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Start Spring With the Bed Style That Suits You

Start spring with a room makeover! Say goodbye to metal mattress frames on wheels and opt for a new bed that will transform your bedroom and say something about your unique style. Furniture Row sells all kinds of beds, and sometimes it’s hard to decide which one to choose. From upholstery to metal to wood, Furniture Row has a bed to fit your design needs. Find the bed that suits you with our unique guide!

Upholstered Beds

If feeling cozy is your calling, an upholstered bed might be for you. Button-tufted headboards or beds with linen fabric upholstery surrounded by nailhead trim tell a story about how you like to feel sophisticated and how you desire a comfortable refuge after a long day of work. Whether you’re into an elegant velvet upholstered bed, modern leather upholstered bed, or a farmhouse-styled burlap upholstered bed, there’s an upholstered bed to fit any space’s style. Choosing an upholstered bed is also a great way to introduce a color scheme or add texture to a room that feels cold. From linen to leather, an upholstered bed is a great choice to accommodate your unique style. Check out the Bungalow Upholstered Panel Bed, Newport Upholstered Bed, Blake Upholstered Bed, and La Jolla Upholstered Bed for design inspiration.

Canopy Beds

Make a one-of-a-kind statement in your bedroom with a canopy bed. Let your dreams soar high when you drift off to sleep with a bed that’s eye-catching and unique — just like you. Canopy beds originated in medieval Europe and featured heavy curtains in order to give lords and noblemen privacy and to keep them warm, but nowadays you’ll find canopy beds to be less elaborate and more breezy with mosquito netting or airy, sunlight-filtering curtains. Create your own oasis with this style of bed that’s as dreamy as you. Check out the Panavista Upholstered Canopy Bed from Furniture Row.

Metal Beds

If you’re searching for industrial-style edginess or Victorian-inspired elegance, a metal bed is the perfect style of bed for you. Metal beds make a statement simply because they’re not wood. Add cutting-edge design to your bedroom with a contemporary, black-finished metal bed or incorporate subtle sophistication with a white metal daybed. You will love the trendiness and visual interest a metal bed brings to your home. Check out the Bryant Metal Bed and Lorena Daybed from Furniture Row.

Wall and Storage Beds

If you have a small closet or sometimes find your bedroom lacking in square feet, a wall or storage bed is the solution. Choose a bed with drawer storage underneath or shelf space in the headboard and footboard for keeping books and other belongings at bay with easy access at morning and night. Wall beds can be grandiose if you’re looking to make a massive style statement, while storage beds are more accommodating if you don’t want a bed that’s too large. No matter your room size, there’s a wall or storage bed for you. Check out the Regency Park Wall Bed from Furniture Row.

Panel and Poster Beds

There’s nothing wrong with simple! If you want something a little more traditional or modern, a panel or poster bed will frame your comforter nicely. From farmhouse to mid-century modern styles, a wooden panel or poster bed can feature a distressed finish to feel rustic or look sleek with sharp lines and cutouts in the headboard. The options truly are endless when you choose this style of bed. Check out the Summer Hill Panel Bed, Bravo Panel Bed, and Bray Park Poster Bed.

Sleigh Beds

Add Victorian elegance to your bedroom with a sleigh bed. Sophisticated with a curved headboard, a sleigh bed in your room incorporates lavish design for a luxurious atmosphere. Sleigh beds are typically fabric upholstered with button tufting, but sometimes you’ll also find them in solid wood. Check out the Louie Sleigh Bed and Raven Sleigh Storage Bed from Furniture Row.

No matter which piece you choose, our line of beds at Furniture Row is designed to fit an array of styles.

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