Inspiring Kids’ Bedroom Ideas

It’s almost time to head back to school and designing your kid’s bedroom can be a fun and challenging project to get them ready to head back to class. It’s important to design your kid’s bedroom in a way that fits into your lifestyle and lets your child’s personality shine through. Giving your kids a space as unique as they are is vital to your child’s growth and development. To help get you inspired, we pulled together three unique kid’s spaces using sturdy yet stylish pieces from Furniture Row.


Kids Bedroom: Bunk Bed Brilliance

If storage and space are at the forefront of your mind, consider bunk beds as an option for your kid’s bedroom. Bunk beds are a popular choice for growing families and an efficient use of space. Adding a bunk bed like the Dove Bunk Bed, will put you in storage heaven. Whether you need space for clothes, toys or other kids’ room essentials, this versatile bed is the perfect choice. Choosing a bunk bed will keep the space from feeling crowded and leaves room for creativity and extra fun.


Kids Bedroom: Twin Bed Haven

If your space allows room for two, try placing two identical twin beds in the same room. Whether you have two children or simply desire a sleepover ready room, this will create a twin bed haven that your kids can’t get enough of. Considering ample storage is crucial when placing two beds side by side: try situating a night stand in between the two beds to reduce clutter. If you’re contemplating clever ideas for keeping toys and clothes out of sight, choose a bed with under storage like the Durango Panel Bed with Storage. If you decide to go with two twin beds that don’t have under-bed storage, consider plush comforters and bed skirts to utilize the space under the bed for additional hidden storage.



Kids Bedroom: Room to Grow

The traditional one bed room doesn’t have to be boring. Style your kids’ room with props, bedding and decor that reflect their personality and passions. With its pearlescent upholstery and crystal details, the Isabella twin bed is the ideal room fit for the feminine princess in your life. For the more traditional and easy-going kid, designing a room with the versatile Dakota bedroom group will stand the test of time.  If a twin bed is slightly too small, a full bed like the Abbott bedroom group or the Huntington upholstered bed are great choices for the transition from childhood in to tween and teen years. Your kids will thank you for their colorful, creative and undeniably cool space to call their own.

Shop the Back to School Sale at Furniture Row for an easy and stress-free experience to build the room your child has always dreamed of!

How to Repurpose Your College Student’s Old Bedroom

Although it may be sad to see your not-so-little-one leave the nest for dorm life, one perk of the change is that you now have extra space in your home. Instead of sitting around stewing about how your baby is all grown up, repurpose your college student’s old bedroom to create the space you’ve always wanted. Whether you want a peaceful yoga gym or a crafty art room, you can make a place that makes you forget about those empty nest blues.

Home Office

One way to repurpose your college student’s old bedroom is to create a home office. You’ll get the job done with your own space to work in peace. You could even start up a new business to keep your mind off your absent teenager! The possibilities are endless!

Home office

SHOP THE LOOK: American Flight Canvas, Rockridge Curved L Desk, Foundry Side Chair, Faux Cow Hide Rug, Briargate Accent Chair, Plato Wine Bookcase Cabinet, Watson Round Accent Lamp

Guest Bedroom

Now that your scholar is off at school, you’ll have plenty of time to entertain guests. Give family and friends a place to stay when they visit, and repurpose your college student’s old bedroom to sleeping quarters for guests. This way you won’t have an excuse to invite out-of-towners to your home to catch up!

Guest Bedroom

SHOP THE LOOK: Paladin End Table, Segovia Vases, Dash Chest, Venice Run in Cream, Sutter Mercury Table Lamp, Oxford Sleigh Bed, Sundara Comforter Set, Zola Mirror

Home Theater

Grab the popcorn and repurpose your college student’s old bedroom into a home theater! You’ll love to catch up on your favorite shows and spend nights cuddled up with your spouse for much-needed alone time. Choose comfortable seating, cozy accessories, and stylish media storage and voila! Time to turn down the lights…


SHOP THE LOOK: Carver 3 Pc. Theater Sectional, Pinebrook End Table, Cable Knit Pillow, Urban Shag Rug, Carolina Basket, Casa Viejo 4 Pc. Home Theater Wall, Cable Knit Throw, Starship Recliner


Dorm Room Checklist

It’s time to send your not-so-little-one off to college, and you want to make sure that they have all the essentials. Shopping for back-to-school can be difficult, so we’ve created a Dorm Room Checklist to make it a little bit easier. Items to study, sleep, plug in, store and organize, clean and wash, decorate, and eat are included in this essentials list, so you can rest assured that your college student will have all the things they need to succeed.

Simply download and print this Dorm Room Checklist to make shopping for college easy as 1, 2, 3!


Off to College Dorm Must-Haves: How to Go Back to School in Style

Dorm life might not be quite so glamorous with ramen noodles and microwavable dinners, but as your not-so-little-one heads off to start the best four years of their life, you’ll want to make sure that Room B302 looks as cozy as your home living room. Although you can’t fit much, there are a lot of dorm must-haves that every freshman needs to make their sleep and study space the most comfortable it can be! Furniture Row has the essentials and more, so use this checklist to make sure your college kid’s got everything they need and read our fun tips on how to make any dorm look cool enough for school.


You can never have too much storage.

I think when I was in college I brought my entire seashell collection—which was like thirty shells. Did I need to bring the entire east coast with me? Of course not, but when a teen is leaving home for the first time, they’ll want to make sure everything they might miss is right there with them—even if it’s the Atlantic Ocean. So if there’s nothing they want to part with, make sure there’s room for it! Whether it’s a bin, basket, container, trunk, or cabinet, your college student can never have enough storage for all of their things. When a room is small, leaving things lying around can make it get smaller real fast, so make sure everything can be put away and organized for the next time it’s needed. For a stylish way to save closet space, add Furniture Row’s Galvanized Trolley (13) or Explorer Rectangle Coffee Table (11).

Less is more.

Since there’s not a lot of space to work with, make sure everything your incoming freshman brings is trendy yet practical. Instead of a bulky bookshelf, opt for under-bed storage. Instead of a couch, opt for a lighter futon. Depending on the space, you may have the opportunity to incorporate the sizable furniture you want, but make it a rational and functional alternative. The best dorm must-haves you can bring are multi-purpose. Pieces such as Furniture Row’s Stacking Stool (10) can be used as a seat, a mini-table, or a stepping stool and the Texter Office Chair (7) is so comfy it can be used for studying, eating, or lounging around with friends. And don’t forget the everyday staple items! For a late night of studying, the Tivoli Table Lamp (9) is perfect for a college student to use to study while his or her roommate sleeps or simply to brighten up the desk.

Soft and cozy goes a long way.

After a long day in a lecture hall or pulling an all-nighter, your student’s bed will be his or her new best friend, so make sure that awful dorm mattress has some extra fluff on it. Add dorm must-haves like Furniture Row’s Essentials Mattress Pad and Denver MattressSlumber Fresh Pillow to soften up your teen’s slumber and make sure their bed is feeling fresh with a cozy comforter like the Teal Angles Comforter Set (5) that covers crisp sheets found in the Essentials Sheet Set. And while they’re lounging, make sure they have a blanket to keep them warm while they study for midterms. Add a throw blanket like the Cable Knit Throw (3) that’s great for snuggling up to watch Netflix or taking a much-needed afternoon nap.

Be prepared to have guests.

Parties are fun, but when your teen and his or her friends just want to order pizza in, make sure there’s room for them too! A light yet comfortable futon is every college student’s reliable go-to bed for visitors, so bring furniture like the Port Augusta Futon (2) that is space-saving and goes with anything! For a soft reading or lounging chair, a cute and practical accent chair is small enough to fit in tight corners and is light enough to easily maneuver around the room. Furniture Row’s Grayson Accent Chair (12) brings color and contemporary style to any dorm room so that all visitors will have somewhere to sit! 

Let personality shine.

Last but not least, make sure your student has fun decorating his or her new room! After all, it will be their home away from home so make sure it feels like somewhere they feel comfortable. Bring some of their much-loved possessions from home, but add cute and colorful accents to help showcase their personality and be conversation starters. Wall art doesn’t take up any floor space and brightens a room, so incorporate cool prints like the Let’s Run Away Framed Print (6) or add pictures of  friends and family in cool Vintage Wash Frames (4) to a desk. Bold and funky vases like the Tuka Vases (8) are also a great way to add decoration and are perfect for storing pens, pencils, and other office items that are needed. You can also take patterning fun to your furniture with accent pillows like the Honeycomb Pillow (1) that are a great way to mix and match the colors in the dorm room.

No matter what kind of dorm your new college kid has, there’s a way to make it feel like home. Their first college year is almost here, so it’s time to start packing all of their new dorm must-haves! Make sure they have everything they need, but be sure to have fun creating a brand new room. Don’t fear small spaces! Room B302 might seem drab at first, but you can still start the school year in style.

Enjoy the complete list of dorm must-haves with the following dorm room checklist:

Dorm Room Checklist

How to Create the Best Kid’s Homework Space

Back-to-school means that after three months of play and virtually no responsibilities, it’s time for your kids to get back into a routine and hit the books. These days, most students from kindergarten to college are assigned homework, and sometimes, children will drag their feet to complete their tasks. By creating a fun and friendly homework space for them to work at, your family’s afternoons and nights will be much more productive, and [insert sigh of relief] peaceful.


Appeal to Your Kid’s Specific Interests

When designing a workspace for your little one, appeal to his or her specific interests. By customizing the area to fit your child’s likes, they will take ownership of the space and are more likely to want to be in that space. For instance, if your kid takes dance lessons, consider making the space feel like a mini ballet studio by adding pink accessories, a mirror, and special “homework” slippers. If playing instruments is more up their alley, combine black and white furnishings and bring a music note motif into the scheme. Below, we’ve created the perfect homework space for the soccer star of the future, that is, if he passes all of his classes first.


SHOP THE LOOK: Graffiti Soccer Desk and Chair Combo, Urban Shag Rug, Locker Cabinet with Open Shelves, Riley Green Table Lamp

Pick the Perfect Spot

While some kids prefer to be around the rest of the family while they study, other children would rather have a private homework space. There are plenty of areas around the home to set up their perfect spot. If you already have a home office, you can create a special area for your student to work. You can make their play area dual functioning by adding a desk and supplies. Nooks and crannies around the house can also be used as a homework space. If your little one prefers to sit at the kitchen counter or table, create a portable homework station on a tray or in a basket, so they can have all of their pencils, paper, calculator, and other school-related items in one spot, creating a sense of consistency.

An additional way to incorporate a homework space into your home is by utilizing your kid’s bedroom. Many furniture companies sell matching desks with kids bedroom sets like the one below, so incorporating study space is made easy. Wherever you decide to station up your hard little worker, be sure the area is well lit. There are many lighting options and lamps to choose from.


SHOP THE LOOK: Chloe Desk and Hutch, Cecilia Table Lamp, Chloe Chair, Venice Rug in Silver, Adira Mirror

Help to Keep the Space Organized

Help your little one stay on track with their schoolwork by keeping their homework space organized. It will be much easier for them to complete their tasks if their supplies are consistently in the same spot and they have access to all of the items they need. Use canisters such as the fun owl ones below to store ample pencils, crayons, markets, or other things your kid may need. Sometimes you can even find desks with built-in pencil holders. For the homework space below we incorporated our favorite, a retro-inspired piece that comes in three fun colors.

You can also ensure that your child’s completed homework gets to school by having a designated place to store it. Whether it’s a locker in a mudroom, a drawer in a dresser, or a shelf on a bookcase, having a “home” for homework is extremely helpful.


SHOP THE LOOK: Retro School Desk, Nickel Arc Floor Lamp, Owl Canisters, Bear Chair, C is for Cat Canvas

Let your Child Have Input

Overall, when creating your kid’s homework space be sure to listen to their wants and needs. Ask your student how they learn best, and let them be part of the creative process. As years pass, the space (or spaces) will probably change as they get older and have more complicated schoolwork to bring home. We’ve put together a more mature homework space below, ideal for a preteen or teenager.


SHOP THE LOOK: Expedition Desk, Texter Office Chair, Shelley Lamp, Vintage Inspiration III Framed Print

Back to school homework doesn’t have to be difficult when you create the best homework space for your kid. By following these guidelines, you and your child will be sure to each get an A+!

Support Back to School Success with World Vision

Along with the important work World Vision does to bring clean water and sanitation to developing countries, the organization is very active in improving children’s lives right here in the United States. Back to School season has arrived, and this August many kids in need will head back to class without the necessary supplies.

For the 12th year in a row, World Vision and its Teacher Resource Center is partnering with Bartell’s Drugstore to hold school supply drive for children in need. Donations of backpacks, pencils, markers and more can be made in-store in Bartell’s locations now through August 29. All supplies will be distributed to the 160 schools that participate in the program.

If you are not within the Bartell’s region to donate, monetary gifts to World Vision’s education program will go toward supplying American students with the school tools they need to succeed. Denver Mattress is proud to partner with World Vision in its important mission here in the U.SA. and around the world to improve the lives of children their families

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Back to School for Small Spaces

Summer has flown by, which means a new season is approaching: Back to School time! Whether returning to campus and dorm life, or starting the year out in a new apartment rental, space–and lack of!–can be a challenge. But, not to worry: you can save on space, and maximize style with some design-savvy solutions! We’ve put together our picks for Back to School pieces for even the smallest spaces. From a multi-tasking loft bed to scaled-down accents that are big on style, we have what you need to be campus-ready.


We LOVE the Student Bunk Bed from Bedroom Expressions because it has everything you need in a neat, budget-friendly design that’s perfect for cramped collegiate quarters! This versatile student bunk bed includes the lofted sleeping area, a writing desk, a desk chair, and a bookshelf at unbeatable value!

The Teal Angles Comforter Set is an on-trend Twin sized bedding set that’s perfect for adding a pop of color to a small space. Fresh, colorful, and versatile, this teal comforter set is ready to go back to school!

Sure, you will need a lamp to shed light on the subject(s) during the semester. The Sofia Table Lamp will add some light to your room, and features a fun printed shade. Simple and stylish, it’s a great addition to your room.

A small space can still be big on style and personality. These Threshold™ String Lights instantly add a whimsical feel, and make a rental feel even more like home.

The Montego Indoor/Outdoor Rug is a scaled down round rug that’s great for any space. Rugs break up the overall carpet or flooring in the room, and add visual interest. Choosing colors and prints that play off the rest of your decor really gives a room a designer feel.

You’ll be juggling a lot when school starts, and the Campus Mirror is great at multi-tasking, too! This bulletin board and mirror combo is perfect for posting to-do lists, photos, and memos–and a mirror is always great to have around.

Just in time for Back to School shopping, all linens are 20% off through August 19th. We’ve put together a gallery of Twin bedding ensembles that start at $69–get big style for small spaces, at a small price! No matter your tastes, there is sure to be a bedding set you will want to take back to school with you.

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6 DIY Back to School Ideas

Hard to believe summer is winding down, and it’s back to school season again. Whether you yourself are moving into a dorm room or a rental space, or are prepping your kids for their return to campus, there is a lot of planning involved.To ease the transition, we’ve collected 6 DIY back to school ideas that cover everything from organizational tools to rental-friendly decorating ideas.

With seemingly endless school supply lists, as well as limitations on what can be done to modify a rental living space, these DIYs are a great place to start when making a back-to-school living space your own.


  1. Follow this simple tutorial to create a stylish lap desk & make studying a little less painful.
  2. Keep track of shopping lists with this oh-so-cute & oh-so-handy chalk clipboard.
  3. Get that desk decluttered & keep it that way with this easy DIY desk organizer.
  4. Add a luxurious touch to your rental space with a dreamy canopy bed.
  5. Personalize your space with this easy-to-do fabric monogram.
  6. Plan your days, weeks, and month in style with a homemade bulletin board.


Back to School for the Home

Summer has flown by, and that means it’s time to prep for another school year. Whether you’re sending the students in your life back to campus, or are prepping for your own move before classes start, there can be a lot of shopping to be done to furnish a new home.

We’ve made it a bit easier with our Off to School Sale! From mattresses and beds, to dining sets and sofas, we have what you need to deck out a dorm, or a rental space in a budget-friendly way. We’re especially excited to offer the Colton Sofa, Berkley Queen Bed, a Factory-Direct Queen Mattress, and the Payton Dining Set all together for just $899. It may be a bummer that summer is almost over, but deals like this one are sure to make the transition a lot sweeter!

Not going back to school? There are still great buys to be had. Be sure to stop into Furniture Row to take advantage of special offers, and for all you’ll need to send ’em back to school in comfort & style.