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Oak Express Southhaven Patio Group

Outdoor Living Made Easy with Patio Furniture

Summer is right around the corner, and that means making more great memories outside. From barbecues to friendly togethers, there are so many ways to enjoy the season–and with our new patio furniture, you can enjoy your backyard, too. From sofa seating, to dining tables, and fire pits, we’re so excited to offer outdoor living pieces you will need for your summer of fun. 

The Southaven Patio Group combines cast aluminum with elegant lattice detailing for a group that will stylishly stand the test of time. With plush yet durable seating, and generous sizing for ultimate comfort, the pieces of this group are sure to enhance your backyard enjoyment. This group boasts many pieces that allow for versatile configuration to best suit your home patio.Southaven Patio Group

Oak Express Southhaven Patio Group


The St. Teresa Patio Group  brings old world craftsmanship to your patio with hand-cast aluminum styled to look like cast iron. Lightweight yet sturdy, each piece in this group is weatherproofed to wear beautifully. The St. Teresa Patio Group is available with many seating options and versatile pieces for a configuration to best suit your space.

St Teresa Patio Group

Oak Express St Teresa Patio Group

Looking at these sunny patios has us excited for summer! And, we are so excited to offer these groups to make the most of backyard fun.

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