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Hygge All Year at Home

The word “hygge” is more than just a home decor trend. The Danish word pronounced “hoo-ga,” is a lifestyle concept encompassing the feeling of coziness and satisfaction of enjoying the simple things of life. Since home is the place people spend the most time, bring some hygge into your home for increased style and comfort. Most people think of hygge only in the winter months. But we’ve gathered some tips for bringing hygge in the home all year-round.


Hygge shines in the cold winter months. Bring hygge into your home easily during winter with warm chunky blankets, fuzzy socks, candles throughout the house, ambient decor lighting, and soft pillows. Keep a nice throw blanket anywhere people sit and mingle— even the dining room and entryway. Hygge is all about enjoying the simpleness of “getting cozy.” Make it easy with a tray of goodies for hot chocolate and staying in for a movie night. Keep hygge close to your heart in the bedroom with layers of blankets on a nice upholstered bed. When it comes to hygge, you can never have enough pillows on the bed for lounging.


In some parts of the country— like Colorado where Furniture Row is headquartered, Spring is the coldest and snowiest time of year. Hygge goes strong during these months in the home. Snow days aren’t so bad with everything on our winter list, plus some added layers of blankets. Spring is a popular time for brunches and adding a long bench to your dining room ensemble is an understated hygge move. Bench seating adds a “communal” feel to the dining experience and a sense of shared experience.


Although the word “cozy” might not come to mind when you think of the warmth of summer, there’s lots of room to bring hygge into the home and patio during the hot summer months. Most likely your home is going to have air conditioning and/or fans to cool you down. That means you can keep the lighter blankets and pillows out. Just because it’s no longer cool during the day, doesn’t mean you have to store away the comforts that kept you warm in the cold winter months. Keep your living and bedroom space cozy with soft pillows and a light cable knit throw. Bring hygge outdoors to your patio with an outdoor fire pit, candles, lanterns, light throws, and functional decor like drink trays and coasters.


The Fall season is a great time to begin gathering all of your hygge necessities. It’s a time when we begin to close windows and prepare for the coming colder months. It’s also a time for harvest and time with family. Bring hygge into your entryway where boots will begin to pile by the door. Add a soft lighting and a unique bench to your entryway for a welcoming feel for your guests. Bring cozy chairs around your dining table for those larger festive meals. Create a cozy reading space in your home with an oversized accent chair and ottoman.

It’s never a bad time to bring the famous Danish tradition of hygge into your home. Find a Furniture Row near you for ideas and inspiration.

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