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Interview with Adele Arakawa, The Showroom @Furniture Row’s Brand Ambassador

The Showroom @Furniture Row is gaining momentum in Denver, Colorado, and the store is already recognized as the largest location for designer home goods in the area. The entire team is extremely excited as the concept continues to grow. Courtni Vecchiarelli, the editor of the Front Door, decided to sit down with Adele Arakawa, the Showroom @Furniture Row’s brand ambassador, and pick her brain about why she decided to pursue the position, her own inspirations, and what she sees for the company in the future. Check out the video below to see the exclusive interview with Adele Arakawa.

“I have to be brutally honest in talking about the relationship with Furniture Row, period. Furniture Row, to me, started out as the race team, and that is what introduced me to Furniture Row itself, to the Visser family, and to the values they represent. It was so much fun covering the race team from a new standpoint, from a sports standpoint, from a television standpoint, so I got to know a lot about the company itself, and the kind of standards they set, and the kind of employees that they have, and I was very impressed. It seemed like there was a genuine feeling of wanting to work for this company, of feeling good about this company, and it showed. People like working for Furniture Row. And the race team set a standard of don’t take no for an answer. Being the only major race team west of the Mississippi, was a challenge. But the team didn’t look at it that way; They looked at it as an opportunity, and they turned something that could have been potentially detrimental into an asset. And I think the same thing can be said about The Showroom. There’s a standard that it’s setting for quality, and in this case, for sophistication, and for bringing something to this area that’s never been seen before. I am very excited about being the brand ambassador for The Showroom, and for everything that it represents and entails, I’m looking forward to it.”

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