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Lost and Found Collection Adds Character to Your Home

Looking for a way to add a one-of-a-kind feel to your home decor? Our Lost and Found collection adds character, and boasts the best of up-cycled style with reclaimed and repurposed items. The pieces of the collection are crafted by artisans from recycled wood and materials, and no two are the same.

With a warm, rustic feel, Lost & Found pieces are given second life–and, can bring new life to your home style. From reclaimed fence pieces to antique metal hardware, the details that make the Lost & Found collection unique are sure to add depth, and texture to your space. sofa-mart-lost-and-found-reclaimed-roomBecause the materials that make each Lost & Found item are one-of-a-kind, each product is unique. While every one is crafted with artisanal techniques, each bureau, end table, or dining piece has its own thumbprint and look. Despite the uniqueness of each piece, the Lost & Found collection is unified by the rustic, hand-crafted charm it has become know for. Find this and more at Oak Express. 

A wonderful example of the unique pieces in the collection is the converted icebox bureau (shown below); a utilitarian icebox has been re-imagined and crafted into a one-of-a-kind design piece. With a classic hinge handle and panel front, this Lost & Found bureau nods to its past, and brings character and style perfect for the present. Icebox-DetailThe Hampton Bedroom Group shown here brings rustic character and warmth with a lime-washed finish, and antiqued drawer pulls. One-of-a-kind design gives this group an effortless heirloom quality, and a reclaimed feel you will love to showcase in your home. Find this and more at Bedroom ExpressionsHampton-BedroomReflecting the rich history of India, Kantha cloth is stitched from women’s saris. Vibrant, and completely hand-crafted, the fabric has been delicately handed, and expertly repurposed for the Lost & Found collection. Each piece has been worn differently, and reflects the life the fabric lived before: from worm holes, to patches, each features one-of-a-kind detail. These pieces are exquisite for their past, and are lovely as they have been repurposed. Below is a reclaimed cabinet from our Lost and Found Collection paired with one of our unique Kantha accent chairs and ottoman. Find these Kantha pieces and more at Sofa MartKantha-Handmade

Here are our Furniture Row designer’s tips for Creating Your Own Rustic & Refined Space:

1. Paint the walls in white or light neutral tones, which create a clean look.
2. Use slightly darker-hued furniture with large cushions to contrast with the walls and prevent the space from becoming monotone.
3. Accent the room with rustic items, including wooden elements, wrought iron or distressed metal.
4. Utilize simple rugs made of natural materials like jute, sea grass, sisal or animal furs.
5. Light the space with large lamps or unique hanging lights.
6. Accessorize with scenic art or nature-themed items, bringing outdoor elements into your home.

For more info, visit the Lost & Found Collection here

Pieces like those shown in this post and more can be found in-store at Furniture Row. 

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