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Passport Around the Globe: Japan Inspired Style

You don’t have to be Marie Kondo to practice the art of introducing zen into your home. The Tidying Up book and Netflix show of the same name offer teachings in how to unclutter your home for a clean, balanced appearance, but at Furniture Row, we also love Japanese interior design. The ancient rituals and tea ceremonies of this Asian culture center around peace, harmony, and tranquility, so it’s no wonder that this serene and simple design trend is becoming more and more popular in the United States too. With product inspiration from Furniture Row and The Showroom @Furniture Row and these easy tips, you can bring Japan inspired style into your home.

Choose minimalist design.

Japanese-inspired interior design is not elaborate. Minimalist design principles include sleek lines, simple silhouettes, and a lack of embellishment, so choose furniture and décor that matches this modern look. Natural lighting through hanging lamps and windows will add a clean, cozy ambiance while upholstered furnishings should have tapered legs, track arms, and other simple features. You also don’t need a lot of décor. Unclutter your space and put objects away and out of sight—the result will be a fresh, organized appearance. Less is more, so bring home minimalism for balanced beauty.

Conserve space.

The main thing you’ll notice in a Japanese home is how much room there is. Although Japan has a high cost of living and dwellings tend to be on the smaller side, the Japanese are masters at apartment-size living. Conserve space in your room by choosing small-scale furniture or trading larger furniture items for something less bulky. A small sofa, ottoman, or floor cushions are a great alternative to a giant six-piece sectional or overstuffed recliner. Japanese homes also feature a screen called a Shoji, which can be used in the place of heavy drapes or doors in order to separate space and let in natural light.

Incorporate wood or bamboo.

Light wood furniture, bamboo, and dark finishes are commonly found in Japanese inspired style, so make sure you incorporate them. Bamboo drawer pulls or paneled doors are lovely paired with a sharp black contrasting finis, and light wood furniture such as pine, birch, and cedar will add a natural wood glow for a welcoming look.

Decorate in natural, neutral colors.

Keep your space in touch with Mother Nature by decorating in organic tones. Simple colors from the outside world such as brown, blue, green, white and gray are typically used for wall paint, rugs, throw pillows and upholstery. Simplicity is key when choosing your palette, so don’t detract from using light neutrals to make your space feel calming.

Add elements of nature.

Lastly, make sure you add reminders of nature into your Japanese inspired space. Stone flooring, bamboo or floral patterns, houseplants, and décor like a wall canvas or vase with beautiful Japanese cherry blossoms will add organic beauty and incorporate that designer’s touch so your minimalist space doesn’t seem boring.

It might seem like you need to get a passport to witness the stunning interior design of Japan, but with these simple steps, you can bring zen home to stay.

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