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The Winner of the Furniture Row 41st Anniversary Giveaway Contest

We are proud to feature the winner of our 41st Anniversary Grand Prize Giveaway, David H. David registered for the 41st Anniversary Salebration giveaway  at our Fort Collins location–and to his great surprise was selected from 52,146 other registrants.

David’s story and true gratitude make his win all the more special. David went to Denver Mattress to purchase the Queen-sized bed he and his wife had been long wanting. On his way out of the store, he noticed the registration area and figured he’d try his luck for a chance to win a new car.

A few weeks later, he underwent a painful back surgery, and the thought of winning was far from his mind. Upon returning home from surgery, David’s telephone rang: it was a representative of Furniture Row informing him of his win. David now jokes he almost hung up the phone he was in such disbelief!

He was given a choice of a 2013 Chevy Avalanche, Traverse, or Camaro, and chose a sharp black Camaro. When asked why David chose the Chevy Camaro he said, fondly, that his wife had owned one as a teen, but had to give it away; he wanted her to have her dream car again.

The keys to the beautiful 2013 black Camaro were handed over to David and his family on October 11, seen below. On that day, David and his family were visibly overcome with joy and gratitude. “It’s just a dream come true.” he said. He and his family received the prize with such graciousness, it was wonderful for us at Furniture Row to see David win. FurnitureRow 41st Salabration Camaro Winner

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