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Passport Around the Globe: Vietnam Inspired Style


Many different cultures inspire home fashions, and the lifestyle of Vietnam makes no exception. As one of the world’s largest furniture exporters and a major tourist destination, the economy of this Southeast Asian nation’s economy is booming, but it took a long and difficult journey to get there. With French influenced furnishings, nautical accents, and an affection for mixing the old with the new, Vietnam inspired decor reflects the history of a country’s dynamic past.

Infuse French Influence

In the late 19th century, Vietnam became a French Colony, and the European country’s rule lasted for almost 100 years. Architecture, art, and of course, interior design, were changed by this colonization. To make your space feel more Saigon chic, be sure to infuse elements of French décor into your styling.

Look for furnishings that fit into French provincial categories, which is the more relaxed and rustic interpretation of more formal French style. Think cabriole legs, ornate hand carving, caned or rushed seating, and aged patina finishes.

  • Traditions Coffee Table (3) This intricately carved wood furnishing is neoclassical and rustic.
  • Restoration Accent Chair (9) Blending a classic Empire shape with French cottage styling, this seat has a Ho Chi Minh swank.
  • Ariel Chest (6) A Napoleon chest in a vibrant weathered teal is the perfect way to bring Vietnam home.

Nautical and Native Element Accents

To get an authentic Vietnam inspired home, you’ll need to get down to the country’s roots. Located on the South China Sea, Vietnam is known for their beaches, rivers, and hence, time-honored fishing industry. Get Indochina fashion with coastal accents that pay homage to maritime culture, such as boat-themed artwork, aquatic influenced décor, and baskets weaved to look like the iconic conical hat.

Archaeological evidence suggests that Bronze Age Vietnamese people were among the first to practice agriculture. To this day, a strong rural culture exists, and components of farm life are reflected in interior design. Look for pieces that use organic materials that are native to the country, such as hand-dyed fabrics, rattan wicker furnishings, and geode, crystal, or stone decorations.

  • Sapa Runner (1) Hand woven of locally harvested hemp and dyed with Indigo by the Hmong women of Sapa, this accent speaks of North Vietnam’s history.
  • Boat Bookcase (2) Anchored in nautical heritage, this unique furnishing nods to the beautiful waters of the South China Sea.
  • Fish in Hand Accent (4) An aquaculture accent adds texture, depth, and seaboard charm to any room with Vietnam inspired style.
  • Rattan Braided Trim Trunk (8) Long standing in Vietnam, but made popular in the US during the early 20th century, the tropical rattan plant makes authentic décor.

Mix the Old with the New

From neoclassical Ho Chi Minh City to the agricultural mountains of Sapa, Vietnam’s civilization is diverse and multi-faceted. To recreate the progressive vibe in your own home, combine modernized items with antiques. Don’t be afraid to embrace polished finishes with distressed ones alike.

Mixed media pieces fit in perfectly with this style, creating a rustic industrial design aesthetic. Get creative by incorporating varied wood tones and assorted metal finishes. Remember, variety is the spice of life, and there’s no place better to get spicy than in a room inspired by Vietnam!

  • Sand and Surf Vase (5) Hand blown glass adds a refined, contemporary touch to your Southeast Asian influenced space.
  • Charlotte Jar Lamp (7) Classic ceramic goes rustic with a lightly distressed jar base and an elegant shade. This piece is also available in cream.
  • Rowen Iron Console (10) Rugged wood and industrial iron unite to create a Vietnamesque countryside feel.
  • Sapa Rug (11) Inspired by traditions of Vietnam, this rug brings an elegant touch to the provincial elements of this design style.


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