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Style Focus: Dreamy Oasis Bedroom

You might be a hopeless romantic, so decorate with a style that’s as starry-eyed as you are! Create your own soft and feminine dreamy oasis bedroom with wistful and wonderful furniture and decor. Furniture Row has just the pieces to master the look and reflect your own unique personality, so explore the decor and furnishings below to see if this style focus will work in your sleep space!

Dreamy Oasis Bedroom

SHOP THE LOOK: Richland Accent Chair $499, Light Beige Venice Rug $249-$549, Adira Mirror $149, Follow Your Dreams Pillow $19, Silver Circles Pillow Set of 2 $29, Alexis Candleholders $12-$16, Cream Salerno Nesting Tables $199, Vintage Wash Frame $12-$16, Cecilia Table Lamp $59, Winchester Comforter Set $279-$299, Ashdale Dresser $1,099, Nature Notation I Print $49

Color Palette: Rose, Cream, Lilac, Dusty Gray, Silver, White
Decor Themes: Soft Palette and Textures, Romantic and Feminine Decor, Relaxing Space for Leisure and Daydreaming, Victorian Style, Cozy, and Casual

A Space for Relaxation and Daydreaming

If you’re a dreamy romantic, make sure your bedroom is a quiet and comfortable oasis so you can reflect. Let those ideas take flight and whisk you away to your own version of paradise with a sleep space made for heavenly slumber. You’ll feel relaxed and rejuvenated with a bedroom where you can experience leisure at your own pace and not be overwhelmed by your surroundings.

Romantic Feminine Touches

With Victorian style in mind, mix the elegant taste of this romantic era with casual and contemporary design trends for a look that is updated, feminine, and all your own. Embellished furniture with cabriole legs and upholstered seating is regal and refined, making sure that your love for lavished luxury is fulfilled. A romantic at heart, you need a bedroom that will help you dream of love at first sight.

Light, Airy, and Leisurely

The romantic soul loves to spend time creating and exploring their visionary passions, so make sure your dreamy oasis bedroom is free from too much distraction. Open and intuitive design will make sure you avoid excessive clutter and stick to what makes you feel comfortable, relaxed, and happy.

Soft Palette and Textures

Make sure your bedroom is cozy enough to curl up in bed with a light palette in dreamy pastels. Muted shades of pink, purple, and blue will help your mind relax alongside warm neutrals like dusty gray and cream. Soft textures on your rug, bed, and sofa will provide comfort as you reflect and allow you to drift off at ease.

You’re a dreamy soul, so make sure you come home to your ideal oasis with a bedroom designed just for you!

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