, this space is both traditional and rustic. The window treatments mirror the custom fabric featured in the living room, and give this rustic room a polished finish. We really love how this design makes the table the star. The woven chairs add an airy contrast to the table’s solid style, and really tie the space together.

The open-concept kitchen and great room are lovely continuations of the colors, custom fabrics, and feeling of the living and dining room. Bright, open, and welcoming, the space has ample seating wonderful for guests. Connected to the kitchen, the great room allows the host to entertain guests while preparing drinks and meals. Perhaps our favorite feature of this room is the fireplace. Double-sided to the outside living room, the fireplace anchors the room and is a cozy focal point. With the plush yet stylish furnishings, this space is all about comfort without sacrificing the designer feel.

Done with dinner and ready for some fresh air? We LOVE the patio area. Furnished to be as comfortable as any living room, the space is connected to the outdoors with all the comforts of the home’s interior. The fireplace adds warmth and coziness, and makes this a great spot to entertain. Patio furnishings and fabrics inspired by the interior design make this weather-friendly area a great extensions of the entertainment space inside.

Recreate the Living Room
Dana Sofa // Sofa Mart
Charleston Accent Chair // Sofa Mart; customizable in-store
Windsor Ottoman // Oak Express
Classic Loop Cream Rug // Sofa Mart

Recreate the Dining Room
Tahoe Dining Table // Oak Express
Urban Lodge Woven Dining Chairs // Oak Express
Tuscan Retreat Cabinet // Oak Express
Classic Loop Cream Rug // Sofa Mart

Recreate the Great Room
Studio City Sofa // Sofa Mart
Larson Accent Chair // Sofa Mart
Wade Coffee Table //  Sofa Mart
Rustic Twig Mirror // Sofa Mart

Recreate the Patio
St. Teresa Chaise Lounge // Oak Express
St. Teresa Sofa // Oak Express
St. Teresa 48″ Round Firepit // Oak Express
Montego Stripe Rug // Oak Express


The Dream Home features a lot of family-friendly spaces. For everyone from Mom and Dad to Fido, the home is designed for livability and comfort. In the basement you’ll find a large multipurpose fun room: The  basement space has a largely scaled sectional, accent chairs, a plus coffee table ottoman, and a television. Great for family nights and movie watching, this space also features a play/fitness area. With casual, plush furnishings and colors inspired by the home’s overall design. We especially love the angular placement of the area rug; it keeps the design of the space open and adds interest!

Ask anyone in the family which room in a home is the most important, and they’ll likely say it’s the kitchen! The fresh white country-chic kitchen of the Dream Home is a beautiful main level gathering spot for family and friends. The generously sized island is great for meal prep, and is also a casual dining spot when styled with barstools. Separating the kitchen and the great room is an eat-in dining space. The white base of the table is airy and light, and ties in with the design of the kitchen. The table area bridges both the style and uses of the kitchen and great room, and differentiates the space–and we love it!

On the third floor is a great home office/loft space. Whether mom and dad use it for bills and paperwork, or the kids use it for studying and projects, the office itself is versatile. Ample storage gives the loft all of the functionality of a designated office, while comfortable accent chairs add a lounge feel.  Framing kids’ artwork is a cost-effective, clever way to add a family feel to an office or loft space, and really makes the space personal.

The Dream home design covers everyone’s needs–even man’s best friend! We love the Fido-friendly design in the laundry room. Featuring colors that complement the design of the home, this pet corner of the lovely laundry room is a functional, sweet way to make dogs and cats as part of the home as they are of the family!

Recreate the Fun Room
Coral Bay Sectional // Sofa Mart
Hamilton Accent Chair // Sofa Mart
Bennet 3 Pack Tables // Sofa Mart
Haversham Mirror // Sofa Mart

Recreate the Kitchen
Southport Breakfast Table // Oak Express
Southport Breakfast Chairs // Oak Express
Foundry Double Bench // Oak Express

Recreate the Office / Loft
Woodlands Writing Desk // Oak Express
Bellaire Parsons Chair // Oak Express
Prudence Accent Chair // Sofa Mart
Parkview Sliding Glass Cabinet // Oak Express

Recreate the Laundry / Pet Room
Shop for pet products that continue the feel and style of your space. Choose colors you love, and styles your pet can love too!


Ah, sweet sleep! Made sweeter by the luxuriously designed bedrooms of the Dream Home. The second floor Master Bedroom features subdued coral and yellow tones, soft fabrics, and plush furnishings. Inviting, elegant, and dream-worthy, this Master Bedroom is a wonderful grown-up retreat.  We especially like that the room’s design takes color cues from the rest of the home, while being tranquil and relaxing.

The sweet Girl’s Bedroom is playful with purple and all-things-girly. The playhouse-inspired bed is a fun furnishing sure inspire a child’s imagination. We love how this bedroom does double duty as a creative play space and a bedroom. Designer Barb let us know the room is dedicated to Ella, a little girl battling cancer with the support of St. Jude. The room was styled with her in mind, and is a sweet reminder of her inspiring battle.

The Boy’s Bedroom is one that is sure to grow with a child into teenage years. We love how the design combines classic childhood interests with furniture that will transition nicely to young adulthood. Anchoring a space with timeless furniture like the nightstands, and adding toys and other age-appropriate accent pieces is a smart, simple way to create a versatile design that can evolve with your child.

Styling a guest room can be tricky, and what makes this design so successful is that it is beautiful and stylish in a way anyone can appreciate! Accent chests as nightstands add creative flare, while rich neutrals and muted pops of color add warmth and coziness. Inviting, elegant, and accessible, this guest room style is one any visitor is sure to love!

Lullabies will send littles ones off to sleep, but the design of this Dream nursery is far from a snooze. Whimsical yet elegant, we love how the room combines color, textures, and comfort for a space that is as lovely as it is functional. The best part of this nursery is that with a few adjustments as a child grows, the room can be transformed into a child’s room. We love that the design is perfect for baby without being babyish!

Recreate the Master Bedroom
Dynasty Upholstered King Bed // Bedroom Expressions
Doctor’s Choice Euro Top King Mattress // Denver Mattress
Gilded Cabinets // Bedroom Expressions
Sathya Bench // Bedroom Expressions

Recreate the Girl’s Bedroom
Gigi Playhouse Twin Bed // Bedroom Expressions
Doctor’s Choice Plush Twin Mattress // Denver Mattress
Tori Accent Chair // Sofa Mart
Cotaas Tahsis Small Accent Table // Lost & Found

Recreate the Boy’s Bedroom
Cooper Town Full Bed// Bedroom Expressions
Doctor’s Choice Plush Full Mattress // Denver Mattress
Cooper Town Night Stand // Bedroom Expressions
Bandana Duvet Set // The Linen Shoppé at Furniture Row
Emerson White Quilt // The Linen Shoppé at Furniture Row

Recreate the Guest Bedroom
Ribbon Queen Bed // Bedroom Expressions
Doctor’s Choice Euro Top Queen Mattress // Denver Mattress
Magnolia Chest // Bedroom Expressions
Trellis 6 piece Bedding Set // The Linen Shoppé at Furniture Row
Emerson White Quilt // The Linen Shoppé at Furniture Row
Sabine Table Lamp // Bedroom Expressions

Recreate the Nursery
Casey Crib // Bedroom Expressions
Lark Bookcase // Bedroom Expressions
Zorro Rocker//Oak Express
Vero Beach Leather Ottoman // Sofa Mart

Love this Dream Home as much as we do? Be sure to check out the interactive virtual tour here! Want a chance to call this amazing Colorado Springs home your home? Support the life-saving work St. Jude does for seriously ill children and their families, and get your ticket! The raffle will be held on Friday, June 12. In addition to the home, other great prizes will be given away! So don’t wait. Swing by the home during an open house to see it for yourself!


8598 Moorland Lane
Colorado Springs, CO    80927

Open House Hours

Saturdays: 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Sundays: Noon – 5 p.m.


3 Ways to Support World Water Day

For over 20 years, World Water Day has been observed on March 22. Mounting concerns over access to clean water worldwide, and sustainability in global development led to its creation by the United Nations, and it has been an important awareness day since. 

There is a major need for better access to clean drinking water across the world, especially in developing nations. Water is crucial to health, and when communities in need are given access to safe water, life gets better–and people can thrive!

In the spirit of World Water Day, and in solidarity with efforts to make safe water a standard, Denver Mattress Company is proud to partner with World Vision this March 22, and year round. With each mattress purchased from Denver Mattress in 2015, World Visions will be able to provide one person with clean water for an entire year. 

world_water_dayChildren and their families can walk for miles to source water, and even then, are at risk of disease. Through donations and the partnership with Denver Mattress, bore holes, wells and other sources of clean water can make safe water accessible. With clean water, a child’s life can be forever changed. Without water-born illness, a child can survive childhood, learn, grow, and thrive in their community.clean_water_effect

How you can help

1. Shop Denver Mattress & make a difference – If you are looking to purchase a mattress, consider the Denver Mattress partnership this World Water Day and make a difference in a person’s life when you get a great night’s rest.

2. Donate to support World Vision – Want to be a part of the Clean Water Effect this March 22 and the year round? Join World Vision by pledging just $17 a month, and change the lives of communities in need.

This World Water Day, we can raise awareness about the global struggle to access safe drinking water–and of the wonderful work World Vision does. Access and sustainability are key to making the world a healthier place and planet.

3. Become water-conscious  – Taking small steps in our everyday lives to conserve water and decrease the demand can make a big difference. Whether it be turning off the faucet when brushing our teeth, waiting to run the dishwasher until it is full, or taking shorter showers, small steps toward sustainability matter. Water is something we all need to live, and using only what we need is a great, easy way to act sustainably.


Say Goodbye to Winter with these Spring Downloads

The first day of Spring is just around the corner, and to help us all say “So long” to winter, we’ve put together these original Spring downloads. With cheery florals, and words to remind us all of new beginnings the season brings, these designs are sure to spread some springy smiles. Download and print for fun, floral and festive wall art, or save the images to set as backgrounds. We hope these downloads help get you in the spirit of Spring!



1. Hello sunshine – Bring on the Spring with this super sweet design. Download “hello sunshine.


2. Spring is here – FINALLY! And this framed design is great way to welcome it! Download “spring is here.”




3. Life in full bloom- Spring into life with this lovely affirmation, and floral design to match! Download “life in full bloom.”

Inspirational Quote Downloads

Did you catch our tips for  arranging frames on a wall? Since it went live, some of you have asked about the 6 inspirational quotes featured, and we are excited to make the original designs available for printable download! With fun typography, and famous words of wisdom, each quote was selected in the spirit of the new year, and new beginnings. Whether framed and on a wall, or quietly tucked away for the moments you need inspiration, these quotes are packed with meaningful insights and encouragement. Inspirational quote downloads available below. 


The Secret..

“The secret to a rich life is to have more beginnings than ending.” – Dave Weinbaum

quotes_1The Only Person…

“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson


Do What You Can…

“Do what you can, where you are, with what you have.” – Teddy Roosevelt




“Happiness is not something readymade. It comes from your own actions.” – Dalai Lama



February 2015 Desktop Calendar

February can get cold, but with Valentine’s Day in the middle, and the celebration of those we love, there is plenty to warm our hearts all month long! Our original desktop calendar design is a colorful companion to the wintery month ahead. We hope this cheery calendar warms up your February! Enjoy. Download available for desktop, Mac, and mobile sizes.


Download for all your different desktops:

February Calendar 2015 1920 x 1080

February Calendar 2015 iPad

February Calendar 2015 iPhone5

February Calendar 2015 iPhone 6

February Calendar 2015 iPhone 6 Plus


50 Under 50 Sale at Furniture Row

Want to redesign your space without wrecking your budget? The 50 Under 50 sale is the perfect way to get designer furnishings at prices everyone will be comfortable with. Shop the select 50 rooms groups, and bring home pieces you need to style a living space to love. From January 15 – January 21:

50 room groups | under $50/month financing | for 50 Months

With sofa groups and accessories, bedroom and dining sets, this sale is one you won’t want to miss. We agree–the savings are exciting! And to help you plan for this one-of-a-kind sale, we’ve put together a complete list of the 50 room groups for you to browse before you visit your local Furniture Row store.


Please note that for all Sofa Mart groups, lamps, table packs, and rug selection varies from what is pictured below. Selection can be made from the following items:

Lamps: Stratford | Antiqued Mercury | Raleigh | Caged Urn | Seville Row | Avery Taupe | Fluted Urn
Table Packs: Mesa | Maxim | Ryan | Saxony
Rugs: Selection of 5 variations of the Covington rug


Sofa Groups exclusively available at Sofa Mart

1. Velocity Sofa Group $30/month – Includes sofa, 2 accent chairs. See above for table pack, lamp, and rug options
2. Miranda Sofa Group $32/month – Includes sofa, swivel glider chair. See above for table pack, lamp, and rug options
3. Hampton Sofa Group $42/month – Includes sofa, accent chair . See above for table pack, lamp, and rug options
4. Venice Sofa Group $50/month – Includes sofa, 2 accent chairs. See above for table pack, lamp, and rug options
5. Vero Beach Leather Sofa Group $48/month – Includes sofa, loveseat, See above for table pack, lamp and rug options
6. Solano Sofa Group $36/month – Includes sofa, loveseat. See above for table pack, lamp, and rug options
7. Bayside Leather Sofa Group $35/month – Includes sofa, chair pack. See above for table pack, lamp, and rug options
8. Heirloom II Sofa Group $48/month – Includes sofa, accent chair. See above for table pack, lamp, and rug options
9. Waveland II Sofa Group (not shown) $34/month – Includes sofa, loveseat. See above for table pack, lamp, and rug options 


6 Piece Dining Room Groups available exclusively at Oak Express

1. Belle Manor Rectangular 6 Pc. Dining Group $34/month – Includes table, 4 chairs, server
2. Foundry Rectangular 6 Pc. Dining Group $39/month – Includes table, 4 chairs, server


Storage Queen Bedroom Groups exclusively available at Bedroom Expressions

1. Hamilton Queen Panel Storage Bedroom Group $40/month – Includes Queen storage bed, nightstand, dresser, and mirror
2. Costello Queen Storage Bedroom Group $35/month – Includes Queen storage bed, nightstand, dresser, and mirror
3. Madagascar Queen Canopy Storage Bed $43/month – Includes Queen storage bed, nightstand, dresser, and mirror



Get the entire BedWorks Queen Mattress Package exclusively at Denver Mattress for $49/ month including:

1. Madison Eurotop Mattress with Ergo 330 Adjustable Base
2. BedWorks Queen Mattress Protector
3. 300 TC 100% cotton oversized sheets
4. 4 jumbo down alternative pillows
5. Matelassé Duvet Cover


Reclining Sofa Groups available exclusively at Sofa Mart

1. Shenandoah Room Group $36/month –  Includes reclining sofa, reclining loveseat. See above for table pack, lamp, and rug options
2. Nimbus Room Group $44/month – Includes reclining sofa, reclining loveseat. See above for table pack, lamp, and rug options
3. Alpha Room Group $46/month – Includes reclining sofa, loveseat. See above for table pack, lamp, and rug options
4. Eldorado Room Group (not shown) $48/month – Includes reclining sofa, reclining loveseat. See above for table pack, lamp, and rug options
5. Triple Play Room Group $38/month – Includes  reclining sofa, console loveseat. See above for table pack, lamp, and rug options
6. Homerun Room Group $44/month – Includes reclining sofa, recliner chair. See above for table pack, lamp, and rug options
7. Enterprise Room Group $46/month – Includes reclining sofa, loveseat. See above for table pack, lamp, and rug options 


5 Piece Dining Room Groups exclusively available at Oak Express

1. Mesa Rustica 5 Pc. Dining Group $30/month – Includes trestle table, 4 chairs
2. Mendocino 5 Pc. Dining Group $29/month – Includes trestle table, 4 chairs
3. Bellaire 5 Pc. Dining Group  $48/month – Includes table, 4 chairs
4. Mission 5 Pc. Dining Group $46/month – Includes table, 4 chairs



Sleigh Bedroom Groups available exclusively at Bedroom Expressions

1. Waverly Queen Sleigh Storage Bedroom Group $50/month – Includes Queen sleigh storage bed, nightstand, dresser, mirror
2. Chatham Queen Sleigh Storage Bedroom Group $34/month – Includes Queen sleigh storage bed, nightstand, dresser, mirror
3. Oxford Queen Sleigh Storage Bedroom Group $50/month – Includes Queen sleigh storage bed, nightstand, dresser, mirror
4. Mendocino Queen Sleigh Storage Bedroom Group $49/month – Includes Queen sleigh storage bed, nightstand, dresser, mirror


Sectional Groups exclusively available at Sofa Mart

1. Romeo Room Group $48/month – Includes sectional sofa, accent chair. See above for table pack, lamp, and rug options
2. Orion Room Group $40/month – Includes 3 pc. sectional, coffee table ottoman. See above for table pack, lamp, and rug options
3. Barracuda II $30/month – Includes sectional sofa, ottoman. See above for table pack, lamp, and rug options
4. Jupiter Room Group $32/month – Includes sectional sofa, coffee table ottoman. See above for table pack, lamp, and rug options
5. Bonanza Room Group $42/month – Includes 6 pc. reclining sectional. See above for table pack, lamp, and rug options
6. Grand Cayman Room Group $40/month – Includes 6 pc. reclining sectional. See above for table pack, lamp, and rug options


8 Piece Dining Room Groups available exclusively at Oak Express

1. Montego 8 Pc. Counter Height Dining Group  $32/month – Includes counter height table, 6 counter height chairs, server
2. Urban Loft 8 Piece Counter Height Dining Group $37/month – Includes counter height table, 6 counter height chairs, server
3. Arcadia 8 Piece Dining Group $34/month –Includes table, 6 chairs, server
4. Oak Ridge 8 Piece Dining Group $35/month – Includes drop leaf table, 6 chairs, server


Panel Bedroom Groups available exclusively at Bedroom Expressions

1. Hero Panel Queen Bedroom Group $29/month – Includes Queen panel bed, nightstand, dresser, mirror
2. Ashford Panel Queen Bedroom Group $47/month – Includes Queen panel bed, nightstand, dresser, mirror
3. River Ridge Queen Panel Bedroom Group $35/month – Includes Queen panel bed, nightstand, dresser, mirror
4. Torino Panel Queen Bedroom Group $38/month – Includes Queen panel bed, nightstand, dresser, mirror
5. Corinthian Queen Panel Bedroom Group $37/month – Includes Queen panel bed, nightstand, dresser, mirror
6. Eldora Queen Panel Bedroom Group (not shown) $37/month – Includes Queen panel bed, nightstand, dresser, mirror


Sofa Chaise Groups exclusively available at Sofa Mart

1. Raquel Room Group $42/month – Includes sofa chaise, accent chair. See above for table pack, lamp, and rug options
2. Pacific Beach Room Group $42/month – Includes sofa chaise, accent chair. See above for table pack, lamp, and rug options 


Platform Beds available exclusively at Bedroom Expressions

1. Grant Park Queen Platform Bedroom Group $32/month – Includes Queen platform bed, nightstand, dresser, and mirror
2. Rodea Queen Platform Bedroom Group $49/month – Includes Queen platform bed, nightstand, dresser, and mirror

Visit to find a store near you.


2014 Denver Mattress Black Friday Preview

Black Friday is almost here, but rest assured: Denver Mattress is taking the stress out of shopping with our Black Fourday Sale! From November 28th – December 1st, enjoy doorbusters, sale pricing, and more, all weekend long. To help get your wish list going before the sale, we’ve put together a pre-sale preview. Check out our Black Friday dream deals, and the complete list of Denver Mattress Black Fourday sale items below.

Read through for our top picks for the Black Fourday Sale, and the complete list of Denver Mattress deals below.

Dreaming of deals? Visit our Black Friday Pinterest board, and repin items to your own “I Want It! Black Friday Wish List” board.

Black Friday Denver Mattress


DOORBUSTER: The first 50 customers to our stores will receive 2 FREE pillows. That really is a dreamy doorbuster–Get yours while you can!

POPULAR PICK: The Madison Plush and Euro Top are top picks because of the ultra-soft comfort, and motionless support. This mattress is a great Black Friday buy at just $749!

STAFF PICK: The Doctor’s Choice Firm Mattress is our staff pick because it combines support and comfort, and unbeatable value at just $549!

To take advantage of Denver Mattress’ Black Fourday Sale, stop in during our extended store hours:

Black Friday 8 a.m. – 8 p.m.  Saturday 9 a.m. – 9 p.m.

Sunday 11 a.m – 6 p.m.   Cyber Monday 9 a.m. – 9 p.m

Friday Only Doorbuster Special 

  • First 50 customers will receive two free pillows

Sale Items

  1. Summit Factory Direct queen queen now just $199, set is now just $319!

  2. Madison Plush queen set now just $749

  3. Madison Euro Top queen set now just $749

  4. Richmond Euro Top queen set  now just $999

  5. Telluride Plush queen set  now just $999

  6. Doctor’s Choice Plush or Firm full sets now just $549

  7. TEMPUR-Pedic starting as low as $33/month

  8. Sealy Posturepedic Brixham Plush queen set now just $799. Save $100

  9. Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid as low as $23/month

  10. Optimum by Sealy Posturepedic as low as $23/month

Want more? Check out the rest of our Black Friday and Cyber Monday savings, doorbusters, and coupons at Sofa MartBedroom Expressions, and Oak Express. 

Veterans Day Salute

This Veterans Day, Furniture Row salutes veterans and their families for the service, and sacrifice given to our nation. Now through November 19, we will offer free delivery, and special financing to veterans and their families as part of our Veterans Day Salute. 

Nothing can match the courage and bravery of our service men and women, and we thank, honor & remember them this Veterans Day, and each day.