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Passport Around the Globe: India Inspired Style


Areas from all across the globe influence interior décor, and one of the hottest worldly trends of the moment is embracing home furnishings inspired by the exotic elegance of India. Eclectic by nature, this design aesthetic is simple to achieve by mixing unique pieces with your current more contemporary style, or go totally Bollywood chic with a complete India inspired home makeover.

Mix and Match Textiles

One of the most prominent elements of Indian design is the bold and vibrant mix of color and pattern. Look for loud lavish luxury by combining warm earth hues with rich bright jewel and tropical hues. Don’t be afraid of pairing florals with geometrics, stripes with polka dots, or paisley with tribal prints.

Take inspiration from the ancient Indian art of henna tattooing (also known as mendhi), by choosing furniture, accents, and wall art with Moorish, gilded, and baroque motifs. The horseshoe arches and ornate decoration of the swirling pattern will add romance and sophistication to your sub-continental space.

  • Kantha Accent Chair (2) Made from genuine kantha quilts, the upholstery of this piece shows true Indian tradition.
  • Kantha Bench (7) Saris are hand stitched from sari material to create a work of art.
  • Kantha Ottoman (9) Colorful and eclectic, this ottoman is exotic and full of elegant character.

Choose Functional Craftsmanship

Most India inspired rooms feature quality craftsmanship in furnishings. Often made from exotic or reclaimed wood, these pieces seek out a balance of traditional design elements mixed with unique detailing. Artisan furniture makers of India create beautiful works that are intricately hand carved and that embrace the natural imperfections of the timber.

Authentic and made to last, tables, benches, and chairs that are inspired by India bring a cozy sense of home to the style. Many Indian homes reflect the cultural value of family, and by bringing lower level seating to a room, you can achieve the gather-around ease of spending time with loved ones.

  • Raja End Table (6) Featuring fluted legs and a scalloped trim, this table is rooted in fine Indian craftmanship.
  • Garima Round Pouf Ottoman (8) Sit around a coffee table with your family with this comfy pillow with a durable, authentic rug topper.
  • Reese Iron Round Table (10) Made from reclaimed wood, this piece shows the natural rustic virtue of the timber.

Deep Rooted Culture

India inspired home décor isn’t solely about the way a room looks; It’s about creating a space that fosters character, happiness, and overall well-being. Animal motifs are rampant in the sub-continental household, as they play a special role in the Hindu religion. Accents that pay homage to ancient gods or sacred symbols are frequently found in entryways, hallways, or other special areas of the home.

Another way to get deep with your India inspired space is to let antique accessories harmonize with newer looking pieces. Often one of a kind, your original accents will make you fall in love with your space over and over again, and reflect a style that encompasses who you truly are.

  • Elephant Bench (3) Hand carved elephants bring a global style to your home.
  • Channing Sofa Table (4) Distressed steel brings the antique sub-continental touch to any India inspired space.

Layer and Embellish

Much like the fashionable Bohemian chic rooms of today, an India inspired space is never quite complete. Layer exotic textures, such as silk and velvet with ruche and embroidered pieces to create a multi-dimensional luxurious haven. Don’t forget, an India inspired room wouldn’t be complete without a luxurious patterned rug. Choose a carpet that inspires you, or get the look now with some of our favorites.

Be liberal with embellishments by choosing fabrics adorned with sequins, beading, small mirrors, or fringe. You can also pack on the shine with a crystal chandelier or ornate candleholders. Above all, get creative! India inspired style is all about the drama!


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