Boho Bedroom Design with Eden Cohen

Bohemian style is quite fashionable for home décor these days. This unconventional design style can be found in all areas of a home, and the bedroom is no exception. Incorporating “boho” design into the bedroom is a wonderful opportunity to create a relaxing space full of your personal style. This eclectic design style is based on the idea of merging many different design elements. It begs for you to add your own personal touches, and the bedroom is certainly a place you want to make your own.

Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 4.00.36 PM

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The hard elements found in the room; industrial ducting and piping, exposed brick, and the concrete floor, juxtaposed with the soft elements; the comfy chair, cozy bedding, and flowing window sheers create the perfect mix of textures and patterns – a foundation of boho style. The plants and flowers bring in additional touches of natural elements to the space.

The Catalina Bedroom Group is great fit to incorporate the wood elements, often found in boho style, into the room’s design. This comfy bed is layered in pillows and throws in a variety of colors and textures. The plush Antiquity Bedding Set invites you to lay back and relax!

Bright orange is the dominant color found in the space. This color gives the room a feeling of warmth. Paired with the crisp white walls the room is lively yet relaxing at the same time. The Marbella Rug adds another layer of warmth to the room with its orange hues and luxurious thick pile.

The gauze canopies hung above the Lighthouse Glass Table Lamps help to diffuse the light and create a soft glow in the room.

Art is also a major component of boho style. The artwork found in this room consists of the Rain Fall and Camargue Framed Prints. Featuring wild horses, this artwork expresses independence. Bohemian style is all about independence and unconventionality!

No matter how you choose to decorate your bohemian bedroom, by following some boho style basics, combined with your personal touches, you are sure to end up with a comfortable retreat!

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Eden Cohen is a Denver based interior designer/set stylist. Following a career in corporate communications, public relations and event planning, Eden decided to turn her attention to her true passion of interior design. She returned to school to obtain a degree in Interior Design. Today she can be found working on projects for interior design clients as well as styling the sets for print advertising, television commercials, and motion pictures. Outside of design, Eden enjoys: spending time with her family and friends, exploring cultural events, art, music and food scenes, spending time in the outdoors, as well as traveling for experiences and inspiration.

Modern Farmhouse Staples We Love

Love is officially in the air with Valentine’s Day right around the corner. Cupid stuck us with his arrow, and we’ve fallen head over heels for these modern farmhouse staples from Furniture Row. We’ve rounded up the essentials we’ve been swooning over since they hit the floor at Furniture Row. Modern farmhouse staples are major pieces of furniture that tie the room together. These timeless furnishings are a great place to start if you’ve been wanting to breathe fresh air into your home with the modern farmhouse look. Warm neutrals and whites like the Reverie Accent Chair come to life with pops of bold blue and brown accents like the Sussex Panel Bedroom Group. Whether you are looking to bring the modern farmhouse look into one space or all aspects of your home, these everlasting staples will set the tone for a truly lovely home.


Interlude 5 Pc. Dining Set

Imperial 3 Pc. Sectional

Taylor Accent Chair

Ventura Sofa

Sussex Panel Bedroom Set

Mystic Sofa Chaise

Lake House Parsons Side Chair

Bridgeport Dining Set

Modern Farmhouse Accent Chair

Chloe Panel Bed

Chandelier 2 Pc. Sectional

Reverie Accent Chair

Magnolia Home Swedish Oval Dining Set

La Jolla Upholstered Bed

Sedona 5 Pc. Dining Set

Nantucket Panel Bed


Step Inside the 2017 St. Jude Dream Home in Colorado Springs


The 2017 Colorado Springs St. Jude Dream Home and its furnished interior design, compliments of Furniture Row and Denver Mattress, are finally complete! Located just northeast of downtown Colorado Springs in nearby Falcon, Colorado, this dream home is nestled in the Banning Lewis Ranch Homes subdivision off a road with a spectacular mountain backdrop of the Rockies including Pikes Peak. This beautiful St. Jude home built by Covington Homes is 3,500 square feet full of open-spaced bliss with four bedrooms and three baths.

With a spacious modern-inspired kitchen with a gray wash floor and tile backsplash, oversized windows, a large basement area, and an open floor plan concept that includes a large living and dining room area, this year’s St. Jude Dream Home has room for all your furniture, guests, and then some! This year marks the ten-year anniversary of Furniture Row giving back to St. Jude’s, so enter a chance to win this luxurious brand new home and support an important cause.

Barbara Chandler, a Buyer and Designer at Furniture Row, has made sure the St. Jude Dream Home reflects the most popular of design trends to get everyone excited about the opening, but she says the real joy of decorating the home is knowing she gets to help families in need.

“Furniture Row as a company has family values and does a lot of humanitarian projects, which is very near and dear to what Furniture Row is about. Our company feels like its good to give back. The cost of one home that we raffle off doesn’t even cover the cost of one day of hospital operation. The hospital is run solely on donations and homes are being built all over the country, but they still need all the support they can get,” she said.

So make sure you buy your tickets now, and have the chance to win the home or other awesome prices for the 2017 St. Jude Dream Home Giveaway. Tours of the house will run from May 6th to June 11th on Saturdays from 9 am to 5 pm, and Sundays from noon to 5 pm. The winner will be announced on June 16th, 2017.

UPDATE: The last chance to see the house, reserve your tickets, and enter to win the $10,000 Furniture Row shopping spree before the giveaway is during extended open house dates on June 13-15th from 9 am to 7 pm. 

To view the complete home with a 3D experience and interactive shopping, click here.



When you first enter the St. Jude Dream Home, the hallway opens instantly to reveal a spacious home office with an adjacent bathroom. Large oversized oval windows allow light to fill the room, while convenient storage pieces such as an oversized cabinet with shelves and sliding doors are perfect for all your books, supplies, and more. Charming Magnolia Home furniture and accessories add rustic farmhouse appeal, and the tree decals on the walls and potted plants in vases and wicker baskets provide the perfect workspace oasis so that you can bring nature indoors.

Living Room


Nothing adds cheer and light to a room like a bright pop of sunny yellow, and that’s what Chandler had in mind when designing the living room of the 2017 St. Jude Dream Home. In fact, she liked it so much she added pale yellow to almost all the rooms.

“I chose yellow because spring has sprung, and I feel like pops of yellow are coming out of winter. Yellow is fresh and fun and that’s why I chose it. I wanted to do yellows and grays and gray is such an on-trend color right now, and I could’ve done all grays but that would be a bit boring, so I felt like the yellow would pop it up a bit,” Chandler said.

To tone down the yellow in the accent pillows and ottoman, Chandler also added neutrals like black and gray that also help modernize the farmhouse look. The stylish black wingback accent chair with nailhead trim is a striking contrast to this light, airy, laidback living room setting and gives the space the dramatic, sleek touch its looking for.

Kitchen and Dining Room


The farmhouse fresh look of Joanna Gaines’ Magnolia Home collection is everywhere in the kitchen and dining room, but Chandler also says the space is also modern. A vintage metal linen cabinet holds dainty dishware and a cream farmhouse table gives the room provincial refinement, while the kitchen boasts sleek black cabinets, white marble countertops, and retro metal barstools.

Master Bedroom


The master bedroom is Chandler’s favorite room in the house, and it’s no surprise!

“I do like the master bedroom because of the window treatments and the amazing bed that’s in there. It’s just really soft and it looks like that’s where you go to relax and unwind at the end of the day. It’s so elegant,” she said.

Soft touches of sunshine yellow in the fabric help add color to the sophisticated bedroom with a cream tufted and upholstered sleigh bed, making the room feel completely elegant.

Basement Living Room


An oversized basement is always a bonus, and there’s just enough room in the St. Jude Dream Home for another living area! Complete with a rustic wooden entertainment wall and a plush brown Italian leather sofa group, the downstairs den is perfect for move nights and casually unwinding.

Basement Recreation Area


Keep your kids’ clutter at bay and give them a space to let their imaginations soar away from the dining table upstairs with their very own workspace area that’s perfect for arts, crafts, and more with a downstairs recreation area! Furniture with lots of drawers such as the Magnolia Home Bin Chest has room for everything you need to stay organized and the industrial Aldo Metal Chairs provide studious comfort you need for playtime and socializing.

Boy’s Bedroom


Two bedrooms occupy the basement, and this large room to the left is just right for a little boy. Rustic wooden bedroom furniture will gorgeously withstand the test of time as your little one grows older and he will love the storage features perfect for games and toys.

Girl’s Bedroom


Feminine and sweet, this downstairs bedroom to the right is pretty enough for a princess. A frilly white bedspread on a sweet white poster bed with a matching vanity looks charming and sophisticated and your little girl will feel like a grown-up with her very own space. Accents in light pink shades are the perfect girly touch, and even mom will want to sink her toes in the pink plush rug!

Outdoor Patio


Walk into an outdoor haven with a versatile and comfortable outdoor patio group that will allow you relax with family and friends when the weather’s nice. For an exotic touch, add Moroccan or tribal-inspired patterned pillows and a bright rug for some summer color. Colorado Springs gets a lot of sunshine, and the patio out back from the dining area is perfect for sipping cocktails, barbecuing, or just kicking up your feet.

Style Focus: Dreamy Oasis Bedroom

You might be a hopeless romantic, so decorate with a style that’s as starry-eyed as you are! Create your own soft and feminine dreamy oasis bedroom with wistful and wonderful furniture and decor. Furniture Row has just the pieces to master the look and reflect your own unique personality, so explore the decor and furnishings below to see if this style focus will work in your sleep space!

Dreamy Oasis Bedroom

SHOP THE LOOK: Richland Accent Chair $499, Light Beige Venice Rug $249-$549, Adira Mirror $149, Follow Your Dreams Pillow $19, Silver Circles Pillow Set of 2 $29, Alexis Candleholders $12-$16, Cream Salerno Nesting Tables $199, Vintage Wash Frame $12-$16, Cecilia Table Lamp $59, Winchester Comforter Set $279-$299, Ashdale Dresser $1,099, Nature Notation I Print $49

Color Palette: Rose, Cream, Lilac, Dusty Gray, Silver, White
Decor Themes: Soft Palette and Textures, Romantic and Feminine Decor, Relaxing Space for Leisure and Daydreaming, Victorian Style, Cozy, and Casual

A Space for Relaxation and Daydreaming

If you’re a dreamy romantic, make sure your bedroom is a quiet and comfortable oasis so you can reflect. Let those ideas take flight and whisk you away to your own version of paradise with a sleep space made for heavenly slumber. You’ll feel relaxed and rejuvenated with a bedroom where you can experience leisure at your own pace and not be overwhelmed by your surroundings.

Romantic Feminine Touches

With Victorian style in mind, mix the elegant taste of this romantic era with casual and contemporary design trends for a look that is updated, feminine, and all your own. Embellished furniture with cabriole legs and upholstered seating is regal and refined, making sure that your love for lavished luxury is fulfilled. A romantic at heart, you need a bedroom that will help you dream of love at first sight.

Light, Airy, and Leisurely

The romantic soul loves to spend time creating and exploring their visionary passions, so make sure your dreamy oasis bedroom is free from too much distraction. Open and intuitive design will make sure you avoid excessive clutter and stick to what makes you feel comfortable, relaxed, and happy.

Soft Palette and Textures

Make sure your bedroom is cozy enough to curl up in bed with a light palette in dreamy pastels. Muted shades of pink, purple, and blue will help your mind relax alongside warm neutrals like dusty gray and cream. Soft textures on your rug, bed, and sofa will provide comfort as you reflect and allow you to drift off at ease.

You’re a dreamy soul, so make sure you come home to your ideal oasis with a bedroom designed just for you!

How to Clean Your Mattress for Better Sleep

Spring is here, and although it’s easy to de-clutter your home and start eliminating that winter dust, cleaning for the warmer months isn’t always simple. Some regular use items we never think about cleaning shouldn’t be forgotten! One-third of the average human life is spent sleeping—and that’s a lot of time spent on your mattress! Sweat, dead skin cells, stains, and dust mites accumulate over time in your bed, so make sure that you clean your mattress! Don’t know how? Don’t worry! The Front Door is here to help with these simple solutions to getting your mattress back to feeling fresh and new.

how to clean your mattress

1. Vacuum.

It might seem like common knowledge, but after removing your mattress cover, you’d be surprised at how much pet hair, dust, and sometimes dirt gets caught on the surface over time. Take the vacuum cleaner and just suck all that garbage up to keep the top of your mattress looking clean.

2. Spot clean.

Depending on the type of stain you’re dealing with, the cleaning product you use to spot clean your mattress will differ. Bodily fluid stains such as sweat, blood, and urine are most common mattress stains and can be removed with a combination of water and detergent applied with a spray bottle and rag or a mixture of 1/4 cup lemon juice and 2 tsp. salt that sits for up to an hour.

3. Deodorize.

Get rid of nasty odors with baking soda! Sprinkle a light layer on the surface of your mattress and let it sit for a couple hours. It will absorb sweat smells and leave your mattress smelling clean. When you’re done deodorizing, vacuum the baking soda in order to remove the powder, and voila!

4. Air it out.

Last but not least, clean your mattress by letting it get a little fresh air and sunlight by letting it sit outside! By letting your mattress breathe out, you can eliminate bacteria and give it that new air circulation it needs.

5. Protect your mattress with a cover.

Also be sure to protect your mattress with a mattress cover to ensure that future dirt and stains don’t make their way to your bed. Mattress covers can also easily be put in the washing machine on a regular basis to stay clean and fresh!

6.0 VER-TEX® Temperature Regulating Performance Mattress Protector
ABOVE: 6.0 VER-TEX® Temperature Regulating Performance Mattress Protector

For some soft and durable mattress covers, check out these products from Denver Mattress:

  • 6.0 VER-TEX® Temperature Regulating Performance Mattress Protector: This cover features revolutionary fiber that is cool to the touch and provides unparalleled climate control, ensuring a dry and comfortable sleeping environment. The flexible cushioning layer dynamically responds to your motion and boosts air circulation to keep you cool while the waterproof invisible barrier repels liquids.
  • myProtector: This unique 2-in-1 waterproof protector adds a nourishing protective layer to the mattress, protecting it from stains, spills, and bacteria.
  • Perfect Harmony™ IsoCool® Mattress Pad: The IsoCool® mattress pad features Outlast® Adaptive Comfort® materials that help to balance your changing body temperature, so you can sleep more comfortably throughout the night.
  • Perfect Harmony™ Deluxe Mattress Pad: This protector is hypoallergenic and ready for simple machine wash. An easy clean every now and then will keep your bed fresh!
  • BedWorks™ 14 Mattress Encasement: This six-sided total encasement protects your mattress from bed bugs, dust mites, allergens, and mold. It is also waterproof!
  • BedWorks™ 14″ Mattress Protector: This cover protects all mattress types including foam and pillow top. It is waterproof, yet features breathable polyurethane backing for ultimate comfort.

6. Consider replacing your mattress.

If all else fails, don’t forget that you should replace your mattress every seven years so that you can sleep clean and comfortably. Every two years, your mattress collects one million dust mites, 53 gallons of sweat, and seven pounds of dead skin, so if your mattress is starting to sag and feel uncomfortable, it might be time for a new one! Find the complete guide to mattress replacement here.

Studio Apartment Layout Guide

In today’s busy cities, a lot of space is hard (and expensive) to come by. Many apartment complexes alleviate this problem by offering studios to their patrons. A one-room home is quite stylish in urban markets, but sometimes it can be difficult to set up your furniture in a way that maximizes space and defines separate activity areas. Below, find four functional and fashionable arrangements with this studio apartment layout guide.



The first studio apartment layout is for the person who likes having guests over. This setup allows for separate living and sleeping spaces by placing a divider between the bedroom and the living-dining area. If you own the condo, this can be achieved by installing drywall. If you are renting, get creative by placing bookcases, screens, or even curtains between the two “rooms.” Sliding doors or tapestries allow you to close the space off when you have company, and open it up when you are alone and don’t need the barrier. In this studio, there is a dining area with a standard dining set near the living room. If your spot is smaller, achieve the look with a scaled counter height group or a drop leaf table that can be pushed against the wall.

Bachelorette Pad

In this chic studio apartment layout, refined style is key. The “bedroom” is complete with a sophisticated dressing area and vanity. It effortlessly opens to the “living room,” where a TV could be placed atop the dresser.  In a studio apartment, there often isn’t enough space for a lot of furniture. In this arrangement, we substituted clothes storage for a television stand, and the vanity doubles as a desk. When considering your own studio apartment layout, think about your needs, and get creative with multipurpose furnishings!

The Living Room Lounger

If you couldn’t live without your big comfy couch, larger than life television, and extensive movie and video game collection, this studio apartment layout is for you! The “living room” is the main focus of this small space, and is the first thing you see when you come in. A large sofa, armchair, coffee table, and television stand comfortably fit, creating a relaxing oasis for you to kick back and relax. The bed is pushed far into the corner but still opens up to the living space, offering additional seating and allowing you to still view the television.

Student Life

If your life is dedicated to school or work, you will need a desk in your tiny space. This studio apartment layout allows you to get the job done right. With a designated workspace, your life will be much easier, and the open floor plan allows you to not feel cramped. If you need more surface space, an L-shaped desk or a U-shaped desk also would look fabulous in this furniture arrangement. If it has an open design, it can also provide a space to dine after a long day’s work. You also could consider getting a large coffee table with a lift top to give yourself an alternate space to get work done from the sofa.

Download Studio Apartment Layouts now.

Shop all furniture from Furniture Row here.

Be sure to check out our Bedroom Layout Guide and Living Room Layout Guide for even more inspiration!

Three Cute Kids Bedrooms

Your kids are your life, and their rooms should reflect just that. Giving your children their own special space is important during development as they grow into young adults. Here at the Front Door, decorating cute kids bedrooms is one of our favorite home activities. To take the guesswork out of design, we’ve compiled three adorable looks that will reflect your little one’s personality and interests. Whether you are completely redoing your kid’s space or just need a few pieces to transform their room, Furniture Row has got you covered!


Kids Bedrooms: Western Charmer

This adorable bedroom will have your family singing, “Yippie yi yo kayah!” You’ll be in storage heaven with the Campus Twin over Full Bunkbed, which features drawers in both the stairs as well as the underbed trundle, giving your little one plenty of space to store their clothing, toys, and other nighttime essentials. Whether your kids share a room, or you just want extra space for sleepovers, this bed is ideal. As one of our most gender-neutral kids bedrooms, we put reversible bedding on the bunks. One side features a cowboy-inspired print, and the other boasts sweet red and white stars.

Then, we added a rodeo of reds with the fun and functional Colton Storage Bookcase and the Tyler Accent Chair. To complete the look, we brought in artwork of a Texas rider and rattan trunks to give the space a rustic charm.


Kids Bedrooms: Shabby Chic Princess

If you child’s personality is precious and girly, she’ll love the Shabby Chic Princess bedroom. The Summertime Poster Bed feels cottage fresh and gets an elegant touch with the Sweet Palace Kids Comforter Set. She’ll feel like she’s sleeping in her very own castle with the royal dollhouse theme and the darling pillow sham with a cute heart print.

Next, every princess needs some bling in her life, and the Sparkles Chest does just the trick. We topped it with a simple yet chic ivory table lamp and adorned the walls with the Fly by Fairy Canvas. Finally, the Moppet Kids Table Set is the perfect place for your kid to host her beloved tea parties, complete school work, or work on art projects.


Kids Bedrooms: Rustic Adventurer

For the little one that loves being outdoors, this rough and tumble kids bedroom is the perfect match. The distressed washed finish on the Bristol Valley Bunk Bed and Chest wear well throughout the years. The rustic blue of the pieces is original and timeless, lasting your child as they go into young adulthood. We are in love with the mustache print bedding, reminding our kids not to grow up too fast.

For the bicycle lover, the Got Wheels Canvas is playful and stylish. The Riley Table Lamp and Mario Stamped Stool bring in a fun lime green motif into the space. Lastly, the Tread Baskets will conveniently store all those tiny toys such as toy cars and legos, making cleanup quick and easy.

Overall, creating cute kids bedrooms doesn’t have to be a daunting task. By balancing fashion and function, you can achieve a look that suits your family’s lifestyle and the little love of your life’s personality. Happy decorating!

Color Wheel Basics: How to Pick Color Schemes for the Home

Decorating your home is no easy feat, and when it comes to choosing paint colors, it can already be hard enough to pick and choose which hues work for you. There are so many different shades, so how it possible to narrow down which ones go great with your furniture and unique design style? The Front Door is here to help! No matter what color you want to start with, there’s a color scheme that will help you figure out that wall color and matching accents to help pull the room together. Stick to this color coordination guide using hues from the color wheel and you can’t go wrong. These are scientifically proven to be eye-catching, so you won’t have to worry about mismatching. Say goodbye to neutrals, and open up your horizons to the world of color!

The Main Color Schemes

It might be a refresher, but before we get started, here’s a recap of the basic color wheel.


The Primary Colors

When you think of the primary colors, memories of learning about red, blue, and yellow from kindergarten come to mind, and you’re not wrong. These are the main hues on the color wheel we need in order to create any other color, so these basic colors are a great foundation for any room. Whether you want to work in a bright red or introduce a calming blue, using a primary color can boost your room’s energy and guarantee that it will be attractive to all.

The Secondary Colors

When we mix two of the primary colors on the color wheel, we get secondary colors. Orange, green, and violet are the next basic colors on the list and they are great for complementing or contrasting the primary colors.

The Tertiary Colors

Last but not least, the tertiary colors are created when we mix secondary and primary colors. There are six tertiary colors that finish the color wheel and create a diverse range of rainbow hues to work with when decorating your home.

Now that you know the basics, take a look at the common color schemes below and design your room like a pro!



For the first color scheme on our list, simply use colors that are next to each other on the color wheel. They usually match well and create an easy design that looks neat and comforting. Analogous color schemes are harmonious and organically aesthetic since you can find them most often in nature. Choosing three to five analogous colors creates a diverse range in hues that can work from a red-orange to deep violet or from sunny yellow to a calming teal blue. No matter what color you start with, decide which direction you want to go, and there are endless possibilities!

For our analogous room, we started with dark indigo and added hues to get to a vivacious lime green for an eclectic cool-colored scheme! The dark blue Aria 3 Pc. Sectional and Aria Ottoman included patterned accent pillows with various shades of green and blue that matched the Aria Accent Chair, creating an easy start to using this analogous scheme. For other matching accents, we added the Dawn Discovery I and II Canvases and a green Torino Ombre Rug to complete the cool-toned room and painted an accent wall pale blue to create some light balance.

Other items shown: Facet Table Lamp, Facet Accent Lamp, Pass Through Vases
For more analogous color scheme items, add the: Narrow Bottle Vase and Taj Candleholders.



Next on the list, the complementary color scheme simply utilizes pairs of colors which, when combined, cancel each other out to create a blackish or whitish gray since they are exact opposites on the color wheel. The basic complementary color pairings are red and green, blue and orange, and yellow and violet. Using a complementary color scheme from the color wheel is fun and easy to use in the home to create a natural balance between a cool color and a warm color for some eye-catching results.

For our complementary room, we chose a child’s bedroom to explore the beautiful combination of bright yellow and various shades of violet. The walls are a lovely shade of lilac that is naturally feminine and sweet while the yellow comforter brings out some sunny personality to give the room a little more brightness.

Items shown: Chloe Bedroom Furniture, Harlow Crystal Lamps
For more complementary color scheme items, add the: Beach Princess Kids Twin Comforter Set, Graphic Storage Basket, and Sense Shag Rug (Plum).



To keep your color scheme really simple, how about you just use one hue? Sound scary? It might be, but a monochromatic color scheme can look elegant if you have a lot of pieces in the same color and can’t quite seem to get enough of it. Monochromatic colors are all the colors (shades, tones, and tints) of a single hue that are created by simply adding white, gray, or black to make it lighter or darker.

For our monochromatic room, we used a rich navy blue to decorate a dining room. Beautiful Sapa runners with intricate patterning in denim tones hang regally from the wall adjacent to bold framed blue prints while the same runner drapes the table beneath various blue-toned Oki Candleholders. For the finishing touch, the blue patterned rug exhibits both light and dark shades of navy in an exquisite floral print.

Other items shown: Urban Loft 5 Pc. Dining Group, Urban Loft Server
For more monochromatic color scheme items, add the: Magnolia Home Emmie Kay Navy Rug, Watery Stripe Vase, and Painted Puzzle Canvas.



If you want to spice up a room and prove your color coordinating trendsetter skills, step your design guru skills up a notch with a split-complementary color scheme. The split-complementary color scheme uses a base color of your choice with the two colors adjacent to its complementary hue. This color scheme has the same striking contrast as the regular complementary color scheme, but has less tension.

For our split-complementary room, we used a refreshing teal blue for the base color with its split-complementary hues of mustard yellow and burnt orange. To illuminate the yellow, we also added metallic gold accent pieces for more flair. For the teal blue base, the Eden Settee and Hilton Accent Chair match the Oki Candleholders and Vases prominently on display while the Teal Woods Gold Foil Lacquer Print in the background combines the same teal with the mustard yellow also found on the Seneca Pillow.

The golden Linden Coffee Table and Sofa Table matches the mustard yellow and helps incorporate the metallic shade of the burnt orange found in the Adelle Table Lamp and Facet Ceramic Side Table. For the finishing touch, the rustic orange also beautifully mixes with the teal turquoise on the Rainbow Paper Vase.



Last but not least, you might want to use the triadic color scheme. A triadic color scheme uses colors that are spaced evenly around the color wheel. This color combination tends to be pretty vibrant even if you use unsaturated hues and is great for exploring diverse shades that work great together.

For our triadic room, we used the primary colors for our color scheme! Sophisticated shades of red, yellow, and blue are great for brightening up any space in the home, so we used them in the dining room. The Folk Tile Rug mixes these colors in unsaturated tones in a unique block pattern while blue placemats on the table and red flowers on the fireplace match well with the yellowish wood tone of the Oxford Dining Table.

Items shown: Cottage Side Chairs
For more triadic color scheme items, add the: Vin French Framed Print, Oldsmar Bench, Pierced Lantern Vase (Tomato Red), and Souk Vases.

Create the Perfect Love Nest for You and Your Sweetheart

Love is in the air! Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and if you are totally smitten on a lucky somebody, it may be time to create the perfect love nest for you and your sweetheart. Whether you need a special gift for your partner, or just want a place to snuggle up together, these cuddle-worthy pieces are just what you need!


Love Nest Sofas

Richland Settee: Nod to elegant French provincial styling with the Richland Settee. This refined sofa will lend your home classic charm with its cabriole legs, camel back, fluted trim, and scrolled wooden details. Featuring hand-carved, wire-brushed oak with a vintage-inspired wash, this romantic sofa boasts neutral beige, linen-blend upholstery. Perfect for a formal living room, bedroom, or as an accent piece in any room of the home, this timeless furnishing combines the design of Louis XV with contemporary finishes for a memorable love nest. With inviting foam and down cushioning, this piece is sure to become your favorite seat in the house for you and your special someone.


Bel Air II Sofa: Add glamorous Hollywood style inspired by the affluent neighborhood of Los Angeles to your home with the Bel Air II Sofa! Classic meets contemporary design with this posh couch that’s so elegant you won’t be able to wait to show it off. With a hardwood engineered frame, a foam and Dacron seat and back, and soft, luxurious, velvety navy blue upholstery, the Bel Air will beautifully withstand the years as you relax and unwind with the love of your life. A button-tufted back alongside silver nailhead trim and two matching pillows offer the extra embellishment you need for your sophisticated glam love nest. You will never tire of the Bel Air and its chesterfield style design!


Hampton Sofa: This contemporary couch combines a classic silhouette with rich texture for a timeless style you will love for your new love nest. Featuring a stylish tufted Bridgewater design, nailhead trim, and shimmering accent pillows, this piece expresses a tasteful sense of fashion. The Hampton Sofa is plushly padded for a luxurious seating experience, and is built with sinuous coil springs to maximize support and snuggle-tested comfort.


Love Nest Seating

Metro Chair: The Metro Chair has a buttoned-up mid-century elegance while exuding sheltering comfort, perfect for the snuggled-up love nest experience. An interpretation of the 1920s tuxedo sofa, this piece features a boxy shape with the track arms and streamlined tight back sitting at the same height, tufted details, unique inner arm cushioning, and two European-style interior bolster pillows. This vintage-inspired furnishing is quite sleek and glamorous, but fits into casual and formal living spaces alike. With a sturdy plywood frame, an oversized seating area, a reversible seat cushion, solid hardwood legs boasting a black finish, and durable and stylish gray upholstery, the Metro is made to last. Classic and modern, this double seat is quite tasteful, so bring it home today and make a refined statement in your home.


Aries Chair: With the oversized Aries Chair that’s big enough for two, style and luxury are written in the stars. This casual, contemporary chair and a half is comfortable and durable, with a strong Dacron wrapped seat cushion and plush fiber-filled back. Two neutral throw pillows in a sophisticated geometric print allow this chair to reach an unmatched level of panache. Featuring an eased rounded design and low, barely there curved arms, this tan love nest will satisfy all of the needs on your leisure checklist.


Robin’s Nest Bench: The pretty patterned Robins Nest Bench adds a touch of modern romance to any love nest. With beautiful aqua and cream cotton blend upholstery in a vintage wallpaper-inspired print, this accent furnishing will have you falling in love again and again. The solid hardwood frame, high-strength secure joints, and high-density foam cushioning will stand the tests of time. This versatile bench will complement a bedroom nicely, can serve as additional seating for your living room, or welcome your guests in a home entryway.


Love Nest Beds

Newport Upholstered Bed: Add neutral yet sophisticated elegance to your bedroom with the Newport Upholstered Bed. Structured of solid wood and MDF in a dark brown finish, this transitional styled piece adds tailored and trendy design to any love nest. The Newport features rich beluga gray upholstery embellished with beautiful brass nailheads and an elegantly curved headboard. This headboard and footboard surround your mattress with clean-lined style, and has an adjustable height feature that can move from 54″ to 62″ to accommodate any variation of mattress and foundation thickness. The Newport is sure to be a designer-inspired favorite you will love!


Greystone Bed: If you can’t decide between a distressed, natural love nest or a chic and refined place to “cuddle puddle,” the Greystone Platform Bed with Storage is the perfect unique combination you’re looking for. Made of hardwood solids and okoume veneers in a neutral gray burnished paint finish, this panel bed stylishly frames your mattress in the most creative way. Featuring an elegant tan-colored upholstered headboard with sophisticated nailhead detailing, the Greystone is designer-inspired to be the perfect addition to your bedroom for Valentine’s Day.


Love Nest Decor

Faux Fur Pillows: Spend your days and nights curled up with your bae on the softest room accessory you can find! The Faux Fur Pillow is ready to accent any bed, couch, or chair and give it the extra plump it needs to be the coziest it can be! In versatile neutral colors, the Faux Fur Pillow is fluffy at your fingertips. You’ll never want to use an ordinary pillow again! The Faux Fur is available in brown, cream, gray, and camel.


Faux Fur Throws: A love nest isn’t complete without soft, plush blankets and throws to keep you and your Valentine nestled up cozily. Faux fur is one of the most stylish home accessories around, and if you are looking for a cuddle-worthy gift for your special one, the Faux Fur Throw is the perfect answer!


Potted Pleasures Canvas: Instead of getting your Valentine freshly cut buds this year, give them a new kind of flowers with the Potted Pleasures Canvas. With beautiful imagery of white roses and other flowers in textured vases, this painting is the perfect touch of elegance for your perfect love nest. Splattered gold flecks help illuminate the muted gray illustrations for a breathtaking result.


Winter Decor: Before and After Holiday Bedroom

Many people adorn their homes with holiday decor during the winter months, but there is one room of the house that often gets forgotten – the bedroom! Give your resting space a festive makeover this season with inspiration from the pictures of this before and after holiday bedroom and our tips to create the look!

Before Holiday Bedroom Makeover


After Holiday Bedroom Makeover


How to Create the Holiday Bedroom Look

It doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive to make your holiday bedroom feel a lot like Christmas. By adding a few decorative accents, you can make your slumber space into a winter wonderland of your own!

Dressed-Up Dresser

On the Chatham Dresser with Mirror, we removed the vases, greenery, and framed photos and replaced them with decorative winter-inspired accessories.

  1. A fluffy faux-fur runner gives the surface of the dresser a cozy touch and matches the lushness of the Faux Fur Throw on the bed.
  2. Fill up a glass vase or bowl with Christmas ornaments to get an easy DIY accent.
  3. Stand up the hand-painted Millie Tray on the corner of the dresser to serve as a backdrop for the ornament decoration as well as an easy-to-reach surface for breakfast in bed.
  4. Metallic deer grace the right side of the dresser, reminding everyone to be good if they want on the nice list this year!

Sparkle-Inspired Chest

On the Chatham Chest, we removed the Segovia Vases boasting white flowers and the small plant, and made the corner of the holiday bedroom shine with a little sparkle.

  1. Wreaths all remind us what really matters this season – gathering around with cherished friends and family. Get an accessory that shines by hanging up a metallic wreath like the gold one pictured here. You can also spray paint a wreath you currently have to make it shine.
  2. The Millie Vases feature a clean snow white bright finish and hand-painted silver accents. A holiday bedroom isn’t complete without metallic accents.
  3. Candles always add a bit of joy to a holiday bedroom, so we simply rearranged the candleholders to create a warm arrangement.

Festive Wall Art

We took down the nature-inspired artwork hanging over the nightstand and gave the wall a festive makeover.

  1. The top print reads, ‘Tis the Season. With gold cursive writing and a simple gray-washed frame, this piece is perfect for the holiday bedroom.
  2. Place the matching wall art below or beside the other print. The phrase “Joy to the World” reminds us of the wonderful winter season.

Elegant Nightstand

The sparkly Mercury Glass Buffet Lamp and other shiny accessories on the table already fit into our holiday bedroom theme, so instead of removing anything, we just added a touch of season’s greetings clad decor to the Chatham Nightstand.

  1. Place a stately golden reindeer bookend atop your bedside furnishing for a dashing hint of the holidays.
  2. Replace the barren branch filler in the vase to the right of the nightstand with decor boasting vibrant gold leaves. This sparkly accessory brings some of the metallic appeal towards the floor and complements the rest of the shiny accessories found in this holiday bedroom.

Overall, there are many directions you can take when decorating your holiday bedroom during the winter. But remember, if you incorporate accessories that sparkle, seasonal accents, and hints of metallic, you can’t go wrong!

Silent Nights: Create a Romantic Winter Bedroom

With Christmas on the way, days are often so busy and tiresome that all you want to do when you come home is lay down and get some rest. During this stressful season, it’s important to get adequate sleep, so why not do it in style? This romantic winter bedroom is the perfect look to keep you at your best during the holidays. Embrace the sweet and calming effects of this luxurious space, designed for silent nights.

bedroom-expressions-wolf-creek-x-mas-room-holiday-catalog-2016 Romantic Winter Bedroom Furniture

The first way to relieve holiday stress to ensure silent nights is to rid your space of clutter. The Wolf Creek Bedroom Group features the Wolf Creek Queen Bookcase Storage Bed, which has the capacity of an entire bedroom set when two nightstands are combined with it. If you still need more places to store your clothing, accessories and other bedroom essentials, there are several case pieces in the collection such as a dresser, media stand, as well as standard and lingerie chests. For smaller spaces, the extra under-bed and headboard storage space eliminates the need for an extra dresser, allowing you to add a cozy reading space with a chair such as the Broadmoor Accent Chair.

Romantic Winter Bedroom Textiles

Sleep worthy of silent nights starts with bedding. The Magnanime Comforter Set is ideal for the romantic winter bedroom and is shown here with some of Furniture Row’s Choice Sheets in Eggplant. Featuring a comforter and reversible shams donning a shimmery silver French-inspired damask pattern, this set brings together rich burgundy hues together for a whimsical touch. With soft velvet shams and curtains, this romantic winter bedroom looks elegant and sophisticated. Incorporate even more luxurious fabric choices throughout the space with the heavenly Faux Fur Throw to snuggle under with a good book and the Gray Antiquity Rug to keep your toesies cozy.

Romantic Winter Bedroom Decor

The final step to create a romantic winter bedroom is to add the finishing touches with accessories! In this space, we added the Adira Mirror and the Hummingbird Delight Canvas to the walls to add dimension and incorporate more of the gorgeous purple and merlot coloring throughout. We placed the wrought iron Chatham Table Lamp to the nightstand along with a bowl of metallic Christmas ornaments to make the room more festive. The Seeded Hurricanes on the corner chest add a touch of holiday sparkle, and the Segovia Vases on the bookshelf of the headboard bring a little Christmas cheer to the space with a holly berry plant.

Elements of a Cozy Bedroom

The cold weather is finally here, so it’s time to get cozy! Say goodbye to lighter summer bedding and welcome something a bit warmer to keep you feeling toasty. Furniture Row and Denver Mattress have a great line of bedding and bedroom accessories to help create a snug ambiance, so follow these tips for comfortable, cozy bedroom inspiration!


Trap heat with warm bedding. 

The first step in creating a cozy bedroom is to stay warm and cozy with bedding designed to keep you warm! Start with a fluffy mattress pad like the Body Cloud Mattress Pad from Denver Mattress for extra plump, so that you’ll feel especially pampered with cozy cotton. Sheets with higher thread counts and tighter weaves will make sure heat stays trapped. For something heavier, try to find sheets like the DreamFit Select World Class Cotton 300 TC Sheets from Denver Mattress that are made of luxurious, soft Pima cotton and have twice the stitching as regular sheets. Finally, choose a comforter set that is uniquely you! Furniture Row has a variety of comforter sets in all colors and sizes, but choosing something versatile can go a long way! The Acanthus Comforter Set is one of our favorites since its neutral palette goes great with an array of styles and is made of warm percale cotton.

Add soft textures everywhere.

Don’t stop at just your bedding! Take the softness one step further with an upholstered bed like the Venice Upholstered Bed from Furniture Row that has chic heather-gray, flannel-like upholstery that is both cozy and classy. And warm up your favorite chair or sofa with a soft blanket like the camel colored Faux Fur Throw that’s a fun furry accent to curl up in and take a nap with.

Bring in warm hues.

Texture isn’t the only remedy for adding snuggle-worthy style to your living space. Warmer hues like bright or burnt oranges, browns, and reds help create a toasty ambiance and are also festive for your cozy bedroom! Accent pillows like the Seneca Pillow and the Bancroft Brick Pillow lighten the mood with bold patterns, but also add lovely oranges and browns to the mix to further complement the comforter set. And don’t forget the floor! Make sure your feet are pampered too with a warm-colored rug like the Torino Ombre Rug that boasts a monochromatic gradient design in brilliant shades of paprika.

Incorporate toasty lighting.

Last but not least, make sure you keep your room looking bright. A well-lit room is always especially cozy when indoors during colder weather, so add a stylish table lamp for the perfect finishing touch. The Adelle Table Lamp from Furniture Row is beautifully crafted with an antiqued bronze finish that brings some extra spice to its already funky textured spherical base.

Don’t let the cold weather bring you down. Stay inside and warm in style this season!

Shabby Chic Bedroom

We all love the worn-in look of antiques mixed with the girly romance of classic furniture, and what better way to show off this look than with a shabby chic bedroom? Combining the authenticity of rustic furnishings with the charm of whimsical styling, a shabby chic bedroom will give you the fashionable ambience and the eclectic allure you’ve been waiting for.


Washed and Weathered Finishes

To create a shabby chic bedroom, you need to incorporate items that resemble antiques with timeworn finishes. Try to pick distressed or washed furnishings that have old-fashioned charm. The Sedona Panel Bed and Sedona Dresser that we chose for our shabby chic bedroom nod to a refreshing English country aesthetic as the gray tone exposes the weathered wood. We used the Jenny Lind Accent Table as a nightstand, and this cottage-inspired furnishing has the lightly eased distressing that your shabby chic bedroom needs! Made of reclaimed fir, this one-of-a kind end table doesn’t disappoint. Finally, we grounded the space with the Antiquity Grey Rug, which embodies vintage flair with its weathered look that resembles faded, well-worn patina.

Classic Silhouettes

A shabby chic bedroom is comfortable and inviting with French-inspired, classic silhouettes. Look for furniture with traditional details to keep your space looking timeless. The Woodland Jewelry Armoire has sweet cabriole legs and carved molding, while the Salerno Console sports dentil molding and a farmhouse fresh curved X-stretcher. The Ellie Desk is the perfect workspace for your shabby chic bedroom with elegant ring-turned legs and a decorative backboard.

Girly Details

A shabby chic bedroom isn’t complete without girly details. Seek out pieces that have an opulent, romantic feel to them to make your space seem a bit whimsical. The Chloe Desk Chair embodies the style of Louis XVI, and the blush-colored floral upholstery is fit for a princess. The Harbor Bench is simply enchanting, bringing a feminine vibe with its granny-chic paisley print and bohemian-inspired trim. Finally, we chose the Cecilia Table Lamp to add an extra dose of sugar and spice to our shabby chic bedroom with its lacey shade and ornate base.

Soft and Neutral Color Palette

When creating your shabby chic bedroom, be sure to use a soft and neutral color palette. With crisp white being one of our favorite hues for a sweet country aesthetic, we brought the Chloe Dresser and the Dominique Vanity as clean accent pieces. The Lilly Cabinet brings neutral tones of taupe into the space, with a breakfront design, tapered legs, and expertly hand-painted vine details. Pulling the entire room together, the Potted Pleasures Canvas showcases vases of country roses and other floral arrangements in soft grays, beiges, and golden yellows. More colors that look great in a shabby chic bedroom are baby pink, sky blue, light lavender, and most other pastels.

A Hint of Sparkle

For the final touches to your shabby chic bedroom, be sure to incorporate just a touch of shine. The Linore Table Lamp features a slightly burnished mercury etching and a chrome base, while the Seeded Hurricane is made of hand-blown glass with the perfect amount of glimmer. Lastly, the shimmering Crystal Hall Chest brings the final hint of sparkle to our shabby chic bedroom with its matte gold finish and glistening faux crystal pulls.

Creating a shabby chic bedroom is easy since you can pull together so many different furniture finishes together to make it appear as if you’ve collected antique pieces throughout the years. This style is so much fun because of its whimsical nature, combining rustic farmhouse appeal with French cottage charm.

How to Repurpose Your College Student’s Old Bedroom

Although it may be sad to see your not-so-little-one leave the nest for dorm life, one perk of the change is that you now have extra space in your home. Instead of sitting around stewing about how your baby is all grown up, repurpose your college student’s old bedroom to create the space you’ve always wanted. Whether you want a peaceful yoga gym or a crafty art room, you can make a place that makes you forget about those empty nest blues.

Home Office

One way to repurpose your college student’s old bedroom is to create a home office. You’ll get the job done with your own space to work in peace. You could even start up a new business to keep your mind off your absent teenager! The possibilities are endless!

Home office

SHOP THE LOOK: American Flight Canvas, Rockridge Curved L Desk, Foundry Side Chair, Faux Cow Hide Rug, Briargate Accent Chair, Plato Wine Bookcase Cabinet, Watson Round Accent Lamp

Guest Bedroom

Now that your scholar is off at school, you’ll have plenty of time to entertain guests. Give family and friends a place to stay when they visit, and repurpose your college student’s old bedroom to sleeping quarters for guests. This way you won’t have an excuse to invite out-of-towners to your home to catch up!

Guest Bedroom

SHOP THE LOOK: Paladin End Table, Segovia Vases, Dash Chest, Venice Run in Cream, Sutter Mercury Table Lamp, Oxford Sleigh Bed, Sundara Comforter Set, Zola Mirror

Home Theater

Grab the popcorn and repurpose your college student’s old bedroom into a home theater! You’ll love to catch up on your favorite shows and spend nights cuddled up with your spouse for much-needed alone time. Choose comfortable seating, cozy accessories, and stylish media storage and voila! Time to turn down the lights…


SHOP THE LOOK: Carver 3 Pc. Theater Sectional, Pinebrook End Table, Cable Knit Pillow, Urban Shag Rug, Carolina Basket, Casa Viejo 4 Pc. Home Theater Wall, Cable Knit Throw, Starship Recliner


Bedroom Layout Guide

Whether you are moving into a new home or just want to give your current space a makeover, there are a lot of different options on how to arrange your bedroom furniture. With so many things to consider when deciding where to put what where, you may feel a little overwhelmed, so we’re here to help! Hopefully, this bedroom layout guide will give you plenty of ideas!


Relax and Unwind

In this bedroom layout, we put the bed in the center, acting as the focal point of the room. This layout works great for couples, as both sides of the bed are accessible, and the two nightstands frame the bed nicely. A chest or dresser offers storage in one of the room’s corners, while a small seating area is adjacent. With two chairs, a small bistro table, and a nearby end-of-the-bed bench or ottoman set, this bedroom layout offers space to do more than just sleep. If you like to relax and unwind in your bedroom before bedtime by socializing with your partner, reading, or completing other leisurely tasks, this bedroom layout could be for you.


Like the Relax and Unwind setup, the Multifunctional bedroom layout is for someone who uses their bedroom for activities other than just sleeping. With a seating area for sipping coffee or socializing, and a vanity or desk to apply makeup or use as a workspace, this bedroom layout almost functions as a studio apartment. We’ve placed the bed against the wall, a tactic which works well for bedrooms with large or misplaced windows that prevent you from putting your bed in the center of the room.

Small Spaces

This bedroom layout maximizes space without sacrificing pieces of furniture. By moving the bed and nightstands from the center of the room to one of the walls, we are able to fit a desk and an accent chair in the space beside the bed. Feel free to swap out the desk with a dresser if you need extra storage for clothes or a vanity if you like a dressing area in your bedroom. In the opposite corner we were able to fit a tall chest without making the room feel overcrowded.

Extra Storage

If you primarily use your bedroom to store clothes and sleep, this could be your new setup. This bedroom layout offers plenty of storage for those who never seem to have enough space. You don’t have to worry about picking and choosing which pieces of furniture can fit into your bedroom because a bed, dresser with mirror, chest, and two nightstands are all in this arrangement. We’ve even put a storage bench (or two storage ottomans) at the foot of the bed. With this bedroom layout, you can keep your bedroom tidy because everything is able to have a space to be put away.

With these great bedroom layout ideas you can update your sleeping oasis easily and with confidence. Although these arrangements work well in most bedrooms, each space is different, so don’t be reluctant to swap out furniture pieces or make other adjustments to customize your new bedroom layout. Happy arranging!

Download Bedroom Layouts now.

Shop bedroom furniture here.

Be sure to check out our Living Room Layout Guide as well!

Step Inside the 2016 Denver St. Jude Home

The 2016 Denver St. Jude Dream Home and its furnished interior design, complements of Furniture Row and Denver Mattress is finally being debuted, and the Front Door has all of the photos for our viewers to preview! Nestled in the quaint Tollgate Crossing subdivision, this home is located in Aurora, named the All-American City from the National Civic League. Close to shopping, recreation, and in one of the best school districts of Colorado, this St. Jude dream house is centrally located near roads that allow residents to quickly commute to the Denver Tech Center, Downtown Denver, and Denver International Airport.

Oakwood Homes was the builder on this project (valued at $550,000), donating time and materials to help the St. Jude Charity Dream Home Giveaway. With four bedrooms, four bathrooms, and an estimated 3,400 square feet, this dream home has a garden-level basement, a three car garage, and countless other luxurious features, and with the purchase of an $100 raffle ticket, it all could be yours!


Enjoy the following photos of the St. Jude Dream Home and get furniture and home decor ideas for your own living spaces.

Entry Way


The house has great curb appeal and is in a stunning neighborhood. Right when you walk in, you notice the beautiful gray-washed wood floors that spread throughout the entire first story. With a feel of relaxed elegance, the design aesthetic starts right at the front door. “During the construction phase it was clear to me that the décor needed to be somewhat minimal with a touch of elegance,” explains Barb Chandler of Furniture Row who furnished the entire house.


Kitchen/Dining Room


The white kitchen is open and large, featuring granite countertops and an oversized island. “Oakwood is known for their fabulous kitchens,” Barb tells us. “That island can comfortably seat eight! It’s always so nice to have an kitchen where the whole family can gather while meals are being prepped.”

Since the St. Jude Dream Home has such an open layout, the dining “room” is strategically situated between the kitchen and the living room. A casual elegance exudes from this living space, and the large chalkboards are a nice touch. The mix of the reclaimed wood of the sideboard with the darker finish of the dining table gives this room a trendy vibe of relaxed sophistication.


Living Room


The gray washed floors with the Sherwin Williams Repose Gray painted walls set the tone for an ethereal, soft ambiance, and the burlap curtains ad just a touch of rustic charm. The stone and tile fireplace makes a designer statement while the large windows let in tons of light. With studded leather sofas, refined occasional tables, and fashionable home accents scatted throughout, this room is classic and timeless.

Master Bedroom


Complete with light and bright windows, a sitting area, a wet bar with a wine refrigerator, a huge walk-in shower, and an amazing closet, the master bedroom of the St. Jude Dream Home is truly its own little retreat. In fact, it’s so great that it is Barb’s favorite room in the house. “The sitting area is super cozy and the bathroom is very spacious,” she says. “However, it might be the giant closet that I’m drawn to!”

Laundry Room


Main Floor Guest Bedroom


This bedroom is very feminine and classy. With a four poster bed, a unique gilded cabinet, velvet accent chairs, and decorative lace lamps, this space reads sophisticated French country. Currently decorated as a bedroom, this room would also work well as a home office or den.



Upstairs Guest Bedroom


If shabby chic country is your favorite decor style, this room is for you. With a headboard inspired by wood shutters, multiple pattern bedding in soft neutral shades, and touches of wicker throughout, this room has its own on-suite bathroom and a large, walk-in closet.



This open living space has a very Americana homespun feel to it. With tradition furnishings, rope and wooden accents, and a neutral color scheme, this is a great little bonus room in the St. Jude Dream Home.

Basement Bedroom


Decorated as a child/teen room, this bedroom is on the garden level, bringing ample light into the space and making it feel like a main-level area. Boyish and fun accessories donne the walls and surfaces, nodding to all things boys love best: planes, cars, sports, and bicycles. A large closet walk-in closet offers plenty of storage space, and the nightstands have touch lighting, which makes it easy to see when your offspring wakes up in the middle of the night.

Basement Fun Room


This living space is kid-friendly and fun. With a large dining table to be used as a workspace, organizational craft holders on the wall, a small workout corner, and plenty of spots to sit around and play games with the family, this room is eclectic and comfortable.


For $100, you can buy a chance to win the St. Jude Dream Home, and you’ll also be entered to win a multitude of other prizes such as:

  • 2017 Lincoln MLK ($35,000 value)
  • LG Electronics front-load washer and dryer set
  • $1000 American Express Gift Card, courtesy of All My Sons Moving & Storage
  • Two-night stay in the “Mother Spring” luxury suite and a 60-minute couples massage, courtesy of the Springs Resort & Spa
  • Artesso SmartTouch Kitchen Faucet in Brilliance Stainless, courtesy of Brizo
  • $1000 Apple Gift Card, courtesy of Axium Inspections
  • Von Miller autographed football

You can also win a $10,000 shopping spree at Furniture Row when you tour the home from July 23 – August 28 on Saturdays from 9am- 5pm or Sundays from noon to 5pm.


Tollgate Crossing

4837 S. Buchanan Street

Aurora, CO 80016

The winner will be drawn on Thursday, September 1, 2016 on Fox31 Denver and Colorado’s own channel. All proceeds from the raffle/giveaway will benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Sleep Guidelines and Best Mattresses for Kids by Age

Have you ever wondered if your children are getting enough sleep? With the hustle and bustle of life, it’s difficult for parents to make sure that their kids are catching enough ZZZs. Although it may be hard, ensuring that your little ones have a decent amount of shut-eye time is very important. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, adequate sleep is linked with improved attention, behavior, learning, mental well-being, and physical health. Insufficient sleep increases risks for obesity, diabetes, accidents, depression, and in teens, self-harm including suicide attempts.

Sleep Guidelines for Kids by Age

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine has released a recommendation of sleep guidelines for kids by age, based on a review of scientific evidence on sleep duration and health. For infants aged 4-12 months (younger babies aren’t included because they have a wide range of normal sleep patterns), doctors suggest that they should be sleeping 12-16 hours including naps. Children between one and two should be sleeping 11-14 hours, and kids that are three to five should be sleeping 10-13 hours nightly. Little ones between the ages of six to twelve should be getting 9-12 hours of sleep, while teens aged thirteen to eighteen should be in bed for a minimum of 8-10 hours.

This chart outlines the new sleep guidelines for kids by age simply:




How to Choose the Best Kids Mattress

When you first had your baby, choosing a crib mattress was probably fairly easy, as most of them have a standard size and firmness level. However, by the age of two to three, most children should be moving from their crib to a standard bed. Most parents stick to one of three sizes of mattresses: twin, twin XL, full, and full XL but deciding on what type of mattress can be a different story.

Firm or Plush?

When you first feel a mattress, it usually feels firm or plush. If the top-cushioning layer is thicker, a mattress is usually considered plusher. This has no bearing on support, and most times, a mattress’ firmness is a personal preference. Go to the mattress store and try several mattresses out. A mattress that feels comfortable for you will most likely suit your child.

Firm: Firm mattresses offer a stable, floating feeling. Younger kids transitioning from a crib mattress often enjoy a firmer mattress. Also, kids that sleep on their stomach usually prefer a firm sleeping surface so that they can keep their spine in proper alignment and prevent their back from bowing in too much.

Plush: Plush mattresses offer a pillow-top feel that kids can sink into. Older kids typically like the thick cushioning of this comfort level. If your little one is a side-sleeper or likes to sleep on their back, a plush mattress could be for them.

What type of support?

There are several different types of mattresses and they all use different technologies to support your kid while they sleep. Depending on your child’s needs, a certain mattress type can help them get adequate snooze time. Denver Mattress offers custom fittings, where an experienced professional will figure out which type of mattress will put your kid in neutral spine alignment, relaxing the muscles, and allowing a better night’s rest. Schedule an appointment at your local store to find the best mattress for your little one.

Innerspring: This type of long-lasting support is the best value. Using tempered steel that locks in the shape of the coil to increase longevity and comfort, traditional interlaced innersprings are the most widely used and trusted support units in mattresses. Offering in-line body support, these mattresses offer years of durability at an affordable price. Our favorites for kids are the Doctor’s Choice® Firm and the Doctor’s Choice® Plush.

Shop innerspring mattresses here.

Individual Coil: Sometimes referred to as marshal or pocketed coils, individually wrapped coils are just that – coils that are wrapped inside their own individual pockets. Offering true body conforming comfort and unprecedented motion separation, this support type is one step up from an innerspring mattress. Our top pick for children is the Buena Vista Plush Mattress.

Shop individual coil mattresses here.

Memory Foam: Known by many brand names, Viscoelastic memory foam is a unique formulation of polyurethane foam that offers amazing body conforming properties. Usually used in the comfort layers of a mattress, memory foam can conform to every curve of the body to give your child a supportive yet comfortable night’s sleep. This type of mattress is also hypoallergenic, resistant to dust mites, fungus, and bacteria, so if your kid struggles with allergies, memory foam is a good option. A best seller for kids is the Green Choice® Bliss.

Shop memory foam mattresses here.

Latex: Direct from the Hevea Brasiliensis, or rubber tree, latex is one of the most amazing components used in mattresses today. After being formed into a comfort layer using either the Talalay or Dunlop process, latex produces a weightless feel and is one of the most durable comfort layers used in bedding. Our choice for kids is the Breckenridge® HeveaPUR® Euro Top.

Shop latex mattresses here.

Crib Mattress: These mattresses are pretty standard, and are usually pretty firm. Crib mattresses are typically used for kids under the age of three. Our go-to for crib mattresses is the Madison Crib Mattress.

Shop crib mattresses here.

How to Choose the Best Kids Bed

Besides the type of mattress, the right bed can also help your child want to hit the hay. There are so many adorable beds out there, and it can be fun to shop with your little one for something that catches their fancy.

Transitional Beds

Transitional beds help parents get the most bang for their buck. Transitioning from a crib, to a toddler bed with rails, and eventually a full bed, transitional beds will grow with your child, avoiding drastic changes that induce stress. One of our favorites is the Jameson 3-in-1 Crib, with matching furniture available.

Playful Structures

Getting your child to go to bed can be rough, so getting them a bed that they feel safe and comfortable in is important. Many kids beds come as playhouses, serving a dual purpose for sleep and fun. The Gigi Fort Bed is the perfect place to let your little one rest, and as a bonus, the retreat’s walls act as guardrails, ensuring your kid won’t fall out of bed.


A great space saver, a daybed is ideal for your kid to get the recommended sleep. If your child likes to have sleepovers, a pullout trundle is the best way to get extra hideaway sleep space. The Loft Daybed is one of our top picks and will accommodate your toddler as well as your teen.

Storage Beds

A smart combination of comfort and utility, a storage bed allows for compact organization of books, trophies, and the like. If your little one is having trouble sleeping, store a flashlight, monster spray (water in a spray bottle), or a comforting item on the bookcase near their head. The Bristol Valley Captain’s Bed is charming, rustic, and functional.



Helpful Bedtime Hints

Finding the best mattress and bed combo is a great start, but for anyone who has kids, it can still be hard to get them to go to sleep. Try some of these helpful hints to get your child to rest, ensuring that they get the recommended sleep for their age group.

  • Establish a routine: A bedtime routine can be one of the easiest ways to make sure your kid is getting enough sleep each night. Establish a time when your child will start getting ready for bed, and remind them at intervals before this time arrives (10 minutes, 5 more minutes, etc.). Do tasks in the same order each night, so your kid knows what is in store (ex: brush teeth, change into pajamas, read book, lay down).
  • Bedtime stories: Not only does reading encourage mental development, but it also is a leisurely activity that will calm them before going to sleep. Try investing in a fun, plush chair such as the Bear Chair or the Owl Chair, and encourage your little one to spend some time reading (or being read to) in it before bedtime.
  • Lighting: Don’t use lights that are too harsh or bright in your child’s bedroom. Choose softer, warmer bulbs that encourage sleep. Is your little one afraid of the dark? Consider getting them a night-light or bedside flashlight so they feel safe through the night. You can learn more about lighting for the bedroom (as well as other rooms of the house) here.
  • Bedding: Many kids are particular about their bedding, so finding fun, soft sheets and comforters is important. Ask your child what type of bedding feels the softest to them, and experiment with different fabrics, colors, and patterns. If you have a little one with a bed-wetting problem, invest in a mattress protector, which will reduce the clean up time in the middle of the night, allowing more sleep for your child, as well as yourself!
  • Comfort items: Many kids do not like sleeping alone, so make sure that they have an item that provides them comfort throughout the night. Whether it’s a well-loved blanky, stuffed animal, or doll, keep the item safely in their bed and let you child know that this item is reserved for nighttime.


Best Lighting: A Room-by-Room Guide

Finding the best lighting for each room in your home can be difficult when there are so many options to choose from. Different types, bulbs, brightnesses, and colors of lighting all can affect a person’s mental health, sleep patterns, and overall well being, especially for those that are sensitive to light. It’s important to find the best lighting that caters to each room of your home, so we’ve made a guide to make navigating the ropes of lighting a little bit easier.


Types of Lighting

Ambient or General Lighting: This typically is the main source of lighting for a room, and creates a comfortable level of brightness at a room’s “resting” level. Think of this uniform lighting as when you walk into a room and flip a switch. You should be able to easily see the entire space, walk around easily, and there shouldn’t be much glare or excessive brightness. Ambient lighting can be accomplished with wall and ceiling fixtures, chandeliers, lanterns, and recessed or track lighting.

Task Lighting: Task Lighting is usually brighter than ambient lighting, as it is allows you to do specific tasks such as food preparation, facial hygiene and makeup, reading or writing, and working on hobbies. This type of lighting is targeted to a particular space and includes recessed or track lighting, pendant lighting, floor or table lamps, and under-cabinet lighting.

Accent Lighting: This lighting highlights certain areas of your home and creates visual interest by drawing your eye to an accent of a room such as paintings, sculptures, wall textures, or window treatments. It usually should be at least three times brighter than the ambient light around it to be effective. Accent lighting is usually provided by spotlights, recessed or track lighting, and wall-mounted fixtures.

Living Room: Use ambient lighting to create your desired brightness, and then use accent lighting to create visual interest on a wall or in a corner. Task lighting such as a table lamp also could be present if you use the space to read.

Kitchen: In addition to ambient lighting, you’ll need a strong source of task lighting for preparing food. Consider adding dimmers so you can have brightness when cooking and are able to turn the lights down a notch to enjoy your meal or socialize with loved ones.

Bedroom: Create your own sleepy-time haven with ambient lighting, and add task lighting to areas such as a nightstand where you read or a dressing area.

Bathroom: Like laundry rooms, bathrooms usually have ambient lighting that is used as task lighting. Bring brightness to areas like your sink and mirror. You can also use candles as accent lighting to add depth to your bathroom.

Best LightingTypes of Bulbs

Incandescent: These are the bulbs that have been around the longest and are probably the most traditional of all bulbs. Incandescent bulbs use a filament that is heated to the point of glowing, which is used to produce a warm light. Incandescent bulbs last about one year and do not contain mercury.

LEDs: Light Emitting Diode (LED) bulbs use an electrical current passed through a semiconductor material to illuminate the tiny light sources called LEDs. These bulbs stay cool to the touch because the heat is produced in a heat sink inside the bulb. LEDs produce a variety of brightnesses and tones. These bulbs are much more energy efficient than incandescent light bulbs and can last up to twenty years.

CFLs: An electric current flows between electrodes at each end of a tube containing gases, producing ultraviolet (UV) heat and light. A phosphor coating on the inside of the bulb strikes against the UV light, transforming it into visible light. Like LEDs, these bulbs come in a variety of light brightnesses and tones. These bulbs can last about nine years, however they do contain mercury so more care is required for disposal.

Halogen: Halogen bulbs use the same method as incandescent bulbs to produce light, but they use less energy. They last one year and do not contain mercury.

Fluorescent: Fluorescent bulbs are tubes filled with mercury vapor that emits UV light when electricity is applied. The tubes have an inside coating that turns the UV light into visible light. Like the CFLs, fluorescent bulbs contain mercury, which needs to be carefully disposed.

Reading a Bulb’s Label

The FTC requires bulb packaging to include a label, similar to a nutrition label on a package of food, that includes information about how long the bulb will last, how much energy it uses, whether it meets Energy Star requirements, brightness levels, and light appearance (warm or cool). This label holds key information on how to find the best lighting for each room in your home.

Brightness: Lumens are the measure of brightness for light bulbs. The more lumens the bulb has, the brighter the light is. A typical home bulb produces about 800 lumens, which is the equivalent of 60 watts.

Living Room: 1,500 – 3,000 total lumens

Kitchen: 5,000 – 10,000 total lumens

Dining Room: 3,000 – 6,000 total lumens

Bedroom: 2,000 – 4,000 total lumens

Bathroom: 4,000 – 6,000 total lumens

Correlated Color Temperature: Kelvins are the units of measurement of a bulb’s color temperature or how warm or cool the light that it emits is. The higher the Kelvins, the cooler the light is. Studies have found that warmer light makes you feel more relaxed, while cooler light makes you feel more alert. Consider the color temperature measured by Kelvins when you are trying to find the best lighting for your home.

Warm (orange/red) bulbs are usually between 2,700K and 3,000K.

Medium white bulbs are usually between 3,000K and 4,100K.

Cool (blue) bulbs are usually 4,100K and higher.

Living Room: Choose a warm white bulb around 2,700K for an inviting feel, or if you prefer things a little brighter, go with a soft white bulb around 3,000K.

Kitchen: Kitchens should be light and bright, so look for bulbs around 3,500K – 4,100K.

Dining Room: Choose a bulb around 3,000K for a pleasing ambiance.

Bedroom: You don’t want a lot of bright, blue light before you go to sleep, so opt for a warm and cozy bulb around 2,700K.

Bathroom: Create a clean and neat feel with bulbs from 3,500K – 4,100K.

Types of Light Fixtures

Table Lamps: This is one of the most decorative types of lighting. Sit an accent lamp on an end table, desk, nightstand, or dresser to light up your room.

Floor Lamps: Floor lamps give off light around standing eye-level and don’t take up tabletop space.

Ceiling Mount Lighting: Often built-in to your home, these lights are controlled by a switch and send light downward.

Chandeliers/Pendant Lighting: This Lighting hangs from the ceiling and often makes a room have a put-together feel.

Sconce: Sconces are attached to the wall and cascade lighting outward.

Recessed/Track Lighting: This type of light sheds light across an entire room.

Living Room: table lamps, floor lamps, ceiling lighting, sconces

Kitchen: ceiling lighting, recessed/track lighting

Dining Room: chandeliers, pendant lighting

Bedroom: table lamps, floor lamps, ceiling lighting

Bathroom: ceiling lighting, recessed/track lighting, sconces

FR Lighting

SHOP THE LOOK: On table, left to right: Turned Finial LampChatham Table Lamp, Rockport Table Lamp, Quarterfoil Uplight in Silver, Caged Urn Black Table LampQuartrefoil Uplight GoldSegovia Table Lamp, Borreze Console Lamp, Antiqued Mercury Glass Table Lamp

Overall, finding the best lighting for your home is a long process, but it doesn’t have to be difficult with this guide. Once you are done, you will be happy that you took the time to find the best lighting for each room, as light truly affects your mental and physical health.

Wow-Factor Washes


If you want to accent with painted wood in the home but don’t want to cover up your furniture’s natural wood grain, adding a piece with a washed paint finish is the perfect way to brighten up your living space! For a muted look, color washing can be applied to any unsealed material such as wood, terra cotta, wicker, and bamboo that absorb the watered-down paint pigment. With just water added to a fresh coat of paint, your furniture can become weathered and rustic for instant natural charm. Whether it’s a coffee table, bookshelf, or even your bed, a wow-factor wash can certainly go a long way when you’re trying to create your own style. Check out these pieces from Furniture Row for some inspiration on how to bring washed wood into your home!

Perry Park Accent Chair: Paint-washes don’t have to always feel rustic, and with the Perry Park Accent Chair, you can elevate the style of your room with something a bit darker. The deep brown finish on the weathered framing of the Perry Park looks best in a transitional or contemporary styled space.

Sedona Chest: Nothing looks as beautifully weathered as the charcoal gray wash on the solid pine Sedona Chest. The distressed, worn look brings graceful elegance to your home and encompasses the craftsmanship and quality of heirloom furniture.

Sonoma Slatted Island: A gray wash on bright wood such as solid rubberwood will make any room brighter! The slatted Sonoma Island is casually designed to accommodate all your organization needs!

Glenwood Panel Bed: If you want reclaimed style in your bedroom, the dark river washed finish on the Glenwood is hand-rubbed to bring out all of the tropical sengon wood’s natural beauty. The planked panels on this masterpiece offer comfortable lavished perfection for both a rustic or urban aesthetic.

Vintage Wash Frames: Washed paint finishes aren’t just for furniture! Add a sweet, rustic accent to your wall with a whitewashed wooden frame. Hang on the wall or display on your desk; it’ll brighten up any decor.

Lisbon Buffet: The whitewashed finish on the carved detailing of the Lisbon is so lovely it looks like it’s actually stone! Crafted from mango wood, this armoire’s rich white stains make it perfect for a rustic country home

Raja Bookcase: A washed paint finish can also bring exotic style to your space. The gray-green wash of the Raja brings out the lovely scalloped detailing and elegantly sculpted frame. This one-of-a-kind wooden treasure is wonderful in a home office or living room.

Greystone Storage Bed: Washed paint doesn’t have to just look natural and distressed. The Greystone Panel Bed with Storage will make any bedroom feel sophisticated and chic with a gray-washed and burnished finish that better emphasizes the hardwood solids and okoume veneers. With sleek nickel bar accents and an upholstered headboard, the Greystone is the rustic beauty you will instantly fall in love with.

Bowry Coffee Table: Add an element of shabby chic with an eclectic coffee table! Made from recycled fir with a striking lattice base, the Bowry has a whitewashed finish with a bees wax topcoat for added depth. Perfect for a springtime cottage, the Bowry is ready to bring country timeworn charm inside your home.

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Starting Fresh with Spring Bedding


Winter is all about warmth, but spring is here, so don’t let heavy comforters bog you down! Wool and flannel are fine by the fireplace, but there’s no way you’d want to nestle in those fabrics come April. Something lighter is definitely the perfect fix for your blooming bedroom, but where do you begin? There’s cotton, Egyptian cotton, sateen—oh my! And if you don’t know what any of that means, shopping for new spring bedding can be intimidating.

With Furniture Row’s wonderful selection of luxurious state-of-the-line sheets and comforters, you can’t go wrong with any of our products, but in order to insure you have the right set for you, we’ve broken it down to answer some of the questions you might have. After all, everyone deserves a comfortable bed!

What is thread count?

Thread count is the amount of thread used vertically and horizontally within one square inch of fabric. The lower the thread count, the more likely a set of sheets is to be softer and airy. Typically, bed sheets with a 200 to 400 thread counts are lighter than sheets with a 500 to 1,000 thread counts, which are heavier due to the extra thread.

Comforters also operate on a thread count system. Like bed sheets, a comforter’s thread count says a lot about its quality and texture. Some comforters have high thread counts so their weaves are tighter, making them stronger but also heavier. Look for lower thread counts for your spring bedding.

What are luxury bed sheets? 

One common myth about bed sheets is that the word “luxury” means better. This is not the case! Luxury bed sheets normally have 500 to 1,000 thread counts, meaning that they are denser and heavier. Luxury bed sheets have a higher thread count, but depending on the material, yarn size, and weaving technique, they tend to be silkier than regular bed sheets.

Which material is right for me?

Don’t just look at thread count! The material and weave of your bedding also says a lot about its softness and quality, and certain types of fiber or fiber blends woven in a variety of ways can act differently than others. Make sure you never pick out bed sheets based on appearance alone. Color and pattern are important factors, but taking the thread count, weave, and fiber type into consideration is far more important if you are looking for the perfect set for spring.

Some common fibers and weave patterns used in bedding are:

Bamboo: If you’re allergic or sensitive to most types of fabric, bamboo is your best bet. Although bamboo is one of the strongest materials in construction, it is also used to make one of the softest fabrics in the world, and is noticeably softer than cotton. The pulp of bamboo grass is resistant to bacteria, making sheets hypoallergenic and unyielding to dust mites. Bamboo is also a more sustainable, eco-friendly option since the tree grows back very quickly.

For high-quality bamboo sheets, check out the DreamFit Premium Comfort Rich Performance Bamboo Sheets.

Cotton: Probably the most popular material in textiles, cotton has been commonly found in bedding for decades, and for good reason! Due to its breathability and moisture-resistant properties, cotton is an excellent material for keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summertime. It is smooth and soft due to shorter fibers, so you are sure to always have crisp and clean sheets.

Get the feel of crisp 100% cotton with the Choice Sheet Set and the Trellis Comforter Set or Modern Chevron Comforter Set.

Cotton Blend: Cotton mixed with polyester, another popular fabric, is a great way to insure that your sheets are as durable as they are comfortable. A cotton blend is very easy to care for, but is a little denser than pure cotton—making your sheets feel warmer.

Experience the sensation of cotton mixed with a lovely linen with the Linen Chic Comforter Set. Linen fibers woven with 100% cotton create a truly unique texture that is soft, supple, and lasting.

Egyptian Cotton: Considered the most luxurious sheet fabric, Egyptian cotton is the best in terms of quality! This type of cotton only grows along the Nile River and takes a long season to produce, so the material is made of long fibers and stronger cotton. Egyptian cotton is also supple and silky, and softens with every wash.

For silky Egyptian cotton, check out the DreamFit Preferred Egyptian Cotton 400 TC Sheets for an optimal sleeping experience.

Microfiber: Composed of very finely woven fibers, microfiber is the scientific result of weaving wood pulp, polyester, or nylon polymers. These sheets are very thin, but are strong and exceptionally smooth for a comfortable experience. Microfiber is also popular due its durability and easy cleanup. Microfiber is breathable and is a popular spring bedding choice.

For high-quality and long-lasting microfiber sheets, check out the BedWorks Midtown Microfiber Sheets and the Essentials Sheet Set. 

Percale: Although it’s not a material, the word percale on your bedding is still important to note. It is a type of close weave fabric, meaning that the threads are tightly woven individually for a medium weight and firm texture. It is typically found in 200 thread count sheets made of 100% cotton or a cotton blend and washes well.

Pima Cotton: Also known as Supima cotton, this type of cotton originating from Pima, Arizona is an all-American material. You can do anything to pima cotton that you could do to regular cotton, except Supima is much sturdier so it can handle more wear and tear. Some argue that the material is even finer than Egyptian cotton!

Sateen: Sateen sheets are high-quality sheets woven in the same way as traditional satin, but unlike satin, sateen contains more common fibers found in fabrics, such as cotton. Sateen has a silky quality with a four stitches over, one stitch under pattern that makes it extremely soft to the touch.

Get sateen smooth American pima cotton with the Signature Sheet Set or the Bedworks Uptown Sateen Duvet Cover.

Satin: One common misconception about satin is that it is a fiber, but this is not the case! Satin can be woven from wool, cotton, polyester, silk and other materials. Due to a weave pattern in which the threads are caught and looped, satin is a smooth and glossy result that is bound to make you feel like royalty.

Silk: This luxurious fiber traces back more than 3,000 years and the desire for it is still stronger than ever. Silk threads are longer than any other fiber threads due to the unwound silkworm cocoon that can reach an amazing 1,600 feet! This makes silk very delicate, but surprisingly extremely strong in order to produce a light, versatile, and elegant fabric that will give you a soft and sumptuous feel.

Twill: Instead of a basic stitch, twill is a pattern of diagonal patterns in a weave and produces fabric that is more wrinkle-resistant than others. This weaving technique can also produce softer and airy sheets.

No matter what look you’re going for, there is a type of bedding that fits you! Celebrate spring by finding the right sheets and comforter to keep you feeling clean and comfortable right in time for the sunshine.

Mad for Mid-Century Modern: A Room by Room Guide

Today, the world is mad for mid-century modern furniture design. Pieces that were contemporary in the 1950s have made a comeback, and everyone is scrambling to get their hands on their own retro furnishings. Finding original vintage décor for your home can be difficult, as well as costly, and styling a mid mod space can be even more challenging. Whether you’re kooky for Noguchi, loony for Eames, or gaga for Jacobsen, this room-by-room guide will help you create the perfect balance of then and now, without breaking the bank.

Mid Mod Living Room

The mid mod living room is minimalist in design, yet bold in color. One of the main focal points in this space is a tufted back, pumpkin orange sofa made from 100% Italian leather. A sophisticated sapphire blue seat, reminiscent to Saarinen’s popular womb chair, sits across from a TV stand made from hand painted, reclaimed wood. Splayed and tapered legs on all of these furnishings add to the authenticity of the retro design elements. Accessorize the group with a neutral lamp boasting a subtle geometric print, and pull it all together with a colorful accent chair, featuring clean lines and wooden trim.

mid mod living room

  1. Vero Beach Sofa, $899
  2. Silhouette Lamp, $58
  3. Orbit TV Stand, $599
  4. Oxford Accent Chair, $299
  5. Mansfield Accent Chair, $699


Mid Mod Bedroom

Mix and match graphic prints in this mid-century bedroom. The flat rectangular shapes, splayed legs, upholstered headboard, and vintage nickel pulls make the vibe in this space feel utterly modern. Texture and pattern play off of each other, taking the zigzag fabric of the button tufted armchair, the congruous overlay on the bright tangerine lamp, and the complementary curves and lines grounded on the dolphin gray rug to the perfect level of Mad Men chic.

mid mod bedroom

  1. Sullivan Bedroom 4 Piece Group, $1,246
  2. Infinity Rug, $249
  3. Riley Orange Table Lamp, $69
  4. Sullivan Nightstand (included in bedroom group)
  5. Lauren D Accent Chair, $299


Mid Mod Dining Room

Go 1960s Twiggy with this dining room group, highlighting the period’s fondness towards wooden furnishings. Nodding to the iconic design of the Eames chair, the molded plywood, curvy seating and matching table will take you back in time to post-war modernism. The simple, clean lines, and organic character of the dining room sideboard is the perfect place to store dishes and display your vintage knick-knacks. The geometric mirror accessorizes the space tastefully, and the chrome, arc lamp is both artistic and practical. The unique saffron colored, prism patterned rug is unique and speaks to the bright kitchen trend of the era. Consider adding an accent wall in a contrasting hue, or graphic wallpaper for a true Atomic Age dining room.

mid mod dining

  1. Tucuman 5 Piece Dining Group, $499
  2. Valencia Sideboard, $699
  3. Hayden Mirror, $349
  4. Riviera Links Rug, $179
  5. Nickel Arc Floor Lamp, $199


*Prices and products are subject to change. Check your local store for current pricing and availability.

Sleep Better With Yoga

Having trouble unwinding for bedtime? Because busy days can lead into busy nights, it’s helpful to carve out a few minutes each evening to prepare your body and mind for sleep. We love this simple 8-pose yoga sequence that will poise you for better rest.

To sleep better with yoga, start tonight! Set up a yoga mat, or use an area rug in a quiet, serene space where you can safely pose. Avoid distractions, technology, and outside stimulation, and begin the sequence. While it may feel like your body is doing all of the relaxing, try to clear your mind to prep for a peaceful night’s sleep. Sweet dreams!

Every body bends differently. Gently modify the depth or intensity of a pose to make it comfortable for you. To avoid injury, do not over-extend the poses and discontinue if you feel pain. 


For more sleep solutions, check out more tips on how to get a good night’s sleep, how to choose the right mattress for you, and learn how Denver Mattress experts can help you sleep better than ever!

New Bedding Collections From The Linen Shoppé

We are very excited to introduce the new bedding collections from The Linen Shoppé : The Essentials,  Choice, and Signature Collections. With 21 new adult bedding ensembles, and 19 youth bed sets, each gives you the most in quality and style, no matter your price point.

If you’re looking for soft yet durable microfiber, or love the feel of 100% cotton, our Essentials and Choice Collections have the designs you want at value you can’t beat. And, if you’re looking to take it up a notch the Signature Collection combines the best in luxurious feel and lasting quality.

The Essentials Collection gives you great value with 3 piece, super-soft microfiber sets that include a comforter, and 2 shams in a variety of styles. From on-trend chevron prints, to more traditional patterns, the Essentials Collection is made to be durable and design savvy, at great value. With a 16″ drop, all Essentials Collection ensembles drape along the side of your bed for a luxurious, inviting look. Available in Queen and King sizing.

Style shown below from left to right: Metropolis, Modern Chevron, Lattice, Trail Ridge, and Sumatra Comforter Setsbedroom-expressions-linen-shoppe-essentials-collection

Love cotton? All Choice Collection bedding ensembles feature 100% cotton bedding to give you the classic cotton comfort. Whether your taste is traditional, contemporary, or somewhere in between, the Choice Collection brings comfort, quality and design to your space. Choice ensembles are available with 6 and 7 pieces for Queen and King sizing. Sets include comforter, 2 shams, 2 or 3 Euro shams, and a decorative pillow. With a 16″ drop, all Choice Collection ensembles drape along the side of your bed for a luxurious, inviting look.

Styles shown below from left to right: Kensington, Trellis, Charleston, Arabesque, Painted Batik, Palampore, Verona, and Hamptons Comforter Sets. bedroom-expressions-linen-shoppe-choice-collection

The Signature Collection brings you designer linen ensembles for an all-inclusive style you will love. This line elevates the look of your bed with 9 and 10 piece sets that include a comforter, 2 shams, 2 or 3 Euro shams, 2 decorative pillows, and a bed skirt. Choose Queen or King size, and enjoy the elegant feel and look of the Signature Collection. In a variety of customized fabric blends, each Signature ensemble features a 16″ drop to drape along the side of your bed for a luxurious, inviting look. Available in Queen and King sizing.

Styles shown below from left to right: La Terrasse, Manhattan, Jakarta, Antebellum, and Acoma Comforter Sets. bedroom-expressions-linen-shoppe-signature-collection

The new Youth Collection has it all! With designs that grow with your child, the pieces of this line are soft, durable, and design-savvy. From fun mustaches to pretty florals, to more transitional prints and classic patterns, the Youth Collection has something for everyone. Available in Twin and Full sizes, they feature a 14″ drop for a comfortable, inviting drape along the sides and foot. We love the look–and the value! All youth beds are priced $79 for Twin, and $99 for full, and include 2 and three pieces.

Styles shown below from left to right: By Land, By Sea, or By Air, Mustache, Dots, Beach Princess, Cruisin’, Purple Butterflies, Teal Angles, and Linear Comforter Sets bedroom-expressions-linen-shoppe-youth-collection

There is more to come from the Linen Shoppé ! Stay tuned for new styles, and trends.

50 Under 50 Sale at Furniture Row

Want to redesign your space without wrecking your budget? The 50 Under 50 sale is the perfect way to get designer furnishings at prices everyone will be comfortable with. Shop the select 50 rooms groups, and bring home pieces you need to style a living space to love. From January 15 – January 21:

50 room groups | under $50/month financing | for 50 Months

With sofa groups and accessories, bedroom and dining sets, this sale is one you won’t want to miss. We agree–the savings are exciting! And to help you plan for this one-of-a-kind sale, we’ve put together a complete list of the 50 room groups for you to browse before you visit your local Furniture Row store.


Please note that for all Sofa Mart groups, lamps, table packs, and rug selection varies from what is pictured below. Selection can be made from the following items:

Lamps: Stratford | Antiqued Mercury | Raleigh | Caged Urn | Seville Row | Avery Taupe | Fluted Urn
Table Packs: Mesa | Maxim | Ryan | Saxony
Rugs: Selection of 5 variations of the Covington rug


Sofa Groups exclusively available at Sofa Mart

1. Velocity Sofa Group $30/month – Includes sofa, 2 accent chairs. See above for table pack, lamp, and rug options
2. Miranda Sofa Group $32/month – Includes sofa, swivel glider chair. See above for table pack, lamp, and rug options
3. Hampton Sofa Group $42/month – Includes sofa, accent chair . See above for table pack, lamp, and rug options
4. Venice Sofa Group $50/month – Includes sofa, 2 accent chairs. See above for table pack, lamp, and rug options
5. Vero Beach Leather Sofa Group $48/month – Includes sofa, loveseat, See above for table pack, lamp and rug options
6. Solano Sofa Group $36/month – Includes sofa, loveseat. See above for table pack, lamp, and rug options
7. Bayside Leather Sofa Group $35/month – Includes sofa, chair pack. See above for table pack, lamp, and rug options
8. Heirloom II Sofa Group $48/month – Includes sofa, accent chair. See above for table pack, lamp, and rug options
9. Waveland II Sofa Group (not shown) $34/month – Includes sofa, loveseat. See above for table pack, lamp, and rug options 


6 Piece Dining Room Groups available exclusively at Oak Express

1. Belle Manor Rectangular 6 Pc. Dining Group $34/month – Includes table, 4 chairs, server
2. Foundry Rectangular 6 Pc. Dining Group $39/month – Includes table, 4 chairs, server


Storage Queen Bedroom Groups exclusively available at Bedroom Expressions

1. Hamilton Queen Panel Storage Bedroom Group $40/month – Includes Queen storage bed, nightstand, dresser, and mirror
2. Costello Queen Storage Bedroom Group $35/month – Includes Queen storage bed, nightstand, dresser, and mirror
3. Madagascar Queen Canopy Storage Bed $43/month – Includes Queen storage bed, nightstand, dresser, and mirror



Get the entire BedWorks Queen Mattress Package exclusively at Denver Mattress for $49/ month including:

1. Madison Eurotop Mattress with Ergo 330 Adjustable Base
2. BedWorks Queen Mattress Protector
3. 300 TC 100% cotton oversized sheets
4. 4 jumbo down alternative pillows
5. Matelassé Duvet Cover


Reclining Sofa Groups available exclusively at Sofa Mart

1. Shenandoah Room Group $36/month –  Includes reclining sofa, reclining loveseat. See above for table pack, lamp, and rug options
2. Nimbus Room Group $44/month – Includes reclining sofa, reclining loveseat. See above for table pack, lamp, and rug options
3. Alpha Room Group $46/month – Includes reclining sofa, loveseat. See above for table pack, lamp, and rug options
4. Eldorado Room Group (not shown) $48/month – Includes reclining sofa, reclining loveseat. See above for table pack, lamp, and rug options
5. Triple Play Room Group $38/month – Includes  reclining sofa, console loveseat. See above for table pack, lamp, and rug options
6. Homerun Room Group $44/month – Includes reclining sofa, recliner chair. See above for table pack, lamp, and rug options
7. Enterprise Room Group $46/month – Includes reclining sofa, loveseat. See above for table pack, lamp, and rug options 


5 Piece Dining Room Groups exclusively available at Oak Express

1. Mesa Rustica 5 Pc. Dining Group $30/month – Includes trestle table, 4 chairs
2. Mendocino 5 Pc. Dining Group $29/month – Includes trestle table, 4 chairs
3. Bellaire 5 Pc. Dining Group  $48/month – Includes table, 4 chairs
4. Mission 5 Pc. Dining Group $46/month – Includes table, 4 chairs



Sleigh Bedroom Groups available exclusively at Bedroom Expressions

1. Waverly Queen Sleigh Storage Bedroom Group $50/month – Includes Queen sleigh storage bed, nightstand, dresser, mirror
2. Chatham Queen Sleigh Storage Bedroom Group $34/month – Includes Queen sleigh storage bed, nightstand, dresser, mirror
3. Oxford Queen Sleigh Storage Bedroom Group $50/month – Includes Queen sleigh storage bed, nightstand, dresser, mirror
4. Mendocino Queen Sleigh Storage Bedroom Group $49/month – Includes Queen sleigh storage bed, nightstand, dresser, mirror


Sectional Groups exclusively available at Sofa Mart

1. Romeo Room Group $48/month – Includes sectional sofa, accent chair. See above for table pack, lamp, and rug options
2. Orion Room Group $40/month – Includes 3 pc. sectional, coffee table ottoman. See above for table pack, lamp, and rug options
3. Barracuda II $30/month – Includes sectional sofa, ottoman. See above for table pack, lamp, and rug options
4. Jupiter Room Group $32/month – Includes sectional sofa, coffee table ottoman. See above for table pack, lamp, and rug options
5. Bonanza Room Group $42/month – Includes 6 pc. reclining sectional. See above for table pack, lamp, and rug options
6. Grand Cayman Room Group $40/month – Includes 6 pc. reclining sectional. See above for table pack, lamp, and rug options


8 Piece Dining Room Groups available exclusively at Oak Express

1. Montego 8 Pc. Counter Height Dining Group  $32/month – Includes counter height table, 6 counter height chairs, server
2. Urban Loft 8 Piece Counter Height Dining Group $37/month – Includes counter height table, 6 counter height chairs, server
3. Arcadia 8 Piece Dining Group $34/month –Includes table, 6 chairs, server
4. Oak Ridge 8 Piece Dining Group $35/month – Includes drop leaf table, 6 chairs, server


Panel Bedroom Groups available exclusively at Bedroom Expressions

1. Hero Panel Queen Bedroom Group $29/month – Includes Queen panel bed, nightstand, dresser, mirror
2. Ashford Panel Queen Bedroom Group $47/month – Includes Queen panel bed, nightstand, dresser, mirror
3. River Ridge Queen Panel Bedroom Group $35/month – Includes Queen panel bed, nightstand, dresser, mirror
4. Torino Panel Queen Bedroom Group $38/month – Includes Queen panel bed, nightstand, dresser, mirror
5. Corinthian Queen Panel Bedroom Group $37/month – Includes Queen panel bed, nightstand, dresser, mirror
6. Eldora Queen Panel Bedroom Group (not shown) $37/month – Includes Queen panel bed, nightstand, dresser, mirror


Sofa Chaise Groups exclusively available at Sofa Mart

1. Raquel Room Group $42/month – Includes sofa chaise, accent chair. See above for table pack, lamp, and rug options
2. Pacific Beach Room Group $42/month – Includes sofa chaise, accent chair. See above for table pack, lamp, and rug options 


Platform Beds available exclusively at Bedroom Expressions

1. Grant Park Queen Platform Bedroom Group $32/month – Includes Queen platform bed, nightstand, dresser, and mirror
2. Rodea Queen Platform Bedroom Group $49/month – Includes Queen platform bed, nightstand, dresser, and mirror

Visit to find a store near you.


2014 Bedroom Expressions Black Friday Preview

Sure, everyone loves Black Friday, but there’s even more to love about Black FOURday! We’re excited to announce our 4-day-long sale event that kicks off with on Friday, November 28th, and ends on Cyber Monday, December 1. Take advantage of sale pricing, doorbusters and more, all weekend long.

We want to help you get all the Black Friday deals, without the drama. In preparation for our Black Friday sales event, we’ve put together a pre-sale preview of our favorite finds so you can build a wish list before the sale even starts.

Read through for our top picks for the Black Fourday Sale, and the complete list of Bedroom Expressions deals below–and, get a sneak peek at our COUPONS.

Visit our Black Friday Pinterest board, and repin items to your own “I Want It! Black Friday Wish List” board.


Black Friday Bedroom Expressions

DOORBUSTER: We love the Berkley Queen Bed doorbuster! The striking upholstered headboard, and the casual elegance of this bed make it a timeless style piece, and a great Black Fourday buy! 

POPULAR PICK: It’s easy to see why the Cristo 4 Pc. Queen Bedroom Group is one of our most popular products. Mission-styled, rustic, and warm, this bedroom group is a go-to favorite. 

Grant Park Black Friday

STYLE PICK: It’s easy to see why the Grant Park 4 Pc. Queen Bedroom Group is our style pick!  Architectural craftsmanship, a rich brown finish, and sleek lines make it a contemporary style addition to any home- and we love it! 

To take advantage of Oak Express’ Black Fourday Sale, stop in during our extended store hours:

Black Friday 8 a.m. – 8 p.m.  Saturday 9 a.m. – 9 p.m.

Sunday 11 a.m – 6 p.m.   Cyber Monday 9 a.m. – 9 p.m.

Clip and save with our Black Friday coupons! Download all the Furniture Row Black Friday Sale Coupons 2014.


Bedroom Expressions Complete Black Friday Product List:

Doorbuster Specials

  1. Texter nylon task chair was $49, now just $24 each

  2. Hollywood upholstered queen bed now just $99, save $200

  3. Berkley queen bed now just $99, save $200

  4. Michigan Avenue 4 piece queen bedroom group now only $599, that’s $697 off

  5. Ribbon metal queen bed is now $399

Room Groups 

  1. Camden 4 piece queen bedroom group was $1,846, now only $999. You save $847

  2. Cristo 4 piece queen bedroom group now just $1,396

  3. Grant Park 4 piece queen bedroom group is only $1,596

Sale Items

  1. Sports chairs with ottomans (choose from soccer, football, basketball, or baseball mitt) are now just $49 each

  2. Cupcake storage ottoman (3 colors) are only $39 each

  3. Chloe twin sleigh bed is just $499

  4. Blossom swivel child’s chairs (pink or blue) are only $99 each

  5. Mendoza metal queen bed is just $399, save $200

Want more? Check out the rest of our Black Friday and Cyber Monday savings, doorbusters, and coupons at Sofa MartOak Express, and Denver Mattress.

St. Jude Dream Home: Master Bedroom

The 2014 St. Jude Dream Home features interior designs we can’t get enough of! We’re excited to highlight the master bedroom, and share some design tips for recreating a similar master retreat in your own home. From the color of the walls and the cohesive palette, to the rich textures and statement prints, this bedroom really brings the best of Colorado indoors–and reflects the overall inspiration of the home’s design.


Inspired by the beauty of Colorado’s terrain, the room brings the outdoors in, with touches of designer polish throughout. Rich browns and earthy hues are given a chic lift with metallic, porcelain, and bursts of lime green. To add texture and depth, swirling prints combine with chevron and modified quatrefoil for a layered look we love.

This mater bedroom really proves that neutrals don’t have to be boring: the brown and green space is both a restful retreat, and a feast for the eyes. Tasteful accents of bright green give life to the space, while muted brown, beige, and black touches bring a peaceful vibe, and design continuity.


To recreate a similar look in your home, first decide on your color palette. Build out from there, selecting pieces that complement one another, but enhance the texture and richness of your space. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns, and to play with accents. Most importantly, create a space that will make you happy! To bring some of this Colorado dream master bedroom home, check out the products below that are available online, and in-store at Furniture Row.

Products available in-store; select can be viewed online

Transitional Nursery Inspiration

Selecting furnishings that will grow with your child from baby days into childhood is a great way to get more use out of your nursery design, and to create a space your child can love for years to come. For this transitional nursery inspiration, we’re highlighting three cribs that can be transformed into full-sized children’s beds as needed.

Because the bed is the focal point of any sleep space, selecting a crib that can be converted to a bed is a great way to set s transitional tone for your design. From the baby days  through the “big kid bed” phase, the Adrian, Tait and Jamison Crib/Beds are wonderful pieces that will transition with you child as they grow.

Adrian Transitional Kid Bedroom Group
The Adrian Bedroom Group will be passed down for generations with traditional, vintage styling and warm, solid cherry wood. As your child grows, the crib grows with them, converting into a daybed with the toddler rail. Touch lights in the hutch and its adjustable shelves make the late night visits to check on your child easy and efficient. Drawers pull out smoothly and silently thanks to dual ball bearing glides. The Adrian Bedroom Group meets all safety standards to ensure that your little one’s explorations can be done without worry.
Jamison Transitional Kid Bedroom Group
The Jamison Bedroom Group uses burnished, solid cherry wood with nickel brushed metal accents for a streamlined, traditional look. As your child grows, the crib grows with them, converting into a daybed with the addition of the toddler rail. Easy to reach drawers, adjustable shelves, multiple storage options, and embellished molding make this group transitional and practical. The Jamison Bedroom Group meets all safety standards to ensure that your little one’s explorations can be done without worry.
Tait Transitional Kid Bedroom Group
The Tait Bedroom Group will be passed down for generations with traditional styling, and solid cherry and poplar wood. As your child grows, the crib grows with them, converting into a daybed with the addition of the toddler rail. With adjustable shelves, the hutch converts to a bookcase easily. Drawers are accented with nickel brushed hardware, pulling out smoothly and silently thanks to dual ball bearing glides. The Tait Bedroom Group meets all safety standards to ensure that your little one’s explorations can be done without worry.

Neutral Nursery Inspiration

When making room for baby, it can be a challenge to visualize the transformation of a home office, or spare bedroom into a nursery. An easy place to start is with the color palette. If an explosion of pink or baby blue have you dreading design, consider neutrals. This neutral nursery inspiration can help you design a room to grow with your baby, and let you have fun with colorful accents.

For the transformation below, slate grey and beige anchor the design. Bright bursts of fun colors accent the look and make it perfect for baby.


Patterns and texture bring a whimsical touch that’s perfect for a baby’s room. From charming animal prints to classic chevron, this space is an eclectic yet fun nursery for baby. It is a great combination of baby-proofed and baby-prepped, with a sophisticated style mom and dad will love, too. To recreate a neutral nursery like this in your home, paint the walls beige. Then, window treatments, throws, and bedding that tie together the slate grey palette. And because no nursery is complete without toys, choose stuffed animals and play things in colors that will pop against the neutral palette.Baby's-Room-copy[1]Baby's-Room-6-copy[2]Baby's-Room-3-copy

Products available for your home:

Jamison Crib & Toddler Rail, Kidz Bedzzz

Counting Sheep II Canvas, Oak Express

8” Letter “B” – Pottery Barn Kids 

Rock with Ewe Sheep,  Land Of Nod 

Vinnie White Cradle Chair, 

St. Jude Dream Home Giveaway

Furniture Row is currently furnishing an entire home to help benefit St. Jude’s Dream Home Giveaway! A ticket can be purchased for $100 to be entered into the raffle to win the Castle Rock home here in Colorado, as well as several other large prizes. Our team has started moving in furniture and accessories today, so we thought we’d give you the first sneak peek!


Though these photos give us only a glimpse into the decorating plans of the residential interior designers, Barb and Amy, we can already tell big things are in store with the magenta velvet chairs, vintage-styled dresser, and teal home accents. Stay tuned this week for future updates!

Visit here to learn more.




Barb’s Spring Home Decor Picks

BarbSpring2012SliderWith spring here, we’ve been looking for ways to freshen up our homes and lighten things up. Our in-house interior designer Barb, was quick to come to our aid with her top budget-friendly spring home decor picks for a spring.

Barb recommended going for a lot of color – whether you prefer jewel tones or pastels is up to you, as both are in right now. Use white for your main furniture piece, and add color with accessories or accent pieces.

Spring Picks


  1. Ruffles Duvet Set The Linen Shoppe in Bedroom Expressions
  2. Profile Vase Set Sofa Mart
  3. Tuscan Rubbed Bowl Sofa Mart
  4. Silver Pillow Bedroom Expressions
  5. Addison Eyelet Lamp Bedroom Expressions
  6. Parkview Sliding Cabinet Oak Express
  7. Cole Accent Chair in Apple Sofa Mart
  8. Poly Shag Rug in Pink Bedroom Expressions

Meet Furniture Row Interior Designer Barbara Chandler

BarbaQASliderWe’re lucky to have some professionals around the Front Door, and our main go-to lady when we need advice is Furniture Row Interior Designer Barbara Chandler. We put together a short questionnaire and Barbara was kind enough to answer with her home design insight and expertise. Barbara, meet the Front Door readers. Readers, meet Barbara.

Barbara Chandler
Barbara Chandler, Store Design and Visual Merchandise Manager


I do everything from photo shoot styling to furniture store design. Most anything that involves creativity, I am usually involved.


The best part of my job is using my creativity in different ways every day.


When I was growing up my mom would take me to open houses or home tours just so I could look inside beautiful homes. Also when I was younger, I would rather hang out with my friends’ moms and discuss their house and decorating than playing, I was kind of different that way. I just followed my instincts and passion from a very early age, and here I am today always decorating or designing something, anything.


An education in Interior Design is important in order to learn the basics and most important to get your foot in the design door. However, a good eye for color, scale, balance, and style is a must.


No day is typical, if it were I would be doing something else. I don’t like the word typical; it is not in my vocabulary.

Barb Picks


I don’t know if I have a favorite product that I have used in a photo shoot, I love so much of our products it would be hard to choose just one. Maybe the Little Sparrow figure from Oak Express, it is darling.


I tend to love a classic style, it’s timeless.


I love to be next to the fireplace, even in the summer.


Start in one room and make a “TA-DA” list. I would suggest your bedroom, strange I know because the bedroom is the last place most of us decorate. However if you create a wonderful peaceful environment, using plush bedding, interesting art, lovely lamps, bedside chests, a cozy rug, beautifully painted walls, fantastic window coverings, and a cozy sitting area (maybe a fireplace), you are guaranteed to start each day bright and “TA-DA” ready for the world.

Studio Accent Chair // Sofa Mart
Clara Sofa & Ottoman // Sofa Mart
Ivory Sora Rug // Sofa Mart

Annabella Accent Chair // Sofa Mart
Doral Comforter Set // The Linen Shoppe at Bedroom Expressions
Uneven Stripe Duvet // The Linen Shoppe at Bedroom Expressions
Alladin Lamp // Bedroom Expressions

Meet Furniture Row Residential Interior Designer Greg Utsinger

MeetGregSliderWe’re lucky to have some professionals around the Front Door, and our main man to go to when needing advice is Furniture Row Residential Interior Designer Greg Utsinger. We put together a short questionnaire that Greg was kind enough to answer in colorful ways. Greg, meet the Front Door readers. Readers, meet Greg.

Greg Utsinger
Greg Utsinger, Regional Visual Merchandise Manager for Furniture Row


As a Regional Visual Merchandise Manager for Furniture Row, most of my responsibilities involve ensuring that the Visual Sets and Standards set forth from the Design Department are implemented in our stores. There is also a lot of “creating on the fly,” as each store has its own unique challenges. From time to time I get the opportunity to work on photo shoots and other projects.


Anytime I’m creating or inspiring people to create.


I’ve always had an interest in furniture and design. When I was a kid, I would rearranged my room all the time. I remember in the fall, raking leaves into lines to create the “floor plan” of a house, and every time there was a refrigerator box to be found, I was cutting out windows and drawing curtains with a magic marker. When I went to college to study Graphic Design, I took a few interior design classes and quickly changed my course.


I think anyone can be taught how to set up a display, but it takes a natural eye to look at something and see what it needs, or to see the overall picture before it actually exists. As a designer, obviously you need an eye for color, the ability to combine colors, textures, and styles, as well as a sense of scale and proportion. I think the ability to look at things from an artistic standpoint is important too. When working with a client, the ability to create something that is a reflection of that person or family is vitally important, after all, they are the ones who will be living in it.


Because I travel a lot, no two days are ever really the same. I spend some time assessing what’s done and what needs to be done; based on that, I make a plan for the day. There are weeks when you get to be a part of great projects, like the St. Jude Dream Home or Ronald McDonald House, and then the opposite end of the spectrum when you’re in a warehouse somewhere unpacking accessories. I enjoy when I’m in a store and get an opportunity to help out the sales staff to help put a room together for a customer who might be having trouble seeing the whole picture.


For most of the photo shoots I’ve worked on the product is chosen for me, but I love to work with dining rooms, probably because I love to cook and entertain so much. I love the Madagascar Dining Table from Oak Express, both the square and the rectangle versions. I think it’s the straight lines of it with the chunky legs; it’s the kind of table you could put a million different chairs with and make a huge statement.


My personal style definitely bends more to the contemporary side, but I have an appreciation for traditional, classic things. I love to incorporate unexpected pieces into a room and blend old, new, classic, modern, etc. I think Furniture Row has a great offering that allows customers the same kind of options. Something like the new Central Park Sofa from Sofa Mart with its straight lines and metropolitan feel, mixed in a room with an ornate console table, antique piece, or one of Furniture Row’s one of a kind Zafar Chests – the kinds of things that give a room character, that make them feel more personal and unique.



I love the kitchen, because it’s another place filled with the opportunity to be creative as well as the place I spend the most time in. I like the simplicity and quietness of my bedroom, but from a designer’s perspective the most unique is my powder room. It was an opportunity to go a little “over the top.” Just like how I always love to throw an unpredictable element into every room, this powder room is the “unexpected” room in the house.


Most people don’t know where to start – my advice is, start somewhere. Pick something that you love; a paint color, a pillow, a rug, etc., and work from that. A new color on the walls is one of the quickest, easiest ways to change the entire look and feel of a space. If you can’t decide what color to paint, a great place to start is your closet. Your wardrobe can be very telling of what colors you love. The other piece of advice is to take your time when finishing the room to let the finishing touches, like accessories and artwork, evolve. It helps keep the room personal and eliminates that staged, model home look.

Madagascar Dining Set // Oak Express
City Lights Sofa // Sofa Mart
Wright Panel Bed // Bedroom Expressions


Style File: From the Fall Runway to Home

Autumn is a nostalgic season. We want tradition and habit; to carve pumpkins the same way our fathers taught us, to teach our children the same pumpkin pie recipe our mothers have made all our lives. Fashion itself has been incredibly sentimental the last ten years, recycling and reinventing past decades for today, never is that more clear than on the Fall runways. Classic colors and patterns are remade, refitted, and rearranged to express a modern idea of vintage wears. Lace is emboldened from accenting trims to entire blouses, polka dots revved in bright colors, plaid retailored to fitted coats and delicate scarves. To help keep you in the know of this year’s re-imagining, we’ve put together a list of the top 5 trends from the fashion runway for fall that are having a direct effect on interior design.

[columns_row width=”third-and-two-thirds”]

Faux Fur


Regardless of whether real fur or faux, and we’d like to heavily stress the importance of the latter, fur was in almost every designer’s fall collection. It works best in natural colors and as small bursts of texture; faux-fur pillows, throws, or rugs.


[columns_row width=”two-thirds-and-third”]



Golds and silvers were embellished across shoes, hemlines and shoulders for a little glitter to catch the eye. Use them similarly in your home as accent pieces or, if you’re daring, on trim and molding.





[columns_row width=”third-and-two-thirds”]



Deep yellows have been a fall staple for a couple years now, and 2011 is holding onto it as tight as ever. These marigold and mustard hues are incredibly versatile, and can function both as a dominating color in a room or pipe up as accenting pieces. Pair with similar rich, jewel toned colors for a warm look that will keep you cozy until spring.




[columns_row width=”two-thirds-and-third”]




The lace obsession of summer is transitioning into fall by adding dramatic colors like red and black. Polka dot lace was especially hot on the runways and can make for a very chic look in your décor. Use sparingly, but don’t be afraid to contrast its nostalgia and delicateness with sharply modern styles.



Dots and Lace



[columns_row width=”third-and-two-thirds”]




Plaid is another fall favorite, and one we’re happy to see embraced in haute couture. What could be more comfortable and flexible than plaid? Everyone looks good in it, and depending on how you style it, it can stretch across traditional, chic, modern, vintage, or even punk styling. Try using it in unexpected ways, past the plaid couch covers, pillows, and throws, as a vase or frame instead to add a bit of unpredictability and quirkiness to a room.







Color Theory: Fall Tones

Here at Front Door, we can’t wait for the leaves to turn. Autumn means big sweaters, warm cider, and cozy nights in. The latter means you’ll have more time for painting, sewing, crafts, or any kind of home project you’ve been putting off all summer. The good thing about designing in the fall is that its key colors work all year round and are potent enough to change a room’s look with only a particularly hued accessory.

Fall 2011 isn’t your mother’s autumn. This year classic colors like navy, plum, and gray are being mixed with bright yellows, warm pinks, and vibrant oranges. Royal Blue is playing a huge part as well; a trend that we can really get behind. With accents like wood, gold metallic, lace, feathers, and fake fur, you can take your décor much farther this year in easy, simple additions.

Emotions are important to remember when decorating; if you tend to be stressed, according to color theory, you might not want to paint your bedroom a bright, vibrant color like fire engine red that may only keep your high energy going. The same idea goes for rooms of productivity – kitchens are usually painted in those brighter colors because that’s a room you would want to feel energized in. Each color goes farther than providing just a “fall feel,” and we’ve created a handy chart to show the psychological connotations that they evoke.

[columns_row width=”third”]




Visionary, Royal, Introspective. Best used in places of rest or study.





Nourishing, Comforting, Sun-baked. Cozy and rich, marigold works well in any room you feel needs a bit of sunshine.





Authentic, Classic, Nostalgic. Ultra versatile for any room.



[columns_row width=”third”]




Serene, Sophisticated, Confident. Vintage chic, use this in calmer spaces.





Fun, Whimsical, Gregarious. A vibrant, energizing color like this works best in small doses or kitchens.





Vintage, Sentimental, Peaceful. Use in spaces meant for relaxation or deep thought.



[columns_row width=”third”]




Classic, Mature, Cozy. Be careful to use it in places that get light or warmth from other colors, or else it can feel prison-like.





Earthy, Warm, Wholesome. A classic staple, it can work in many rooms = but be careful about lighting and accents, as it can make spaces feel darker and smaller.



royal blue


Electric, Vibrant, Stirring. Another color that can pack a punch in even the smallest of doses.




Red, Burgundy, Bright Pink, Warm Cream, Taupe, Pale Lavendar, Tan, Coral, Metallic, Fake Fur, Lace

bedroom fall colors  dining room fall colors

living room fall colors