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Interior Designer Michael Amini and Actress Jane Seymour Visit The Showroom @Furniture Row

On November 30, 2017, world-renowned, high-end interior designer, Michael Amini made a guest appearance at The Showroom @Furniture Row to talk about his furniture collaboration with design partner and actress Jane Seymour. This public event was a night of beauty and luxury; the evening began with the opportunity to mingle with Amini and Seymour while guests enjoyed live music by In Tandem accompanied with refreshments and light appetizers followed by an exclusive book signing.

Amini and Seymour graciously signed their books, Michael Amini Grand Tour: A Journey in Furniture Fashions and Seymour’s The Road Ahead, after sharing their stories about entering the interior design world.

Jane Seymour Signs Book


For Amini, the fashion world was introduced early on when he modeled as a child for the fashion industry. As he completed his high school education, Amini traveled many different countries that provided him encouragement and inspiration to change his career path and start his own company.

“I started my education in something totally different. Can anybody here tell me what I might have studied in college?” Amini asked the audience.

He quickly shared that he began his studies in electrical engineering—which was surprising to the audience. Amini joked that it didn’t take very long to realize that working at a desk wasn’t for him.

His business humbly began with $7,000. He bought a truck and damaged furniture to fix and resell and many years later it has grown into a one-of-a-kind inspiration within the design community.

Michael Amini + Jane Seymour

Amini and Seymour’s collaborative collection was designed to “sell a lifestyle and bring happiness to [the] home,” which entails very hard work. Amini himself sometimes works 20 hours a day. But both Amini and Seymour emphasized that their passion and willingness to create derives from seeing others’ sharing their own happiness with his designs in their homes.

We are incredibly grateful for the passion and the exquisite style that Amini and Seymour brought to The Showroom @Furniture Row. It was a night filled with glitz and glamour and memories for years to come.

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