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Staff Furniture and Decor Picks: Meet Shelby, Social Media Coordinator

Meet Shelby, the Social Media Coordinator at Furniture Row and contributor to the Front Door. Today, she shares her role on the team and inspires our readers with her favorite furniture and decor. You won’t be able to get enough of her contemporary rustic style!


Front Door: How do you describe your signature design style?

Shelby Peterson: My signature style is something along the lines of contemporary rustic. I love the rugged, natural beauty of woods, and I enjoy simple neutrals that will stand the test of time. 

FD: What color, pattern, or texture do you find yourself turning to again and again? Why are you drawn to them?

SP: Currently, I find myself turning to white pieces. My home is small (750 sq ft. to be exact), so bringing in lighter colors helps open up the rooms. Plus it’s a perfect transitional color from room to room, so if I choose to change up some decor, it’s easier to find pieces to coordinate. I find my eye wandering to metallics as well. I’ve always been intrigued with sparkle, and I’m sold on gold enhancing the warmth of a room and adding fun accents! 

FD: What element of a room do you recommend starting with and why?

SP: I think it’s important to start and choose the main pieces of the room and work around that. For example, I started with the sofa in my living room. I chose a neutral gray couch because of the timeless appeal, and it’s something that I can coordinate as my style and trends change.


FD: What’s your favorite space in your own home?

SP: My favorite space in my home is my living room. My fiance and I moved into our own place a little over a year ago, and since then I’ve been working on the space and design to make it feel like home. It looks very similar to my furniture picks with a mix and match of woods, unique gold accents, and soft neutrals of white and gray. 

FD: Where do you get your inspiration for interior decorating?

SP: I am one of the only staff members of the Digital Content department that is a Colorado native. Born and raised in Colorado, my design style has always been inspired by the magnificent beauty that this state has to offer, and my heart will always belong here! 

FD: What is your position and what does this entail?

SP: My position is the Social Media Coordinator – this entails implementing and executing social posts across a variety of channels including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. So, when you see a post on your feed from Furniture Row or any of its brands – including Furniture Row Racing – it is most likely coming from myself, my co-worker Rose, or my manager, Debra.

FD: What’s your favorite part of your job?

SP: Hands down my favorite part of the job is the ability to be creative. There is a wide variety of creativity and passion in this industry, and since starting with Furniture Row, my passion for interior design has only grown. 

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