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Style Focus: Earthy Ambiance Dining Room

Do you have a down-to-earth soul and a love for the outdoors? If so, you might want a room that’s as natural as the forest itself, so decorate your space to represent you! Create your own earthy ambiance dining room with rustic and reclaimed decor. Furniture Row has just the pieces to master the look and reflect your own unique personality, so explore the decor and furnishings below to see if this style focus will work in your space!

Earthy Ambiance

SHOP THE LOOK: Bear Creek 5 Pc. Dining Group $1,115, Foraging Baskets $22-$32, Bellevue Strata Rug $199-$399, Hina Vase $18-$22, Slices Ball $8, Rainforest Tall Wine Cabinet $999, Flight of Color Canvas $248, Olive Verbena Vela Candle $7-$12, Oliver Vase $32-$44, Bear Creek Server $799, Anne Pitcher $22-$28, Paci Console Table $1,499, Leaf Bowl $18-$22

Color Palette: Olive Green, Dark Brown, Sand, Umber, Burnt Sienna
Decor Themes: Rustic and Reclaimed Style, Natural Wooden Accents, Earth Tones, Items Inspired by Nature, Distressed Finishes, Organic Appearance

Earth Tones and Distressed Finishes

Nothing says nature like the same colors and textures found in the great outdoors, so easily add an organic aesthetic to your dining room by choosing accents such as a rug or home accents in greens, browns, and other natural hues for earthy ambiance. Furniture with distressed finishes that emphasize or mimic the beauty of wood will also remind you of the forest and naturally complement accents in earth tones beautifully.

Reclaimed and Organic Wood

If you’re an outdoorsy spirit, then allow your furniture to reflect that by choosing reclaimed and organic wooden pieces that are not only better for the environment, but also are also elegantly symbolic of the natural world. Unique rustic pieces that showcase not only the wood grain, but also the rough texture of the bark or the natural shape of the tree roots or rings will give your dining room beauty straight from the forest itself.

Items Inspired by Nature

Make sure your accessories also reflect the outdoors by choosing accents you might find outside. Pinecones, tree branches, wicker baskets, and other objects that remind you of plants and animals will add earthy ambiance and make your space one of a kind.

Rustic Appearance

Lastly, be sure that your dining room features on-trend rustic style for a look that everyone loves. Decor and furniture that is not-so-stressful on the eyes will bring peace and balance to your room, and give you and your guests the same relaxation you might experience from being outside—perfect for a dining room. Pieces that reflect rugged, natural beauty and embrace the organic warmth of the outdoors easily match and look quite at home most anywhere. You will love earthy ambiance in your dining room, so make sure your unique down-to-earth personality has a space that reflects you!

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