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Soak Up Summer Lakeside Style

Summer is finally here, and for many of us, the warm weather brings activities near the water. Summer brings weekend trips to the beach and nice weather, but if you don’t have time for a vacation, decorating your home with furniture inspired by spending blissful days at lakeside cottages will give you the relaxing atmosphere you’ve always imagined. Being active on a boat is how you want to spend your summer, but don’t forget to take a little time inside to unwind as well. With these beachy, nautical themed picks from Furniture Row, you can learn some of the many ways to make your home look as summery as a lakeside beach house.lakeside-style


When trying to incorporate lakeside style into your home, choosing items that are simple and natural is the best way to go. Reclaimed and distressed wood look lovely paired with furniture with worn finishes as well as pieces made from natural materials such as woven wicker. Clean and effortlessly beautiful furnishings make quite the statement when mixed together to create a unique combination of rustic and relaxed. For a beautifully distressed wooden piece, check out Furniture Row’s Franklin Cabinet (3) that’s made of thick and durable solid kiln-dried pine and makes any living space feel as cozy as a lakeside cottage. The slatted base is convenient for storing items such as beach towels, and the large hanging door simply hides other loose objects. For more refurbished wooden storage, the sea blue painted Tuscan Retreat 2 Basket Stand (8) nicely mixes a light breezy hue with rustic wood and country styled wicker baskets for a weathered lakeside feel.

Although we all love reclaimed wood here and there, not all the pieces of your house have to be distressed! Warm wooden tones enhanced by a glossy finish resemble the beautifully-made structure of canoes and other wooden watercraft, making lovely centerpieces for furniture that gets a lot of use in the home. The Lake House Trestle Table (11) is a great gathering place for dining occasions with its long rectangular top, sturdy legs, and traditional design. The golden-brushed sand finish on the solid birch structure is bright and sunny in a dining room and is perfect for making memories. Your furniture could even look like a boat! The Tuscan Retreat Boat Bookcase (4) is definitely nautical in appearance since it features a one-of-a-kind silhouette of a boat.

Nautical furniture doesn’t just end inside either. Carry the theme of the sea outside with lounging chairs for your patio like Furniture Row’s Brookstone Chaise Lounge (12). Instead of wood, this sun chair uses dark woven wicker to support your body’s natural contour on its simple, plush cream cushion, making it ideal for year-round relaxation.


When you think of nautical textiles, you probably think of anchor patterns or beach cabana stripes in bold red, white, and navy blue, but you can also use other shades and fun patterns for your lakeside inspired room.

For colors, hues that might be found on a sandy shore such as warm tones of beige and even yellow look well paired with the various shades of blues you’d find in the lake ranging anywhere from pale aqua to dark indigo. Bright colors should be used throughout the room, but still sparingly so as not to offset natural shades. For a sandy beige toned piece, the Lakeside 2 Accent Chair (1) is bright but not too bright with its natural-looking plant patterned upholstery. White silhouetted patterns instead of black also look breezier, so choosing an interesting shape with a bold shade of blue will look summery on a couch, rug, or even an accent pillow such as the Chevron Pillow (7), which is iconic yet unique with its white thin chevron print on bright ocean blue fabric.

For a coastal and casual couch, the Bellamy Sofa (5) is nautical with its woven navy blue upholstery that is complemented by two cabana striped light blue and white accent pillows. For the floor, the Riviera Ogee Rug (2) mixes beige and indigo blue to create a striking ogee pattern that your guests are bound to notice and fall in love with.


The best way to make your room look a little beachier is to add items you’d find on the beach or a ship! A ship’s anchor, a telescope, a Captain’s steering wheel, and glass bottles are all great items to have on display in your living space to help give it a lakeside vibe. Objects associated with seafaring can include oars, model ships, stones, and rope that you can use to help decorate empty bookshelves, walls, mantels, or other surface tops. Furniture Row’s Rope Mirror (6) and Washed Ashore Framed Print (9) are ideal for making you feel as though you are drifting off to sea when you hang them on a wall. The Distressed Oars Table Lamp (10) is also a unique way to tie in the lakeside theme since it uses two oars instead of a regular lamp base.

There are many ways to bring lakeside style to your home, so get creative! Say ahoy on land with this fun summer trend that’s sweeping the nation from coast to coast.

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