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Lakewood Design Studio: Gina Carpenter’s Summer Picks

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Decorating your home for the warm summer months doesn’t have to be difficult! Furniture Row makes it easy by offering complimentary design services and will help you choose your favorite summer picks for furniture, decor, and more. The interior designers at each store’s location are helping customers find exciting new ways to customize, personalize, and stylize their homes using texture, contrast, color, and pattern.

Gina Carpenter, a Design Studio Designer at the Furniture Row of Lakewood, Colorado is here to offer her expertise to the Front Door on how to create your dream home. Here are some of her tips and top summer picks for decorating your home!


Front Door: How do you describe your signature design style?

Gina Carpenter: I would describe my style as transitional. That means I enjoy mixing traditional and modern styles. When you do this, you end up with a room or style that stands the test of time. I like to use neutral colors on larger pieces such as a sofa or chairs. This gives you a clean and classic palette to build on. Splash a fantastic color on the walls, bring in an amazing rug and some textural pillows, and layer on a few unexpected accessories, then you will see that you have a room that is comfortable and classic.

FD: Where do you draw the most inspiration for summer decor?

GC: Summer decor should be inspired by the outdoors! Bring summer inside! The warm weather is a great time for hiking, gardening, and vacationing. Next time you are on a hike, look around for items you can take home. For instance, gather pinecones or cool stones to put in bowl on your coffee table. Growing your own flowers assures you will always have fresh flowers for your bedside table. Gathering seashells at the beach is fun and looks wonderful in a clear glass jar on your bathroom vanity.

FD: What color, pattern, or texture do you find yourself turning to again and again? Why are you drawn to them?

GC: I am always drawn to tribal and Tibetan rugs. They come in a variety of colors, but usually they consist of vibrant hues and graphic patterns. You can use them in almost any home—modern, mid-century—they look great anywhere!

FD: What element of a room do you recommend staring with and why?

GC: I like starting with an area rug since it sets the tone and color palette of the room. I like to think of it as starting from the ground and working your way up. It is much easier to find fabrics and paint colors that match your rug than finding a rug that matches your paint and fabrics.

FD: Do you have any projects you would like to share with the Front Door?

GC: I just finished a couple of projects that turned out really well. My clients are extremely happy with them and were kind enough to let me photograph them.

FD: Do you see any trends transitioning into fall?

GC: The trends that I see are metallic gold and burnished brass, warm gray, mixing of old and new, and outdoor living.

Metallic Gold and Burnished Brass

The burnished gold and brass trend has definitely been growing in the last few years, and I think we will see an explosion of gold and brass hardware and accessories. If you have been hesitant to embrace this new trend, you should definitely jump on board!

Warm Gray

Grays will stay popular, but we will see warmer, earthy tones introduced for fall and winter.

Mixing of Old and New

It’s the trend that keeps on going! Mixing reclaimed and vintage with new and modern furniture will continue to be a hot look. Being able to mix grandma’s antique buffet with your new sleek dining table makes us feel connected to our interior spaces, and feel great about recycling old items.

Outdoor Living

Outdoor furniture is one of the largest growing markets in interior design and there is no stopping it! We now have outdoor living rooms and kitchens with amazing finishes, textures, and durability. Who doesn’t like eating al fresco or taking a Sunday snooze on your outdoor sectional?

FD: Anything else we should know about you?

GC: I am the luckiest person! I have a job that I look forward to every day. I think embracing good design is so important for our personal health. Your home is, in a way, a sacred space—a place you go to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul, so I feel honored every time an individual or family invites me into their space. I have the best job in the world!



Shop Gina’s summer picks, and learn how to style them in your home.

  • Vero Beach Sofa (2): Sofas and chairs with the sleek aesthetic of mid-century modern design offer a fun-loving and lively twist on home furniture. The Vero Beach has a funky, retro feel that’s inspired by the laid-back coast of Florida, making it a definite summer must-have!
  • Orbit TV Stand (7): Furniture with reclaimed, rustic style is also bolder and works well with brighter colors. Like the Vero Beach, the Orbit has mid-century modern appeal, making it a stylish complement with the couch.
  • Reese Iron Round Coffee Table (5): Summer is all about traveling, so incorporate a piece that adds exotic flair like this round coffee table. The bright paint details on its surface fade into the wood and add a vintage feel that goes great with any eclectic artifacts you already have on display.
  • New Haven 3 Pc. Bar Group (10): When it’s beautiful out, don’t spend time chilling indoors, take mealtime outside and invest in a durable, comfortable outdoor dining set! The New Haven set goes well with anything since it comes in clean, neutral beige. Nothing says summer like barbecuing on the patio with friends.
  • Facet Accent Lamp (1): Adding a bright gold lamp in your home is a great way to add some extra shine you don’t typically see in darker, neutral colored rooms. Gold works well with bright colors and the geometric base of this lamp adds a unique twist.
  • Pendleton 5 Pc. Counter Height Group (4): A lighter and brighter dining set is perfect for summertime lunches when you come in from being outside. With a unique sage paint finish, the Pendleton has a cool green tone that’s hard to beat and helps incorporate even more color.
  • Montego Striped Outdoor Rug (9):Don’t just leave carpets inside, make sure your outdoor patio has a rug too! The bright colored stripes on the Montego are jazzy and fun and add a splash of color.
  • Moroccan Outdoor Pillow and Multi-Stripe Outdoor Pillow (3):Bring in a pop of color to complement or accent your outdoor furniture with pillows in bright jewel tones and worldly patterns. These outdoor accessory items are the perfect finishing tone on your outdoor haven.
  • Rattan Braided Trim Trunk (8): Store your favorite items in style with an earthy but elegant trunk that helps incorporate organic aesthetic from the outdoors. Nothing says summer like a basket!
  • Barcelona Umbrella (6):Make sure you stay cool outside with an umbrella! Sip lemonade in the shade underneath this ripe orange accent piece that’s as exotic as the coast of Spain.

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