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The Front Door Winter Textures

Decorating With Winter Textures

Whether it’s how we dress ourselves or how we dress up our homes, winter is the season for layering. Combining rich textures is a winter-wonderful way to add depth to your style. From the fabric selections to the finishes of wood furnishings, each surface in your home is a design opportunity to add layers of texture.

When combining winter textures, consider your color palette and find complementary, but not identical pieces that work together. Don’t be afraid to mix things up. Try using seasonally weighted fabrics–like snuggly wool–and mixing in different metals, fabrics, and prints to tie the look together. From wall art to lamps and cozy throw blankets, texture is a sure way to add warmth, and an elevated flare to your space this winter, and year round. The Front Door Winter Textures

1 Park Place Canvas – Sofa Mart
2 Wavelength Comforter Set – Bedroom Expressions
3 Column Table Lamp – Sofa Mart
4 Hudson Side Chair – Oak Express
5 Ivory Urban Shag Rug – Sofa Mart
6 Park Avenue Silver Floor Mirror – Sofa Mart
7 Times Roman Vase – Sofa Mart
8 Jackie Chair – Sofa Mart
9 Vintage Wash Frame – Sofa Mart
10 Gray Copper Sky Canvas – Sofa Mart
11 Covington Gold Tiled Rug – Sofa Mart
12 Dushanbe Pearl Rug – Sofa Mart
13 Wilmington Wall Mirror – Sofa Mart

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