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Lone Tree Design Studio: Grace Schlader’s Spring Picks

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We know that shopping for furniture for your home can be difficult, but Furniture Row makes it easy by offering complimentary design services. The interior designers at each of the store’s locations are helping customers find exciting new ways to customize, personalize, and stylize their homes using texture, contrast, color, and pattern.

Grace Schlader, a Design Studio Designer at the Furniture Row of Lone Tree, Colorado, took time away from her busy schedule to talk to the Front Door about how she helps clients create their dream homes. She also gave us some tips on how to decorate our own spaces and threw in some of her top furniture picks for spring.

Front Door Lone Tree Design Studio Blog Preview

Front Door: How do you describe your signature design style?

Grace Schlader: I describe my design style as thoughtful eclectic – I believe that the difference between a beautiful home and a staged house in a décor magazine is all about the personal touches. I think it’s important to bring together a combination of textures and materials. Furnishings should be a combination of practical, interesting, and a personal attachment to the owner. I love mixing metals, layering patterns, using lots of different textures, and dropping in touches of different styles. Leave room for yourself to still adopt future things in to your home: art from a local exhibit, an accessory from a special trip, or a family heirloom. Going with an eclectic décor style allows you bring in just about anything you may be drawn to, instead of dismissing an amazing piece because it doesn’t meet one specific style.

FD: Where do you draw the most inspiration for spring décor?

GS: Soft, light neutrals as a base make a room airy, inviting, and bright. Pop your favorite colors in accents. Leaving a trail of color will draw ones eye around the room and out the windows to the beauty of spring.

FD: Do you have any tips for decorating/updating your home for the warmer months?

GS: Updating your accessories by adding in bright colors and reflective surfaces can breathe fresh air into a space. Buy some new throw pillows, add some bright colorful trinkets, change out your lighting, or bring in a new rug or artwork.

FD: What color, pattern, or texture do you find yourself turning to again and again? Why are you drawn to them?

GS: I keep finding myself drawn to distressed patterns and finishes. I’m loving rugs with a worn look, colors blurring together in artwork, metals with a patina, and reclaimed mixed woods with burnishing or touches of paint.

FD: What element of a room do you recommend starting with and why?

GS: I recommend starting with the furniture arrangement. Breaking down the practical needs and scale of the room first opens the door for creativity in the selection of finishes.

FD: What’s your favorite space in your own home?

GS: My house is very small, less than 700 sq. ft. Despite the small spaces, the great room (if you can call it that), still feels open. The great room includes our entry (makes up for our lack of closet storage), the dining room, the family room, and our office. I’ve decorated using a great combination of things I love, and yet the room is still incredibly functional.

FD: Do you currently have any projects to share with the Front Door?

GS: Personally, my next big project is getting outside and getting dirty. I’m looking forward to diving into gardening this spring. I’m an Iowa girl at heart.

FD: Do you see any trends forming this spring, leading into summer?

GS: I think we will see more interesting textures in textiles. Fun pillows, throws, rugs, and upholstery options including interesting patterns, weaves, course sisal, soft furs, braids, knots, and fringe.

FD: Anything else we should know about you?

GS: With every client I work with, I’m always surprised by the beautiful and personalized space we put together for them. I’m happy to continue to create individual designs for every unique person I work with.


Grace 735x830

Shop Grace’s spring picks, and learn how to style them in your own home:

  • Livingston Sectional (8): I love the clean lines and fresh accent colors that complement the trendy yet neutral gray base. I love the addition of the accent ottoman for fun and contrast. Both of these pieces are fabulously priced.
  • Paci Console Table (3): Environmentally conscious teak root meets bold sculptural! This piece brings the outside in and looks great with traditional to contemporary to rustic décor. This piece is eye-catching in an entryway or as the center of attention at the back of a sofa.
  • Raja Bookcase (5): This furnishing is light and airy, but heavy on the character. This intricately carved bookcase can bring together a quiet library space or stand boldly as a whimsical room divider.
  • Rocket Chair (10): A splash of Robin Egg blue will bring a refreshing splash of spring color indoors. With its dramatic and modern solid wood frame, the Rocket Chair is on-trend and a fresh addition this spring.
  • Facet Table Lamp (6): Facet accents and mixed metals are where it’s at this season. Mix those golds, coppers, silvers, and gunmetal grays. Tarnished or shining; a combination of metallics will create a warm and interesting space all your own.
  • Lake House Trestle Table (9): Gather around this table with friends, family, and good food. Add the Vintage Blue Side Chairs (not pictured) for a pop of color and a surprisingly comfy seat for family board game nights. Mix it up coming in to the kitchen with the Sequoia barstools for everyone to gather around the kitchen island.
  • Accessorizing Favorites: “Let’s Run Away” Framed Print, Carolina Baskets, Oki Vases (4), Speculation Canvas (7), Sprocket Mirrors (1), Owl Canisters (2)

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